Conan & Jordan Schlansky Go Truffle Hunting - CONAN on TBS

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Jordan and Conan are scammed by a pair of truffle hunters in Tuscany.
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Apr 13, 2018




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Comments 1 016
柳岑焉 2 days ago
Big Slime
Big Slime 7 days ago
If Jordan is ever murdered, Conan no doubt is going to be the primary suspect.
Terence Chang
Terence Chang 10 days ago
Very rare footage - Jordan Smile
SHREK THING 18 days ago
2:08 All I can think is that He went to Harvard... And he's doing this...
Marvellizor 99
Marvellizor 99 18 days ago
Guessing this is the only time where Conan and Jordan are actually in accordance with each other instead of antagonizing one another to the teeth
Random Roadchhap Reviews
I am scared always feeling like there is a punch coming from Jordan
Hass Cash
Hass Cash 24 days ago
Never trust an Italian people
Tom Meyers
Tom Meyers 26 days ago
Human Trufflers
Orange Month ago
(1) What is a truffle? (2) 1000th comment, right here 🙏
Reuben Au
Reuben Au Month ago
Oink oink LOL
G3MiNi Month ago
1:32 What trench coat is jordan wearing?
Jesus Walks
Jesus Walks Month ago
Simone Renzi
Simone Renzi Month ago
Conan,mi fai morire dal ridere.👋🇮🇹🇺🇸
Valourian Month ago
Psst get in here
Wilson Duan
Wilson Duan Month ago
That fake laugh got me good
Rick Jones1995
Rick Jones1995 Month ago
Paul McCartney, that you??
Mysteryself - Fallout 76
Are these the truffles that make you trip balls?
Haystack _13
Haystack _13 Month ago
I like how Jordan and Conan actually joke like friends in this one at the beginning
Nishant Sharma
Nishant Sharma Month ago
the only thing jordan and conan agreed to mutually
Chaton Laveur
Chaton Laveur Month ago
Jordan: I concur (small smile)
Artis Foster
Artis Foster 2 months ago
“oh look, a de truffle” 😂😂😂
Herry Tong
Herry Tong 2 months ago
Oink, oink lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gabriel Estevez
Gabriel Estevez 2 months ago
1:58 why the Guy suddenly speaks portuguese 'é proibido, não pode' lol
Eshu Prakash
Eshu Prakash 2 months ago
Jordan surprisingly gets Conan's humour more than he would like us to believe
georgie porgie
georgie porgie 2 months ago
“I would like to kill my friend“ It’s possibly the first time I’ve ever spit liquid out of my mouth from laughing
Sirxup 2 months ago
Ladies and Gentlemen, this might be one of the first times they agreed on something. " I concur" Also when Conan turned around and laughed I died.
Marisse aang
Marisse aang 2 months ago
oink oink - Jordan Schlansky 2018
Alessio Gorgeri
Alessio Gorgeri 2 months ago
I'm from Tuscany, at 0:27 the Italian man says "Stai giù" (stay down) to the dog, exactly as my father would.
Thepowerlies 3 months ago
They exchanged multiple sentences just to say No to Conan
clip012 3 months ago
My God..it had been a year??
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 3 months ago
I love Conan and Jordan
The Adventurers
The Adventurers 3 months ago
5 knuckle truffle...you cant see me!
Khandar William
Khandar William 3 months ago
the subtitle is very helpful /s
Magido89 3 months ago
They were wearing camouflage because they thought they were hunting tusken raiders, not truffles
tasha bourbonnas
tasha bourbonnas 3 months ago
ILOVEU CONAN 😄😘❤️💜💯🔥💯💯🔥🔥🔥😍😘💋💋💋❣️❣️❣️
the mysterious
the mysterious 3 months ago
Jordon is oinko the boinko
9 hundred
9 hundred 3 months ago
2:33 awesome!
The Gorilla
The Gorilla 3 months ago
I love seeing Jordan trying so hard not to smile at Conan
Jimmy Cen
Jimmy Cen 3 months ago
We’ve been scammed 😂
Hasrin Hakita
Hasrin Hakita 4 months ago
In how' the world sees& in defined of the 'idiot murican' , fun& cool murican..jz an murican humour;😅😅😅😅imagine the world order in their politicians manic&mania😅😅😅😅
Published 4 months ago
what i love about Conan is that he thoroughly knows he was scammed, but filmed and added this to one of his shows regardless.
sarah 4 months ago
dimitrius sergivius
dimitrius sergivius 4 months ago
Jordan was never seen again lol
MrRedsjack 4 months ago
Not really a scam. Just a setup for tourists so they don't have to hike half a day in a forest to find "maybe" one truffle. Like paying 500$ to go gold mining in Australia and they will put 200$ worth of gold in your dirt bucket.
YEET BOI 4 months ago
The truffle hunters look like the two French winemakers from the simpsons
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera 4 months ago
He looks at Conan, once Conan mentioned “scam” 💀😂
Oglaveil 4 months ago
This is one of my favorite remotes..keep coming back for more laughs
JIM MORRISON 4 months ago
Mi ricordano Rezzonico e Fausto gervasoni
Boomer Destroyer
Boomer Destroyer 5 months ago
2:50 a perfect explanation of socialism
Yes 5 months ago
Conan is like a German SS officer lol.
Boaty 5 months ago
Oink oink
Sangita Dongre
Sangita Dongre 5 months ago
1:01 and 2:25 look how jordan is smiling there
Katherine Z
Katherine Z 5 months ago
I wanna marry the man like Jordan Schlansky
QuesoGr7 5 months ago
The whole vid I was just thinking about how much I wanted to hug the dogs.
Z A Y A N 5 months ago
What's a truffle?
General Zaroff
General Zaroff 5 months ago
When Jordan said oink oink I felt that
serious 6 months ago
Conan is such a hilarious child
deen gil
deen gil 6 months ago
This translator sucks
Real Madrid
Real Madrid 6 months ago
Conan is the only one that can make me laugh when im in a bad mood.
ImMeWhoAreYou? 6 months ago
Idk why but Jordan sounds so off when he speaks Italian lol.
ImMeWhoAreYou? Because his Italian isn’t that good and he has an American accent.
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