Conan & Jordan Schlansky Go Truffle Hunting - CONAN on TBS

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Jordan and Conan are scammed by a pair of truffle hunters in Tuscany.
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Apr 13, 2018




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Comments 945
Nigga Toilet
Nigga Toilet 11 days ago
2:50 a perfect explanation of socialism
Night of the Sword
Night of the Sword 12 days ago
Conan is like a German SS officer lol.
Zero_action 17 days ago
Oink oink
Sangita Dongre
Sangita Dongre 17 days ago
1:01 and 2:25 look how jordan is smiling there
Katherine Z
Katherine Z 20 days ago
I wanna marry the man like Jordan Schlansky
QuesoGr7 20 days ago
The whole vid I was just thinking about how much I wanted to hug the dogs.
Z A Y A N 20 days ago
What's a truffle?
General Zaroff
General Zaroff 20 days ago
When Jordan said oink oink I felt that
serious 28 days ago
Conan is such a hilarious child
deen gil
deen gil 28 days ago
This translator sucks
Real Madrid
Real Madrid 28 days ago
Conan is the only one that can make me laugh when im in a bad mood.
ImMeWhoAreYou? 29 days ago
Idk why but Jordan sounds so off when he speaks Italian lol.
ImMeWhoAreYou? Because his Italian isn’t that good and he has an American accent.
Mike Cronis
Mike Cronis Month ago
Nothing? Nonsense! Jordan does various tasks assigned to him!
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera Month ago
This guy is the real life Toby Flenderson
Avinash B
Avinash B Month ago
That escalated quickly..
Bruce Doyle
Bruce Doyle Month ago
1:07 First time i see them genuinely agreeing with eachother.
Mary ann E
Mary ann E Month ago
1:00 Aww Jordan smiled sweetly and agreed saying “I concur”
ThePoisonKing Month ago
Why would you use dogs and not pigs lol?
William Platnium
Can anyone tell me the brand or type of coat Conan is wearing?
RhysHG Month ago
I concur
Farmer 2003
Farmer 2003 Month ago
For once jordan agrees
vasquen Month ago
For such an italian lover Jordan surely didn't work on his accent
Dane Potmo
Dane Potmo Month ago
It's harder for robots to do accents
dr.bruce banner
dr.bruce banner Month ago
Jordan looks adorable saying " *I concur* "
Jordan Rimon
Jordan Rimon Month ago
Jordan is literally Spock
Not savage baby1
What is a truffle
levian 2 months ago
"good job, oinky" "thank you" had me dying
aaah tex
aaah tex 2 months ago
These 2 are without question = the best duo in TV
An Architect L
An Architect L 2 months ago
dont be stupid. think harder. they are not scams they are just protecting where the real truffles are else night robbers will come with dogs and take their truffles.
Ashish Dangwal
Ashish Dangwal 2 months ago
2:34 conan did a jimmy fallon
Random Videos
Random Videos 2 months ago
having a bad day - watch these videos. i have watched this one may be like a 90 times
Salam jhaljit Singh
Salam jhaljit Singh 2 months ago
Um bi
RUDE DUDES 91 2 months ago
I don't know why .... But Conan looks like Mycroft and Jordan looks like John for the Sherlock Holmes Netflix....
Joshua Beldad
Joshua Beldad 2 months ago
Dr. Stanislaus McClure Phd Creation Science
Who were they talking to, I didn’t see any guides? There were two large green bushes around but I didn’t see but two men there that day
Darko 666
Darko 666 2 months ago
0:55 that’s the only time Jordan and Conan ever agreed on something.
Darko 666
Darko 666 2 months ago
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez 2 months ago
A buddy cop/detective movie with Conan and Jordan would be pure gold!
katsuma 2 months ago
2:33 oh hi mark
katsuma 2 months ago
I dont know what I love most about this video: * jordan, withiut hesitation or reluctance, crouching down and oinking * "good job, oinky!" * jordan thanking him * Conan's secretive whispering despite speaking a different language * "I concur" * the men leisurely agreeing to let him kill jordan * conan's rabbit impression *Conan's whispered recap of the events of the scam
katsuma 2 months ago
This video is a treasure
katsuma 2 months ago
tommy boy
tommy boy 2 months ago
These two are so damn funny!
Edwin A. Correa
Edwin A. Correa 2 months ago
1:16 hahahhhhahhh. OINK OINK. This show is not good for me. They are weird.
Dank Potatoes
Dank Potatoes 2 months ago
1:07 A historic moment. Jordan and Conan agreed on something
james benedict
james benedict Month ago
I concur
John Casper
John Casper 3 months ago
If anyone would like to help support my page it would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to teach people the important values of lions in the wild and help raise awareness! My Instagram page is called vatsrescue
NRY Cyrage
NRY Cyrage 3 months ago
Hunting speical rocks
GSM - Gaming State of Mind
Conan and jordan are besties and they don't even know it
Jaka Anjar
Jaka Anjar 3 months ago
I see sherlock and watson
Chris H
Chris H 3 months ago
Justin Escobar
Justin Escobar 3 months ago
Rotten Corpse
Rotten Corpse 3 months ago
The truffle is a paid actor
AbG9619 3 months ago
This is such a great video.
BBE Entertainment
BBE Entertainment 3 months ago
I could watch them everyday
Ronny Roy
Ronny Roy 3 months ago
Conan India please
Pure Hungarian
Pure Hungarian 3 months ago
Whats a truffle
annihilationHaven 3 months ago
They didn't mention the Truffle Mafia. Maybe Jordan is a part of the scam. I'm sure they rake in billions each year.
Surendran Perumal
Surendran Perumal 3 months ago
Conan is the best late night show host. Genuinely entertaining.
Call me Big popa
Call me Big popa 3 months ago
Jordan's "oink oink" reminded me of Hermey from Rudolph 😂😂😂
Cody Asbury
Cody Asbury 3 months ago
Anybody else reading the comments while watching the video?
JR Productions
JR Productions 3 months ago
Why is he whispering!!! They don't even understand English 🤣😂🤣😂
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