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Joseph Day ago
Jordan spoke cantonese and mandarin in one word lol he mixed it up. It's either ni hao ma? or lei ho ma?😂😂
Datan Geogry
Datan Geogry 2 days ago
kari tolbert
kari tolbert 2 days ago
I love the way the guy at the end of the video answers!
Joanna 3 days ago
The question is: What did Conan do at Thanksgiving two years ago to make everyone hate him?
free mindset
free mindset 3 days ago
Signor Conan lei è un villano 🇮🇹😂
Bill Carmona
Bill Carmona 5 days ago
2:16 the two girls who left... Lol, they looked really upset. Btw, if that happened in Argentina, we'd all be rolling on the floor, laughing our asses off.
Ingrid Hurd
Ingrid Hurd 5 days ago
"You've come in here, you've eaten a brochure"
Zy Estes
Zy Estes 5 days ago
Well dont be too butthurt saying disrespectful and all.. The teacher sucks at first, you do know they doing TV programm with someone who cant speaks Italian why ln earth would she say no english in the class? Loko italian
Tonya Constance
Tonya Constance 5 days ago
Luv him!!!
Chris Vazquez
Chris Vazquez 6 days ago
2:17 bitches
MaxMckayful 6 days ago
Bigger mystery job - Jordan Schlansky or Chandler Bing? (Yes, I know Chandler is a data analyst but if you asked his friends they'd probably know about what we know with Jordan - he probably does various tasks)
Tyrone 6 days ago
Nobody gonna mention how much of a milf sandra is?
Akshay 7 days ago
I lost it when he said " I have various tasks" in Italian and Conan understood it!😂
jae1k2 8 days ago
Salariatus Dunbauld
It takes a lot of effort to be disliked by Italians.
Aditya Das
Aditya Das 9 days ago
2:19 That weird look man. 😂😂😂
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 10 days ago
"Youve come in here and eaten a brochure. You admitted it was a mistake then you ate it again"
Arun Arvind
Arun Arvind 12 days ago
Jordan smiled at the very end
9 hundred
9 hundred 12 days ago
2:42 ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! just absolutely perfect!!!!
9 hundred
9 hundred 12 days ago
1:17 nee how ma means are you ok in the membrane? hahaha
victoria 4 days ago
it means “how are you?”
9 hundred
9 hundred 10 days ago
@victoria yes
victoria 10 days ago
thana64 14 days ago
0:32, Notice how he pronounced China as “Cheena”. I wonder if that’s the Italian pronunciation.
ᛒᛟᛟᛋ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ
Yes of course. In Dutch we say sheena
Naval Kishore
Naval Kishore 16 days ago
ehhh becay 👋🏽
Bassam Abulela
Bassam Abulela 18 days ago
Advanced class and Ray couldn't even say "because of you" in Italian...
Isaiah Javier Vargas
Conan: Clearly my Italian could use some work... Conan: "Luciano Pavorotti!"
Meru TM
Meru TM 26 days ago
Idk but Sandra could get it... shheeeeshh
Dusk Dawg
Dusk Dawg 26 days ago
This is my favorite "I have various tasks" 😂
nikehike 27 days ago
the teacher is hot!
Mohd Fakhree
Mohd Fakhree 29 days ago
cant believe this guy graduated from Harvard XD XD
Bella Marley
Bella Marley Month ago
Conan can get annoying
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda Month ago
When I get the confidence of Conan you’re all so screwed
Thepowerlies Month ago
You ate 2 brochures
ginger Month ago
This is why we hate americans
Vishnu Nair
Vishnu Nair Month ago
Benicio del Toro!!!!!
Olacka Duchiface
Eh beceh eh 👉🏻
Miqueias Villete ribeiro
Italians are empty dont come here !!
Jimmy Benyoucef
Jimmy Benyoucef Month ago
1:57 I'm done😅😂🤣😭💀
Amir Afsari
Amir Afsari Month ago
-Che lingue parli Ray? -Si! 😂
GiacoC Month ago
Those two students left had serious feminazi eyes and i bet they felt offended by this white privileged man...so they left 🤷🏼‍♂️
Mohammed Namlah
Mohammed Namlah Month ago
They’re well behaved, they listen.. And look at you.. You are an animal. You eat a brochure. Best line I’ve ever heard
Primitive Spongebob
You‘ve come in here, you‘ve eaten a brochure! 😂
Matthew Chufong-Sprague
Knowing French, it sounds like they are 3 year olds in a strange movie...
Seb. Obie
Seb. Obie Month ago
Clearly my Italian could use some work “Luciano Pavarotti”
Pika Jew
Pika Jew 2 months ago
Older brother takes his little special needs brother to Italian class. Circa 2018
houssine malme
houssine malme 2 months ago
Joan Lynch
Joan Lynch 2 months ago
Conan speaks the Pope's Italian!!
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 2 months ago
"Twice. You've eaten a brochure twice."
Rowan Llew
Rowan Llew 2 months ago
I love these two it’s like Daffy Duck and a depressed porky pig, or Kirk and Spock
Alonzo Pichardo
Alonzo Pichardo 2 months ago
I wonder if conan is actually saying anything , by his facial expressions sure looks like he is .. I heard passion and stadium
2D Pots
2D Pots 2 months ago
Ma che XD è divertente quando lui parla
Jemi Rushdi
Jemi Rushdi 2 months ago
Well again this guy is from harvard
Maximo Bistoyong
Maximo Bistoyong 2 months ago
Actually they wanted to laugh, but Conan already told NOT TO LAUGH or else THEY'LL NEVER SIGN AN AUTOGRAPHED.
Andrew K
Andrew K 2 months ago
Conan starts appearing in your dreams at about the 5th straight day of bingeing these remotes. As an aside, I know it makes it funny on the occasions, but I don't like the people that are sour toward Conan. I just know they're people I wouldn't get along with in life.
SisselMissile 2 months ago
So how could i can speak other language if im not learning first? If i already knew, then there's no point going to class
Suirei Gangmei
Suirei Gangmei 2 months ago
Watching it in144p
beyoncé stan
beyoncé stan 2 months ago
Ray is so adorable lol
Bla Houa Vang
Bla Houa Vang 2 months ago
I cringe hard at when conan is pretending to speak Italian lmao.
Voltaire 2 months ago
That's the point
Max Delany
Max Delany 2 months ago
Conan eating a brochure is the funniest thing I've seen in ages.
Actually_ 2 months ago
Conan and Jordan should make a series!
Actually_ 2 months ago
"I have various tasks"
neiljuice 2 months ago
2:47 look at jordan
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