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In this outtake from #ConanItaly, Conan and Jordan accidentally enroll in an advanced Italian language class, to the amusement of none of their classmates.
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May 20, 2018




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Comments 910
Mohammed Namlah
They’re well behaved, they listen.. And look at you.. You are an animal. You eat a brochure. Best line I’ve ever heard
Primitive Spongebob
You‘ve come in here, you‘ve eaten a brochure! 😂
Matthew Chufong-Sprague
Knowing French, it sounds like they are 3 year olds in a strange movie...
Seb. Obie
Seb. Obie 5 days ago
Clearly my Italian could use some work “Luciano Pavarotti”
Pika Jew
Pika Jew 8 days ago
Older brother takes his little special needs brother to Italian class. Circa 2018
houssine malme
houssine malme 9 days ago
Joan Lynch
Joan Lynch 10 days ago
Conan speaks the Pope's Italian!!
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 12 days ago
"Twice. You've eaten a brochure twice."
Rowan Llew
Rowan Llew 14 days ago
I love these two it’s like Daffy Duck and a depressed porky pig, or Kirk and Spock
Alonzo Pichardo
Alonzo Pichardo 15 days ago
I wonder if conan is actually saying anything , by his facial expressions sure looks like he is .. I heard passion and stadium
2D Pots
2D Pots 15 days ago
Ma che XD è divertente quando lui parla
Jemi Rushdi
Jemi Rushdi 15 days ago
Well again this guy is from harvard
Maximo Bistoyong
Maximo Bistoyong 17 days ago
Actually they wanted to laugh, but Conan already told NOT TO LAUGH or else THEY'LL NEVER SIGN AN AUTOGRAPHED.
Andrew K
Andrew K 17 days ago
Conan starts appearing in your dreams at about the 5th straight day of bingeing these remotes. As an aside, I know it makes it funny on the occasions, but I don't like the people that are sour toward Conan. I just know they're people I wouldn't get along with in life.
SisselMissile 17 days ago
So how could i can speak other language if im not learning first? If i already knew, then there's no point going to class
Suirei Gangmei
Suirei Gangmei 18 days ago
Watching it in144p
beyoncé stan
beyoncé stan 21 day ago
Ray is so adorable lol
Bla Houa Vang
Bla Houa Vang 22 days ago
I cringe hard at when conan is pretending to speak Italian lmao.
Voltaire 15 days ago
That's the point
Max Delany
Max Delany 22 days ago
Conan eating a brochure is the funniest thing I've seen in ages.
Actually_ 24 days ago
Conan and Jordan should make a series!
Actually_ 24 days ago
"I have various tasks"
neiljuice 24 days ago
2:47 look at jordan
Sagi K.
Sagi K. 25 days ago
My god, Sandra is a goddess.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 26 days ago
The poor brochure...
Bob Willy
Bob Willy 26 days ago
1:19 Jordan: How are you? Chinese dude: Thanks
Maya Josie Lis
Maya Josie Lis 28 days ago
anyone notice that guy at 1:39 who was peeking around the corner and then realized something was going on then awkwardly left
SoumyaKanti Pal
SoumyaKanti Pal 29 days ago
Conan became Joey for a minute!!😂😂😂😂
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor Month ago
Wait until they both Google Conan and find out they skipped out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor Month ago
No sense of humor.
Troy Month ago
Bunch of tightwads
Carlou Espedillon
Bryant Ortiz
Bryant Ortiz Month ago
Damn Italians are douchbags 🤣
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Month ago
Conan plays the annoying cringy American tourist so well
Kristos Canales
Kristos Canales Month ago
I'm getting sick of the fuckn Hanes adds
Gustav Andersson
Eh becueee *hand gestures* toward Conan
Adam Gamez
Adam Gamez Month ago
Ehhh becahsss ehh 👉
tranche2pain Month ago
Hot damn, dat teacher
Pinoy Jester
Pinoy Jester Month ago
Why learn when you can pretend😂😂
Akshay Anand
Akshay Anand Month ago
0:53 Jordan whupping Conan's ass...
Michelle Preece
Michelle Preece Month ago
Lol wonder if he's still hilarous off cam as he is on lmao he's be a great boss
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts Month ago
The dude in the background 1:20
GerardGProject Month ago
This reminded me that time Joey was learning French.
flisko Month ago
1:57 - 2:22 can any tru italian translate what he was saying?
Huachen Bu
Huachen Bu Month ago
he was living his own world
Tom -
Tom - Month ago
Nothing, just gibberish
Napoléon Bonaparte
At 2:22 Jordan actually smiles
रवि अग्रवाल
1:55 🤣 💯
António Balcão Reis
I feel like I could survive in Italy with only my Spanish. Like damn, its so similar
Groovy Satan
Groovy Satan 2 months ago
Ho vari compiti.
Lance 2 months ago
2 single bitches with no humor have left the chat
Mikael Pshemish
Mikael Pshemish 2 months ago
this is three minutes of conan having an italian seizure
Soccer mom Lost a bet
Jordan reminds me of squidward
Bill Ponderosa
Bill Ponderosa 2 months ago
i clicked this video to see jordan correct the teacher with a 19min rant about the history of why she is wrong. the "i have various tasks" was better
A J 2 months ago
Jordan has various tasks. Then he completes the tasks
Mich De lucia
Mich De lucia 2 months ago
This reminds me *a lot* of "meccanica di precisione" by Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo
Manuel Dope22
Manuel Dope22 2 months ago
I was going to say, " Benicio Del Toro, but bon2yan88 beat me to it. So, l'll have to use my secret weapon. "It'sa me a Mario!"
Manuel Dope22
Manuel Dope22 2 months ago
1:57 lol, it kind of reminds me of Jabba the Hut's language from Star Wars.
Mei Yen Wong
Mei Yen Wong 2 months ago
@1:57 sounds like Conan knows how to speak in 'tongues' like members of the Pentecostal churches do...
Dr. Stanislaus McClure Phd Creation Science
I had a left......brain stroke two years ago and...........he made perfect sense. To me at least I guess, haha, not sure
lordis belingsly
lordis belingsly 2 months ago
jordan: how are you? chinaman: thank you ?
Rattenhoofd 2 months ago
Remember we're just seeing the stuff that made the cut. Those poor people probably had to sit through an hour of Conan shenanigans.
Kp 2 months ago
Jordan Schlansky at an interview for NBC Interviewer : So what are your responsibilities at your current workplace Jordan : I have various tasks, my title is assistant manager the best non-answer ever
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