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Conan takes it back to basics with the star of "American Made," "Top Gun" and "An Officer and a Gentleman."
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Sep 27, 2017




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Comments 5 384
Pokemon2019 10 hours ago
Even Conan is overwhelmed like a child by toms strange magic spell. Conan looks like a charmed teenage girl during the first few mins lol!
Zanther Stone
Was this one with fake driving too like Gordon’s?
Michele Bartlett
I love Tom's personality
Jan Willem v.d. Gronden
Tom cruise is a great actor. Man, up to the escape I was constantly doubting whether he was in on it or not. Well done mate! Knowing he is a thrill junky it doesn’t surprise me he went along with it, still it takes balls to take that leap of faith with that genius idiot. Loved it!
Michael Bell
Michael Bell 2 days ago
Sometimes I think Conan is intentionally trying to kill his career, then it becomes hilarious
VG PR 2 days ago
The moment Tom jumped out.. The guy who rolled on the road wasn't Tom? Probably a stunt double?
furioushazaa 2 days ago
Justin Bieber carpool Karaoke brought me here.
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 3 days ago
Sup bro
Amanda R Thomas
Amanda R Thomas 3 days ago
Tom Cruise's face when Conan told him the child lock was on and Mission Impossible Tuck and roll! Tfse
Toots TV
Toots TV 3 days ago
🤣🤣😂😅🤣🤣🤣 This is soooo nutty!!
Luiza Sousa
Luiza Sousa 4 days ago
Vocês dirigem pelo lado esquerdo, estão na Inglaterra?
Kisho K
Kisho K 4 days ago
At least u could have given a blue shirt for the duplicate jumping Tom cruise 🙃
Saùl Contreras
Saùl Contreras 4 days ago
Anti interview
Nuno Marques
Nuno Marques 5 days ago
Very nice, you got me going for long, thinking it was a prank on Tom, only when he jumped out of the car i was sure it was something agreed...
Morteza Hesam Zadeh
Be quick Conan! He has kids to rape at the church!
Tushar gautam
Tushar gautam 6 days ago
Tom is a great actor !!
PAUL's DANCING 6 days ago
Never learnt to understand English 'humor'. No exception. Watched till 3:00 then fast forward to 10:30. (A lifetime Conan's fan).
Joe Stuart
Joe Stuart 7 days ago
"which button is it? its uh, over here i wouldnt worry about it" LOL
Nick 7 days ago
This was amazing hahab
Russell White
Russell White 7 days ago
This should be titled "Cruisin' with Cruise".
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai 7 days ago
It's ok. If something happens Tom Cruise can probably jump out of the car onto a bus.
Ken Adams
Ken Adams 8 days ago
Cruise still looks like he is 40....Xenu keeps him young.
Jeff Calvin
Jeff Calvin 8 days ago
Jeff Calvin
Jeff Calvin 8 days ago
not bibly
Jeff Calvin
Jeff Calvin 8 days ago
whole world
Jeff Calvin
Jeff Calvin 8 days ago
if i hollered at adriana or was it mutated?
Ch3fR0m30 **
Ch3fR0m30 ** 8 days ago
That's what I picture any conversation would be like with Tom Cruise
blackmoreOrion 8 days ago
and the DID BLOW UP the internet
Gordon WEST
Gordon WEST 9 days ago
Conan can do just about anything. I have never seen him miss. He missed. All good.
Gordon WEST
Gordon WEST 5 days ago
There were some extreme dynamics there.
Gordon WEST
Gordon WEST 5 days ago
@bignollieshoveit Trust me. I was not putting down Conan down in any way. I see what your saying now. Thanks a sh*tload. My bad.
bignollieshoveit 5 days ago
Gordon WEST huh?
Gordon WEST
Gordon WEST 9 days ago
Conan's magic did not work in this "situation". He was seriously outclassed. All good. I love Conan. They were on different planets.
bignollieshoveit 5 days ago
Gordon WEST your comment doesn’t make sense
Karina Munoz
Karina Munoz 10 days ago
i wanna touch conans belly
The Mummy Cats
The Mummy Cats 10 days ago
I heard Tom is producing this band: usvid.net/video/video-_Enl_ArqiRg.html
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith 10 days ago
Maybe you could tell it on another show hahahahahaha
DALLAS__ JOE 11 days ago
I fell asleep halfway into this video. Then I woke up and it was finally over.
Aswin V Ramarao
Aswin V Ramarao 12 days ago
I had a strong feeling he'd do that at the end, that's why I stayed
supdawg 12 days ago
I thought Tom Cruise did his own stunts...
superdoobo 15 days ago
What is this junk?
Apollyon 17 days ago
Kane Stevenson
Kane Stevenson 18 days ago
Its funny, you know its all scripted and Conan is easy to read when he's trying to act.... But, you bring freaking TOM CRUISE into the mix and at points it really feels like an off the cuff conversation. Really goes to show how great of an actor Tom is. For the record... not a huge Tom Cruise fan.
RK Goscv
RK Goscv 17 days ago
Being over the top is done on purpose.
Sharee Brown
Sharee Brown 19 days ago
#TEAMCOCO!!!! LOL!!! THIS is why I LOVE Conan!!! :-)
Alibert 20 days ago
the two creepiest people who ever walked the earth
Pilotx3mm 20 days ago
Every skits of conan seems unscripted 😂
Fabio Alves Show
Fabio Alves Show 21 day ago
A Star this is a Big Star
Vwlss Nvwls
Vwlss Nvwls 21 day ago
Tom Cruise is a god!! If I could meet only one celebrity it would be Princess Diana, but Tom Cruise was always my second choice.
ShonenSamurai 22 days ago
Conan in a nutshell, if you are a celebrity he will treat you with respect and comradery, otherwise he'll bully you mercilessly until he squeezes the last possible drop of laughter.
Jenny Jentot
Jenny Jentot 22 days ago
Is this the car he wants to get insured on one of his episodes?
Andre Newcomb
Andre Newcomb 22 days ago
Life must be boring if it's not about you.
Derek Morgan
Derek Morgan 25 days ago
Bald move, but amazingly funny!
socalsal627 25 days ago
So awesome and perfect way to demonstrate Cruise's great acting chops. Not at all mad he broke character a couple times so we could see his smile though ;)
Zach of Cornholio
Zach of Cornholio 25 days ago
Other celebrities: do karaoke, get coffee with guest. Conan: kidnaps guest BRILLIANT
Carlos Castanheiro
Carlos Castanheiro 26 days ago
The Internet= BLOWN.
Dominique Dixon
Dominique Dixon 26 days ago
I love Toms reaction through out this whole bit
Lalo Macedo
Lalo Macedo 26 days ago
Not cool Conan
Riggs Mason
Riggs Mason 26 days ago
Conan seems a little starstruck 🤩
Farhad 1448
Farhad 1448 26 days ago
Conan doesn't care about celebrities. When he took out the bucket 😂
Greg Krezos
Greg Krezos 27 days ago
87K views... in two years. Did not blow the internet, did it? Loved this minimalistic anti-interview. That was brilliant! Both of them were!
Greg Krezos
Greg Krezos 6 days ago
@Sandman Indeed, mate. I just noticed what i typed.
Sandman 6 days ago
Greg Krezos thats the like count buddy
Reaper 27 days ago
Even has a stunt double to jump out of a car at 5 mph
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy 27 days ago
Why so many humanoids dislike? Is it because he was born with fire crotch? Don't judge a man's hair color you peasant weasels
Filip Ivkovic
Filip Ivkovic 28 days ago
Funny how they replayed the scene from Vanilla Sky with Tom and Cameron Diaz
Mr M.
Mr M. 28 days ago
Cruise is fun.
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