Conan & Deon Cole's Soul Food Adventure - CONAN on TBS

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Conan and Deon head on down to Inglewood for one thing and one thing only... gravy.


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Feb 17, 2012




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Comments 4 140
what you want
what you want 14 hours ago
This guy is underated
alagalag 19 hours ago
Is there anyone out there who genuinely DOESNT like Conan? He’s the most likable person ever
Larry Becker Jr
The battered chicken lol
akhmad alfan
akhmad alfan Day ago
dammit conan, battered chicken? some might not laugh, especially Tina
Niza Dream
Niza Dream Day ago
2020 is Conan still on? Live been watching his videos and loving it he's the best out of all so very genuine and truly funny FYI food looks delicious I'm hungry just watching them lol
LA Hopkins
LA Hopkins Day ago
Awwwwww get it swivel hips!
Walter 2 days ago
I am from North Europe... I dont get it.. Its regular food we eat here. Why do they call it "soul food" in America?... Chicken, mashed potatoes, colored greens etc.. Thats what we eat here. Why is this special in the USA?.. If its not processed junk like McDonalds its "soul food"?... What does that mean?..
OnAComeUpChea 2 days ago
Conan like I prefer Irish food
superman82 2 days ago
The only way a white guy can get away with this is being 110% comfortable in his own skin. For all the jokes Conan makes about himself, he's unbelievably self aware and confident in his character and personality. He's completely real, and real recognize real.
Tyler M
Tyler M 3 days ago
The only reason conan wasn't attacked was because his elvis impression was good.
svampen 3 days ago
8 years later :)
Adrian Jonathan
Adrian Jonathan 3 days ago
Damn 8 years ago? I'm old as hell
Roy Melhado
Roy Melhado 4 days ago
Wow us that Deon Cole and he invented Conan to out for lunch for soul food do let eat so Conan brings the camera crew to film it for lunch
Gina Jones
Gina Jones 4 days ago
I swear I said "cool whip bowls" right before he said it 😂😂😂
Ebony Ford
Ebony Ford 4 days ago
I love Conan
Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis 5 days ago
Deon was super chill. He probably was high.
X L 5 days ago
2:48 look at the disgusting patch of red hair on his back.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 5 days ago
thst the black dude from the old spice commercials?
Monric 6 days ago
Holy crap, Conan seems super tall
Tyler M
Tyler M 3 days ago
He's 6ft 4
Dylan Loo
Dylan Loo 7 days ago
Dane Petersen
Dane Petersen 7 days ago
Just here to show some love to the honey in the back at 7:13 at the counter ;p
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank 7 days ago
I don't care if it's comedy mom's would slap me silly if I played with my food. But dam I want some fried catfish now.
Trung Hieu Nguyen
i don't understand the batter chicken joke, can anyone explain that to me ??
Andy Enri
Andy Enri 8 days ago
Sadly this place is being relocated due to the gentrification of Inglewood
Kea 8 days ago
Music is also Food for the Soul....have a bite: spinnup.link/290214-hello-future
potoker 8 days ago
This is my childhood, and I'm white. I love fresh cornbread, and fry everything please. Okra and grits not so much but mac and cheese is way better then anywhere else I had it. Try the fried pickles next time.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 9 days ago
The whitest guy ever goes in a black neighborhood and within 5min mentioned Elvis? Passive racism.
Sohan Dsouza
Sohan Dsouza 9 days ago
What about the human foot and the cellar door (with gravy, of course)?
Christian Hiwatashi
Frankly, I don't think that is too much food ... I easily can eat way more HAHAHA
Joey Trimble
Joey Trimble 9 days ago
fried baloney sammiches is what's up
ray fallins
ray fallins 9 days ago
Conan has one great sense of humor
Brian Vaughan
Brian Vaughan 10 days ago
Cute❤ couple.. out on a man date 😏 conan doing all the talking deon laughing nervously thru the whole thing
suzawilo 10 days ago
One of my favourite Conan clips *ever* 👍🏽
Dovakiin seventeen
Dovakiin seventeen 10 days ago
I like how they don't even pretend or entertain the idea that black neighborhoods are even remotely safe.
The Man
The Man 11 days ago
I watched this many times still find new jokes. hahahahaha working with Conan must be satisfying.
Mutasem Al-Khateeb
Mutasem Al-Khateeb 11 days ago
كميدي جيد يضحكنا دائمآ نتمنا له الخير
Eddie Mush
Eddie Mush 12 days ago
We want some white mothafuking pictures on that wall!
2 piece Willy
2 piece Willy 12 days ago
Day got chicken... umm hmm shows bees goods !
Glenn Kirkland
Glenn Kirkland 12 days ago
This is the first mukbang.
Sam Koyl
Sam Koyl 13 days ago
Isn’t he the old spice dud?
Sam Koyl
Sam Koyl 10 days ago
If I would have looked it up before posting that I wouldn’t have proven you wrong🤷‍♂️ my bad
Sam Koyl
Sam Koyl 10 days ago
suzawilo Just looked it up, I was right on my hunch.... Look up Deon Cole Old Spice!! Knew I wasn’t crazy. Yessssssss
suzawilo 10 days ago
Potato Chips TV
Potato Chips TV 13 days ago
I don't get the Fries n smother joke until it hits gravy . anyone explain it to me ?
Samuel Wright
Samuel Wright 13 days ago
He crazy, I ate there so many times years back.
G.B. Lucas
G.B. Lucas 13 days ago
He’s so white lol
work email
work email 14 days ago
A catchy slogan for this restaurant would be “Hey Shuga I’m mama Shaqueesha and I guarantee our high cholesterol food known to cause diabetes and various other health complications will please ya”.
Gregory Ambres
Gregory Ambres 15 days ago
Deon is just too adorable.
MK Ultra PUMP 15 days ago
What if I get the Mac n cheese... Take some of the graavyy... Yes Yes!! Lol
Amadeus Pacal
Amadeus Pacal 10 days ago
Was looking so hard just to reply to THIS comment 😎😂😂😂😂
Morteza Hesam Zadeh
Other comedians look like Elon Musk next to Conan.
420BlazeiT 01
420BlazeiT 01 16 days ago
*Plot Twist: They were high and got the munchies*
D Jonsx
D Jonsx 17 days ago
Deon is super nervous. I love Conan
mindcrime2010 17 days ago
The ordering part is my favorite 😂😂😂 is there a hospital nearby???? Deon was dying 😂😂😂
Rhyperior Ranger
Rhyperior Ranger 18 days ago
Deon wasn’t late. He was there at CPT
buzz McDonnell
buzz McDonnell 19 days ago
No one ate the catfish tail WTF!!!
EJ XOF66 20 days ago
Polk salad Annie LOL polk or poke sallet, a cooked greens dish made from pokeweed.
EJ XOF66 20 days ago
Battered chicken, nice Ike joke.
Iced Clips
Iced Clips 20 days ago
looks like a great boss
Anders Estes Jacobsen
When am I supposed to laugh?
Liam O'Hara
Liam O'Hara 22 days ago
They had the whitest if white dudes go...
nicolas ortiz
nicolas ortiz 22 days ago
Deon hasn’t been back since
Bre Sams
Bre Sams 23 days ago
Why am I just now seeing this!!!😂
The GoDFaTHeR 24 days ago
Omg Conan is a riot.
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