Conan & Deon Cole's Soul Food Adventure - CONAN on TBS

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Conan and Deon head on down to Inglewood for one thing and one thing only... gravy.


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Feb 17, 2012




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Hisham Labban
What is the name of that red drink is it sangriya? By the way to know what i mean watch "Sanford and Son" at restaurent. Some episodes of this show were written by Richard pryor.
kiralaison 01
Hand Sanitizer bottles on each table, that should be compulsary worlwide in all restaurants. Very nice Touch
Vincens Aguirre
He is not on that wall because he is white so that means they are racist HEHEHEHE.
The Viking Dragon SKOL
Man that good looked so good !!
Bass Warner
Bass Warner Day ago
I hate it when whites visit our places and start acting weird. Guess what, you're weird to us too. Very weird!
Ketbom Dai
Ketbom Dai Day ago
Eminem would b a great match for conan😂
Blkeclipse L
Blkeclipse L 2 days ago
I grew up with white and black friends and Conan reminds me of some of my white buddies . They never tried to act black to fit in. It's much less awkward when they are themselves - their own level of crazy ass white guys.
Mr. Scoot Scooter
I'm only offended because of the gravy.. When white people want gravy, too much is never enough. I'll need a to-go box please.
Aubergine Bellen
Aubergine Bellen 3 days ago
Deon was on CP Time.
Neur0s1s 3 days ago
Why does he remind me of a black Danny McBride?
King Kami
King Kami 3 days ago
Conan O’Brien gets an invite to the cookout.
j m
j m 4 days ago
Is it racist that I thought the hand sanitizer on the table was lotion?
Hefnaheimer 4 days ago
I think he is a bit rude
Lapy The Petite Kitty
5:33 His expression reminds me so much of Mr Bean
you6382tube 7 days ago
Conan. smooth natural timing.
Xenon Yt
Xenon Yt 9 days ago
Mom: what you want to eat Me: 2:10
Seb Abril
Seb Abril 10 days ago
who agrees on Conan No1 show host
Dads Chow
Dads Chow 10 days ago
Is this what elvis would have looked like if he had red hair?
Angry Fish
Angry Fish 10 days ago
he got too much soul for the place
Thanks for another bad haircut, Mom! NoFirstName
Conan takes goofy to a whole new level.
Kimberly Mcnair
Kimberly Mcnair 12 days ago
Soul food is mainly food cooked with soul and lots of love. Every race of people eat fried chicken, fried fish. Mac n cheese, collard greens, rice, potatoes and such, is cooked in many many restaurants and not considered soul food. Mainly considered soul fool, only when cooked by African Americans....now why is that??🤷🏿‍♀️
MsLewcee 12 days ago
Make no mistake, I LOVE CONAN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell 13 days ago
Lmaoo i swear i love conan lmaoo
Omar Omar
Omar Omar 13 days ago
Bone Jones
Bone Jones 13 days ago
Anyone else thought Conan spontaneously grew a hitler stash when it was the gravy
LAVIN20 13 days ago
There is a bottle of hand sanitizer on the table
Arthur Of Monte Cristo
Oh boy I laughed so hard that my gravy came out !!!!
tenaciousturtle 14 days ago
Deon is crackin up at 2:17 haha!!
Toy Dubz
Toy Dubz 14 days ago
"Cool Whip bowls", AND Country Crock bowls, FACTS!! 😂😂😂
Jean Arkley
Jean Arkley 14 days ago
5:11 Deon looks embarrassed and as if he wants to move to another table.
Luca Frigo
Luca Frigo 14 days ago
Conan's not funny man... Deon is funnier than him even by talking less than him.
yash shetty
yash shetty 14 days ago
Conan: Can you say more than 2 words? Cole: yes
Games Cubes
Games Cubes 14 days ago
He should be President.
Suburban, Urban, Rural. Did you take 4th grade social studies? Urban means “city”... it does not mean “black”. Just stahp.
AntDawg 15 days ago
That Ike Turner line was on point lol
juicy lipz
juicy lipz 15 days ago
When he said cool whip bowls I died 😂 😂 I got about 5 in the fridge with leftovers in then 😂 💀
juicy lipz
juicy lipz 14 days ago
Toy Dubz 😂 I definitely do got country crock bowls to 💀 😂
Toy Dubz
Toy Dubz 14 days ago
You have Country Crock bowls too?? You know they are neck and neck with the cool whip bowls! 😂😂
Lnn 16 days ago
Deon Cole is a comedian himself but he has no jokes and just looks intimidated by Conan. He has that having lunch with the boss ,all bad.
iDroneFilmz 17 days ago
Deon added absolutley nothing to this segment...
iDroneFilmz 15 days ago
@kane p what's the point of conan hanging out with him? Segment would've been the same, maybe better, with out him there.
kane p
kane p 15 days ago
Faiz Khan
Faiz Khan 17 days ago
White people humor so cringy
Michael House
Michael House 17 days ago
S hh
MaxGaming22 17 days ago
What an anti racist way to do.. Thats why i love conan
Rasputin 17 days ago
The battered chicken joke always gets me! Brilliant wit from Conan!
Tom Gallagher
Tom Gallagher 17 days ago
Conan actually does a pretty good Elvis.
Gokul Nath
Gokul Nath 17 days ago
Anyone else on a Conan marathon?
Anurag Rajagopal
Anurag Rajagopal 17 days ago
Conan definitely getting invited to the cookout
1-800-LaFLARE 18 days ago
Next to Daffy Duck, Conan is the funniest person on the entire planet.
I z
I z 18 days ago
That black guy is cute
Brian Sounalath
Brian Sounalath 18 days ago
I thought this would be funnier how come Deon not saying anything?
Brian Sounalath
Brian Sounalath 18 days ago
He looks like Quinten Tarantino
TheDanhenk 18 days ago
"If I'm black they'll let me" do I hear POC Priveledge. A ginger with shampoo can't even pass security. Can't wait to see the comments!
D 19 days ago
Highest murder rate in The black community in the highest national debt ever accumulated by a single present any up there they have a Barack Obama statue in the background simply because he's black.
Published 19 days ago
This is a restaurant that matches Conan’s endless energy and foolishness. I’m surprised he wasn’t kicked out the door 5 seconds he came in.
karen shulman
karen shulman 20 days ago
love conan but anyone is better than fallon
Gina Diaz
Gina Diaz 20 days ago
I have watched this bit about 100 times and still funny I love ❤️ Conan
Miguel Jeffrey
Miguel Jeffrey 20 days ago
i got diabetes from watching this video
Bifidobacterium Acid
Looks like the camera man had to pay
Groovy. 21 day ago
Why is every show so funny
rb0106 21 day ago
pohmakas33 21 day ago
most celebrities are stuck up unfunny doucheheads, conan should just be doing remotes, what a hilarious dude he is
Jordan Alexander
Jordan Alexander 22 days ago
Team Conan!
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