Conan & Andy Pitch Aaron Spelling - Conan25: The Remotes

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(Original air date: 11/9/99) Conan and Andy pitch their show idea to the most powerful producer in Hollywood: Aaron Spelling.


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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 128
Ed Monix
Ed Monix 3 days ago
Aaron Spelling = The Devil himself.
Beck Bot
Beck Bot 15 days ago
Bingo Bango
Oliver Clachko
Oliver Clachko 27 days ago
They should have pitched Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Zetsuke4 28 days ago
LMAO never thought i would see girls all over conan and andy as bluto
David Ross
David Ross 29 days ago
Blast Beet
Blast Beet Month ago
This is absolute gold!
jayscoding2 Month ago
The song is kinda nice wtf
Czechbound Month ago
Conan predicted "Love Island" 20 years ago !
jear Month ago
5:24 that mistake at the start of the solo sounds cool
bilbo baggins
bilbo baggins Month ago
I love conan, andy and of course the REMOTES❤️
Douglas Kalberg
Douglas Kalberg Month ago
I would not have expected Aaron Spelling to have a pinball machine in his office. What is it anyway, some custom one with marble print sides?
edromes30 Month ago
That thing must be heavy ass hell.
Ryan Springer
Ryan Springer Month ago
6:08 it's like NBC/Conan
Franklin MacGillacuddy
Current conan viewers: Who is Heather Locklear?
I wasn’t even born when this aired
youre An idiot
youre An idiot Month ago
why did anyone think he is good?
radio flavor
radio flavor Month ago
Yes old school love from El Paso Texas
Sami Motaghedi
Sami Motaghedi Month ago
Awww, poor Andy 😂😂
moggfree Month ago
Woman Island is also called Little St. Jeff's. What too soon?
Brock Albert
Brock Albert Month ago
It's rare we get to see Conan's freckles in their full glory.
Dr. Dear Sal
Dr. Dear Sal Month ago
Hollywood was beautiful in 99
miclazy Month ago
so nowadays Conan waxes his chest
Change it to Pedophile Island we can film it on Epstein's island.
Vanessa Heine
Vanessa Heine Month ago
So...MILF Island?
안해찬 Month ago
7:23 THICC
Malvavisco Month ago
I wonder what Ben Asslick was promoting that day.
JRS One Month ago
Having to deal with Conan shoehorning in his shitty guitar playing into bits and rehearsals had to have taken some getting used to.
Saurabh Chaudhary
Damm Conan still looks the same and now Andy looks like a such a family material person.
Brandizzleizzle Month ago
Background needs more fake plants
Arc4ne_ Month ago
he sure like to Slamming that table
Phony Vidz
Phony Vidz Month ago
Bryan Candela
Bryan Candela Month ago
"Take it easy, calm down, the volcano, I've checked it, it's gonna be okay."
Naked Potato
Naked Potato Month ago
Andy's voice went softer as he aged. Ma man got a serious case of Benjamin buttons.
John Pelt
John Pelt Month ago
7:36 -- Ha! UPN... remember that? … I don't. We didn't have enough independent stations in my area at the time, so other than JAKE 2,0, BUFFY, and VOYAGER being rerun at dark thirty in the morning by either the local NBC or CBS stations, I never saw any of that "channel".
Nolan Month ago
is women island sjw free?
Max Gaming
Max Gaming Month ago
Thought the date was 9/11 at first 😬!
林逸 Month ago
China no.1
Piang Pau
Piang Pau Month ago
How long have you play this show
sham zamri
sham zamri Month ago
So young
GmrTesku Month ago
R.I.P Aaron Spelling
Probably the coolest late night set.
robert davis
robert davis Month ago
Conan should've pitched this to Trump
robert davis
robert davis Month ago
I wonder who has those shirts now
Dap 99 Neo
Dap 99 Neo Month ago
Why Andy look like Pimp
moggfree Month ago
Didn't Conan went to Woman island back in Comic Con 2017
moggfree 24 days ago
@John EngelHeimerSchmidt wow, what a douche. hahahahaha. awww, sweetie. who hurt you?
John EngelHeimerSchmidt
No he didn't went to, but he was there for a few days. I assume your wording is due to a problem mentally, so if I get your question, mind you it's not easy to get it, it's written like a kid with fetal alcohol syndrome was working on his wording with his doctor. Anyhow, yes, Conan did go to woman island.
moggfree Month ago
Conan O'Brien has the weirdest looking hands in Hollywood.
sariindah puspita
Andy and conan look like Italian mafia 😂😂😂😂😂😂
sariindah puspita
@Steve Thea hahahhaha u right
Steve Thea
Steve Thea Month ago
John Avernia
John Avernia Month ago
And in about 2 years later, the most powerful producer in Hollywood was diagnosed with oral cancer.
Dee Cee
Dee Cee Month ago
Conan for President
ricky todd Botelho
What is with this old crappola?! New stuff says a lot more than sleazy vinyl chairs that I bought off the back lot after the show was cancelled. Cheers to the Turner network for their choice of vinyl.
Mandy White
Mandy White Month ago
Conan has been terrorizing people with his guitar for a long time, apparently...
addyr Month ago
Aaron reminds me of Mr. Burns somehow..
RED RIOT Month ago
They both look so young.
Hugo Nongbri
Hugo Nongbri Month ago
Considering this was 20 years ago. ..who would've thought 😂
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Campbell Month ago
Oh boy. It's like they pitched the Bachelor decades before it was a hit.
thetylife Month ago
Yeah more like years.....The Bachelor debuted a couple years later in 2002 and this aired in 99' . Clearly both the Bachelor and 'Survivor' stole their idea from this...
BasicallyBrentt Month ago
Woman Island is where harvey weinstein vacations.
Lukasi Month ago
conan predicated paradise hotel
ElGeusinjo Month ago
The end has a great 'Al Bundy' vibe...
zoperxplex Month ago
I was waiting for the trap door.
Guanqiao Wang
Guanqiao Wang Month ago
Damn Conan had hairy chest back then
Jim Jam
Jim Jam Month ago
1:58 START HERE 1:58
Skull Man
Skull Man Month ago
Oh man classic Conan remastered, this is awesome
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