Conan & Andy Dub Over China's Most Popular Soap Opera - CONAN on TBS

Team Coco
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In "Return of the Pearl Princess" voiceovers, Conan & Andy add much-needed references to "The View" and Ikea. More CONAN @ teamcoco.com/video


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Jan 25, 2013




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Comments 3 188
1:42 call me a nerd but isn't that Fortnite's font?
Mueed Jamal
Mueed Jamal Day ago
5:50 this chinese guy must have been like ... come to china and I will teach you how to dub with my fists :P
郭达 Day ago
mei puji
mei puji Day ago
Putri huang zhou 😆😆
fruits 2 days ago
1:31 conan: your career is through bran: ook
Dc 4 days ago
“ You will see no Cutlery!!!”
misavn 9 days ago
I want to see the full movie xdddd
thezxt 11 days ago
It was China’s most popular tv shows 25 years ago.
Alina Sandro
Alina Sandro 13 days ago
Please do an indian one🤣😂🤣
chenzhuo li
chenzhuo li 13 days ago
Fun fact: the actor of the emperor is a UK citizen and worked for George Lucas directing one of the Indiana Jones movie in the 80s.
Mhao Yeager
Mhao Yeager 14 days ago
Netflix : sees China's most popular show Also Netflix : I'm boutta end this show's entire career
che 14 days ago
We need conan in an Indian soap opera.
Big Solid Boss
Big Solid Boss 14 days ago
Stacey Chad
Stacey Chad 15 days ago
How can anyone dislike a Conan skit? It's frigging hilarious every time! Any time I think he c ant get funnier, he does! #TeamCoCo
Lone Axe
Lone Axe 16 days ago
i have seen lots of videos from Team Coco, however this one was hidden somewhere in youtube. And now that I did see it....... my tummy hurts! XD XD XD omg i have never laughed so hard as I did today. What a masterpiece sketch.
Phùng Linh Anh
Phùng Linh Anh 18 days ago
oh my god,this was my favourite show when i was a child
Pinka13 _ _
Pinka13 _ _ 18 days ago
*C R A C K*
偏执 の ניצחון
wow,funny again
kathy sheng
kathy sheng 22 days ago
confused....when Chinese see this video
John R. Rosales
John R. Rosales 24 days ago
Bang Zoom? Conan and Andy are overqualified
The History Critic Guy
China’s favorite soap opera: “Nothing happened on June 4th 1989” Nothing happens on June 4th,1989 Nothing happened on June 4th, 1989 Nothing happened on June 4th, 1989
Thor Groot SweetRabbit
There used to be a show called madlibs and it was way better than this, Conan and Andy I'm disappointed in you both, missed opportunity.
EVO X Month ago
If you eat spicy food, then you take spicy poops.
William Bryant
William Bryant Month ago
Do [yanxi palace ]show ! That is the most popular series recently!not only popular in China but in any places has chinese people!
danqly79 Month ago
This reminds me of the movie Kung Pow Enter The Fist
Obverse Singularity
Kung Pow 2
Racist Princess
Racist Princess Month ago
crack! 🤣🤣🤣
Eddie Vargas
Eddie Vargas Month ago
Fun Fact.. Wendee Lee does the voice for Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop.
Vakidis Vaselidis
Vakidis Vaselidis 16 days ago
I000 likes sir.
TargetsbadFN Month ago
Eddie Vargas hoping someone would say that
if u
if u Month ago
Old Short Fat Asian Chau
Lol. This show was my childhood. I watched it in Vietnamese dub and I only understood half of what was being said cause I'm not fully fluent in Vietnamese. XD
Janae Clarice
Janae Clarice Month ago
Perfect Students
It's amazing how far the Chinese dramas have changed. This Conan's show from the early 2000s look very outdated and low in quality. Many Chinese dramas produced from 2015 have gained millions of new international fans due to great acting, interesting plots, and superb cinematography.
Yue Aimee
Yue Aimee Month ago
I am sure the original doesn't speak like them 😂 .. I have watch the whole series at least twice .
jjz Chu
jjz Chu Month ago
Who is the 4,444,444 watcher?
This isnt Eternal Love
Moe Apu jabajaw2018
Watch this all the time. Love it everytime.
Tran Lily
Tran Lily Month ago
I'm Vietnamese, this movie RETURNING PRINCESS PEARL very popular in VN in 97/98/99/00s Almost everyone kids, teenager & even mature people love this movie lolz 😂 It was my childhood, one of most Chinese popular movie for kids & family 😍 ps: insane, the movie is already 20 year. Time fly so fast!!
Ivan Chua
Ivan Chua Month ago
Watched this show when I was an adolescent. How did USvid for all it's amazing algo not recommend this for me for 5 freakin years??!
Lawrence Royce Manapsal
What is the title of this soap opera?
toriah520 Month ago
helenn99 Month ago
This soap is very good
孟繁琨 Month ago
Most popular in 1995
Kab Kab
Kab Kab Month ago
Deziree Jones
Deziree Jones Month ago
4:25 Is that the girl off of the movie "Shoalin Soccer" that Stephen Chow falls for?
Aurora Kayla Azzahra
Yep, her name is Vicki Zhao Wei
Wahyu Wibisono Chen Ming Zhen
@Howard Lam Indeed.
Howard Lam
Howard Lam 12 days ago
The soap that got her famous
Wahyu Wibisono Chen Ming Zhen
Her name is Vicky Zhao
planescaped Month ago
Man... I haven't seen Shaolin Soccer in forever. That is the quintessential wtf Chinese movie. It's MST3K level without even needing riffing.
Rada Cat
Rada Cat Month ago
Make an espiso of Vietnam
Liu June
Liu June Month ago
That was 20 yrs ago
knightabraxas Month ago
Omg that's Wendee Lee!!!
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Month ago
This is so weird :))
bassa God
bassa God Month ago
And thats why I dont watch dub movies lol
掂works Month ago
This drama was almost 20 years ago……
Christopher Fohner
Laughing way to hard..love it!
Whydasofanny Month ago
conan watching hoang chau cac cac!!!!!
jf wang
jf wang Month ago
curious gamer
curious gamer Month ago
So that explains the weird speech pattern. When you try to sinc your voice to the characters mouth, it sounds like you're breaking after each word.
Jammy Month ago
This was made when I was 11 and now I am watching this laughing so hard
Cutie3XBaby Month ago
This is funny af
Xi He
Xi He Month ago
They can do annoying oranges. Hahahahahah
Kao Yang
Kao Yang Month ago
I'm dead....
jB15 Month ago
I lost it when Ikea "they don't accept Chinese currency" xD
Edwin Pelleng
Edwin Pelleng Month ago
I watch this series 20yr ago... 😆
Edwin Pelleng
Edwin Pelleng Month ago
When im kid... 😆
Jason Leung
Jason Leung Month ago
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