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Welcome to Double Click! Today Bazza and Elliott versus Marcus and Cray in Air Hockey!
Filmed on the day of the Click Arcade video. Back to regular scheduled uploads next week!
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Jun 16, 2019




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Comments 1 588
BendleM4tty 8 days ago
That’s at eastland
Lachlan Brown
Lachlan Brown 12 days ago
Where is Kannan and lufu
Carson Sly
Carson Sly 14 days ago
Honestly I’ve watched this vid like 10 times now
Krate Tay_tay_taylon
Um, where is lufu and lazar? It’s not a good day without the full team
Steven Stone
Steven Stone 19 days ago
Elliot says phyc. didn't actually intend for that 🤔
Harrison Le Serve
Harrison Le Serve 20 days ago
bazz has aimbot -- Elliot 2019
dog fangs
dog fangs 25 days ago
We're is laser beam
Evan Hayes
Evan Hayes Month ago
Yeah didn’t watch cause lannan wasn’t in it
Yahir Mijangos
Yahir Mijangos Month ago
So glad to not seen Lazarbeam, get rid of that cringe dude already.
CaptainVoice Month ago
When muselk wears power merch and not his own
RunningGunner Month ago
Yo who else thinks that Marcus is super cute
Gunnar Burris
Gunnar Burris 2 months ago
Gunnar Burris
Gunnar Burris 2 months ago
Me: you're way too cocky Elliot Elliot: no I'm not *dramatic flashback* Has pick and goes back and forth with his puck shooter (whatever it's called) trying to show off (keywords show off) his "perfect skillz" Elliot:you right, you right
Fiery Reaper
Fiery Reaper 2 months ago
*B R U H * all of click and double clicks members aren't on my lvl you see im a 11 and i met a man that challenged me and he won....but before he won when i hit the puck the puck flew away 'cause i hit it hard 😂😂😂
Running Pumpkin
Running Pumpkin 2 months ago
That was an actual good game of air hockey... With the click dudes... But how?!
Larry White
Larry White 2 months ago
I bet no one was going for them either
TornadoX 2 months ago
sub to me and I gocya back
Doom Clasher
Doom Clasher 2 months ago
You know who would be great at this? Genji. Ten seconds later: I NEED HEALING!!
add me at skylar_conradi
Why is muselk wearing lachys merch
Storm-Chan 2 months ago
Marcus, What Happened In Paris?
Hurley master 66
Hurley master 66 2 months ago
You suck Elliott
Dawn Lynch
Dawn Lynch 2 months ago
Double lick plays air hockey
ItsChips InGames
ItsChips InGames 2 months ago
Why was the Marcus and Cray team attacking they should’ve done a counter defense + Attack y’all Have 2 people bazaar and L-iot just played defense and attack so you can also play counter Attack, Double Counter And counter defense . Btw double counter is counter a counter no matter what type it’s just double counter and ALSO TRIPLE COUNTER IS DOUBLE + ATTACK + DEFENSE. And finally for Advanced counters which Marcus has potential and possibly cray or buzz or Elliot someone Y’all can do the QuadCounter Double counter Attack Double counter defense Defense Classic attack Remember that doing this in one is moving in such a certain way no in really advanced speed time and hits There is a Quad+lure I think you know lure Why did I do this...
I guess I Do covers
I guess I Do covers 2 months ago
Is it just me or does everyone want whatever team bazz is on to win everytime?
Slinky Cheese
Slinky Cheese 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice that Eliot was wearing Lachlan mercy the whole video
Random Videos
Random Videos 2 months ago
Now play real hockey
G3cko 2 months ago
Muselks wearing power by lachlan Hoodie
abdulllah ahmed
abdulllah ahmed 2 months ago
Eliiot is getting carried so hard
Visharad Saraff
Visharad Saraff 2 months ago
No Lannon... get out of my recommended
Chance’ogal 1810
Chance’ogal 1810 2 months ago
Me and my brother could beat any of them
Just Ethan
Just Ethan 2 months ago
Team muselk!!
Colin Zimmerman
Colin Zimmerman 2 months ago
And I thought I was sweaty?
Conner Prescia
Conner Prescia 2 months ago
Lannan is The best at every sport and the funniest
Darian Duta
Darian Duta 2 months ago
I know it is kinda late to post a comment, but I want to make this clear. Give me anyone from Click as my teammate and I will make sure that I will destroy anyone at air hockey.
xd_ninjamastr_yt yt
xd_ninjamastr_yt yt 2 months ago
Cause if u know naruto it's like I have the sharingan when I play that game lol
xd_ninjamastr_yt yt
xd_ninjamastr_yt yt 2 months ago
I could've beat them in air hockey
Captercom 2 months ago
Thunderbob 56
Thunderbob 56 3 months ago
Watches video at .25 speed to feel like you went *ultra instinct* 😂
202_fire yt
202_fire yt 3 months ago
Elliot becomes a quarterback yells far out edelmen goes far out muselk gone to record a video
sloppy alan
sloppy alan 3 months ago
Crays face at 10:23
Tye Barron
Tye Barron 3 months ago
I play air hockey sometimes 😃😀
Bandana TheGreat
Bandana TheGreat 3 months ago
you should add lacy and fresh
lucas adelerhof
lucas adelerhof 3 months ago
I swear to god i want to 1v2 you guys in the air hockey thing
Guy Barber
Guy Barber 3 months ago
nice vid
Xits anyone
Xits anyone 3 months ago
bazza and mooseman
ItsCloudii Gaming
ItsCloudii Gaming 3 months ago
Muselk is so fuckin annoying stop being such an arrogant attention whore mate
Dillon Trausi
Dillon Trausi 3 months ago
Y did they stop uploading on this chanlle
Strycho 3 months ago
An Idea for a future double click video, show us all the people in the background of the click house, family members like tannar and grace, cameramen, etc.
Lagunulous YT
Lagunulous YT 3 months ago
Bazz and Elliot
Kermit Scooter ankle
*No Lufu* Me: Clicks off
pugmanpugmanasd 3 months ago
Wonder why click dosent heart my comments... Thx for the likes!
PikaDog Gaming
PikaDog Gaming 2 months ago
pugmanpugmanasd I saw one like so I likedit
George Ayad
George Ayad 3 months ago
Anyone else here wondering why they haven’t uploaded in 4 weeks
ken sattler
ken sattler 3 months ago
7:16 what a save
Amd75077 3 months ago
I’m a beast at this game so don’t try me 😎
shadow shooter
shadow shooter 3 months ago
Mcdonalds vs ebay eliot bazz marcus cray
George Scott
George Scott 3 months ago
every time MUselk called a shot he did not score 1
Shanna Sykes
Shanna Sykes 3 months ago
I haven’t watched yet I bet Lazar said yet like 10 times
Shanna Sykes
Shanna Sykes 3 months ago
Yeet but he wasn’t here
Yugen Govender
Yugen Govender 3 months ago
Muselk= try-hard Bzza=chill Lazar=OG!!😈 Cray=pure cringe
Dylan Gamer
Dylan Gamer 3 months ago
That room Marcus was sitting in after they lost looks familiar
Raphael Houllis
Raphael Houllis 3 months ago
No a fence
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