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Nov 7, 2019




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Comments 2 677
Jessica Dragon
Jessica Dragon 4 hours ago
Colleen: because I have the biggest closet in the world... Me: sorry honey jefree star has got you beat
Stella Austrina
Stella Austrina 4 hours ago
14:15 I literally didn't get bored
Claire W
Claire W 4 hours ago
Colleen :if you finished watching this video, I don't know what's wrong with you
TheJTheart 5 hours ago
I loved this. And i need more 👌🏻👌🏻
Kyle Jolley
Kyle Jolley 5 hours ago
H&M is cheap? The commercial with Kendall has a dress for over $500.
Dani V
Dani V 5 hours ago
I wanted to see how much stuff was donated. That’s the most satisfying moment for me. And I legit am in the SAME boat right now. We just moved and I had to downsize. And get rid of everything I don’t wear.
Amaya Patel
Amaya Patel 8 hours ago
I’m just glad you donated all your stuff!
Georgie Nelson
Georgie Nelson 8 hours ago
Your closets the size of my room
Yasmeen Dabaja
Yasmeen Dabaja 9 hours ago
Why would you think we will make fun of you
Jx Wang
Jx Wang 9 hours ago
why is her closet LITERALLY 20x bigger than mine 😞
Madisyn Brydges
Madisyn Brydges 10 hours ago
Where are the closed captions I’m confused
David Potts
David Potts 11 hours ago
Such a big closet given Miranda only has one look
Bridie Linton
Bridie Linton 12 hours ago
Love her
Beth Plays _Gaming
Beth Plays _Gaming 12 hours ago
before the video started I was like “omg she is becoming Gabbie Hanna” Then she said “I might as well become Gabbie hanna at this point” XD
Михаил Котов
It is hatd to clean a huge closet, but it can be a fub time.
Marcy Whitesell
Marcy Whitesell 13 hours ago
So did u buy more to replace what u got rid of
Craig Curtis
Craig Curtis 13 hours ago
GURL my closet is soo messy XD I’m on my dads account
Random Things with Syd and Emma
“christmas shorts” *MiDwEsT iS qUaKiNg*
lwl 13 hours ago
Thank you so much for watching! If you liked this video... *I don't know what's wrong with you*, but you can subscribe to my channel, like this video, comment about _how bored you were._
Anonymous Australian
Pleeeeeeeeaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeeeee do more videos like this, go through your pantry or something! I love love love videos like these and it’s even better that it you doing them (your like my fave youtuber)
Anniston Kirkland
Anniston Kirkland 13 hours ago
I always thought you were weird and crazy, then I realized that you are actually weird and crazy
Patrouious Achatz
Patrouious Achatz 13 hours ago
I love how humble you are, and that you are not a huge show off! I also love how you also give back to the community!
Tori Webb
Tori Webb 13 hours ago
Casey Faitel
Casey Faitel 14 hours ago
I love her videos and hope to meet her one day. This is me in my video usvid.net/video/video-zePBxYQPXCc.html
Kara Colin
Kara Colin 14 hours ago
Keep! What the -?
ScarletScorpion 14 hours ago
Colleen: are you guys even enjoying this? Is this fun for you to watch? What's wrong with you guys Meanwhole Gabbie Hannh: *rebrands her entire channel into videos just like this*
January1487 14 hours ago
My comment was deleted 😥😥
Abby Richardson
Abby Richardson 14 hours ago
I love cleaning videos please do more 😍
Ashleigh W
Ashleigh W 15 hours ago
Omg this is the best! Love this video
Trisha Hillis
Trisha Hillis 15 hours ago
This actually entertained me
Maisie Appel
Maisie Appel 15 hours ago
Isn't that Jeffree Star's closet? Like, DANG GURL! 😂
Anna Bernhardt
Anna Bernhardt 15 hours ago
I wanna see the black dress she didn’t like how she looked in it
Ava Murray
Ava Murray 15 hours ago
Your closet is bigger than my room
DayLight 68
DayLight 68 16 hours ago
So it's been 1 week and then 2 weeks....literally me
EvangelineGrace 16 hours ago
Yaas successful queen!!
Clara 12
Clara 12 16 hours ago
Please do more videos like this!!!!
Cassidy Wong
Cassidy Wong 16 hours ago
Why’s her grandpa look like Pierce Hawthorn from community
Beverly Rosas
Beverly Rosas 16 hours ago
I saw you at the wonder park premiere I was screaming in the move theater at the end and took a picture with you
Kylie 16 hours ago
When Colleen thinks forever 21 and h&m are cheap places 😳
Maureen Anne
Maureen Anne 16 hours ago
Loved it
DAY&KAY Reborns
DAY&KAY Reborns 17 hours ago
I like this and no one should be making fun of you you are on of my favorite USvidrs and I al ways talk like you
Becky Westerman
Becky Westerman 17 hours ago
#goals even if it takes 2 weeks. welcome to mom life...
Danny Jacome
Danny Jacome 17 hours ago
Also this is my dad's account I almost 12 and I'm a girl btw if your reading this
Jossie Peach
Jossie Peach 17 hours ago
Wasn’t bored at all hahahahaha can relate just did this in each closet 🤚🏼 to getting it done 👍🏼
Danny Jacome
Danny Jacome 17 hours ago
This has nothing to do with the video but I love you. I just got home from new York. And also happy early birthday btw I have the same birth day #scorpio #sagittarius ♏♐
Lippylee26 17 hours ago
best video ever hahaha i actually loved this
Sergio C
Sergio C 18 hours ago
I love this
Lisa Hartman
Lisa Hartman 18 hours ago
Matt Witt
Matt Witt 18 hours ago
i loved that
That's What "i" Said
Are you using a different camera, cuz you're not looking at us...
Nico Alcock autism kid
i love Colleen
Taryn Sakoda
Taryn Sakoda 18 hours ago
Who likes this? (I like it) like is u agree
Gurleen Grewal
Gurleen Grewal 19 hours ago
Love her gabbie Hanna reference’s
Caroline Razberry
Caroline Razberry 19 hours ago
You should recreate My Family with more family
K H 19 hours ago
Why did you stop putting captions on your videos? You even said it yourself a while ago, that it was important to you to be accesible for as many as possible, especially because of your deaf brother.
Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson 19 hours ago
Me and my cat love watching you
Kenita Sohn
Kenita Sohn 19 hours ago
What are you doing with all the clothes
angela estrella
angela estrella 13 hours ago
she donated them to a womens shelter
Sydney Goffart
Sydney Goffart 19 hours ago
OMG i am shocked i didnt know the show was canceled
Ema Church
Ema Church 20 hours ago
Loved this video do more like it please ❤️
FromTheR toTheOxy
FromTheR toTheOxy 20 hours ago
DUDE your child is almost one year old already... :O
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