Claire & Christina Try to Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Sides | Making Perfect: Thanksgiving Ep 4

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In the world of Thanksgiving sides, there is a plethora of options, so deciding on which ones to make for your feast can be challenging. That's why Claire Saffitz and Christina Chaey are here to up your Thanksgiving side dish game. Join them as they pursue Thanksgiving side dish perfection.
Check out the story here: www.bonappetit.com/story/making-perfect-thanksgiving-sides
Squash and Radicchio Salad With Pecans: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/squash-and-radicchio-salad-with-pecans
Brussels Sprouts With Pistachios and Lime: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/brussels-sprouts-with-pistachios-and-lime

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Claire & Christina Try to Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Sides | Making Perfect: Thanksgiving Ep 4

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Nov 6, 2019




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Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit 5 days ago
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Diana Chan
Diana Chan 11 hours ago
Do pin this to your playlist~ love this
Christopher Rutt
Christopher Rutt 2 days ago
So this is a recipe you made in 2017? But you’re “creating” it in 2019? I feel so used!
Animerockfreak87 3 days ago
I would love to subscribe to the Magazine, but I don't have a credit card and BA site doesn't do Paypal or anything else for Germany T_T
V. Hefner
V. Hefner 3 days ago
Dear BA: this is the FIRST print magazine I have ever subscribed to and it’s all thanks to your amazing USvid content. Looking forward to getting the magazines and showing the love by carrying the tote!
Seana Wallace
Seana Wallace 3 days ago
I roast 3 different types of sweet potatoes.. always have to use purples for the color with rosemary and garlic....toss in honey and cayanne to finish....it's a must in our house lol Andy's right 🤣
Sahil Dawankar
Sahil Dawankar 9 hours ago
Thanksgiving episode had the pairings going worse each episode : Andy and Brad - Very Good Chris and Rick - Very Bad Christina and Claire - Terrible
Chachi 10 hours ago
That salad looked really good but I just kept thinking how difficult it would be to try and serve that to a large group of people or have it be self serve or just like...eat it lol.
Call me Val
Call me Val 11 hours ago
Of course the Squash Guy's voice sounds like that.
Mary Mba
Mary Mba 13 hours ago
Least collaborative group :(
Trey Tern
Trey Tern 15 hours ago
When I’m an adult with my children and wife I’m going to be a chef 😂
Ayim Murie
Ayim Murie 15 hours ago
B.A. folks, please ask Christina is she would be interested in marrying a 26 year old, female, patient care technician. I would give up everything and cook her things that are not worthy of her as long as we both shall live. She's tops.
Ayim Murie
Ayim Murie 15 hours ago
*if. My proposal has a typo. That's a guaranteed no.
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson 16 hours ago
Once you go to Flavortown, there is no going back. 29:18
Amy A
Amy A 17 hours ago
So I made this last night. I could not find 898 squash, ppl at the farmers market had no clue what I was talking about lol so I used farmers market baby butternuts. As for the radicchio 🤢, no, just no. It was so bitter even with the other sweetening elements involved. It might be because I pick up bitter more than most (hate cilantro and beer) but I will be experimenting with other lettuce 🥬
Deema 18 hours ago
tbh my ideal thanksgiving side is a green bean casserole and i wish they made that
Hyper Zealous
Hyper Zealous 18 hours ago
the bit with molly LMAO
Xyla 19 hours ago
I think this thanksgiving dinner is so interesting, I’m Hispanic so we typically have: Ham Stuffing (with turkey) Enchiladas Tamales Mashed potatoes Rice Beans Macaroni Green beans Corn Bread rolls Every member of the family has something they “specialize” in and after years of trials we finally narrowed down who makes what, everyone brings a dessert though.
Cross 19 hours ago
So why wouldn't the readers just use Molly's Brussels sprouts???
Nyah Bautista
Nyah Bautista 20 hours ago
They should’ve made yams Like cinnamon yams with marshmallows
Kate Galleran
Kate Galleran 21 hour ago
Aleph Null
Aleph Null 21 hour ago
claire is kind of a jerk huh
Anti Decepticon
Anti Decepticon 23 hours ago
HapaSD Day ago
I always think sides are the best place to reflect the diversity in America, so I'm sad they didn't consider more culturally diverse side dishes. I always think the turkey and gravy is our shared staple for the holiday and the sides are our diversity coming together to create a wonderful and uniquely American meal. One of my fave Thanksgiving meals I ever had was turkey, rice, lumpia, deviled eggs, etc.
Mohammed Khaled
Claire should have been put into mashed potato department with Molly switched with Christina for sides
Trenton Sands
Doesn't want to use an ingredient no one can get. Proceeds to use an 898 squash....
S20v2 Day ago
I would have done feta cheese with the squash salad BUT I like a lot of saltiness hehe
Duchess Star
Duchess Star Day ago
That salad looked way too big for me lol! XD
Nightknight Day ago
arent they supposed to make the perfect, not the most acessible while still decent? use the best tasting vinegar, and if its too special give accessible option in the final receipe...
Christina, I'm sure you can contribute more than, "I couldn't agree more"... 😒. It's almost like you were just a lackey here, as opposed to a partner.
Analaura Núñez
i never realized how dominant Claire can be lel
Steven Rodriguez
Am I the only one that was like salad wtf? I kid you not I've been to a many Thanksgivings in last few years and never seen a freakin salad at one.
Beatriz Umali
Is Claire stressed? She was hella bossy and took over in this one. Christina, we value your opinion!
lauren junette
Claire gives off big Virgo energy
Adam Warren
Adam Warren Day ago
Salad at Thanksgiving? Who eats salad on the day gluttony is encouraged?
MrDW72 Day ago
Who died and made Claire the boss??!!
Ty Day ago
Two men come in and basically tell them what to do 🤢🤮
Zade H
Zade H Day ago
Claire sure doesn’t like the attention off her and kept making digs. Her body language was quite defensive, folding her arms several times and correcting, trying too hard to sound smart and failing. couldn’t even give proper eye contact. She could do with shedding a lot of pounds too.
Kim E
Kim E Day ago
So, I like the idea of the Brussel sprouts. But I'm allergic to nuts. Does anyone know, do the nuts in the dish actually add anything that would hinder the taste if I just omitted them? I might just try the honey ones instead if that's the case.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Day ago
Brad and Andy is the best Bon Appetit couple. Everyone else is whack
Sousuke Y
Sousuke Y Day ago
Claire, please make Gourmet Pik-Nik, shoe string potato chip(?) snack
phrayzar Day ago
That wasn't a great paring. First BA video that I didn't enjoy.
J D Day ago
i was thinking arugula as the green
Daniel Martinez
oh my god, shut up and cook.
Wait. Can we take a starch vote, cause I ♡ sweet potatoes😧
Marvel Maniac1209
16:40 is cracking me up
Miles Shepard
Seeing Chris in shorts was like finding out the person I just Skype interviewed wasn't wearing pants And I love it
Alexis Angulo
That salad is art. 😳💖
dima el sayed
It's funny because I felt that claire was as usual transparent and sure of herself, whereas Christina who is supposedly shy clearly made sure we knew how she felt with her facial expressions. I prefer Claire's honesty and directness to what felt like fake submissiveness... On this one am totally on Team Claire
A P F Day ago
I hope Claire reads this comments and reexamines how she interacts with her colleagues. Being overbearing and taking over the show isn’t cool. Don’t ask people to come over and try your stuff if you’re not open to critique either. I love Claire but this video is just.... no. The dishes sound so delicious though.
Ana Paez
Ana Paez Day ago
Those sides are horrible. How about some mac n cheese, a play on all typical Thanksgiving food? I agree with Chris, no lettuce on Thanksgiving. Claire I love you but u bougie
Shawn Grant
Shawn Grant Day ago
I wanna see some more Christina.
Alice Anastasia
Halved roasted Brussels tossed with bacon and roasted chestnuts.
Can’t help but think all the complaints about Claire taking charge is a bad case of misogyny. She’s an expert in her field. I don’t see a bunch of complaints about Gordon Ramsey or even Chris and Brad being too bossy.
i’ve never seen Claire get hate. these comments are like the twilight zone🤨
Ian Contreras
i absolutely loved round two of brussel sprouts. Kinda neat to see ethics are up to the highest standard in the BA community. Are there any other videos that have to do a retake cuz a different test kitchen personality had already made it?
BIll Gamefan
BIll Gamefan Day ago
so sad Brad was in ear shot at the end of the video Claire. Not nice.
Neelofar Rafique-Ahmed
I think the pomegranate molasses sounds delicious! I use it in fattoush with crispy corn pita chips tossed in a light salad and it brings everything together with a sweet twist!
D. Mat.Zero6
D. Mat.Zero6 2 days ago
pie is gonna be done by half sour and the noddler!
Elredram 2 days ago
Christina is awesome. Absolutely adore her attitude. I feel like she has a unique taste when it comes to choosing ingredients. Definitely something I'd like to see more of! More Christina!
Eileen_A_B 2 days ago
I love watching all these episodes and this one is just as fun as all the rest, but I hate radicchio and I don't understand why cooks love to put that bitter leaf into their food all the time. I personally always pick it out of my food, but this is a great and easy recipe for people who like it.
Eileen_A_B 2 days ago
Everyone keep saying Claire was bossy and didn't let Christina give input, but Christina is a grown adult who could have insisted any any of her ideas if she wanted to. It's not like Claire is mean or disrespectful. Christine wants something then she needs to push for it. Brad works with Claire all the time and makes his opinions heard. Christine said it herself, Claire says stuff and I follow. She didn't have to follow and all people need to advocate for themselves because that's life in and out of the kitchen.
Kamonpaun Chaisupakosol
Christina reminds me of Sandra Oh 😂 just a little bit 👌🏼
JF 2 days ago
((bla blah insert every comments about letting Christina talk)) but i think Claire did it because she's used to her own show where she needs to ask questions and answer them herself. Thus she needs to rely on herself and she rarely needs others opinion. All she needs to do next time is asking more questions, listen more, and try the suggestions of her partner. It's okay, Claire. Pobody's nerfect.
Katelynn Stan
Katelynn Stan 2 days ago
lettuce on thanksgiving is just so abnormal to me, especially in the south
Angela Benitez
Angela Benitez 2 days ago
No lie. I see Claire I click. She needs to be paired with someone more assertive next time though.
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