Chris Rock Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Chris Rock and Joe La Puma go Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talk about the time Michael Jordan was on SNL, why Yeezys are a must-cop, and the history of Lil' Penny.
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May 15, 2017

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Comments 3 841
SLT Trapper
SLT Trapper 12 hours ago
“ who are you if you dont have yeezys” they dead and im broke
Mr. Pyro
Mr. Pyro 2 days ago
I got all of those retail
Alex Antinoro
Alex Antinoro 2 days ago
Hay it’s that guy from Madagascar
rev up those fryers
Imagine seeing chris rock, chris Farley, adam sandler, david spade, and Michael freaking jordan, at a McDonalds in the 90s
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 6 days ago
699 for the triple white yeezy ? get outta here .. could buy 3 pairs with that price.
Nick Uhler
Nick Uhler 9 days ago
I wanna see bill burr on here just talking about how much these shoes cost
ayen machlean vicente
Marty better be lookin for some horse shoe
Ryan Yin
Ryan Yin 10 days ago
700$ for cream yeezys “GOOD LORD”
Ryan Yin
Ryan Yin 10 days ago
Mans got ripped off on the Yeezys lmaoo
Logan Biggs
Logan Biggs 10 days ago
"What's better than having a Yeezy." Umm, food, water and life. Those are pretty nice to have, pretty nice cop.
Aaron Shelley
Aaron Shelley 12 days ago
Trayvon Martin.. lol. Ok Chris.
BOOM BRO 13 days ago
Haha Chris: TRAP TRAP TRAP TRAP!!!! 😂💀
Mitch Hills
Mitch Hills 13 days ago
Secretly a yeezy commercial
Vagos por vida
Vagos por vida 15 days ago
How do you spend $1600 on some ugly ass yeezys?
Andre Harris
Andre Harris 17 days ago
This nigga talk alot
NelyXBL 17 days ago
I don’t care for shoes but I really enjoy watching these
Ivan Bautista
Ivan Bautista 20 days ago
I’m poor/broke if I don’t get Yeeyzs bih 🥴🥺
YeetIsMy Name
YeetIsMy Name 23 days ago
Not sponsored by Yeezy BTW
The MarQMillionZ
The MarQMillionZ 27 days ago
How bout you let me get the shoe string out the yeezy for 5 dollas😁😁
Cash Money
Cash Money 27 days ago
Chris Rock One Funny Ass Dude Pookie From New Jack City Classic Ass Hood Movie Was Just Talking About This Movie With My Sister And How It Was Part In The Movie From Hood Bronx New York💯 My City Is Definitely On The Map💯😎❤️❤️❤️
OooferGangSus18 29 days ago
This guy acts like yeezys are some kind of god
Joe 29 days ago
Johnathan Teran
Johnathan Teran Month ago
Im broke Chris Rock 😓
No Need
No Need Month ago
I was 17 when the Jordans came out and i paid $180 for them 29 year's ago!. You have no idea how many pills i had to sell to make that in one day!. I went to school wearing them and my teacher kicked me out of the class calling me "spoiled brat!". If only she knew!. Fast forward 29 year's and now i have the Yeezy zebra! Lol aint life grand!?.
Lil Broosky
Lil Broosky Month ago
Is that donkey from shrek?
A is for Annihilation
Skechers with yeezy's name on em & a huge price tag. Uggggg-leeeee. Ppl stand for nothing & fall for everything. 😁
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore Month ago
He sounds like he's doing a paid promotion for Kanye
Piece Of Garbish
I dont know whi Chris rock is .
Clemson Boy
Clemson Boy Month ago
When I look at Chris Rock I think of Greedy Williams
Its Silxnt
Its Silxnt Month ago
Dressed like the black Terminator 🤣🤣
New World
New World Month ago
Why does he have to pay 900$ for Yeezys? Don‘t they cost like 220?
Michael Sean
Michael Sean Month ago
I love sneakers too but dayyyyynmm this fuckin insane😍😍😍😍
Michael Sean
Michael Sean Month ago
Where this place @????
Gab Valerio
Gab Valerio Month ago
Chris Rock: what's better than yeezys? Me: two words Jordan brand
Ryan Becker
Ryan Becker Month ago
Anyone else get the feeling Chris was going through a mid life crisis?
Culture Man
Culture Man Month ago
I’m sorry any kid working at ihop in here ? Please be proud of your hustle ... he didn’t mean anything bad🤷🏿‍♂️
Archie Lee
Archie Lee Month ago
Do you have to have a stupid ass connection to get on this lame shit??? N why da fuck doesn't Corey Holcomb have a episode?
Bryan Koon
Bryan Koon Month ago
Yeezy Taught Me
Karl Aponte
Karl Aponte Month ago
700$ for the white yeezys " damn they robbed this dude
Johnny Savage
Johnny Savage Month ago
The grape 5s are $160??? What's the name of that store and where is it?? I need those shoes.
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas Month ago
The moment he went Got, got, got, got, got; my soul just died. I’m like give me one like skittles plz.
Kae Peace
Kae Peace Month ago
He’s high 😂
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Month ago
Trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap trap
Hong Kong Tony
Hong Kong Tony Month ago
Chris Rock looks like black Tim Cook
Onion Head
Onion Head Month ago
Yeezy's are awful looking , especially on older people
Жак Морозов
Lol nigga got botox
Hong Kong Tony
Hong Kong Tony Month ago
Looks young AF tho
Joe :-P
Joe :-P Month ago
Anyone else hear his voice in so much shit your brain doesn’t actually believe that’s his voice.
GundamBanshii97 2 months ago
4:02 It’s the Bred Toes that were in Everybody Hates Chris!!!!!!
Sammy GBaby85
Sammy GBaby85 2 months ago
DAMN! He got WAXED on the all white Yeezys. Holy shit
kevin garcia
kevin garcia 2 months ago
Why were the shoes so expensive?
Ash bringer
Ash bringer 2 months ago
Yeezy 900 bucks? Well I prefer to wear recycle bottle sandals than those lame shoes.
Laughter139 2 months ago
Does anyone know where I can find the soundtrack?
illenessOne 2 months ago
“I’m buying , you paying.”😂
Donovan Hjersman
Donovan Hjersman 2 months ago
Pretty dope he got the cream yeezys and dropped eddie's "i got some ice creaaam"joke with the I got some yeeeeeezzyysss
FranK 2 months ago
Chris used to be funny.
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall 2 months ago
If he waited til 2019 he could of got those shoes for $1000 lol nmd are retail or little above and the trip whites are $260 only the black/red 350 would actually cost a lot.
jackie nioh
jackie nioh 2 months ago
how he fk is that cream white 700
MaynardOwns 2 months ago
This mother fucker hasn't ages a day. This should be motivation for people, hey mother fuckers. Don't do drugs. Show 35 year old crack head, side by side with 40-50 year old chris rock.
Michael Pate
Michael Pate 2 months ago
yeezys look like neezies...not for me...
PEGASUS MASTER 2 months ago
No yeezy for me
LazyGibbon 2 months ago
Yeah I was about to buy Yeezy's but 700 bucks? hell nah
Boris Ch
Boris Ch 2 months ago
"Who are you if you don't have yeezys?" - A person with a taste
Muy Muy
Muy Muy 2 months ago
I dont have money for yeezys
Mike R
Mike R 2 months ago
Chris trying to say he a size 10 1/2 when he gets to check out the box says size 8 😂😂😂😂
Dylan Bulzomi
Dylan Bulzomi 2 months ago
Cris Rock: GOT GOT GOT GOT Me: is he flexing or rapping
valentino00o 2 months ago
2:50 Yeezy Yeezy??? The worst shoe ever designed [ Boost ] . It looks ugly . If I got it for free I won't wear it. The red October & other designs are good looking but the Yeezys Boost looks like crap
dennis_futbol 2 months ago
FUCK YOU whats wrong with ihop
Arthur Leon
Arthur Leon 3 months ago
Who’s watching this in 2019 and thinking y tf the prices are so high
jayjayart1 3 months ago
Man swear some of these guys dont freaking age lol
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 3 months ago
Anyone know the song at 8:56?
Theron Wright
Theron Wright 3 months ago
No way Jordan bigger than Michael jackson
AnglerBoyLA 3 months ago
Paid $699 for creams😱
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
Love how he thought of his kids
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
Chris Rock looks better than ever
Frank Brenner
Frank Brenner 3 months ago
Black dudes are the only one who can wear earrings in their 50s and not look mad corny.
ayyee_elijah 3 months ago
9:25 terry crews popped into his mind when he heard that price💀
jah udi
jah udi 3 months ago
375 for NMDs...Really ?
Ayleen 3 months ago
When Chris speaks I always think of Marty the zebra from Madagascar 😂
Joshua's music
Joshua's music 3 months ago
I think Chris brags a lot 😂😂😂
Eli Fowler
Eli Fowler 3 months ago
is that donkey from madagascar
fabian jara
fabian jara 3 months ago
you can get the cream yeezys for 250 at sotckx
Gianne Gutierrez
Gianne Gutierrez 3 months ago
Budendy L
Budendy L 3 months ago
He is worth 100million 😂 and he is surprised at the price
Matt A
Matt A 3 months ago
minerxd 2007
minerxd 2007 3 months ago
Chris rock=my favorite comedian Me:I'm glad I have yeezys
minerxd 2007
minerxd 2007 25 days ago
@Jason Avila = go fuck yourself
Jason Avila
Jason Avila Month ago
Zero likes= no one cares
Al Mate
Al Mate 4 months ago
"no stone has been unturned" um yea
James Young
James Young 4 months ago
I dont find him funny at all
Riot 57
Riot 57 4 months ago
Yo his voice does not fit his body😂
natj21 4 months ago
Looking like a Black Steve-O
Stelx 4 months ago
Wow you can tell he loves Jordan’s
Spice 0o0
Spice 0o0 4 months ago
That slap he did reminded me of the movie head of state when he smacked that dude at the party lol 🤣🤣 weak af
Kovu 4 months ago
Owen Carter
Owen Carter 4 months ago
Put kids on
iFoamPosites 4 months ago
2:03 Marty
1:39 and they look good wirh all black
See what he’s feeling what he’s not Lmao
David Perez
David Perez 4 months ago
Im broke asf, but even if i had a ton of money i wouldn't buy yeezys, they just don't appeal to me, i prefer airmax...
jojo siwa is kinda cute tbh
"whats better than a yeezy?" literally a croc filled with baked beans and feces is better than a yeezy
Mitchell Liechty
Mitchell Liechty 4 months ago
I have the white adidas nmd and they were like 120
Sounds like beetle juice
fiercedragon 4 months ago
700 for creams BRO
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