Chris Rock Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Chris Rock and Joe La Puma go Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talk about the time Michael Jordan was on SNL, why Yeezys are a must-cop, and the history of Lil' Penny.
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Episode 17
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May 15, 2017




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Comments 3 921
BJ Gardner
BJ Gardner Day ago
Imma jus say this. Jordan was NEVER more famous than Mijac. 💯💯
LEGO! MAN! 2 days ago
Dumb question, what’s the blue and white Jordan behind Chris Rock at 5:14, the one above the red but under the all white.
t dotss
t dotss 4 days ago
“i’m a lil too old for the zebras”
Zac Matadigo
Zac Matadigo 13 days ago
sound guy
Andrew M.
Andrew M. 19 days ago
1:11 - A broke ass bitch
Neon Z PS4
Neon Z PS4 19 days ago
Should bleep some bad words
Lorenzo Gutierrez
I like how those yeezys cost No where near those prices anymore 😂
Kcballer Killin
Kcballer Killin 21 day ago
Y does no one ever buy Jordan 1 gatorades they r fire 🔥
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris 21 day ago
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris 21 day ago
he’s so funny
Ninjaboy 57
Ninjaboy 57 25 days ago
abra kadabra
abra kadabra 27 days ago
The good lord thing was so cringe
mena seven
mena seven 27 days ago
Chris Rock is very funny in this video.
Trav-Cerberus 29 days ago
All these vids and the goat still don't fuck with you hahahaha. All bout Jordan's but your sponsored by Adidas deadbrain joe
S C 29 days ago
I work at ihop...
1fes Month ago
I can't stand that shit. Let the man be normal. Never I see a loser I don't call you fans but losers who have nothing better to do than attack a person who was great at basketball or anything of that matter. Fuck sake people I'm talking to you. Grow the fuck up stop worshiping falae idols.
Devino Vevo
Devino Vevo Month ago
What if you can’t afford yeezys
vMiixer Month ago
dark clouds
dark clouds Month ago
Fuck Kanye everybody down with him
Kurt GoBang
Kurt GoBang Month ago
Yeezys are so trash 😂😂
matt murdock
matt murdock Month ago
LOL, Rock and I are the same age and I, too remember asking my mom for my first pair of blue suede PUMAs and it was like I was asking for a brand new car.
Gabe Sarria
Gabe Sarria Month ago
yeezys look like water shoes made of yarn lol
Meião Month ago
Everybody Hates Chris
Eric Bravo
Eric Bravo Month ago
Hold up....so I get on the show and I'm the one that gotta pay? Gtfoh....
Epic Plays
Epic Plays Month ago
This is how meny times Chris said yiesy
j ray
j ray Month ago
When i hear him talk i think of the blame game outro. Idk if i’m tho only one but that was a classic.
christian esteban
Este negro de mierda tiene la boca chueca
Tom Flynn
Tom Flynn Month ago
Yeezy shoes are so damn ugly. I don't get it.
John Rayez
John Rayez Month ago
Yeezy are the ugliest sneakers I’ve ever seen and u want 350 plus?? Not a fucking chance hahaha
Captain 1
Captain 1 Month ago
Imagine smoking a blunt with Farley, Rock, Sandler, and Spade.
LO 41
LO 41 Month ago
Chris rock: who are you if you don’t have yeezy Me: Hi I’m broke
Des Cantu
Des Cantu Month ago
take a drink every time he says "Yeezy or Yeezys"
wutru_voor_goud Month ago
how are the triple white Yeezy's $699,-???????
Kingsley Jackson
Kingsley Jackson 2 months ago
$ 30 dollars sneakers 👟
i seatownpits !
i seatownpits ! 2 months ago
Is he the zebra from Madagascar
Munch Kin
Munch Kin 2 months ago
Isaac Melgar
Isaac Melgar 2 months ago
Yeezys are overrated unfortunately I was stupid enough to buy some
Chris Rock had the best reaction to the total amount I I've seen in any episode of sneaker shopping
Jorge Felix
Jorge Felix 2 months ago
This bitch ain't funny.
marco baker
marco baker 2 months ago
I can hear his daddy now AKA Terry crews. $30 ⁉️⁉️⁉️ do you know where I can do with $30 ⁉️⁉️ u need a job‼️‼️😂😂😂
Theis Erben
Theis Erben 2 months ago
Need Adam Sandler on this
Avery Gordon
Avery Gordon 2 months ago
I don't know why im watching this video and his voice got me seeing Marty the zebra!
Hayes 2 months ago
Think this is the worst one I have ever watched 😂
alwong604 2 months ago
Came for the "Good Looord!" was not disappointed.
Mjeppe 2 months ago
Ive allways wondered why the sneakers are in plastic? 🤔
AFjuan 2 months ago
It’s a resell shop.. they have to keep the shoes deadstock until purchase. Not worn/tried on
Kycurtis Laws
Kycurtis Laws 2 months ago
Yeezy are the most ugliest shoes in the world TRASH!!!! 👎👎🗑️
Adrian Marq
Adrian Marq 2 months ago
Pretty much a commercial for yeezys
Michaels Mad
Michaels Mad 2 months ago
Idc what anyone says. Yeezys look like dryer lint.
Incentric Month ago
Michaels Mad tf is up with your eyes homie
Yudhvir Sirkissoon
Yudhvir Sirkissoon 2 months ago
Give me some sneakers pls
ahmad sobh
ahmad sobh 2 months ago
$900 for a pair of shoes is ridiculous and they're not even that nice
Kanarazu 2 months ago
take a shot everytime he says yeezys
Matthew Møller-Madsen
Hate yeezys
Tinashe Nyatsine
Tinashe Nyatsine 2 months ago
we have accepted that you're funny you don't have to prove yourself
juan estrada
juan estrada 2 months ago
Shut up before I slit your throat and watch the dust come out
James Lugo
James Lugo 2 months ago
Damn. He paid $700 for a pair of Cream Yeezy’s 😪
Jose Escobar
Jose Escobar 2 months ago
Is this a yeezy commercial?
Musa Ireno
Musa Ireno 2 months ago
finally someone in their right mind in the episode of complex sneaker shopping. adidas, yeezy, /// life #antiswooshswooshclub
joelybgood 2 months ago
"Who are you if you don't have Yeezys?" - Someone with taste
Rick Cross
Rick Cross 2 months ago
Chris Rock was Promoting YEEZY like Crazy!! Kanye better put Chris on the payroll 4real
Taylor Doleman
Taylor Doleman 2 months ago
“Your baby is having my baby. Oohhhhhh BABY” I beg you get that line
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