Chris Paul could join LeBron on the Lakers if he allows OKC to buy him out - Stephen A. | PTI

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Stephen A. Smith breaks down Chris Paul's options after being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Russell Westbrook, and if a buyout is in the making that could lead to joining LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers.
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Published on


Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 4 138
A Cat
A Cat 2 months ago
SAS smokin again
Renzo Ian Palicte
Renzo Ian Palicte 2 months ago
Cp3 should consider playing a East Contender
AmirKingW 4 months ago
I want cp3 to get a ring so bad he’ll probably be a top 5 pg
Barry the bee
Barry the bee 4 months ago
I swear Stephen A does a lot of talking without proving much
Libertad Rodriguez
Libertad Rodriguez 4 months ago
Deuteronomy 6:4
Deuteronomy 6:4 4 months ago
Pay ATTENTION !! I'm only going to soak you for a little while.
Deuteronomy 6:4
Deuteronomy 6:4 4 months ago
The lakers will win this year with what they have. There on the way to break ALL THE RECORDS IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA. In Two years, if everything going as planned, The Lakers will win the next 10-12 years of Championships. raleigh Simmons Coached by Fred Tex Winters.
Deuteronomy 6:4
Deuteronomy 6:4 4 months ago
Chris if you can go to Lakers. Learn to say i apologies and really mean it. You'll win 7 Championships. If your PRIDE gets in the way you'll never make it.
immasoxfanbaby 4 months ago
Breaking news jesus christ will join the lakers and play point guard and play for free
Barry the bee
Barry the bee 4 months ago
Lioness’s Fitness
Lioness’s Fitness 4 months ago
He said Hell no, was funny asf how he said it
The Ultimate Rage
The Ultimate Rage 4 months ago
With CP3 as the number one option, I think he's gonna ball out in OKC.
Joseph Macias
Joseph Macias 4 months ago
Cp3 woulda been a champ had the NBA not vetoed the trade back in the day....they didn't want Kobe winning more rings than Jordan tho ....
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas 4 months ago
CP3 is too old with an attitude! Lakers need more players under 30 years old.
Michael Matthews
Michael Matthews 4 months ago
As a die hard Laker fan only thing that would piss me off about this going down I'd that how to they gone I et this slide n cp3 wasn't granted to play with Kobe while he was on the Lakers smh but hey it would be nice shout out the ppl who tryna change the game up
real isrealite
real isrealite 4 months ago
Rondo and Paul need at least two states between them
safrebiz 4 months ago
CP3 should try everything possible to join the Lakers or he may as well forget about winning any NBA championship.
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
Might as well including saving his career. Highest chance of winning a finals after screwing up year after year in HOU
Deb Harlow
Deb Harlow 4 months ago
All this over analysis over every little thing. And all their so called sources they get their facts from. And not 1 of them had a clue about the Paul George trade. Made all these NBA EXPERTS that think they know it all look like a bunch of RH’s......
Deb Harlow
Deb Harlow 4 months ago
Glorified tabloid reporters!
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
Over abuse of label and word "experts" and "anaylyst". Far from it
Debbie Lyons
Debbie Lyons 4 months ago
You guys are ignorant big mouths who don't know a damn thing about Oklahoma! "They got nothing".....shut up. They have a great organization and great fans and a special place to live. A place where these players are not mobbed and disrespected while they try and live a life off the basketball court. They have one of the best quality of life places to live and make a home for their families. If you have never lived here then shut up! YOU DO NOT HAVE A CLUE! The only thing that was said that is true at all is when Steven A. said George did not leave OKC as much as he just went home. He is a young man who thinks he would be happier in California where he was from. I seriously doubt that he will be.....I know too many people who know they would be better off out of California and the direction it is headed. BUT it was his decision and even if he has regrets, I doubt we will ever hear it. Your doin' fine Oklahoma! OklaHOMA O K!!!!!!!
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
I agree with you. I'm one of the ignorant that trashed OKC when I haven't even stepped in that state. I'm wrong. And yes, PG decision is more ofhim wanting to fulfill his middle school dream and play in California for numerous reasons and not really on leaving the okc
patrick baker
patrick baker 4 months ago
stephen smith got one of the little noticed espys- the one of loudmouthed emoter first class. dresses well, has a fine barber, and is the head of the class in opinionated high-volume commenters with the least content
Max Harper
Max Harper 4 months ago
They also had James harden
Adrian Eicholtz
Adrian Eicholtz 4 months ago
Why does the media continue to push that every player wants to play for the lakers
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
It's for a greater cause including cmarketing and clout. You never hear they talk about players wanting to join Nuggets or t wolvea
Anthony Wimberly
Anthony Wimberly 4 months ago
Stephen a, I know a team with a world level talent and no chips...my... Cleveland Indians of the 90s
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
CLE...yup. people forget who the Indians were before they basically went into rebuild mode
J B 4 months ago
OKC's demise started when they left Seattle! All those great players and nothing to show for it! SMH!
Darius Sims
Darius Sims 4 months ago
Stephen a signed the contract. I don't feel sorry for him and his millions. 😂
ijokesolo 4 months ago
00:29 What? Send him to Toronto. I'll take a CP3 any day. idk what he's talking about.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 4 months ago
I'm from Oklahoma and I honestly think gathering draft picks and trying to draft a great team is the best route. They drafted 3 mvps consecutively, first time ever and nobody had ever even done back to back, plus all the other great players they talked about them bringing in. I'm sure their scouting department hasn't fallen apart as much as the championship hopes. When you draft players, especially in a small market, you stand a much better chance of hanging on to them. Not to mention you will be paying a smaller contract then you might if they are free agents coming in. If they are worth the money at free agency and you think you can win, you try to pay them to stay. I think that is the only chance of ever winning that a small market team has. So far Sam Presti has done an excellent job in a small market, in which the team is new to the area also. He kept them winning and relevant and they came very close to winning it all but only one team can win a ring and it just never came together. I'm glad these guys are TV host and not the GM for the Thunder. Keep up the great work Sam Presti and hopefully these next 6 or 7 draft years can be half as successful as previously.
S.H Genin Media
S.H Genin Media 4 months ago
the biggest flipping back and forth big mouth sports commentator man why so much hate ? and why r u always yelling ?
Anthony Keith
Anthony Keith 4 months ago
If they couldn't win a ring when they had kd westbrook and james on the same team they not going win.
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
Yeah they're not. And they had Serge ibaka and Perkins. There's a reason why this team went to the semi finals during that time
Ace High
Ace High 4 months ago
Stephen A Smith is Mr. ESPN now. That man works his ass off. Much respect.
tiniko cannaday
tiniko cannaday 4 months ago
allydea 4 months ago
OKC is not paying paul 100 mil to go away. Is SAS mad? They didn't buyout Melo's last year for 27 mil (or whatever it was), they sure as hell are not buying out CP3. They're better off keeping him for 2 seasons to see if a possible trade can appear. They don't owe CP3 jack shit.
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
Exactly. Hell no they are buying cp3. They already got like 10 first round picks so theyre going to use Cp3 knowledge and experience to pour onto the next gen of players
static axel
static axel 5 months ago
He should join the clippers
Eric Gutierrez
Eric Gutierrez 5 months ago
Why would he want that? Rajon Rondo is with the Lakers... lol... Oh Smitty...
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
Yeah you're right. Would be very awk if them 2 were on same teams but they would probably trade Rondo away
PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz 5 months ago
Would be bad ass if lakers pick him up
Mark Roath
Mark Roath 5 months ago
OKC has a nack for spotting good, young talent. The problem is keeping that talent in a small market.
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
Both. Losing and acquiring. They had like 15 1st round picks (high level picks) in the past several years and haven't amount to anything
Marcus Tristan
Marcus Tristan 4 months ago
A nack for losing talent
Jim Ewart
Jim Ewart 5 months ago
The lakers don’t want that garbage as a teammate.
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
Better overall player than Rondo and they have no other point guard besides rondo
Tony 5 months ago
Rondo and cp3 on the same team? 😅
KingWayne714 5 months ago
Why the EEEEFFFFF wud he go to LA with RONDO who just spit on him and decked him less than 365 days ago
Sam Torres
Sam Torres 5 months ago
3:42 Derek jeter had Cristian Yelich marcell ozuna Giancarlo Stanton jt realmuto and dee Gordon and didn't make it to the even the playoffs
Nx Lxve 6x
Nx Lxve 6x 4 months ago
Yup. A very strong roster
Yu Dz
Yu Dz 5 months ago
Lol paul and rondo that would be a sight to see lmao
Chief Zion
Chief Zion 5 months ago
Lakers get Chris Paul please and get rid of Rondo.
Abel Ruiz
Abel Ruiz 5 months ago
CP3,,a piece of shit and very irritating old player,,,not worth 50M for 4 years
N Helton
N Helton 5 months ago
this fool talkin bout "settling" at $110 mil lol
couchpoet1 5 months ago
He is a locker room cancer
Michael Julien
Michael Julien 5 months ago
What does the La Lakers want to be the banana boat of the NBA? Get CP3 on the Lakers and they won't get to the finals ever with that crew!
George H
George H 5 months ago
CP3 is a treadless tire with a weak inner tube. He's a dirty player -- not a good look for the president of the players' union. Is injury prone. And, his game has declined. He's no longer an elite point guard. The Lakers don't need him. He'd do much more harm than good.
Keith Littlejohn
Keith Littlejohn 5 months ago
He needs to go to new York ✌
Cory Booker
Cory Booker 5 months ago
Steven is actually blaming Sam Presti for ANYTHING? What?!
OctopusMimesis 5 months ago
He loud.
Sam L
Sam L 5 months ago
Huge buyout? at....... $159,730,592 over 4 years.... I dont think so. He will turn OKC around and prove to the world why he is regarded as a top point guard. He is my most hated player in the NBA and I look forward to the OKC vs Houston battle.
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 5 months ago
Its nice that friends have a greater chance to play together on the same team; however would we call Jordan the GOAT if he were on a “super team “?
Mike McGrath
Mike McGrath 5 months ago
Unfair about OKC and championship. They get to finals, harden left, then they had gsw on ropes 3 to 1 and durrant pussed out. Now left w Westbrook who noone wants to play w what r they supposed to do?
allydea 4 months ago
it's spelled *pussied out
REALMMA 5 months ago
Buy out dudes still s top player in the NBA wtf lol
Rattlebbones 66
Rattlebbones 66 5 months ago
Before I play the video, are you fucking stupid
Nexx Level
Nexx Level 5 months ago
Tony Ts Lawn service & Landscaping L.L.C &B
Hell no!!!!!! excuse my language OMG he said it so calmly LOL 😆
TheManChise 5 months ago
Cp3 going back to rockets at lower pay..
John Ta
John Ta 5 months ago
If I’m Chris Paul I’m milking this contract til the end. Why buyout?
Joey Snow1
Joey Snow1 5 months ago
to win a ring. as long as he was living smart with all of that ash, he can afford it.
chris p. bacon
chris p. bacon 5 months ago
Henshouldngo to the lakers thatbway laker fans can quit crying about how he should of gone a long time ago.
D B 5 months ago
i rather have rondo
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