Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit

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In episode four of 'Making Perfect,' Andy and Chris (and substitute chef Molly) search high and low in New York City for the perfect pizza toppings. Is less more when adding toppings to a pizza? Are there any toppings everybody can agree on?
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Chris and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Toppings | Making Perfect: Episode 4 | Bon Appétit

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Comments 100
DrMikeTTx 8 minutes ago
What temps for top and bottom do you use on your Pizzaiolo? I use mine on "wood fired" setting and it works extremely well but yours looked like they came out with more color.....
ThePeacemaker 35 minutes ago
Where is the pizza video due today??????
Wedge Oli
Wedge Oli 38 minutes ago
So the question left for me in this episode is WHO WROTE “NO MUSHROOMS” 1. Molly was nodding about the idea of mushrooms 2. Clare was also enthusiastic 3. Can’t be Chris or Andy 4. They recognized brads writing Therefore..... CARLA!
slabbydo 2 hours ago
"glistening.....nude anchovy" alright my guy 👀👀
ThisMidgetSings 2 hours ago
As a Brit, ...pie?
Max 2 hours ago
Is there gonna be an ep when they round it all up??
Elizabeth Lok
Elizabeth Lok 2 hours ago
Everyone thatS too scared to admit to love: Chris: PINEAPPLE as a topping
Justin Li
Justin Li 2 hours ago
ooof this was recorded a quarter of a year ago
Jordan Yucannaka
Jordan Yucannaka 3 hours ago
Been over a week seems like it's time to release the final video?
Andrea Zamora
Andrea Zamora 3 hours ago
What pizza oven are they using?
actionturnips 4 hours ago
molly a sav
BettyMakaBoop 4 hours ago
Andy seems to be so full of himself, I would have a hard time working with him.
sarah sinovich
sarah sinovich 4 hours ago
love how savage molly is to the big boss
Greg Hirtzel
Greg Hirtzel 5 hours ago
I think the real heroes of this show are the kitchen workers making all that pizza dough for the million test pies they're making. Claire created the recipe but I doubt she's slaving away making more dough for the future testing. That's a lot of dough!
Tye Bennett
Tye Bennett 5 hours ago
Is the last episode coming out today?
Ryan James McInnis (RMatic Design)
.."This kinda like, kinda still like glistening, y'know, kinda like nude anchovy"... I'm dead LOL
Fancy panda0
Fancy panda0 6 hours ago
You have not felt February chill until you have gone to northern Ontario.
SouthernBassHunter 6 hours ago
Tear the sliced mortadella in thirds... Will look better spaced out and eats better per bite
TheAuMiner 7 hours ago
Mushrooms are pizza should be treated as a war crime. There is no other option.
Mr. Kat
Mr. Kat 7 hours ago
Crystpod Applegate
Crystpod Applegate 8 hours ago
is anyone else annoyed because they keep calling the pizza a pie? No just me?? OK
Jesse 4 hours ago
annoys me too, I honestly done understand why 'pie' is used at all to describe a pizza?
nocctea 8 hours ago
Of course Chris would like pineapple on his pizza lol
NiNi Jendeukie
NiNi Jendeukie 8 hours ago
Molly - Phoebe Chris - Ross Carla - Monica Andy - Chandler Brad - Joey Claire - Rachel C.H.E.F.S. - F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Tiago Serrenho
Tiago Serrenho 9 hours ago
No prosciutto crudo??? Rucola? What are you guys doing??? :) Great series!
Meeble 9 hours ago
just sitting here waiting for the next episode xD
María Weinberg
María Weinberg 9 hours ago
BA, I loved this series! Please do another with different foods. :)
Gia Medina
Gia Medina 9 hours ago
Omg I love this series 💜 I will think of Andy as “dirty chantrelle” forevermore 😂 My one pet peeve with this video is seeing them cut the pizzas on the peels sometimes; it ruins the smoothness of the wood and will make them harder to use over time. Everything they’re making looks awesome and they have super cool jobs at BA 😊
Joel Varghese
Joel Varghese 12 hours ago
Priya in the video for 1 minute and still finds a a way to mention her parents
Judah Wilkin
Judah Wilkin 16 hours ago
Pineapple belongs on pizza
C Pretzel
C Pretzel 16 hours ago
22:59 get you some who looks at you like molly looks talking about pizza.
C Pretzel
C Pretzel 16 hours ago
Molly fighting with her boss
Kyder 16 hours ago
Pretty sure I’m in love with Andy. 😂 That smile kills me. 😍😍😍
C Pretzel
C Pretzel 16 hours ago
Chris Morocco’s posture is truly unreal
Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC
All hail the wooden paddle and chris!
Charlie Westfort
Charlie Westfort 18 hours ago
35:07 "... that was dough... episode.." *claire's face* lol!
hen ko
hen ko 20 hours ago
Why cooking two whole pizza to compare why not half and half pizza less waste...
J P 22 hours ago
ugh...dream job
Quincy Dugar
Quincy Dugar 23 hours ago
Shady Andy
Danny Park
Danny Park Day ago
It took them a month to try the wooden scoop thing?
How did they decide on the type of parmesan? And olive oil!
Boogieman Day ago
Molly has attitude, not the bad kind.
Alexis D
Alexis D Day ago
Molly and the Boss Interaction makes this video!
K T Day ago
i love that BA is finding its individual appeal more and more: they are the friends of food channels! This 'formula' works we love it!
Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis Day ago
I already had a crush on Andy and this just made it 2, 3, maybe even 4 times stronger.
Richard Royster
For God's sake someone show these people how to work with dough.
Morris Köchle
8:14 here’s a hack make the pizza on the thingy you put it in the oven with.
Morris Köchle
No offence to that sausage guy but speck just means bacon in german.
macabre2007 Day ago
wow so many pineapple pizza haters on Bon Appetit - all us hawaiian pizza lovers are feeling rather judged by the disdain for pineapple.- ok ny all of us I mean me lol
li3nke n
li3nke n Day ago
i feel like i gained weight watching this series😂
Ellie Turner
Ellie Turner Day ago
no one: brad: WhAtRe YoU gOoBeRs DoIn?
victor why not
Why don't they ever put the dough on the thing before they put stuff on it?
HT Day ago
they forgot about the prosciutto and the sweet sausage
tatt oo sticker
andys reaction when brad says he liked the speck lmaoooo
michelle huizen
"im nervous for you" "im nervous for myself... every day of my life" damn i really felt that
The True Terror
Make this show never stop pls
ines oueslati
Why cooking two whole pizza to compare why not half and half pizza less waste...
bloodysavage Day ago
I seriously love this series... make more, I need more!
eleanor aisyah
Molly is such a b*tch 🙄
kayizcray Day ago
I love that everyone was so offended over pineapple but uncooked anchovies goes almost unquestioned as a serious topping option
Salobrena Smith
Flour the table and the paddle a wee bit
J P Day ago
I don't get this series. You've decided to start with "make perfect" pizza? So a subject you can't possibly tackle? Cool. There is a reason there are tons of topping options, tons of dough choices, tons of different local vendors. Is the intent to make an actual perfect pizza? There isn't such a thing. If the purpose is to ambiguously determine the "perfect pizza" within the small sample size of the kitchen sure I guess. Pizza is to broad and well established of a subject to just dive in and make it perfect.
panggop jio
panggop jio Day ago
Finally assembling on peel! Watching you guys struggle to get it on the peel this whole series is driving me bonkers!
GSL GSL Day ago
Guys i'm in love with how in every video with priya she always talks about her dad it's so cute and adorable
Meandrous Phoenix
Priya appears and suddenly starts talking bout her family hahaha I love it
Izzy Long
Izzy Long Day ago
Red onions on a pizza is in the same communist category as pineapple on pizza. WHITE onions are the only onion that should be on a pizza.
Jonathan Kirk
I always want to die a little less after a BA video.
Amelia Bazler
31:33 is my favorite part😂 I can’t with Andy he’s amazing
Peter Padilla
Just here for the pizza peel fails. 😂
Erin Wozniak
Erin Wozniak Day ago
Pineapple pizza is great
Jake Domanski
knowing that this was filmed in february and just now released...must of took a hell of a lot of editing and i love it
chan0 Day ago
35:15 HOW. DARE. YOU.
Leif Estrada
Leif Estrada Day ago
my boyfriend: I'm sure Andy "called out" because he doesn't want to eat any more carbs
Lionheart18 2 days ago
andys reaction when brad says he liked the speck lmaoooo
William Hoang
William Hoang 2 days ago
This was such a great series! They should do more team based videos.
Dan Razzaia
Dan Razzaia 2 days ago
I'm all about Speck & a soft cooked egg on a pie. It's like a killer breakfast pizza.
Anuradha Naik
Anuradha Naik 2 days ago
can i see more diversity, so that we can pretend that opportunities can exist for poc
NYRangers221 2 days ago
Mortadella mountains... aka wavage
Minimojojoy 2 days ago
I vote for speck!
nora bf
nora bf 2 days ago
"that's my stripper name... dirty chanterelle"
Damonkeyboy 2 days ago
I know that this was filmed weeks ago, and I love the series so far, and y'all are doing a great job, ...but I don't think this is turning out to be the perfect pizza. For this episode, I don't think enough toppings were tired, at least on screen, for me to be convinced (especially on veggie, which seemed to be equated with just mushrooms). Speck was mentioned so many times, I'm kinda confused because I didn't find out what it was, and that nobody tried it on pizza in this episode's content. Moreover, we have a meat, veggie, and anchovies options, but we don't have a mixed, "supreme" pie option, as it were. Lastly, I don't think the testing of toppings took into account how well they might work with other toppings (i.e. would Maitake work better with Mortadella than Chanterelle?). More generally, it kinda feels like every component has been engineered to be balanced in itself. I'm not complaining about that so much, but my favorite pizzas are where the imbalances of the sauce, cheese, crust, and toppings balance each other out. You wouldn't necessarily enjoy eating just one part, but the whole is so interesting! I don't think I'm seeing that here. In any case, thanks for all the info and education you've brought in these videos. I eagerly await the final episode!
Tier Zen
Tier Zen 2 days ago
I just love how fearless Molly is. The way she speaks with confidence is inspiring. It feels so honest and not like she is hiding anything.
TechMetalRules 2 days ago
Finally assembling on peel! Watching you guys struggle to get it on the peel this whole series is driving me bonkers!
Prasanah Manoharan
This is my quiet little corner amidst the falling debris of yt's collapse
SeoL498 2 days ago
What kind of oven is that?
A.Y. Kenn
A.Y. Kenn 2 days ago
Drinking game: every time they say mortadella 🥴
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 2 days ago
molly goddamn u annoying af
Azleena Ali
Azleena Ali 2 days ago
Am I the only one who likes pineapple on pizza?
Muthoni H
Muthoni H 2 days ago
Well done!
Look at these guys. holy cash
LoveBear PlaysGames
Gennady Seliutin
Gennady Seliutin 2 days ago
These two guys should have a detective show!
Gennady Seliutin
Gennady Seliutin 2 days ago
I will make and donate the wooden spatulas if you post a video of one of you spanking Brard with it.
Kalvin ly
Kalvin ly 2 days ago
18:47 **menacing** DELANY!!
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 2 days ago
The guy in blue is handsome.
nick minard
nick minard 2 days ago
Next can they make the perfect taco?
Wyatt Isrite
Wyatt Isrite 2 days ago
Can I just say how much I hate how Chris pronounces anchovies
Kei Otani
Kei Otani 2 days ago
the guy in the sausage store, is GENIUS (with matching italian hands)
Lucas Commerford
Lucas Commerford 2 days ago
Bomba Calabrese all day long!
Ester H.
Ester H. 2 days ago
I love every minute of the series. Thanks for the top quality content, Bon Appétit!
Steven Pawluch
Steven Pawluch 2 days ago
"I dont want fruit on my pizza"....Tomatoes are a fruit
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