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Get ready, mortals. Our girl's gone full witch. Join Sabrina as she navigates the Path of Night while holding on tight to her friends who walk the Path of Light.
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

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Comments 100
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Month ago
Good show ..but the whole girl using boy's washroom and playing in boys sports is rediculous !
Ezequiel Abuin
Ezequiel Abuin Month ago
Cringedale has left the chat
StaRy gou
StaRy gou Month ago
I want season 3 pls 🤭
The Skam Family
The Skam Family Month ago
ok but wtf is going on between Harry and Sabrina’s best friend
sun shine
sun shine Month ago
I loved it 😍
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz Month ago
Get rid of Theo next season, please..
Luke Calisto
Luke Calisto Month ago
Aff Netflix, já terminei, manda mais!!!
T̴h̴i̴c̴k̴y̴ ̴N̴i̴k̴k̴i̴ ̴1̴0̴1̴ 1
Loved season two can’t wait for season three
Biancamaria Valenti
Harvey has left the building and the chat and got replaced by more handsome and attractive Nick for an unlimited period of time.
akash roopsing
akash roopsing Month ago
i adore the season 2 cant wait for more chilling adventures in season 3 ....one of the best series ive ever watched
Todos Loucos por séries
Vai ter parte 3? Dela indo no inferno?
tuxedomark Month ago
Why did Netflix remove this teaser trailer? Please put it back up!
Meli Kang
Meli Kang Month ago
Everyone is ready?? I'm ready for you Nick😍😍
beschtle Month ago
Navi Circe Morales
What’s the name of the song? Gosh it’s right on point
nick and sabrinaaaaaaaaaa omgomg omg omg omg omg
universe star
universe star Month ago
XWierdoWX Month ago
nick is a bad person because he told sabrina to chat soo i want her to be with him at the begining but then break up and get back with harvey
Tasia Creech
Tasia Creech Month ago
4 more days guys!
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Month ago
1 week left guys
60sto80s2 Month ago
can't wait
Serendipity Month ago
Perla Galan
Perla Galan 2 months ago
0:11 this dude said hmmmmm
Leon Solace
Leon Solace 2 months ago
Liz Month ago
Leon Solace cherry bomb Joan Jett
JinHit 2 months ago
Am I the only one who ships Sabrina and the dark lord? None? Ok I will go home.
J.M.J.S Campos
J.M.J.S Campos 2 months ago
this kind of stimulus subverts the values ​​of many young people and unfortunately some of these become murderous shooters in schools.
widxwromanoff 2 months ago
0:33 finally
Alex Bentsman
Alex Bentsman 2 months ago
More Salem in this season! Please!
Commanduf 2 months ago
1st Season was a real suprise winner 4 me despite the cringy sos-jus forced into the first half, hoping season 2 will be ever better.
Ben Parkin
Ben Parkin 2 months ago
Omg I am Living for nick and Sabrina 😍
Johnny mistotaklakis
Am I the only one who wants more Luke and Ambrose? I love them so much💕💕
Alberto Month ago
Madridista City
Madridista City 2 months ago
Follow me
Melissa Galdamez
Melissa Galdamez 2 months ago
I love this show with all my heart😭
Britanéy Small
Britanéy Small 2 months ago
sabrina is such a fucking queen. netflix ty
lauren 2 months ago
0:13 nick woah
Newbie Youtuber
Newbie Youtuber 2 months ago
The satan worship in this show is just a bit much for my taste. What’s ironic is that I’m an atheist. No judgement to anyone who enjoys the show. But it’s just not for me.
Crescentia Pie
Crescentia Pie 2 months ago
Crescentia Pie
Crescentia Pie 2 months ago
You bet when I saw Sabrina dancing with Nick I was screaming
B r a n d i
B r a n d i 2 months ago
Wait....was that Harvey and her best friend? OH GOODNESS... SOMEBODY BOUT TO DIE..
Reee Man
Reee Man 2 months ago
Yo netflix when’s stranger things part 3 coming out I don’t trust websites
Elysion Kim
Elysion Kim 2 months ago
Axilina Mae
Axilina Mae 2 months ago
Im so excited eek!
Allie Brusseau
Allie Brusseau 2 months ago
Netflix you bet make the black cat talk
BlueDozer89 2 months ago
Evil Kermit confirmed?
Kayc Xx
Kayc Xx 2 months ago
andre frazier
andre frazier 2 months ago
One more month🙌🏾
Grace Johansson Edits
Omg Harvey and Sabrina are so cute I hope they get back together eventually
AEKTA BHOJAK 2 months ago
I can't wait for season 2. Ugh April 5 approach us.
xoalessia 2 months ago
where is the trailer cause I need it
jellybean love
jellybean love 2 months ago
omg it's Nick and Sabrina : yess!! seeing Harvey with Rosalind : NOOOOOOO!!!! if we r ready for some saucy mix to Sabrina, may as well accept Harvey to move on with other girl why would he simply wait for her to dump Nick like a dumb person but we know the real deal: Harvey and Sabrina belong to each other, they will eventually get back together
Mariana N.
Mariana N. 2 months ago
But Roz is Sabrina's best friend
royale parks
royale parks 2 months ago
I’m ready for SPELLWOOD
Raising Princesses
Raising Princesses 2 months ago
Omg I wish it would hurry up and come on
freya fray
freya fray 2 months ago
Cant wait!
katanaslimey 2 months ago
Netflix plz I need more scenes of Sabrina and nick
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 2 months ago
What song is this ?
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 2 months ago
+Bored Panda Thanks 😊
Bored Panda
Bored Panda 2 months ago
The Runaways - Cherry Bomb
it's amy
it's amy 2 months ago
nick>harvey and that's all I have to say
Cbass 2 months ago
take notes stranger things
Lily Loves Games
Lily Loves Games 2 months ago
Alexa book April 5th 2019 as out of office
GuamoKun 2 months ago
Suspiria. The Neon Demon. The VVitch. The Love Witch. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The latter half of this decade has had so much quality witchy content
Pedro F.
Pedro F. 2 months ago
We are expecting a crossover with Riverdale asap!
Christian MacCready
Christian MacCready 2 months ago
They ruined Sabrina by making it dark.
TBILISI REPLAY 2 months ago
I was like when sabrina try controversy against devil, but now my rate is 10->4
TBILISI REPLAY 2 months ago
the Netflix works hard but Devil works harder, in the reality.
ahnya evans
ahnya evans 2 months ago
Holy shit why didn't I watch this sooner?😂
bee 2 months ago
Cherry Bomb was the perfect song. I'm so excited.
I will fight you in the comments
*I'm only hear for michelle gomez*
Farah Storm
Farah Storm 2 months ago
DROOOOOPPPPP( I cannot stress this enough) IT
Gin D
Gin D 2 months ago
Netflix is taking over my life with the gag of seasons of my fave shows coming within the same months 😭
jacky muffles
jacky muffles 2 months ago
A werewolf? Or just another bigbad wolf?
jacky muffles
jacky muffles 2 months ago
+WarGrowlmon18 might be Dr. Cerberus. In case yall didnt notice his eyes in the last episode of the previous season.
WarGrowlmon18 2 months ago
Better get out the silver in either case.
Elena bascapè
Elena bascapè 2 months ago
Still one month to go 😭
Yami Delacroix
Yami Delacroix 2 months ago
Can't wait. I was really surprised by how much I love this show; I thought it be an underdeveloped mess of an adaptation and then boom! Amazing.
Mariano Amador
Mariano Amador 2 months ago
Is it just me or the voice that whispers "Do it" to Sabrina is that of Nick?
Birke Mirell
Birke Mirell 2 months ago
0:13 yasss
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe 2 months ago
Loved the first season so excited!
*shimmer me timbers*
The only thing I'm looking forward to in April
aaron walker
aaron walker 2 months ago
So no one is talking about that intro of her changing in the mirror kinda identical to the original TV series intro ??? 👏👏
kayla b
kayla b 2 months ago
Where are my nabrina shippers at
Jessica Kess
Jessica Kess 2 months ago
5 de abril? Aaaa MDS vai demorar MT ;-;
Lord Shaggy
Lord Shaggy 2 months ago
Is Sabrina about to lose her valuables(if u know what I mean) based on that kiss, then laying on a bed....hmmmm, seems pretty scandalous..
Kate97421 2 months ago
I tried but didn’t like it. Couldn’t you produce the Fallen books from Lauren Kate as a TVserie ?
Kirsten McKinzie
Kirsten McKinzie 2 months ago
So excited for season 2!!
Salma Lemrich
Salma Lemrich 2 months ago
I m addicted to this show ❤ thanks netflix
Salma Lemrich
Salma Lemrich 2 months ago
I would like Sabrina to end up with Harvey 😍😍
ThatGuyThere 2 months ago
Nice series. Just hope it doesnt crash and burn like riverdale
II Emília II
II Emília II 2 months ago
Only one more month
jula nie
jula nie 2 months ago
Oooh 0:32 cuuuteeee😍😍
Corinna Franssen
Corinna Franssen 2 months ago
It comes out on my biryhday:3
Hibs X
Hibs X 2 months ago
I was like yass to Sabrina and nick but then saw roz and Harvey and was like bitch you belong to Sabrina such a fucking hypocrite 😂😂🤦‍♀️
KLIL The Love . Blink
Han N
Han N 2 months ago
Weronika Idk
Weronika Idk 2 months ago
Oh jeah Sabrina and Nick is real ❤🤤
Vittor Correia
Vittor Correia 2 months ago
Ta chegando 😍😍
my crush
my crush 2 months ago
0:32 *favourite moment*
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez 2 months ago
Priya Medico
Priya Medico 2 months ago
Whats the song?
WarGrowlmon18 2 months ago
Cherry Bomb.
sara campbell
sara campbell 2 months ago
I Love this Series! im hooked but lets hope you dont cancel anytime soon! is Lucifer still up for grabs?? i know FOX dropped the show and that was a great show! as well as The Witches of the east end!! shame they had too be canceled! Anything of my taste such as things like this always gets canceled it seems like!..which is why i dont watch much TV.
WarGrowlmon18 2 months ago
Lucifer actually got picked up by Netflix. A new season is gonna air there at some point. If your looking for a good monster show, try Supernatural. Most of its on Netflix aside from the currently airing season and its DEFINITLY not cancelled. Got renewed in fact already for another season.
Lucido Plays fortnite :0
I’m fucking pissed at how dumb Sabrina’s character is.
Nat GyG
Nat GyG 2 months ago
April can come fast enough. So.. Brina will be Zelda and Hilda's Cherry Bomb on season 2. Lol
Thomas J. Agustian
Thomas J. Agustian 2 months ago
add vampires world from mystic falls!!! cause i love fantasy and that would be amazinggg
Prottasha 2 months ago
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