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What Would You Do?
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A child with Tourette syndrome is being bullied at an ice cream shop. Will anyone stand up for the child? What would you do?
Original Air Date: 9/15/2017
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What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC.
What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.
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Feb 5, 2019

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Comments 11 022
Fidda DaBomb
Fidda DaBomb 11 hours ago
A new kid came in my class and she had Tourette’s syndrome and as soon as I realized it I immediately became her friend and she said I was the light that happened in her life. She ended up screaming for 5 minutes just screaming her head of and I screamed with her and I git in trouble for helping her but I was fine with that ❤️
Koopa Tube
Koopa Tube 12 hours ago
I have really bad tics, vocal tics, hand/body tics as well. But I support everyone and I don’t hate❤️
Mark Labonville
Mark Labonville 12 hours ago
I would’ve drop kicked those bullies
Sergio Moralez
Sergio Moralez 12 hours ago
Try Ramadhan
Try Ramadhan 13 hours ago
I had tourette, yeah i have bad experience like that
Damian Thompson
Damian Thompson 15 hours ago
Kid walks in to camarman
Katie Leone
Katie Leone 15 hours ago
my best friend ha,s syndrome her is Stephanie my name is Katie and i have epilepsy so know girl,s is feeling
Kaos The edgelord
Kaos The edgelord 15 hours ago
That first guy is better then almost everyone in this generation tbh
Martina Smith
Martina Smith 15 hours ago
Is that Vin Diesel?
Why Could We Music
Why Could We Music 16 hours ago
5:05 he ran into the camera whoops
Pugtato Grace
Pugtato Grace 17 hours ago
These peeps r so fricking nice
golsa g
golsa g 17 hours ago
“Were you born ignorant?” I WANNA BE HER FRIEND LMAO
Michaela Farnsworth
Michaela Farnsworth 17 hours ago
Am I the only one that saw the kid get hit with the camera...
oldhobo66 18 hours ago
5:05 the actor playing the bully gets shoved into the camera by the presenter lol
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 18 hours ago
Does the actor actually have tourettes though?
woodser100 19 hours ago
5:03 When the cameras come in the man on the left is just stood there like “oh shit.”
steve sunish
steve sunish 19 hours ago
Billie eilish we love you
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 20 hours ago
Me: Pets a Cat John: Hello Im Johnny (idk how to spell his last name) And this is WWYD Why did you pet the cat. Me: Umm wait a tv show OMG!!! Because I like cats Me: *Dies* *has funeral* John: Hello Im Johnny(idk how to spell his last name) Why did you die? Me: HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSE TO TELL U IM IN HEAVEN OR HELL -_-
Laze Mendoza
Laze Mendoza 21 hour ago
Vin Diesel restored humanity.
Google Profile
Google Profile 21 hour ago
In the last scene the boy actor legit got scared. You can tell when he said "okay," before they left hahaha.
Tony Hines
Tony Hines 22 hours ago
I have a friend with Tourette’s.
John homes
John homes 22 hours ago
I would do the same thing as everybody else defend the girl and Bully the bullies see how they like it Nobody's Perfect
Beast Day ago
4:56 hahhaha
night gaming54
5:05 the kid gets hit by a camera in the head xD
Kendall Hokes
The lady at 3:29 looks like Berry..explain yourselves
M Neuwirth
M Neuwirth Day ago
5:05 John moves the kid into the camera 😂
Feemailgamer Day ago
. We're you born ignorant. Damn she went hard lol
beuph ofc
beuph ofc Day ago
the bullies acting is so good *i hate it so much*
it's a dogs life
I miss the days when you were a kid and screwed up in public you got your ass whooped then and there and as the story went around everybody was whooping your ass by the time you got home mom was waiting for her turn and then waited in dread until dad got home, never did screw up again life lessons learnt in one day and nobody died. Oh the good old days.
Mayura Hiragashi
These kinds of videos always manage to restore my faith in humanity bit by bit. If only they have people like these guys everywhere. Unlike in vidoes like these, it's hard to find a good person who's willingly going to interject or stand up for someone. Most people would just stay out of it since it's not theur business.
xd Spiderz
xd Spiderz Day ago
My best friend has Tourette Syndrome and I help him with bullies all the time. Idc to get in trouble for fights, I’m very tall and strong for my age and when kids make fun of him. It gets me so irritated. One kid was mocking him and I punched him right in his face. I actually know his mom because she was a teacher in my elementary school and she was out of words when she found out.
Ruby Red
Ruby Red Day ago
Did anybody see the cameraman hit the kid in the head at 5:05
Talia Cruz
Talia Cruz Day ago
is it just me or did the other girl really make me mad like i’ve met girls like this ugh
Laila S
Laila S Day ago
5:05 he pushed him into the camera lmao
K.G.B. Day ago
This video really angers me. Also the ones with foster kids. My brother had tourettes and he knows what its like. Let's just say nobody likes to bully him when I'm near him.
emily Beesley
No bullies
Janellie Bowes
Bully:girl you need help Me:you need to die
Robert Taylor
I know someone with tht
alan walker 4 life
Go to 5:04 and look at the boy (actor)
Jamie Blare
Jamie Blare Day ago
My best friend has tourette syndrome, we've been friends since we were like.. 5. In school he was bullied all the time for it. I got into a fight for him multiple times because i got so angry about it. I do tease him about it all the time but it's because we're like brothers and he knows I joke, but all of this happens irl and speaking on his behalf, glad it has been addressed.
Mocha Kyn
Mocha Kyn Day ago
I actually would’ve smacked the kids like tf who does that i would even give her a free damn ice creams 🥺💕💕 Like that girl MMMM her weave would be snatched my now 😂😂
Steve O
Steve O Day ago
I have a motor tick and was always made fun of in highschool. never really had any friends. everyone made fun of me like they did this girl. something I had to cope with. I wish someone would have stuck up for me like this when I was younger. now i’m 32 and hate the world and everyone who comes my way. people=shit. my name is stephen villarreal and i went to del valle highschool in el paso tx. graduated in 05. if you recognize me I hope all you’re children have some form of birth disorder.
Easter egg at 5:05 kid hits his face on camera thank me later
Don Day ago
omg the girl that said were you born ignorant... i wanna b her friend
Michelle Florian
I would get so disrespectful to the bullies
Shafi Mms
Shafi Mms Day ago
*were you born ignorant* Oh my what a *TIGHT SLAP* right in the face
Six rings Of steel
We just gonna ignore at how at like 12 they can afford ice cream
Al Sharpman
Al Sharpman Day ago
Jillian may god bless you, you will go far in life!
Stop bullying
Hefro x
Hefro x Day ago
caycay 18 hours ago
Erin Victoria
Yoooo the blonde girl ice cream scooper is an actress too!!! I’ve seen her in a couple shows
《Dusk_Dawn》 2 days ago
I have A.D.D,Tourette's,Social anxiety,Generalized anxiety and a thyroid disorder So i have medications for them so my tics are as bad as they would if I didn't have the medication's but my tic is considered severe so it breaks my heart that kids like me have to go through this shit my mom is a hospice aid so she understands my conditions and I'm eternally grateful for her support and encouragement and that I get to have a parent who understands me To people like me words of encouragement just be proud of what you do because they don't know what they are doing until they're in our shoes ~sincerely 《Dusk_Dawn》
Miranda Alexander
this show gives me hope in humanity
Rythm Music
Rythm Music 2 days ago
What would you do? Me:I might beat them if they insulting me or my parent or my parent
Gtaberr_Luna 2 days ago
If I saw that, I would’ave be like HOI
Purpleanime27 2 days ago
Those kids are so mean! I found them really offensive because I have the tourette's syndrome..
cool coolgirls
cool coolgirls 2 days ago
My friend has Tourette’s
Allison M
Allison M 2 days ago
Does she really have Tourette’s or was that acting too ?
caycay 18 hours ago
She does
Slytherin fan girl
5:05 the kid was completely shoved into the camera 🤨
Z_Stricker slicey 728
I have ticks aswell
Justin Levy
Justin Levy 2 days ago
4:11 Ravi's sister from Jessie?
Alex Juarez
Alex Juarez 2 days ago
No lie i would punch those kids in the face no lie
Emily L
Emily L 2 days ago
OK so is nobody going to mention the fact that the actor with Tourette’s is so pretty
rice krispi
rice krispi 2 days ago
Anybody else notice at 5:06 when the boy child actor runs into the cameraman
0xrocket0x 0xwheeling0x
Me being born* John q. Hi im John Quinones and this is wwyd what has led you to this decision?
The Universe
The Universe 2 days ago
“You must have like zero friends.” Excuse me, before I drop my cookie and swirl with sprinkles on the floor. I’m gonna take a curling iron, and swish it around your cotton candy ass hair, thank you very much. I know these are actors, but I have to hate on something.
Ian Myers
Ian Myers 2 days ago
Ahhhh!!!! A look a like Van Diesel contest I see!!!!!
Bartosz 2 days ago
yoooooo man why tf blonde Arya Stark is serving Ice Cream at Mississippi
Karla Grace Miro
Karla Grace Miro 2 days ago
5:43 the lady by the window and the guy reacted right about the same time they heard "what's wrong with you?"
Carlos Medina
Carlos Medina 2 days ago
If I was 13/14/15 I would drawn blood from his face in a second, still would if he was 30 more or less
Carley May
Carley May 2 days ago
Hayden summerall ????
Carley May
Carley May 2 days ago
This is how many slaps those kids deserve 👇🏼
Carley May they are actors, pretty good at acting
Hannah Hassan
Hannah Hassan 2 days ago
that kid ran into the camera
Tracy Rosales
Tracy Rosales 2 days ago
“Were you born ignorant?” OoOooOoooHhHhhhHhh! Haha roasted the reverse card
Tracy Rosales
Tracy Rosales 2 days ago
Man that first guy though! He is such a wonderful soul! May god bless him and his family. If it were me I would’ve slapped some sense into them even if I am 10.
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber 2 days ago
Omg yea this is fake but that’s the WORST Tourette’s tics I have ever seen
caycay 19 hours ago
The actor actually does have Tourette's
Tikipuppy 2 days ago
I would punch that little girl
3B Giga
3B Giga 2 days ago
Every one we have an announcement to make : 2:25
Sadur8 night
Sadur8 night 2 days ago
i have tourettes and i get bullied 4 times a day
Nicole Zlotnicki
Nicole Zlotnicki 3 days ago
Samuel J. Comroe was on “America’s Got Talent” and he has Tourette’s. He never lets his Tourette’s get in the way of his comedy
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