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Kiev kotlet or Chicken Kiev or simply Deep fried butter wrapped in chicken is a slav dish made of breadcrumbs, eggs, some chicken and of course the lot of skill.
Is not very hard to make. Just make sure you do not cook them too long in the oven or they can start spilling the buttery mix from inside.
Serve with.. a fork.
Shopping list:
butter (250g)
chicken breast (one full breast makes 2 kotlet)
eggs 6
1L oil sunflower
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Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 4 149
CarterPlays Official
5:37 had me dead *CAT ACCELERATING
Stalin Fanboy
Stalin Fanboy 12 hours ago
Looks like Chernobyl's "Elephant's Foot"
PATRIC STAR 18 hours ago
*Hear bayonet *Me: HEAVY BREATHING
Valters Rutulis
Valters Rutulis 21 hour ago
my country's kotlet "Latvia" is literally just a ball of minced chicken
Rian Hertanto
Rian Hertanto 23 hours ago
When I fried the chicken why does the butter seap into the chicken? Am I using the wrong butter?
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Day ago
*mouth waters with pleasure*
Szymon PlayZGameZ
Oksana is the lamb from the shashlik episode. Which lamb? The one on the stick.
A RandomPanda
Idk, dude, last time you went to Anatoli’s apartment, he was evicted...
Fravl Day ago
Сука ето котлети по києвски
Vanessa M.
Vanessa M. Day ago
i know he's a komrade cat but please don't give Artyom raw chicken my vet says it's bad for cats 😭😭😭
Dylan Alexander
ummmmm Thats Western Bayonet Boris
Valentin K
Valentin K Day ago
6:43 That egg Smile
Ghoul T
Ghoul T Day ago
I'm pretty sure raw chicken can make your cat sick.
Hyper Nova
Hyper Nova Day ago
Thank god I have awaked and have purchased a bayonet
F.B.l Agent
F.B.l Agent Day ago
5:11 I see, Boris is one of my people
F.B.l Agent
F.B.l Agent Day ago
4:56 that’s the most beautiful Beautiful I have ever heard
Raccoons R Us
“Need to fight those mutants in the metro”
desertic gamer
9:39 That's fried kibe!
Admiral Lemons
Admiral Lemons 2 days ago
I’m gonna put a post it note saying “(food name) HAH” on every food in my house
Temp Temp
Temp Temp 2 days ago
150 Fahrenheit or Celsius
Nate Goodman
Nate Goodman 2 days ago
Artyom looks exactly like my cat Baloo.
Tucker Koogler
Tucker Koogler 2 days ago
Legit that looks amazing
jenna tulls
jenna tulls 2 days ago
Eeeeeeyyyyyy cyka
JurassicRex 2 days ago
SuperAdamska64 2 days ago
I added black powder like you said, but my butter exploded.
a.k.a unknown
a.k.a unknown 2 days ago
I Actually cooked this,
Drip Drip Drop
Drip Drip Drop 2 days ago
*bear noises* XD gets me every time
Dobbies Revenge
Dobbies Revenge 2 days ago
Raw no good for a house kept furball
Rod Balaton
Rod Balaton 3 days ago
Jackson Farias
Jackson Farias 3 days ago
I have tought u well
muhamed lemes
muhamed lemes 3 days ago
When I eat kotlet I aint hungry for 2 days make a bigger one make cevapi Bosnian meal
Lustful Tomato
Lustful Tomato 3 days ago
Gordon Ramsay would like to know more
i_love_red_velvet_pancakes Videos
Boris: “Hmm The black and white aren’t mixing. Strange.” Me: *coughs and chokes on Canadian coffee*
Mr Epilog
Mr Epilog 3 days ago
It is only a Boris cooking video if he wreckes his kitchen
Devin L
Devin L 3 days ago
0:36 0:37 cousin! ( I got the vibes of COUSIN WANT TO GO BOWLING!)
Collin Nunley
Collin Nunley 3 days ago
Gorden Ramsay ain't got shit
Cristi Chrisss
Cristi Chrisss 4 days ago
my dad said that i need to leave internet because of you. it was hard to explain whats happening in your video.
Alz'n'frens 4 days ago
6:04 after having no less than five shots... of hard kvass (drinks almost pure vodka)
TSM_DaggerDog 4 days ago
Gordan Ramsay better be careful
Abbey Ross
Abbey Ross 4 days ago
What am I watching???
Alysauras Wrecks
Alysauras Wrecks 5 days ago
Artyom so big now he defend boris
Im_a_face 5 days ago
5:35 **cat accelerating** 😂
Miners Architect
Miners Architect 5 days ago
lil rhyme i made up, nobody better steal this, if someone does IDI NAHUI BLYAT. Boris king of the slavs, russian boi in "Adgibas." squat'n low and moving fast, always drinking lots of kvass, time to pump some slav hardbass [Insert slav hardbass here] Made by me... Liam Reilly from australia Yo boris, you are a youtube superslav, you always bring a smile to my face, and you help me tell my friends that, russia = best country. -Liam, again, from Australia.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 5 days ago
I take shot for you Boris
Rayyan Altaf
Rayyan Altaf 5 days ago
You mentioned Oksana in your cheap and expensive Shashlik video, it may be that.
This guy was better than HowtoBasic
This guy was better than HowtoBasic
memesonthetube MOTT
10:29 I spot a meme
Wariobros194 6 days ago
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
3:21 Vadim blyad
Oskar Games
Oskar Games 6 days ago
Сука blyat
Лиам Сискар
Boris it is lent.
Adolf Senpai
Adolf Senpai 6 days ago
HellsingSoprano 6 days ago
Just ordered my cutting board! I'm so excited!
bobspineable 6 days ago
You give You Suck At Cooking a run for his money.
Eitan Louw
Eitan Louw 6 days ago
What a nice *bush* you have
Gamerul Finut jr.
Oi, where's the bay leaf ?
Leo Alder
Leo Alder 7 days ago
We need a best of Boris 2018 compilation
XxpaysagorxX 7 days ago
5:14 there is nothing better then felling a breast in your hand ohh hohh oo iam ded XD
Pillgrim1981 8 days ago
And I know it's gonna be...a Slavic daaaaaaaaaay! Shashlik King! Me and my friend hail from mayonez capital Belgium. We have taken upon ourselves to visit every slav country in known universe. Last year we visited Budapest and ate goulash, it was ok. The year before we went to Prague and tasted many many craft beer, it was ok. This year we go to Kiev, to Chernobyl where we will lick Elephant Foot to obtain TRUE slav power.
ki jssn
ki jssn 8 days ago
6:13 "Oy what a nice bush you have" 6:17 "You know it is time to quit when your CHICken has hole in it" smells fishy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Konrad Vare
Konrad Vare 8 days ago
Guzzo's corner
Guzzo's corner 8 days ago
I got an ad for Gordon Ramsay Masterclass on this video
wolf it the fifth
USvid has made you an alcoholic mate
Zach 8 days ago
10:32 How to replicate human shit
Account Abandoned
7:02 - Meanwhile in Detroit
Ed Copeland
Ed Copeland 8 days ago
The chicken was smashed too hard on the one, right? My mama say no bashy unless you like to pick out the dry meat from your teeth. Just gentle taps until flat,... sorry, Svetlana.
Enzo Han
Enzo Han 8 days ago
u put mayonez in the cutting board..and u melt it..and u put it on a facking bowl u should just melt they emayonez in the bowl u just use the bowl u instend of cutting board...
Maggie Johnson
Maggie Johnson 8 days ago
Hey not to be dramatic or anything but I’d die for Artyom
Hector Acosta
Hector Acosta 9 days ago
My mans just took 8 shots Um actually 10 shots
Александр Горелик
hah, fillet instead of thigh meat? my babushka disagree
Aisy Mayhugh
Aisy Mayhugh 9 days ago
Wait is he actually a Slav
D K 10 days ago
"The black and white aren't mixing, strange" 7:00
Pumpkin Pyromaniac
Pumpkin Pyromaniac 10 days ago
Artyom looks like a Russian Blue, his fur is gorgeous and the adorable face...blyatiful
Maggie Johnson
Maggie Johnson 8 days ago
Pumpkin Pyromaniac true Slav cat
Erik Hullum
Erik Hullum 10 days ago
What temperature do you put the oven at?
ツR•7 LINK 10 days ago
SimplePoint Studio
SimplePoint Studio 10 days ago
7:00 Hmmmmm?
sAm _521666
sAm _521666 10 days ago
I laughed too hard at *Bear Noises*
Noor Hamdi
Noor Hamdi 10 days ago
So I managed to make this for the entire family, 6 people, 9 pieces of chicken kotlet, and let me tell you, that was one of the best things I've tasted, and my family approved of it as well, 100% would make again. If only I could send pictures here, they were so golden and pretty.....
AkiiKill C
AkiiKill C 10 days ago
Hey boris why dont you try making something serbien like ajvar or sarma
AkiiKill C
AkiiKill C 8 days ago
Maggie Johnson and a tip for the pljeskavica MAKE EM BIG
AkiiKill C
AkiiKill C 8 days ago
Maggie Johnson thanks!
Maggie Johnson
Maggie Johnson 8 days ago
AkiiKill C y’know I’ve always wanted to make jam but I’ve never gotten around to it, so I think I’ll take you up on that 🙂
AkiiKill C
AkiiKill C 8 days ago
Maggie Johnson oh sorry i forgot kajmak and pljeskavica And to make up ill suggest you to make some jam too
Maggie Johnson
Maggie Johnson 8 days ago
Funny you say that, I was planning on making Pljeskavica with Ajvar + Kajmak this weekend
Albert Hartono
Albert Hartono 10 days ago
Why does this actually look good
Mikael Hällbacka
Mikael Hällbacka 10 days ago
I actually eat this when i was at a school trip in poland =)
Archenix 11 days ago
Oy Boris You Mastered Openning Egg Process (With one hand OY BLIN)
_Jocker_Games_ 11 days ago
Че за нож он использует? What knife he use?
anatoli Cousin
anatoli Cousin 11 days ago
Boris don’t act like western spy it is called kievsky kotlet blyat
Mark Eynsher
Mark Eynsher 11 days ago
Альтернативная версия с чёрным хлебом довольно оригинальная )) Жду ещё рецептов в таком формате
Franco Minucci
Franco Minucci 11 days ago
It looks very tasty, I am going to make them next weekend! :O
DETA-X PX ONE HAG 12 days ago
I tried it It's very delicious good one comrade
Que esse programa aqui tá uma porra
Chicken Breeki
Zack Otto
Zack Otto 12 days ago
We made butter early
The Culture Man
The Culture Man 12 days ago
5:11 AHAHAHAHA lots of dirty jokes boris I like it
IAmThe 13 days ago
Ey Boris, i tried the recipe for chicken kotlet. It was amazing and delicious ;) Stay Cheeki Breeki.
Prince Alfran
Prince Alfran 13 days ago
2:37 Internyet
Grady Jean
Grady Jean 13 days ago
Slav Kyat is Best Kyat You eat that cheeki breeki cheekin, Artyom, eat it good.
Merlin Merlinovich
Merlin Merlinovich 13 days ago
Чики брики Борис
Merlin Merlinovich
Merlin Merlinovich 13 days ago
Не плохо
Anna Nimmous
Anna Nimmous 13 days ago
“The black and white are not mixing, how strange” - Abraham Lincoln, after the rasterization of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment
ms_r0ses 13 days ago
*intensely mixes eggs*
Pedro jlykrie
Pedro jlykrie 13 days ago
I just did it and its realy good !!! Gonna put some cheese next time tho ahah
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