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Kiev kotlet or Chicken Kiev or simply Deep fried butter wrapped in chicken is a slav dish made of breadcrumbs, eggs, some chicken and of course the lot of skill.
Is not very hard to make. Just make sure you do not cook them too long in the oven or they can start spilling the buttery mix from inside.
Serve with.. a fork.
Shopping list:
butter (250g)
chicken breast (one full breast makes 2 kotlet)
eggs 6
1L oil sunflower
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Mar 16, 2019

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Comments 4 408
Leongaming/vlogs 6 hours ago
Boris, ju ar d grejt kuhar....
Hagen 9 hours ago
Disappointed you didn't play hardbass while drinking hardkvass~
M4sked 11 hours ago
'How I like a good large breast, you always get best result' -Boris 2019
RöRÖruRUru Blueblue
I'm not even slav, but whenever I cut fresh vegetables in the kitchen for anything, it always look like this 2:50
Craurd 16 hours ago
russia is the only country in the world who uses a bayonet or a spitting axe for cooking
Tripp Cailean
your hardbass got me a noise complaint but your recipe made me not care
Bunnifer Day ago
anyone else attempted to look at the graph at around 4:09 - 4:10?
Zaku Htet
Zaku Htet Day ago
2:00 Top 10 Anime Plot Twists
Pato Mafioso
Pato Mafioso 2 days ago
"Svetelana is dirty" This night will be freaking cheeki breeki.
Im fatboy
Im fatboy 2 days ago
God : makes humans. Boris: “the black and white aren’t mixing strange” God: that’s a great idea.
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat 2 days ago
6:48 *intense erotic wet slapping sounds*
Ekko Vaan
Ekko Vaan 3 days ago
- it is a nice bush you have there - Boris - 2019
Ekko Vaan
Ekko Vaan 3 days ago
Two pieces of garlic... ... ... I get that you got used to eating less in soviet land so let me fix that for you like the finns did to the soviets and beat you by thirty times the score and say SIXTY PIECES
Melissa Thieme
Melissa Thieme 3 days ago
I ate that once when i was in hungary on vacation, this was the worst chicken i have ever eaten in my entire life, probably because the cooks in the summercamp where absolutely terrible.
Hunter Vowell
Hunter Vowell 3 days ago
"Black and white not mixing!? Hmmm" literally laughed out loud. Scared my mom hahaha
Günther Parman
Günther Parman 3 days ago
When Boris says margarine is healthy Me:laughs in distance
Pony Empires Unite
If Russia and the US had a food baby, it is that.
Lil Lion
Lil Lion 3 days ago
how are your hands so smooth... HOW ARE YOUR HANDS SO SMOOTH WHAT THE BLYAT
XxJx3xX 3 days ago
Boris is drunk as fuck 😂
FatMenBeTrippin 3 days ago
Look at this graph
WestCoastYeeYee 3 days ago
*cat accelerating.*
Casper Wichmand
Casper Wichmand 3 days ago
There is a woman in Boris' kitchen!
Orkhan Eyvazli
Orkhan Eyvazli 3 days ago
Sorry but this is the worst Kievskiy kotlet version
Ellenor Malik
Ellenor Malik 3 days ago
should i try to make beef "kotlet" with ground beef the way it's done in the West? also, butter is healthier than margarine
Zal OwO
Zal OwO 3 days ago
"there is nothing better like feeling the breast in your hand" boris you god
Fairuz Bpn
Fairuz Bpn 3 days ago
Are you saying oksana for no reason because that name is your girlfriend name or random name?
SweetBreadZNWP 3 days ago
The black and white are not mixing DEMONETIZED
The Wild Dinkus!
The Wild Dinkus! 3 days ago
Can we get conversions for the western spies?
xXBEASTONXx 4 days ago
DerpyRell 06
DerpyRell 06 Day ago
BJ19 ws
BJ19 ws 4 days ago
To make it greener, I would suggest pounding the dill and parsley before mixing with the butter. You probably knew that, but there are most likely some viewers who are taking their first steps into the culinary world! 😊
Ruby Selene
Ruby Selene 4 days ago
"But AHA! guest ingredient!" *YEETS GARLIC INTO FRAME*
kacperkrakowski RBLX
They should rename it to Chicken Chernobyl
The God Emperor Of Mankind
In capitalist land chicken kiev is normal made just how you made it ive never had a fucking butter injected piece of chicken so who ever does that is an idiot
Aaron B.
Aaron B. 4 days ago
Is butter hah! *Thud*
Tobias Konowitz
Tobias Konowitz 4 days ago
So the chicken is babushka?!
Herobrine 145 YT
Herobrine 145 YT 5 days ago
Babushkas arsenel love it
Noah Shackelford
Noah Shackelford 5 days ago
Remember to wash your hands when handling raw chicken
A A A A 5 days ago
Feeling the breast in ur hand OwO
Eat Your Memes Boi
3:45 has me dying
Eat Your Memes Boi
that “nice” made me feel some kind of way
Ali Mshasha
Ali Mshasha 6 days ago
I don't recommend giving comrade Artyom raw chicken, he can get salmonella just like humans can
MahaRajaWali 6 days ago
Bayonet? Bayo-NYET!
Rad It
Rad It 6 days ago
When you pop it open melted butters will come out
SugaredFlyer665 6 days ago
3:55 great pressing tool
Matas Stone
Matas Stone 6 days ago
In my gimnysium i eat kiev kotlet that is made with this recipt
Julien Schnitzler
Is this a real recipe ? I mean, it's like 85% butter blyat
Nikku Kurauzen
Nikku Kurauzen 6 days ago
Would a Kar98K bayonet work?
James Horace
James Horace 7 days ago
So many Chernobyl jokes...
Elias Wilson
Elias Wilson 7 days ago
5:15 FBI open up
Bawse Slayer
Bawse Slayer 7 days ago
*Sometimes I wonder if boris is how to basic*
XxMaxTheProxX 8 days ago
Polski kotlet lol 🇵🇱
Babushka 8 days ago
6:37 Boris blin you leave eggshell in
Aksel The Danish
Aksel The Danish 8 days ago
7:40 Stalin starting the holodomor, 1932 colorized
diamond ender
diamond ender 8 days ago
He took more than eleven kvass and strong kvass shots. True slav
S:: 9 days ago
I think he can cook better than my mother.
2004 Popsiclepop
2004 Popsiclepop 9 days ago
It looks like shet good shet
Juan Gabriel Cordera
Komrade Sherbina's seal of approve 3.6 Roentgen!
Zoe Kirk
Zoe Kirk 10 days ago
How drunk did you get for us, jfc
Vidman k
Vidman k 10 days ago
Только русские могут принять твой вызов
Mr Banananana
Mr Banananana 10 days ago
5:10 To 5:18 Imagine that but with no screen, Just sound
The Concorde
The Concorde 10 days ago
I like pickles
Mark Jandjel
Mark Jandjel 11 days ago
I have gathered my strength to make it, I will edit if good or no Edit: it was amazing
SelfishDragon 5
SelfishDragon 5 11 days ago
if i only knew how to cook i would do this everyday
Pratik Chaudri
Pratik Chaudri 11 days ago
Chernobyl Sunrise...I can feel the led coffin workers rolling in their grave XD XD XD XD
Miki -Chan Slav Boris is king
In a game of roblox in a russian serever (being half Slav and a lil bit Russian) I saw a person called Vadimchik284 and he kept killing me
6IX SHOT 11 days ago
ledgend has it crazy russian hacker suffered a kvass coma and lost his momoery thus creating boris
Miles Eby
Miles Eby 11 days ago
Didn’t he just make a compound butter?
Tiit Krutto
Tiit Krutto 12 days ago
lowkey boris is howtobasics😂😂😎
ZERG1386 12 days ago
5:04 what is the name of that song?
Mr.mandioka 12 days ago
Te falto un alto puré de papas para perfecionarlo
Becca Taylor
Becca Taylor 12 days ago
God i think this is more american than anything ive eaten! You slavs invented fried butter! Pravo! Also i will be attemping the mead, soon
no no
no no 13 days ago
Painted And loaded
Painted And loaded 13 days ago
DEBIL you need to use mayonezz on the inside as well as butter
kanatapaw 13 days ago
How to basic Slovak addition
Smol Cat
Smol Cat 13 days ago
6:43 happy face eggs!
ThunderPlunder101 13 days ago
What is the music used during the cooking?
Erik Bakker
Erik Bakker 14 days ago
This is just the perfect balance between comedic genius and an actual helpful cooking tutorial. .
Julien Guzman
Julien Guzman 14 days ago
Butter is actually better for you than margarine. Palm oil is the new enemy apparently.
PureTsuki Sub
PureTsuki Sub 14 days ago
Boris can revive dead meme with green butter.
xXN3RDzFanXx 15 days ago
Is he actually drinking all those shots
Mr Awesome
Mr Awesome 15 days ago
You forgot BAY LEAF
Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor 15 days ago
This looks great but as a western spy the mayo makes me shudder...
SomebodyOnce ToldMe
In Texas, we call hard cold butter frozen cow juice
ElectricFenrir 0
ElectricFenrir 0 16 days ago
Boris, you don't know my Scottish Бабушка, she eats nothing but Onions, Garlic and Breath mints Блядь! Also, hello from States of United America, Florida specifically.
Zdzichu Golonka
Zdzichu Golonka 16 days ago
My grandma makes chicken kiev with cheese inside
I am not slav i am muslim but i really eeally enjoy your videos
Simple 16 days ago
is artyom interested in asian foods? (im not wesstern spy i am asian)
Frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher 16 days ago
I actually am going to make this at work tomorrow and let you know how this goes 👌
Bobby Yoshua
Bobby Yoshua 16 days ago
3:20 and 3:26 and 3:45 LOL
Justin Baxter
Justin Baxter 16 days ago
*squats suspiciously*
Sgt_Derpguy _25
Sgt_Derpguy _25 16 days ago
I wanna do this but mom doesnt think im ready for this😂😂
asttghikk 17 days ago
*let’s call it Chernobyl Sunrise*
Warden Person
Warden Person 17 days ago
How is Boris not black-out drunk at the end of his videos.
Irish Potato
Irish Potato 14 days ago
Because he drinks Kvass, which has about 0,6-0,8 alcohol
Yannik Lohlein
Yannik Lohlein 17 days ago
Boris Girlfriend / Pickle Spawner Reveal !!!!! :0 !!!
G&LOL 18 days ago
someone tell this guy raw chicken is poisonous, hes gonna kill gis cat 😂😂
Sam De jonge
Sam De jonge 18 days ago
Me at 2am 6:13
Lex Alex
Lex Alex 18 days ago
Я тут единственный на русском пишу? :(
Trev Blank
Trev Blank 19 days ago
I was born a westerner but Good Komrade Boris may I join your ranks?
Tt Miller
Tt Miller 19 days ago
At 5:53...Artyom can tell there is western spy bugs in Boris's house....hmmmm...
Qwerty Bear.
Qwerty Bear. 19 days ago
I can't believe it's -not- Butter.
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