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Comments 100
Chris Sails
Chris Sails 2 years ago
Follow us on instagram (chrisandqueen_) ❤ let's get 30k likes and I'll prank Chris back
chelle chandler
chelle chandler 17 days ago
Calvon Bright
Calvon Bright 4 months ago
Deno Mduda
Deno Mduda 7 months ago
I Love your hair girl and you were on fire
Sondra Morgan
Sondra Morgan 11 hours ago
2019 anyone?? I still miss them😔 thumbs up if agree 👍
Maria Oxx
Maria Oxx 23 hours ago
If someone gonna be like dis you know they really really love ya
Reina Paloma
Reina Paloma Day ago
That wasn’t funny I don’t know why they do this type of stuff
LIMSA Elm Day ago
Chill Chill Chill Chill Chill Chill Chill Chilll It’s a prank It’s a prank It’s a prank Dammnn
Its ._Nae
Its ._Nae Day ago
I miss them toghtherrr😞🥺..
Ana Macias
Ana Macias 2 days ago
Queen~I never heard of you
lia smith
lia smith 2 days ago
Chris why did u really cheat. I miss u guys being together
TayKsCellMate 2 days ago
Jorde Minnis
Jorde Minnis 2 days ago
This video is 10x’s FUNNIER on this 20th day of May in 2019🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jorde Minnis
Jorde Minnis 2 days ago
She said “I don’t trust that” I AM NOT BREATHING 😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣😭😭😭😭🤣🤣
Destiny Oakley
Destiny Oakley 2 days ago
I miss y’all together no cap🥴🥰💜❤️‼️
Emiree Mahone
Emiree Mahone 3 days ago
Wonder what they was doing before they started recording 👀
Kaylee 3 days ago
I swear u could actually cheat and just put a camera and say it’s a prank
Latoya Smith
Latoya Smith 3 days ago
She bout to get her ass
Kajmeir Hughes
Kajmeir Hughes 3 days ago
Wonder what she did this time when it rlly happened ...
Aya and Kay
Aya and Kay 3 days ago
I swear this is the most ironic video ever
Rainbowunicorn Lockett
R.I.P Piano lol😂😂
UgleeBoy J
UgleeBoy J 3 days ago
In 2019 this wasn’t a prank😤
tiffany dowdie
tiffany dowdie 4 days ago
Alasia Loray
Alasia Loray 4 days ago
Joanna Briones
Joanna Briones 4 days ago
Dumb fucking video, I would've smashed both of their faces before they could say shit!
Kennedy Euell
Kennedy Euell 4 days ago
I would not be surprised if this was not a prank
Garielle Yancey
Garielle Yancey 4 days ago
I'm happy that Chris posted they old videos because I just missed y'all!
C Mm
C Mm 4 days ago
Damn what the piano do
Aja Battiste
Aja Battiste 5 days ago
Who here in 2019??
Lxly__ Piano
Lxly__ Piano 6 days ago
The amount of time he said chilllllll
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 8 days ago
*Idgaf what anyone says* *i miss them*
Timothy Owens
Timothy Owens 9 days ago
Team Chris 4L
Dawnay Green
Dawnay Green 9 days ago
I love you
Mia Middleton
Mia Middleton 10 days ago
Was it really a prank
ZARIYA BROWN 11 days ago
NOT anymore because I am watching this in 2019
Curly headed Jilly
Curly headed Jilly 14 days ago
Turns out it wasn’t a prank plot twist
Triesh Tapfumaneyi
Triesh Tapfumaneyi 16 days ago
''i dont trust that........i neva heard of u''(got mi thinking what they were duing bfre turning on the camera)
MLAso-cool acklin
MLAso-cool acklin 17 days ago
Wants upon of time not long ago chris was a hoe😂😂😂
yt_Kim LetsPlay
yt_Kim LetsPlay 17 days ago
He finally cleard hi throught kinda
yt_Kim LetsPlay
yt_Kim LetsPlay 17 days ago
I just love how he did a prank but...its not a prank😂
chelle chandler
chelle chandler 17 days ago
you are so annoying dummy
Walker Kimora
Walker Kimora 18 days ago
2019 anyone
PTYBRI FOREVER 19 days ago
Who else watching this in 2019👶👶
Ariannah Reyes
Ariannah Reyes 19 days ago
Don’t fuck with my bitch
Thabang Langerman
Thabang Langerman 20 days ago
It's sad that it actually turned out to be real😪
SIRRON & FAYY 21 day ago
i’m now watching this prank like dang why shorty still hanging out there?🤦🏾‍♀️but dang i miss them together but 😫
seven & sayyora
seven & sayyora 21 day ago
6:43 I like to they be together they are birth for us they are twins and they are the most guy and the most girl than I ever seen
Kia's Journey
Kia's Journey 22 days ago
Who still watch they old videos?
Esther Ese_adidi
Esther Ese_adidi 23 days ago
Anyone April 2019
Jaelah Rihanna
Jaelah Rihanna 23 days ago
i wiiissshhhh there intro was real 😭.
tessa andrews
tessa andrews 24 days ago
You did get him back lol 😆 Lorenzo
Jasmine Gray
Jasmine Gray 24 days ago
Jasmine Gray
Jasmine Gray 24 days ago
guess it wasnt really a prank..welpsss
Jabree Bond
Jabree Bond 25 days ago
It’s just funny hearing her cuss 😂
Blank man
Blank man 26 days ago
Gia shit look like that one bitch chris.used to date Parker that stupid ass bitch
Jane Grant
Jane Grant 26 days ago
Yup she got her Rican
Jane Grant
Jane Grant 26 days ago
I think he was really touching that girl
Leo Finau
Leo Finau 27 days ago
pranks like this is what lowkey broke her.
Bre harris
Bre harris 28 days ago
Ethan/steve Mccormick
That was not a prank
FLORIDA GIRL 29 days ago
3:57 lol😂😂
destinyS. Month ago
She cracked TF outta him
Ketoo Jean
Ketoo Jean Month ago
Team chris
Astronova Creepypasta Rouge
She Could Have Gone To Jail If It Got VERY VIOLENT...
Ember Vallejo
Ember Vallejo Month ago
Me when someone takes my food...cris is my mom the other side botch is my cousin
Queen nai
Queen nai Month ago
Preshy Tats
Preshy Tats Month ago
The "I never heard of u" and "I don't trust that" parts made it lit🤣🤣🤣🤣chick can go crazy 😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Pecina
Andrew Pecina Month ago
This man sound like he running out of breath while he talks
Anna Jeffcoat
Anna Jeffcoat Month ago
I wish it was a prank
Kinfolk Kinfolk
Kinfolk Kinfolk Month ago
damn... he can cheat all he wants and halla PRANK.. childish and silly.
Amourr Shayane
Amourr Shayane Month ago
SorryitsSara X
SorryitsSara X Month ago
And you would think he would learn his lesson after all dem slaps
Patrice Seewright
“i never heard of you” 😂😂😳💀
Jaylyn Clarke
Jaylyn Clarke Month ago
She look like Parker too 💀
Queen Mercy
Queen Mercy Month ago
Parker looking bitch
Aspect Element
Aspect Element Month ago
He liked the reaction so much he did it again
Maiyah Conley
Maiyah Conley Month ago
3:41 Was going to turn to a murder scene LMAO
Sasha James
Sasha James Month ago
Maiyah Conley
Maiyah Conley Month ago
Plot Twist: This ain't a prank...
Young Curry
Young Curry Month ago
How do I know this is a prank
Queen B
Queen B Month ago
4:18 4:19 truu
Solange Rankine
Solange Rankine Month ago
Girl got some defensing moves
Solange Rankine
Solange Rankine Month ago
God damn
Robl0x G4mergal
Robl0x G4mergal Month ago
I'm giving out replay buttons. Like if you need one 1:44 1:44 1:44 1:44 1:44
Robl0x G4mergal
Robl0x G4mergal Month ago
Isabella Rodriguez
Based on a true story...
Jessica Austin
Jessica Austin Month ago
She slapped the crap out of him I was dying 😂😂😂
Chloe Howick
Chloe Howick Month ago
3:06 the way she said “wHo aRe YOu” 💀
Niyah Blackmon
Niyah Blackmon Month ago
Daynisha V
Daynisha V Month ago
“We met a long time ago, we friends we good” yea aighhtt 🙄
yep I'm tray
yep I'm tray Month ago
Bet she cant do that to clarence
Kristian Cardell
who still watching this in 2019
Kristian Cardell
that was funny as ever
og.K cringe
og.K cringe Month ago
2019 vibes or nah
LongLiveLoafynmurr _
Dam the intro still on
Imvu Paige
Imvu Paige Month ago
Um here cus of Lil perfect and I all ready love dis flipen channel
Samantha Hellhoff
They prob hooked up and then played it off as a prank
Queen Mercy
Queen Mercy Month ago
I would have went straight for my machete....I cant take pranks. Bro bro why you didn't learn from this prank....you could die right now. This why I don’t wear nails....I need my hands.
ladeja deshazor
ladeja deshazor Month ago
Watch 2019 don’t know why I am watching this
That kiddø _ Leya
This how every girl be : when they coming home they see a girl in they bed with there man , they be like why she in BED !! WHY SHE IN MY BED !! ANSWER ME !! WHY SHE IN MY BED
Haidyn Carter
Haidyn Carter Month ago
Gia is fucking weird
Quetta Cherry
Quetta Cherry Month ago
I can't see the comments
puertorican mami
Who watching this in 2019 💔
Hannah Hughes
Hannah Hughes Month ago
She slapped the hell out of him😂🤣💀
Monique Bright
Monique Bright Month ago
I miss y’all so much But before the fame☹️
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