Ceaser’s Firing Rampage (Compilation) | Black Ink Crew

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The pressure to build the Black Ink empire led Ceaser to go on a firing rampage throughout Season 7. So we gotta ask-who’s still in the crew?
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Black Ink Crew chronicles the daily operations and staff drama of an expanding Harlem tattoo empire -- now with a shop in Atlanta -- that serves a growing celebrity clientele. The diverse cast includes Ceaser, owner and creator of the Black Ink brand; quick-witted and fiery receptionist Sky; shop manager and Ceaser's cousin Ted; and tattoo artists Donna, Walt, Melody, Young Bae and O'S**t.
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Ceaser’s Firing Rampage (Compilation) | Black Ink Crew usvid.net/u-VH1


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Mar 11, 2019

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Comments 1 181
VeggieGirl *
VeggieGirl * 20 hours ago
End scene and...cut!!
Corey Cebs
Corey Cebs 2 days ago
Donna ain't no joke.
Don Demarco
Don Demarco 3 days ago
Sky is the only one to put him in his place In my opinion
Don Demarco
Don Demarco 3 days ago
I just realized he has a painting of his daughter in the shop
john hardy
john hardy 4 days ago
Damn Caesar you jumped bruh smh
orlando emecheta
orlando emecheta 4 days ago
dam i like jadah shes cute and she stands up for herself
Lillia Franklin
Lillia Franklin 4 days ago
2:34-2:36 When a sibling gets in trouble and I’m an innocent bystander
Glenville Bushell
Alex did notta and aceots his apollogy alex fix up and sue and start your own buissness or save the money u dumb get that money alex
Vee Chim
Vee Chim 7 days ago
Why they never do tattoos? Ain’t this a tattoo shop? I see more fight than actual tat 😂😂😂
leslayeeee 9 days ago
Caesar a freaking clown! A complete trash person!
Joya Johnson
Joya Johnson 9 days ago
Caesar’s disrespect of women (especially Donna, she doesn’t deserve the abuse she gets) is repulsive. He’s insane and shouldn’t be running any sort of business.
lowkeyy.dunka aa
lowkeyy.dunka aa 13 days ago
ummm so here's my question Ceaser. WHO is still in the crew ?
lowkeyy.dunka aa
lowkeyy.dunka aa 13 days ago
look imma say what i gotta say but every time Ceaser fires someone before he fires people he says "I'm the boss" he needs to relax and really needs to think about who's still with it cause there's like three people still working the shop. I've seen him do like one tattoo. 💀 Ceaser and his ' firing rampage ' need to stop. I'm not biased but Walt was one of my favourites on the show and that little outburst right there was uncalled for. #cancelceaser
Nyla Ware
Nyla Ware 13 days ago
he dtm.
Santiel Cas trozo
Santiel Cas trozo 14 days ago
Con tds es un duro pero es un barbero con van le saca al parche
Santiel Cas trozo
Santiel Cas trozo 14 days ago
Ceaser le tiene pavor a van
Felicia Taya
Felicia Taya 14 days ago
Ca bro fighting ain’t always the way
LB Nation
LB Nation 15 days ago
That ain't right of teddy
LB Nation
LB Nation 15 days ago
Funny has heck😂😂😂😂
SHORTY CAMPOS 16 days ago
Azelden Townsend
Azelden Townsend 17 days ago
That's mad disrespectful to Bea bc it's her day and they fucked that up
Azelden Townsend
Azelden Townsend 17 days ago
Wow they jumped him😮
EPIIC_ LEGEND 18 days ago
I'm mad sky son didn't say nun to ceasar
Bilal K.
Bilal K. 18 days ago
I don't know about the legal system in the US but none of the reason justifies someone getting fired.
Monisha de nashély Sandvliet
Hallo bleken koe
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 21 day ago
Ceasar to alex 'get your ass over here" 25:13
Darnell Daniels
Darnell Daniels 21 day ago
Ceaser is really doing the most
KindHearted. E
KindHearted. E 21 day ago
Alex didn’t deserve any of that. Im glad he got a few punches on Ted. Because Ted deserved it
Deeman Copeland
Deeman Copeland 22 days ago
Donna fat ass fail on the floor
Jason Beaver
Jason Beaver 22 days ago
ALEX calm asf😍
Holly Hall
Holly Hall 23 days ago
Ceasar need a fucking pacifier.. he's always crying and so needy..
Kareem Sanders_249
Kareem Sanders_249 23 days ago
Mixed up version of Cardi Bee 🤨 crazy black girl with the sky blue dyed hair Crip it up...
Maya Adedeji
Maya Adedeji 24 days ago
this is digusting i lost the last ounce of respect i had for ceaser and teddy they scary as heck
natalia cantarero
natalia cantarero 24 days ago
guys donna is super tall
E J 25 days ago
I wanted that Crawfish😥😥😥
Milagros Moreno
Milagros Moreno 25 days ago
Cease you dragged that boy you should have dragged him harder
Josh Butler
Josh Butler 26 days ago
ujjohnson25 28 days ago
Cearser what did DONNA did to u next thing she comes in and u said shes not invited and then u FIRED HER thats messed up
BURTON WARD 28 days ago
them sweet buns of Donna ass is big asf on black ink crew
Lekayle booker
Lekayle booker 28 days ago
Lekayle Love
RICARDO DIAZ 29 days ago
Ceaser and Ted Jumping Alex for No Reason like a Pair of Cowards 🖕🖕🖕
you are so nice Milan
Donna so big for that girl
you are so nice Milan
I hate cease
you are so nice Milan
I feel bad for my girl jada
you are so nice Milan
What Donna do cease is so mean my god
Chava Gutierrez
Chava Gutierrez Month ago
Ceased is something else
autumn bree
autumn bree Month ago
He kills me saying “Noffing “
giovanna G
giovanna G Month ago
For what reason are people fired? they are not working anyway 🤦🏽‍♀️😂🤣 FAKE ASS SHOW
Kayla Howard
Kayla Howard Month ago
I hate teddy
Odilio Benique
Odilio Benique Month ago
If I get jump like that I'm coming back and merking 1of ya point blank
King Money
King Money Month ago
I could’ve sworn the title says “ceaser Firing rampage” Not “Teddy firing rampage”
hatter2mad Month ago
He wasted the crawfish 😕
Yung Maco Productions
Bro Alex ain’t even do nothing and he got a knot on his head @25:25. That’s fake what they did to him
Masud T
Masud T Month ago
The ink business is worse then the car business people getting fired left and right
Barrett Bryant
Barrett Bryant Month ago
Sky is a queen!!!
Doobie_D Month ago
I came in to be a bigger person but she the only mf yelling
nahja thomas
nahja thomas Month ago
It’s sad and crazy how long this video is 😂😂🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Lez Garcia
Lez Garcia Month ago
Ceaser need to watch how he talk to his crew cuz he being really disrespectful and I feel like he provoked That situation w Donna and tati
Lez Garcia
Lez Garcia Month ago
Y did he disrespect shy infront of her son like...HE DISRESPECTFUL ASFKK...REAL TALK
Lez Garcia
Lez Garcia Month ago
Why ceaser not supporting sky???????
Lez Garcia
Lez Garcia Month ago
Donna betrayer shut upp she better chill for CEAZE REALLY FIRE HER ASS
Lez Garcia
Lez Garcia Month ago
Jada...you don’t get the fuckinn point
Mykell Simmons
Mykell Simmons Month ago
Every person from New Orleans heart dropped and cracked when that crawfish hit the floor.
pretty trina
pretty trina Month ago
Waltz hat is fire 🤘🏾
J Turner
J Turner Month ago
tedd is a low down sneaky minion in the episode of alex and ceaser's fight......
Fredrick Shuga
Fredrick Shuga Month ago
Please where can I watch the full movie?
Jerome Campbell
Jerome Campbell Month ago
If you from New Orleans Yk how bad it hurt to watch good crawfish fall on the floor
Chairian Odom
Chairian Odom Month ago
this man loves firing people
Yvng Sicko
Yvng Sicko Month ago
Cease is letting his position get him in a while different place he think he’s intittled to something like he in control of peoples lives cause he the boss first ted is a punk for jumping and cease is a punk for not fighting his own battles simple and Alex didn’t do nothing New York people think they run everything that’s the problem
Julio Vazquez
Julio Vazquez Month ago
Typical drama it takes two to jump one !! FYI : Cesar look like he’s the number one hater in his whole crew !!(Cesar) Respect starts from the beginning not whenever you want to have respect.(Cesar) And another thing most people would love to have what he have, he seem not to understand what he have.
Feven Aaron
Feven Aaron Month ago
The sad thing is that is 25 minutes of people getting fired
Donnaijah Higgins
Yessss Donna jumped in
Lexi Williams
Lexi Williams Month ago
Jada was big mad for what😭
Melissa Seales
Melissa Seales Month ago
Melissa Seales
Melissa Seales Month ago
Peace and blessings LMFAOO
Linda Tehuia
Linda Tehuia Month ago
Man he has some serious power issues
Kekajuane Sawyer
Cease can't feel like he's the man unless he cuss you out and fired you or whoop your ass.
Roman Acheampong
18:43 You betta be grraccious with your promotion 😁😂😂
Robbie Smith
Robbie Smith Month ago
Toki is cute😌💜
Hunter Scarpelli
Ceasers a punk he needs to get off his high horse and be a "CEO"
Brandon Atkins
Brandon Atkins Month ago
Cocaine, Ecstasy, and Opioids. That's the kind of CEO Caesar is.
Plague Hammer
Plague Hammer Month ago
Lol this dude has absolutely no spine
King__ Prophet
King__ Prophet Month ago
Hold up they actually fighting 💀💀
CITY RUNAZ Month ago
Jay'Rell 4Real
Jay'Rell 4Real Month ago
He disrespected the crawfish smfhhh bad luck 12 years lol
Nettas Space
Nettas Space Month ago
Cease is very angry 😡
Adrian 1996
Adrian 1996 Month ago
I don’t understand why Jada got fired if everyone else acts loud like her. Tati is always fighting people.
Kimora White
Kimora White Month ago
Why sky took off her wig bruh🤣🤣
I Dont Know
I Dont Know Month ago
teddy flaw asf
17JordanGirl Month ago
All he do is fire ppl
Eve Park-Ferreira
cease is a baby like wt.... 😂😂😂
charonda Rice
charonda Rice Month ago
I don’t feel bad for no damn jada. You had a valid argument till you started going at the new receptionist for being hired. You were being rude to her for no reason.
Shaelieyenne Bryan
I respect Sky an Ceasar💯They friendship real asf
Chrystal Castro
Chrystal Castro Month ago
i dont know why im the only one (i think) that thinks Ceaz was high af on coke during his rants.
ASIA TV Month ago
Alex be acting scared to stand up for his girl , that’s why cease always tryna fight him, cuz he know he won’t say anything , he always quiet asf .🤦🏽‍♀️ smh
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony Month ago
Teddy got that loyalty u Neva let da boss do the dirty work 💯 loyalty out values everything
ben mburu
ben mburu Month ago
I love this man ceaser bro dont mix business with pleasure.aint no friendship when it comes to money and business
Altagracia Herrera
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez Month ago
Alex kinda sounds like x
Yuno Hellsing
Yuno Hellsing Month ago
They did Alex dirty
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