Ceaser’s Firing Rampage (Compilation) | Black Ink Crew

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The pressure to build the Black Ink empire led Ceaser to go on a firing rampage throughout Season 7. So we gotta ask-who’s still in the crew?
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Black Ink Crew chronicles the daily operations and staff drama of an expanding Harlem tattoo empire -- now with a shop in Atlanta -- that serves a growing celebrity clientele. The diverse cast includes Ceaser, owner and creator of the Black Ink brand; quick-witted and fiery receptionist Sky; shop manager and Ceaser's cousin Ted; and tattoo artists Donna, Walt, Melody, Young Bae and O'S**t.
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Ceaser’s Firing Rampage (Compilation) | Black Ink Crew usvid.net/u-VH1


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Mar 11, 2019




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Comments 1 415
Rikado Jean-Jacques
Rikado Jean-Jacques 23 hours ago
What part of she's fired does Jadah not Under-Fucking-stand
Cortecus Day ago
Why tha asian dude look like he about to cry? Ceaser needs to get some sloppy toppy quick! Too stressed out.
Cura James
Cura James Day ago
No respect for ceaser
Lateria King
Lateria King Day ago
I went from crying motherly tears watching Sky and her sons, to this nut; 🤣🤣🤣
Donnovan Quick
Donnovan Quick 2 days ago
Tokie got popped like popcorn by Jadah 😂😂😂
Tingz 2 days ago
His lips
Reptone Of L.A. Mitchell
Hold up! Did Teddy throw a back in the head sucka punch on the Young slim dude? If so he's a straight up dirt bag and a coward. You got to be kidding me. Cease couldn't throw the fade by himself? Yo that's mad wack
Sir Allan Ayeh
Sir Allan Ayeh 3 days ago
Why so many fights in this show
ICEGETA 2099 4 days ago
Idc Donna a real one for helping Alex when Teddy attacked him.
Nine Daniel
Nine Daniel 4 days ago
CEO got anger issues
Burton Ward
Burton Ward 5 days ago
she so brown skinned so cocolicious
Shaquille Myers
Shaquille Myers 6 days ago
That asian dude look high
ReverseEmi YT
ReverseEmi YT 6 days ago
Air pods on flek
Taneyjah Hogg
Taneyjah Hogg 6 days ago
its clear the cease sized alex up from jump
Taneyjah Hogg
Taneyjah Hogg 6 days ago
donna acts to entailed, i love her but she does to much instead of just remaining humble cause it seems like he never wanted her there shes just good for tv which has kept her
Mabel Omari
Mabel Omari 7 days ago
This guy lips are bigggggggggg
Shalom Meta
Shalom Meta 7 days ago
All i was hearing is blank blank blank blank
Andrew Staples
Andrew Staples 7 days ago
Ceasar always on his period 😂😂😂
Shelarian Newsome
He suppose to be her big bother
Miakiea Morris
Miakiea Morris 8 days ago
Donna go hard!
Anayis Martinez
Anayis Martinez 8 days ago
Ceaser is doing to Much and plus your Favorite word is fired
Natasha Fisher
Natasha Fisher 9 days ago
This is where Caesar come in to play, he should of told her to stay and they will deal with after the party and then all 4 of them sit down to talk about what is going on with this situation. That would have been the best thing to do, but they don't know how to talk without being DISRESPECTFUL to one another and hear each other out.
im4reel dwrcl
im4reel dwrcl 10 days ago
A child having a tantrum
sixhooter tantoo
sixhooter tantoo 10 days ago
They was trying to train Donna to be a thot thats why they mad and fired her that many times
Brittany Sanders
Brittany Sanders 10 days ago
What a mess..
The Dreamer
The Dreamer 10 days ago
Damn! Donna🙆❤💋
W3SLEY 10 days ago
Welp this is gonna be a long one
C Archer
C Archer 12 days ago
@25:24 Alex being escorted out with his head lumped up (on his left hand side) smh! and at @25:14 is when he receives the head injury.
elroy toribio
elroy toribio 12 days ago
Cease will end up in prison an become someone’s girlfriend
elroy toribio
elroy toribio 12 days ago
One by one everyone is getting fired drama is crazy in this show so beautiful
Nina luv it
Nina luv it 12 days ago
😣Teddy and cease is forever wack to me for that fight 🗣PERIOD!!!!
Erick Fernandez
Erick Fernandez 13 days ago
This show sucks
MJ King
MJ King 13 days ago
Where people? Nobody don’t want come over nasty party nobody don’t like him
JaieWall 14 days ago
Everybody who wonders what Teddy does, let me tell you. Whatever C asks him to. You can’t buy loyalty.
Noah Schwartz
Noah Schwartz 14 days ago
Jadah is fine Donna is fine
666OBSESIÓN 16 days ago
"Ceaser" sigh
Mr Contact 77
Mr Contact 77 16 days ago
How u try 2 sneak and miss. Bum ass mf.
U Ugly
U Ugly 16 days ago
*skye was in the background like ahhhh*
Raj Williams
Raj Williams 16 days ago
I lost count on how many times donna got fired.... love that girl
Kayloni Adolphus
Kayloni Adolphus 17 days ago
Caesar been wanting to fight Alex!!! Now that lawsuit coming I bet he calm down
Kayloni Adolphus
Kayloni Adolphus 17 days ago
She punch the drink off of her.! Boom Pow👊💥💤
Austine Atogo
Austine Atogo 17 days ago
So they always gotta start an episode with fights and finish em with punk apologies...tf!
The real Kayla
The real Kayla 17 days ago
Teddy gone come from behind and Alex trying to focus on Cesar big head self. (They wrong for jumping him)
hausofroxx 17 days ago
Alex messed up when he didn't beat Ceez ass at the shop that same night he disrespected Donna like that! Alex made a huge mistake by saying that beef is between Ceaser & Donna! You are so wrong! That is your woman! You are supposed to protect her! I'm tired of Donna having to constantly have to defend herself & beat up Teddy cause Alex can't defend himself! 😂😂😂
hausofroxx 17 days ago
Sky got issues but she fiyyaaa when she get mad! I'm like, "Yasss betcchhhh, tell 'em!!"
hausofroxx 17 days ago
I'm tired of Donna 😂🤣🤣 She's too privileged! 🙄
Nirobiscloset 17 days ago
They did Jada & Alex so wrong, wow!!!
King beat Hhh
King beat Hhh 18 days ago
What did the craw fish do ?
Rikado Jean-Jacques
Donna just showed her True Colors.
Maliek Howard
Maliek Howard 18 days ago
So where did Donna Mush Cease? I rewinded the video 20 times and saw her point a finger in his face and call him stupid. Cease fam stay off the coke
Podesta is Moloch
Podesta is Moloch 18 days ago
he looks like a mix of eddy griffin and some arbitrary bald dude
Nazell Lumpkin
Nazell Lumpkin 19 days ago
I bet if was a 1v1 fight between alex and cease or teddy and alex it woulda prolly been a tie
Jay Jay10
Jay Jay10 19 days ago
Why does ceaser always have to fight Alex when he dont say nothing alex sur him
BH_Sac 916
BH_Sac 916 19 days ago
teddy the man stood there for ceaser for everything that happen
Tyler Jacobs
Tyler Jacobs 19 days ago
Cease was mad whack for what this night really be doin the most (.)
Cori Saunders
Cori Saunders 19 days ago
Ceaser sucks as a boss he really don't know how to run a business
Mary Ann Davis
Mary Ann Davis 20 days ago
I love Skye she's a strong sister
Angel Long
Angel Long 20 days ago
All they do is party on this show you never see them tattoo 😂
funny videos show
funny videos show 20 days ago
I'm hungry 😣 and he does that to that food 🤤😫
lmao i fucking hate my life
Janiyah B
Janiyah B 20 days ago
The name of this show should be called the fight crew instead of Black Ink Crew
Demondtae Linton
Demondtae Linton 21 day ago
I wish they could talk to one another like they talk in the confessional! They make valid points!
Janelle Ductom
Janelle Ductom 20 days ago
They dont be thinkin of it yet
Ms Chrissie
Ms Chrissie 21 day ago
I can do Dona but I’m over Jada smh
China S
China S 21 day ago
People, meet magazine is worthless! He degrades women to pay his rent, he speak poorly of women who dont show enough for his blog. He is a sexist pig!
Haneen Abdu
Haneen Abdu 21 day ago
I'm feeling sad for the crawfish they had nothing to do with that like damn that's good food you're waisting
Lolzcats 21 day ago
sky is such a mood
lamlia froisoa
lamlia froisoa 21 day ago
Waw that like why ceser keep saying that hes the boss he is but he keep fireing every body
Ma'kayla Gaines
Ma'kayla Gaines 22 days ago
Uh I think Bae , teddy, Walter and kitty and sky probably still there but idk bc C do the most🤦🏽‍♀️😩
Lakeisah Hodges
Lakeisah Hodges 22 days ago
teeddy need to stop siting on the couch so STOP
Joelle Santos
Joelle Santos 22 days ago
Okay........ Who peeped Sky’s HORRIBLY LAIDT WIG AT 20:58?? 🤮🤣 a whole mess
jamila merriweather
no comment
Kathlin Jackson
Kathlin Jackson 22 days ago
Jada looks so much like Teyana Taylor but she no Teyana
STAY OFF MY EMAIL 22 days ago
I'm tryna be like Donna "You know you hired me back" :D
Sh ne
Sh ne 23 days ago
This show gay asf
t Smitty
t Smitty 23 days ago
I’m ready for a Donna compilation
WolflifeMG 23 days ago
Zeldeus 23 days ago
This why west coast the best coast
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 23 days ago
KxngCorrupt 23 days ago
the crawfish thoo..... r.i.p.
Slayslay Gang
Slayslay Gang 23 days ago
Don’t let DDg see this
Jamir Cliff
Jamir Cliff 23 days ago
Ted u a whole punk u snuck Alex like u could have been a real man and ran up from da front and Ceasar u shouldn’t have popped off on him like dat he hasn’t said or done anything to u
Courtney Harrison
Courtney Harrison 23 days ago
Geminians from Black Ink tattoo parlor are nnnnnnnnnnnnnnuts!!!!! Lmao!!!!!!!!!!
Courtney Harrison
Courtney Harrison 24 days ago
I like Cease, Ted and Sky, but Donna, Alex, Walt, Melody, Bar and others are better than them!!!!
Cool Girl 123
Cool Girl 123 24 days ago
Who else hates Teddy for trying her
Veronica Cooper
Veronica Cooper 24 days ago
Cease irks my nerves
haiti don
haiti don 24 days ago
Drugs is what most of them are on . No emotional control
Alicia  Watson
Alicia Watson 24 days ago
Nothing but disrespect!!!!!
Shirley Richardson
Shirley Richardson 24 days ago
Alex has a very good case against Cesar and Teddy, and it's all on tape.
Alicia Mutheu
Alicia Mutheu 24 days ago
Aii Ceaser you need lip balm. Ukweli
Lil CobraVevo
Lil CobraVevo 24 days ago
I kill fool and his gf
ForeverAni Beaulieu
Someone always getting fired and when they do it’s for fighting and petty stuff not normal things like being late a lot or calling off a lot😂🤣🤪
Imani Wilson
Imani Wilson 24 days ago
Teddy and Caesar wack
TARADARKNICE :P 24 days ago
21:29 Whenever a woman take off her weave, she's being deadass real with you.
starr bright
starr bright 24 days ago
Why Jada doin the most?
Brandon Turner
Brandon Turner 24 days ago
My kids mom was like that all crazy and dramatic I was so happy when I left her along at peace now 😂😢
Cherry Purrp
Cherry Purrp 25 days ago
He fire so much is starting to look like celebrity apprentice
thegolden807 25 days ago
Teddy tried too sneak him & missed plus lost the fight & got jumped himself major L hold it
N Daniels
N Daniels 25 days ago
Cease knock down donna lol
jonjon 25 days ago
Teddy a real friend for punching Alex before Cesar, I want my boy to get first hit, just to see who really got my back 😁
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