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White and Red Flag: Disappears for January without a trace, comes back in February expecting you to pretend nothing happened.
Is She Into You: goo.gl/JxDXUN
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Feb 6, 2017




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Comments 4 361
Preacher Blackout
Preacher Blackout 4 hours ago
Ugh, why do the endings always suck
Ben Tattersfield
Ben Tattersfield 2 days ago
These videos are worryingly similar to aspergers and autism videos lol
TerribleTonyShow 3 days ago
3:30 Casually Explained: "They're under 18" Me: "Unless you're into that" Chris Hansen: "Hi, i'm with Dateline NBC"
ActionJackson 15
ActionJackson 15 3 days ago
At first I thought he was going to talk about commies
CoolCatGamez 3 days ago
What if I’M in high school?
water flavored ice cream
2:03 sweet home alabama
Silly Smart
Silly Smart 4 days ago
2:05 my parents have the same last name but then again it’s a popular last name in the country they’re from My mom said “imagine I decided not to take your dad’s name” Me: “u would still be silly’s mom smart” She then said “what if I partically took the name?” she would be silly’s mom smart smart which would be weird but show that she’s smart
Racool 5 days ago
It’s ok to be into girls under 18, as long as you are too
Wuppler 5 days ago
I use internet explorer for my porn, just extra precautions
Khitboksy? 5 days ago
Okay, is this a political flag video or a dating advice video
Paul 5 days ago
I’m attracted to high school girls what’s wrong with that
Myrmid0n_ 6 days ago
If they have big ussr, china or vietnam flags on their walls, that's a few red flags
Hurricanes Fan 66
I have a hard time talking about some things in my past. Not all of it. It’s hard to bring up how u were sexually assaulted at 15. And I’m a guy. It doesn’t go down well.
Marco Abel
Marco Abel 6 days ago
3:26 unless your into that
Tim Trial
Tim Trial 6 days ago
I definitely didn't call back a woman who went into too much detail about how awful her ex is. She asked me if I smoked weed because her ex did etc etc
TheMatissV 6 days ago
I can't BELIEVE how many views this guys gets for how little work his videos are. I mean, I'm still gonna watch every vid I find, but like, still: wow.
Greater Danemark
Greater Danemark 6 days ago
They’re usually pretty red and flappy like. Tend to flap about when it’s windy.
The Grammar Crusader
Well I mean the Canadian flag has red in it so being Canadian is a clear Red Flag.
Mr. 2 minutes
Mr. 2 minutes 7 days ago
i find a lot of ppl here like to deal with mid to high tier red flag, with stripper if they had muneh.. even if they've married married man with widow married woman with boner dude boner teenager who literally eat anything from 14yo to old grandma who sell her pussy for 3-5 bucks. pregnant woman prostitution. (i know just 1 from news) even orangutan prostitution can profit here its wild, very fuckedup
Glitchy Squid
Glitchy Squid 8 days ago
One huge red flag: When you don't understand something and they respond with, "That's easy" in a condescending tone. They're either so stupid that they can't grasp the complexity of the issue, or their arrogance is so massive that they belittle you.
Dwarfbomb 8 days ago
Oblivianna aa
Oblivianna aa 8 days ago
Date anyone they want: “coughs”
Raina Sikdar
Raina Sikdar 8 days ago
Excuse mmeme: I’m a Canadian wahmen & I DONT USE INTERNET explorer, I USE CHROME But every else you said was true so ...imma just cri in a corner
javierortiz82 8 days ago
that's also the flag of Perú.
All About April
All About April 8 days ago
Requirements: Be able to stand me Results: 0
Ryan Torrie
Ryan Torrie 8 days ago
I’ll take my price water clearing house check...
Bentley Faulkner
Bentley Faulkner 8 days ago
“8 inches”
mr schneider
mr schneider 9 days ago
“oh my god casually explained, tell me again about how many subscribers you have”
pavanatanaya 9 days ago
Red flag number one: She found me interesting...
Me AndMeToo
Me AndMeToo 9 days ago
3:30 hey it's 15 where I live.
Random Aussie
Random Aussie 9 days ago
I’m 11
Wali Hamid
Wali Hamid 9 days ago
“A great way to get rid of that is to talk to one of them”. Lol
Tim Evans
Tim Evans 9 days ago
I honestly lost it at the minesweeper reference
Lurker 9 days ago
3:27 *Laughs in also under 18*
I need a new name
Am I the only one that thought This video was going to be about red colored flags
Joshua Weaver
Joshua Weaver 9 days ago
A number I don't know sent this video to me... now I'm kinda wondering who decided I'm a terrible person and if I should be offended/depressed/rethinking my life.
Juan Solalinde
Juan Solalinde 9 days ago
2:37 Best Son ¨2nd^^
History is Intresting
when i clicked on this i legit thought we were gonna learn about communism
Karis Coyne
Karis Coyne 9 days ago
'literally in the middle of signing divorce papers and trawling okCupid for some reason' got me on the last go around
Micheal eisenhower
2:57 8 inches👀
Unexpected Meme
Unexpected Meme 9 days ago
Hey guess who's crush list is only made out of girls that perfectly fit the given criteria? :')
e 10 days ago
I thought being eager to share your past when you meet a new person is a red flag
Mik Miku
Mik Miku 10 days ago
0:25 Peru in the middle of the flags xD
Alyssa Gamberella
Alyssa Gamberella 10 days ago
How is being a stripper a red flag?
Rusty R3volva
Rusty R3volva 10 days ago
Some of this stuff sounds like my ex.
endeyfire 10 days ago
is it a red flag if i like you?
Gojilynx 10 days ago
Pro tip: self deprecating humor is most of the time not funny if not done right, if your chill about it and don’t try to make them feel bad then that’s ok. Don’t constantly say it and find creative ways to say it whilst still tying into your conversation. Essentially don’t say things bland like: “I’m dumb” or “I’m super dumb” say it like the top comments on these relationship advice videos
KokaKolaKan 10 days ago
Seinfield and Paul Walker married high schoolers and they turned out fine.
Størm Crimson
Størm Crimson 10 days ago
fuck now I can't share this
Travels of fastjet
Travels of fastjet 10 days ago
Unless your also under 18
The Man Who Has Come To clean your rectum
God I should have followed these
kayla swanson
kayla swanson 11 days ago
_if it can be explained by, “oh I’m Canadian” than it’s probably in this category._
Megu 12 days ago
yeah but if I have one of these how do I fix it tho
Kitten Charley
Kitten Charley 12 days ago
My whole life is the red and white flag.
Nihilist Prophet
Nihilist Prophet 12 days ago
lol you can hear him clicking the record button
joshmltn 13 days ago
*8 inches*
Dude Yeah
Dude Yeah 13 days ago
That's why you can't date communist women. All they do is push red flags in your face...
Master of Casets
Master of Casets 13 days ago
I thought this was going to be a video talking about the different variations of flags over time.
Stella Marie
Stella Marie 13 days ago
You said you dont like their friends, but another huge red flag is that they dont like your friends
Rageanator 13 days ago
Or your a commie
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