Casually Explained: Is She Into You?

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Based on a true story. Dedicated to Jimmy. Unrelated.
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Mar 29, 2016




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Comments 13 923
Taseric Hour ago
I like how the first example is literally just "She looked at you, She wants to smash"
meme-sama! Hour ago
I love this guy. For all these years why did i discovered this channel
Zero Two
Zero Two 9 hours ago
If you have to watch videos she is most likely not into you
DrCREEPYFRI 12 hours ago
What if we get married
Daniel He
Daniel He 12 hours ago
Only answer I've ever found to this question was no.
I liek mudkipz
I liek mudkipz 14 hours ago
Wow, good thing im gay. This seems like it sucks.
Landon Thielen
Landon Thielen 21 hour ago
ykno what? i actually like this channel.
Goat Man
Goat Man Day ago
Answer: probably not
BrickGodz Day ago
Is she into me? *ahem* No
Benjamin Harris
Watched this this morning and my crush asked me out, is she into me?
Joao Renato Bail
Can't tell if my girlfriend still loves me
bibbi di boppidi moo
Watching this so I know if I'm into him (cause I'm dumb asf) Verdict: I'm really fucking dumb, just finished watching the damn video.
Finn Cuddihy
Finn Cuddihy Day ago
Guys I need help I’ve been married to this girl for like three years now and I’m not sure if she’s into me of just Canadian what should I do ??
Jello Day ago
Girl says she isn't into you, That's the only sign she is into you.
Talon Hayes
Talon Hayes 2 days ago
Yeah so this 19 year old follows me around late on our shifts and makes flirty small-talk with that innocent-sounding voice. She's says she has a boyfriend, but then goes to ask if she can hang out with me at 9:30pm, after our shifts. I really can't tell if she's into me, I mean she's probably just bored at work when there's no customers...
Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris 2 days ago
What about if your me and don’t go anywhere and I’m fat and I’m ugly and have no social life
ShuaTheGreat 2 days ago
Thank you good sir. I will keep keen eyes for potential signs.
irongollum 88
irongollum 88 2 days ago
"Now she's happily married to you with 3 kids. Is she into you" you know I just really dont know
GFC Moto
GFC Moto 2 days ago
Why is this me described perfectly.
The Domix
The Domix 2 days ago
i feel enlightened
XSAoRAD 2 days ago
*She gets your name tattooed on her.* Is she into you? ( C ) You really can't tell, maybe the tattoo artists misspelt "Live Laugh Love"
Akash Banari
Akash Banari 3 days ago
funny as FUCK
Vixiius 3 days ago
Vicmar Toro
Vicmar Toro 3 days ago
I’m a girl and none of these apply for me...
Mateusz Małolepszy
I'd actually choose finishing Wall-E over best sex in the world.
Conor 3 days ago
Some girl asked me to go to Spain with her, just to know me, apparently, still, can't really tell with this one
Leyan Wang
Leyan Wang 3 days ago
I need help,ANYONE I have a crush on a boy from a grade above me. and i dont think he even knows my name, but we talk sometimes. next year, he's gonna be in a completely different part of the school... i need help, cuz idk what to do. im DESPERATE
XSAoRAD 2 days ago
Ask him if he wants to watch Wall-e on Netflix with you
MCA MasterChip
MCA MasterChip 4 days ago
I wonder how hard it would have been to not laugh during recording?
Sarthak V
Sarthak V 4 days ago
It's so much explained in such a small video, thanks Man.
RekkaKien3 4 days ago
Is she into me? "Aw man, aw jeez, I don't know Rick".
Your friendly Neighborhood punk
Girl: i like you ... IS SHE INTO YOU (C) Can't tell
Wasted Bruh
Wasted Bruh 5 days ago
I laughed out loud
Emeraldeater 5 days ago
1:58 nothing is better than watching wall-E
Peykin 5 days ago
*can’t tell*
MelficeN7 5 days ago
No she's not, you're ugly.
Hi What is up.
Hi What is up. 5 days ago
Rowing machine! You peasant it’s called a ergometer
XSAoRAD 2 days ago
She's really not into you
Vince Wood
Vince Wood 5 days ago
What about when you get your hands in the wood lathe and it ends up with a double open fracture to your left hand and after several hours in the block the adrenaline and anesthesia wears off at two A.M and you suddently feels all the pain of you crushed bones and the 4 stainless steel wires that the doctors stuck into your hand to keep your fingers together so you get into your roommate's bed to get comfort and she cuddles you and caresses your chest?
Toilet master
Toilet master 5 days ago
DARIUS MARK 5 days ago
shinn 6 days ago
Man USvid giving me some kind of sign by recommeding me this vids lmao
Chris pineapple
Chris pineapple 6 days ago
Fuck off man I have no life and watching this at 4 AM and am so sad because of this crap
Surycc 6 days ago
"Ok so lets say USvid Algorithm just wanted 2 minutes and 31 seconds of your life"
Slavic Mapper
Slavic Mapper 6 days ago
I live in Canada and I can assure you that's what happens. (I'm from Russia.)
jj jj
jj jj 6 days ago
Makes sense
Henry 6 days ago
This is fucking god tier bait.
Piotr Dabrowski
Piotr Dabrowski 6 days ago
I am laughing but still can't really tell if it was funny or not
Rubber Toe
Rubber Toe 6 days ago
The simple answer is no
Garolys The Great
So you and your wife have been married for 40 years and you have always been there for eachother. Every night you two go to bed she tells you she loves you. Is she into you? Can't tell
Arnaud J.
Arnaud J. 6 days ago
*She texts you every night before sleeping sayin "I really want you in my bed every night of my life" (with love emojis)* Is she into you ? Again, you can't really tell.
Pankaj Thapa
Pankaj Thapa 7 days ago
She could have married and have kids with you but the chances that she isn't into you for real, Guess the country -
Grey Skelton
Grey Skelton 7 days ago
So we're not gonna comment on a bar that's actually named "LOWER, THE BAR" ??
Your FBI Agent
Your FBI Agent 7 days ago
Is she into me? No. No she’s not. She has standards.
The Ram
The Ram 7 days ago
So many years old and i still love watching
Again you can't tell
llOPPOTATOll 7 days ago
If you have to ask the answer is no
King Atch38
King Atch38 7 days ago
I thought the entire video was just gonna be, in big bold letters. NO!
silver Lyder
silver Lyder 7 days ago
😂 😂 😂 im dying nice bro
Tappy 7 days ago
I’m moving to Canada
loranel brown
loranel brown 7 days ago
Check out mine usvid.net/video/video-kylthJWJps0.html
Pokey Schmeezy
Pokey Schmeezy 7 days ago
Honestly I laugh so hard at the end. I have not laughed like that in MONTHS! I’m not sad anymore
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