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Out here forgetting how to make videos, unsure of if I stole Jimmy's quote off of him, my own tweet, or someone else, and also just generally being envious of people with driver's licenses. It's also Jan's birthday tomorrow so say hbd but it didn't make it into the pictures because I drew them 2 days ago.
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Oct 4, 2019




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Comments 4 544
Phos4us 13 hours ago
Ive never had a "enjoy your meal, you too" mishap because I just say "yup". Works no matter what they said.
Railfanatic 13 hours ago
As a subaru forester guy, I am morbidly offended
Asmodean Day ago
Girl: come, I am alone. Me: Aren’t we all?
Asmodean Day ago
Girl: come, I am alone. Me: Aren’t we all?
dan110024 Day ago
I'm calling it... You're actually cat3memes and this is your side hustle
yyc.llamaz Day ago
0:48 is this why you made the cycling video
Sewakhile V Mthethwa
6:46 trying to figure out which lego piece tastes best... you think to yourself, "poor thing must have been vaccinated..."
Mercutio Futrell
"my legs are fucking massive so check yourself" lmfao got'emmmmmm
meme Day ago
0:48 that's the kind of dude that tells exotic car drivers that "my car uses less gas though"
Murilo Kleine
Waiting for the elevator, no cellphone in the pocket. Girl: This neighbor's lion door knocker is so cute, isn't it? Me: Uhh... yeah... it's kind of useless nowadays, tho, right?... Girl: ... yeah... Me: Uhhh... We-were you already living here when they changed the door? It had this raw wood strong smell, pretty nasty... Girl giving me weird look: ... uhh, no, I wasn't.. but.. uhh... yeah, wood can smell I guess... uhhh.. the door knocker is really charming, tho... Me: Hmm... yeah, I just don't see why anyone would use i... bu- but, it's really cute, yeah. Girl nodding: uhum... Me: ... **What the fuck is wrong with me!?**
Elliot Smith
Elliot Smith 2 days ago
Drops friend off at house: Them: drive home safe Me: you too
michael A.K.A ya boi
Instuctions unclear: killed half a million deer
Hozay 2 days ago
Me: Skipped social hangout to be in my room and watch USvid Recommendations: You god damn shut-in Hispanic My self-esteem: Gosh, I am not so interesting... Me knowing we're going to die eventually: I should really go out and talk to people. Fuck it. Procrastination: Maybe tomorrow. I have homework, but maybe next year.
David Farrell
David Farrell 2 days ago
I use the old 1000 yard stare method to break up an unwanted conversation works everytime
5Gonza5 2 days ago
You really do have a thing with Koreans don’t you 😆 lol
5Gonza5 2 days ago
6:06 “That’s why the Americans should have left in 1953” Holy shit lmao
John Morax
John Morax 3 days ago
Do people really need to watch a video about how to have a normal conversation?
David 3 days ago
Oh shit you are a cyclist
grit1 3 days ago
Server: "Have a good dinner!" Me: *"Y-you too"*
Christoph13131 3 days ago
I'm upset that you trick me into learning useful information with these funny videos.
Odysseus Borindok
The best way to live life, is to do things to amuse yourself on a whim, and to be indifferent towards matters that don't involve you. If I was in an elevator with a random person, I'd just ignore them, or say something completely random like "I heard gunshots outside our apartment last night. I wonder who died." Then I leave immediately after.
SharksShade 3 days ago
I started attending Toastmasters 3 weeks ago, and this video personally attacked me. Pretty accurate, though.
jude 2
jude 2 3 days ago
this episode was extra good
Coffee Jack
Coffee Jack 4 days ago
If you're a grown ass person that is not a neckbeard/chav/slob/wierd ..etc. And you ask me if i play minecraft, we're already friends bro. My 24 yo ass built an underwater base bitch, my new friends said it looked cool.
ethan philpot
ethan philpot 4 days ago
Fuck, I was coming here expecting deadpan memes and shitty drawings, not _surprisingly legitimate and good advice_
Eileen Plett
Eileen Plett 4 days ago
DID your mom Jan watch this video?
Sumatchi 4 days ago
Thanks for the Twitch Prime
Totally Bethany
Totally Bethany 4 days ago
This man deserves a medal. I can’t imagine how much effort it takes to come up with these jokes.
Jesus Staccato
Jesus Staccato 4 days ago
The word "cynical" comes from the Greek kynikos, meaning "dog-like". We should all be more cynical. We should all be good boys.
I think the "it's not as fast as my car" bit is probably him wanting to run you over, I hope that's not it because I love you... but ehhh
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato 5 days ago
"put a hand on their thigh" "no homo" brilliant
apocalyptic Shiloh
How to extract human dna with out being wierd? Its for a friend. And im a loner. over that friend house .im also homelessness. And no job .sombody let me borrow there phone once.ok my name is David famous. by that i mean i am not dating karen out of spite mom.and yes , i karen.
JKerman511 5 days ago
Okay when you mentioned being someone's therapist, I know I'm gonna rewatch this a lot lol
Chris Fox
Chris Fox 5 days ago
ultrat98 5 days ago
Wait a girl remembered the first time she met me Is she into me?
Alexander Craven
Alexander Craven 5 days ago
Mission is...... is fail Can the not talk
TwilightWolf01 5 days ago
We own 3 Subaru Foresters My husband was insulted at first then was like "well, the people that fit the stereotype are like that"
Zen Mate
Zen Mate 5 days ago
Ozzy man should review your videos.
ATF Anti-Dog Specialist
This really helped me feel more like a human bean.
ThoseLiveGuys 6 days ago
Person: Hi Everyone: Sorry I don't have any money
Dustins Mullins
Dustins Mullins 6 days ago
Me: “How’s it going” Them: “Not much you?” Me: “Pretty good” How a convo I recently had went
Hi im Iny
Hi im Iny 6 days ago
You call your mom by her first name????
MoyaSquidy 6 days ago
2:07 I'm somehow both.
rollsay 6 days ago
This video is *my age* years late
Lego clone Trooper
“Hey how are you” Me: yes
You: The Virgin Golden Retriever Puppy: The Chad
CE: *Sees someone* " How can I make this persons day better?" Me: *Sees someone going about their own business* "I'm 'bout to end this man's whole career"
Wait...In Drive, didn't the Driver beat the other guy to a bloody pulp???
Daniel GN
Daniel GN 7 days ago
Me: _enters a store_ Cashier: "Welcome" Me: "You too"
FedEx SmartPost
FedEx SmartPost 7 days ago
real human bean
Aesop Wolf
Aesop Wolf 7 days ago
Is everyone in this Community a oblivion npc or what?
Jackson McAvoy
Jackson McAvoy 7 days ago
Me: "Hi, how are you?" Them: "Good, how are you?" Me: "Great, how are you?"
Smoking Beacon
Smoking Beacon 7 days ago
Me: How's it going? Other person: Good Me: No, me neither
Victor Vaughn
Victor Vaughn 7 days ago
No Homo
Rogerina 7 days ago
"Happy birthday!" *"You too"*
DragonSheep 7 days ago
So you're telling me to buy a fursuit?
stillFLiP 7 days ago
Does your mom play TF2?
- Fluff!e -
- Fluff!e - 7 days ago
My friend: “Hey, do you like cats or dogs better?” Me: _yes_
Juliana Tovar
Juliana Tovar 7 days ago
The fact that nobody gives a damn about you is terrifying when you’re young and increasingly liberating as you get older
Maisie Jodoin
Maisie Jodoin 7 days ago
Girl: “My cat died last night” Me: “oh... fun”
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