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the weakest of wills require the strongest of hearts. Thank you Sam for big leg joke that I stole without asking.
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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 4 102
Steve Tate
Steve Tate 45 minutes ago
Average college teen | \/ . _ .
M M Hour ago
This was a trap it makes me want to be healthy
M M Hour ago
Wait I actually learned something from this
VERY FAKE NEWS 2 hours ago
I eat apple. Then burger.... I fucking win
Deepika Morpheus
Deepika Morpheus 6 hours ago
Omgosh thanks to Reddit clues I think I finally found Casually explained on FB 😂
Ae Norist
Ae Norist 7 hours ago
Its funny, carnivorous (i.e. fat and protein) is labled good for athritis and shit, when those things have been proven to mostly stem from protein overintake ... so yea, slight mislabeling (or nonsense) there. Funny video tho :D
Kedriyn Yumul
Kedriyn Yumul 8 hours ago
The blueberry part 😂😂😂
Kainè 10 hours ago
I tought this was a guitar hero video
Toenew 11 hours ago
You just earned a sub
Toenew 11 hours ago
You just earned a sub
brandontalbort 11 hours ago
great info! Very informative!
Sam G
Sam G 11 hours ago
Total crap, such ignorance. Not all talk about raw foods being healthy is a myth, ya dumb guy. Raw vegetable juices are actually healthy and neutralize toxins in the blood and body. Nothing wrong with that. There are also great benefits to getting extra vitamins from raw foods, including raw eggs, avocados and raw meat. This guy doesn't know shit.
Richard Rousseau
Richard Rousseau 11 hours ago
You just made a political spectrum of diets without realizing it.
azhar shaikh
azhar shaikh 11 hours ago
Your voice tone is the cherry on the cake
Kedar Bell
Kedar Bell 12 hours ago
We need that Sonic shirt
SS 13 hours ago
Stopped watching as soon as he dropped the "calories in = calories out" dogma... Lmao... Do people still believe that? This dude obviously hasn't read a nutrition book since the 80s...
Cosmonauteable 14 hours ago
Brah veganism is not sustainable. Stop perpetuating stupid shit. None of this is sustainable, it's all finite resources, we're gonna all die unless we explore space. Put this shit in your tiny minds and stop squabbling about food.
efr0y 16 hours ago
oh i never eat breakfast man
ROHIT Khaitan
ROHIT Khaitan 17 hours ago
The most useless video of the day 😒
J T 17 hours ago
You are hilarious
Dave Ridlespriger 2
Dave Ridlespriger 2 18 hours ago
Yall knew what all of yall were doing while all of yall were doing I can prove it ,its called a scale.
Ibrahim Shakil
Ibrahim Shakil 19 hours ago
Bashes nutritional myths for lack of evidence. At the same time proceeds to making big claims without any proof. Bravo.
FP 9088
FP 9088 20 hours ago
Where are the sources that you used for all of these proven information?
Prosercunus 21 hour ago
I was on Keto since late last year. Lost 60 pounds. Glad I did it but back to a normal calorie based diet because Keto is just simply not sustainable for me in the long term but it did get me to a healthy weight where I don't sweat watching USvid videos. Not implying I couldn't do it with any other diet but it was just simple at the time.
Edin K
Edin K 22 hours ago
Love the “Thick Solid Tight” on the guy’s tank top. Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakn' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.
Madison 23 hours ago
Okay soooo can I use the blueberry trick or no?
Izabella Pardinho
You're so funny
Andrea Ruiz
Andrea Ruiz Day ago
usvid.net/video/video-uan3Aj0bHKc.html Extremely limiting in terms of food choice? I beg to differ. Yes, there are some food types that are not included in Keto, but if you can cook then you can make lots of replacements, such as for bread, pastries and pasta, to name a few. You can also learn to live without things that cannot be replaced, such as potato. Of course, if you have certain allergies or food intolerance, then it will be limiting, but in those cases food choice is limited anyway, no matter what style of eating you may follow. I've done both Keto and intermitent fasting, with moderate exercise, and I can tell it helped me feel better, physically and mentally, and I didn't get cravings nor wasn't left hungry. I don't follow it full time because, unlike many people on Keto, I don't have any illnesses that require me to eat that way, but after some time allowing myself to eat more carbs (bread and pasta, mostly) than when I'm on Keto, I can tell the difference and I do feel unhealthy.
David Kelly
David Kelly Day ago
Wow this was suprisingly insightful 😂
Kirby Weldon
Kirby Weldon Day ago
This.... was actually a very complete and valid overview.
Alyssa Black
Alyssa Black Day ago
This would be a great introduction in a year 9 health class
Gooman15 Day ago
Rishita Kaku
Rishita Kaku Day ago
its like... white people dont KNOW what to do with vegetables...
Chris Sahagun
Yo where’s your pizzagate vid
N Moon
N Moon Day ago
I lost it when the sensu bean came up lol
LeCheez Day ago
As long as you do your uppercuts at the gym you should become a beast in no time.
Pedro Castro
Pedro Castro Day ago
How do you consider a Vegan diet sustainable but then say a carnivorous (animal based diet) is unsustainable? Vegan diet lacks proper nutrition due to scarcity and lack of conversion/absorption of some essential vitamins to the body. At least on a carnivore based diet you have true super foods such as brain, liver, heart, kidneys, broths etc. No plant based foods even have close the nutrition in forms we can utilize than those foods (also full of anti-nutrients if prepared improperly). You’ve lost a lot of credibility with me after that one.
yousif elfadli
*orders blueberries*
Blackberry101 Gachagaming
*gets KFC ad*
Your Highness
Jack Day ago
Well, the breakfast is self explanatory. A lot of things occur in our sleep and we need fuel to feed our body nutrients to even get the day started. A LOT of things occur in our sleep. Don't skip breakfast.
Jessie Elizabeth Fleming
Are...are you the you suck at cooking guy too?!
Marcus Ottavio Georgi Mancini
I lost 20 kg from January until now by changing the way I eat (no strict diet) and by moving closer to my job. First I started walking to my office (6km) and now I go with my bike.
Eric Gauthier
Totally Not a FanficReader
I got a sports add after this video....I never exercise
rtgr Day ago
I’m now eating a pizza for breakfast
Henrik Gostomski
please don't tell anyone carnivorous diets are good for anything
I’ve seen a man take a shot of vodka and an edible from a stranger and lectured me about how salt on your popcorn isn’t good for you.
Ja Nej
Ja Nej Day ago
Got a commercial for ice cream on your video funnily enough.
Badar Shinan
Badar Shinan Day ago
i belive you
Preston Mcgill
Preston Mcgill 2 days ago
Not gonna lie that chicken sandwich at the start looked bomb af
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