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the weakest of wills require the strongest of hearts. Thank you Sam for big leg joke that I stole without asking.
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Jul 8, 2019




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Sid Chainani
Sid Chainani 8 hours ago
Right before this, I had an ad for a bakery play out. What are you implying, USvid?
Caleb Hultquist
Caleb Hultquist 13 hours ago
I don't eat breakfast
• Little Llama •
I skip breakfast every day and we have to do this meal plan for my French class and I just say “je ne mange pas”
Flicky32 Day ago
Didn't even talk about cis and trans fats :(
The Fifth Jax
Green and yellow banana thing was from Sam onella
Marleigh Day ago
Even if you don’t eat “breakfast”, the first meal you eat after you wake up is what will *break* the *fast* from fasting during sleep.
Danceyouwolf AJ
Hi I eat lots of bread and I don't do anything. I weigh 90 pounds
IMMA BIRD 2 days ago
Yo apples are so fuckin good cuz they're healthy and fuckin tasty as fuck
Master of Bagels
Master of Bagels 3 days ago
Im veggiterian and my mom is on keto
Austin 3 days ago
i skip breakfast and have my whole life unless you cook me something good otherwise i'll just be half asleep going to wherever i need to go
Zachary Christiansen
Your One Punch Man joke was perfect.
Ladan Abdi
Ladan Abdi 4 days ago
Perhaps If I eat billions of protein items, I will be able to regenerate entire limbs like a salamander.
Nic 4 days ago
So it appears that the more he cares about a subject, the more educational and less comical a Casually Explained video is. It’s kind of just like real life.
J.B. Dazen
J.B. Dazen 4 days ago
NoScopeNineYearOld& Ohoimthemagic8ball
How do you know if somebody does crossfit? *They tell you h a h a h a*
[Syber] Peace-Makers
I love you hahaha. Always a pleasure watching your videos. Enjoy the rest of your day!
Queen Of Demons
Queen Of Demons 7 days ago
I’m sorry, could i get this in english?
I love KFC’s Zinger Stacker
Webis Tebis
Webis Tebis 10 days ago
the best diet is Lebanese. Good part o' everythin'
Makuin :v
Makuin :v 11 days ago
Comiendome un sándwich mientras veo esto
motorcyclesfish 11 days ago
Can you re-upload a version of this where you don't use imperial units?
alissa Williams
alissa Williams 11 days ago
Honestly? A few days ago I skipped breakfast and later on I had the WORST stomachache imaginable. I legit could not sleep, especially since my parents just threw a slice of bread and some pepto at me and called it a night when I told them I felt like I was dying. I legitimately wanted to kill myself. So yeah.....I guess for me it’s Important.
Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!
i'm coming back from eating a pack of fatty wurstels and i have to say... screw healthy, it's just in your mind 1) if you are fat you are fat, miraculous weight losses are possible only in rare cases and after a millennia of diet and working out 2) healthy doesn't mean anything at all, it's just less fat and aboundant 3) 99% of "facts" about food is BS 4) tasty foods have the undeniable benefit of beeing good for your psichological status 5) lean foods may make you dumb.... yeah.... i know... hard to swallow.... from now on :D 6) having a too much lean body makes you testy and a dickehead all around
Man Running
Man Running 13 days ago
1:55 *That's a Mood Bröther.*
Sickmmaner Plays
Sickmmaner Plays 13 days ago
7:03 "In other words, how strong is your bod, and how strong is your heart. And lungs." *DEEP BREATH*
Saim Shaikh
Saim Shaikh 13 days ago
I used to eat the Flintstones one when I was a kid!
Pawlo 16 days ago
How do you make your cereal motor oil first or cereal first
catlover67803 16 days ago
The part about "going to the gym for 7 years but only making 2 years of progress" hit me hard :(
Shadow, who games
Shadow, who games 18 days ago
Got an ad for keto cereal after the video
Fringe Wizard
Fringe Wizard 18 days ago
Your weight is basically controlled by your metabolism which is controlled by your thyroid glands which are influenced by everything from emotions, exercise, medications, toxins, and genetics. You want to make it "calories in, calories out" but it's simply not possible to simplify/dumb it down that much. It's like explaining depression as "a chemical imbalance in the brain". A NON-EXPLANATION!
Alicia Chan
Alicia Chan 20 days ago
I eat 5000-8000 calories a day... and my weight never going up
Alicia Chan
Alicia Chan 20 days ago
Tomáš Sabol
Tomáš Sabol 20 days ago
Allan Stewart
Allan Stewart 20 days ago
You fell into the common trap of assuming relatively fixed metabolic activity, when in fact it is know that your body will reduce its metabolic activity / increase its metabolic efficiency in response to a number of things like diet composition, personal habits, (epi)genetic factors, personal history and most importantly caloric intake. It is also important to note that while many things have been shown to permanently slow metabolism, few things have been shown to increase it long term.
Grace Duong
Grace Duong 20 days ago
The food pyramid is actually fake. There’s no scientific data to prove the basis of the pyramid. The recommendation was based off of food industries
RoketEngineer 21 day ago
That last pic tho.
Jose Escobar
Jose Escobar 21 day ago
theory:people say don't skip breakfast because you can only eat oatmeal during breakfast. Otherwise people think you're WEIRD!!! if they see you eat it any other time. but hey that's just a theory, a youtube comment theory and cut.
De sommets en sommets
I now want a pepperoni holster... you know for those 100 miles run ;)
Phos4us 22 days ago
If you become a vegetarian, you can get eaten by a T-Rex which I don't want to happen to me.
Cancer Weeping
Cancer Weeping 22 days ago
DOES THE BLUEBERRY THING WORK? I cant tell if this is a joke or not :
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