Casey Neistat Studio Tour!

Marques Brownlee
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What's in Casey Neistat's video studio!
Casey Neistat: usvid.net/u-CaseyNeistat
What's On: usvid.net/group/PLBsP89CPrMeN9Rq-uKFXoW-v-A3oySuHh
Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959
Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee

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Mar 25, 2017

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Comments 7 120
CaseyNeistat 2 years ago
not gonna make too big of a deal of it but at 2:25 that is NOT a 2x4 that's a 7" x 3/4' pine plank. also, in a totally not biased-in-any-way kinda way, this is def the best video you've ever made.
Ethan Wild
Ethan Wild Month ago
You should’ve labeled it
random person
random person Month ago
why so much surveillance?
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OneThreeFilms 2 months ago
gonna take a spot here so no one from the future can 😈
Johnnybuckbrush 2 months ago
* 7" x 3/4"
Axo S
Axo S 4 hours ago
i come from the future...sad fact:this studio is no more
U s R
U s R 9 hours ago
Bro i need DSLR PLEASE
The DLB Day ago
We're gonna miss this studio :((
bigtime 5 days ago
this boy has some dirty business running in the background obviously LL THOSE SURVEILLANCE CAMERA REMIND ME IN THE MOVIES WHEN THE HACKER RUNS BEFORE THE POLICE CATCH HIM.
Brick Toys
Brick Toys 12 days ago
But, how to keep the area clean from dust? I mean the wires area, camera rack and stuff.
HardTECH Indonesia
HardTECH Indonesia 17 days ago
I watched Casey videos before and decided that I didn't llike his videos style and his character in the videos. However, through this video I saw another Casey personalities that is more like myself, and honestly, I like it.
N.A. Fat
N.A. Fat 19 days ago
9:11 Ingmar Bergman Is Dead
Luke Santarc
Luke Santarc 22 days ago
now he’s losing some of it😢
BustedAJ 22 days ago
2:01 meanwhile Marques has a robot arm
kuro senpai
kuro senpai 23 days ago
Organized Chaos
Austin Hurst
Austin Hurst 23 days ago
I guess you never can have too many security cameras 🤷🏼‍♂️
Zander's Universe
Zander's Universe 24 days ago
So your telling me if someone breaks into their, they have pretty much all that at the ready?
fatheradrian 69
fatheradrian 69 28 days ago
mark ass brownie
Mannie Action Sports
Hope you don’t move out any time soon!
Mannie Action Sports
This looks awesome!!!
Bjamse 29 days ago
so, is casey into hacking? i saw a stikker for the wifi pineapple by hak5
TerpyPanda 710
TerpyPanda 710 Month ago
love the under desk handgun safe
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar Month ago
It literally shakes your ass! haha @6:45
WeShall 7
WeShall 7 Month ago
Weird!!! I didn't watch casey then and Marquez alot and now I avoid Marquez and alot of casey vlog consumption.
Sap Brahh
Sap Brahh Month ago
Damn I really want to have a studio or a workspace like Casey's 😍😍
epic person
epic person Month ago
since you moved to la can i have your aprtment NO ACTUALLY KEEP IT FOR LIKE A VACATION HOME
CuriousMax Month ago
liteoner Month ago
"Build over buy", he says after a shot of 10+ DSLR bodies
INTANLI Month ago
Linus need to be there!!
INTANLI Month ago
4:50 shades off
shalina Lokwal
shalina Lokwal Month ago
I need a DSLR camera Who will gift me??
Uzair Arshad
Uzair Arshad Month ago
I’d like to see his what his electricity bill is like
Talha Saleem
Talha Saleem Month ago
In recommendation after 2 years when Casey's leaving his studio
Adam Patrawala
Adam Patrawala Month ago
Amazzzzzzzing 🔥🔥🔥
rexel basanal
rexel basanal Month ago
wow i believe Casey neistat is an organized man
Disinf3ctant Month ago
It's organized but he's a damn hoarder lol. Dead drones? Really?
WinkBlower Month ago
Casey: I never delete any footage Me: I'm about to end this man whole career
random person
random person Month ago
why so much surveillance?
Satchmo Basquiat
How does Casey play The Godfather in loops?
if casey ever changed studios it would never be the same
Dude Dude
Dude Dude Month ago
It's "too expensive" Goes to a bunch of first class airlines that cost thousands
Cine 81
Cine 81 Month ago
Dbikekid Month ago
Difference between tidy and organised.
Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson Month ago
and now he’s gonna rip it all down and move away
Halfxue Month ago
why most creators edit video on macbooks?
Mora Azul
Mora Azul Month ago
WHD Art Month ago
wao. im from indonesia
Jay Norton
Jay Norton Month ago
Can we get an F for Casey's studio?
Peter Gašperan
Peter Gašperan Month ago
Perfect happiness right there
Vidit Deshpande
Vidit Deshpande 2 months ago
This shit is soo though to set up!!
Cyber Luka
Cyber Luka 2 months ago
am i the only one that saw pride flag?
firestonegraywolf 2 months ago
this dude entered the matrix
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar 2 months ago
Can't imagine his electricity bill !
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