Cardi B Throws Her Shoe At Asia & A Fight Breaks Out | Love & Hip Hop

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When Cardi B doesn’t receive a good enough explanation as to why Asia dislikes her, Cardi gets physical and throws her heel.
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Cardi B Throws Her Shoe At Asia & A Fight Breaks Out | Love & Hip Hop usvid.net/u-VH1


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Feb 24, 2017

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Comments 35 715
Caribbean princess
Caribbean princess 56 minutes ago
I have a question: "WHAT WAS THE REASON!" 🤣😜
Infinite Doll Stars
Ik you mad.
Maidjonda Jackeline
Cardinal b i love u,
laura gutierrez
laura gutierrez 2 hours ago
Games World
Games World 3 hours ago
i just love them, this couple are awesome..usvid.net/video/video-fnoePpy1yF8.html
Sky Topaum
Sky Topaum 4 hours ago
she diservd to be hit
RetroSZN 4 hours ago
Y her name asia but she african
Abi Jake
Abi Jake 4 hours ago
Check out Hanky Panky by virtue scripts
Paul Splitoff
Paul Splitoff 5 hours ago
Total IQ in the whole room 90.
Jasmine 5 hours ago
Mom: Where the hell have you been? Me: I- I just- it's because- Mom: WHY WERE YOU OUT Me: The reason was.. because I- um.. Mom: 1:25
Amelia Hernandez
Amelia Hernandez 6 hours ago
Incessuserro 6 hours ago
Black people-can't take 'em anywhere.
Smithaella Gabriel
Smithaella Gabriel 6 hours ago
Yo cardi got me cracking up 😂
Moses Faith
Moses Faith 7 hours ago
thats my girl cards b
AlsuMoon Allahverdijeva
Cardi b
Lokey Carter
Lokey Carter 8 hours ago
NOT good role models are good examples for our youth nor our world!! #OBEY
Nadia Denny Channel
Cardi squad?👏🏼
Reggie Barnes
Reggie Barnes 13 hours ago
Hahah lmao 1:24
Lil Kiwi
Lil Kiwi 13 hours ago
Host:The text.What was the reason??Cardi? Cardi:*throws shoe super quick at Asia * Me:SHE THREW THAT *Then hears the part she says u were saying halp me halp me*Me:THATS MY CARDI EOOOOOOWWW
Μαρία Χριστίνα Χιούσα
When Swift said "i worked with cardi b to make money" and she looked him....like.... Omg i can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂
Best Mashup
Best Mashup 14 hours ago
I don't want to bother her fans but what's wrong with her ! sometimes I feel like she's something y'know
//// 14 hours ago
Why tf is Cardi acting so fucking immature and disrespectful It’s so unattractive!
Amit P
Amit P 15 hours ago
Every talk show should be like this only...🤣🤣🤣
Mycia Isha
Mycia Isha 15 hours ago
I use to think this was funny but now it’s just sad 😞 Cardi is Crazy and a Bully ... painful to watch
Pravda Naut
Pravda Naut 15 hours ago
Cardi needs one of these girls to go upside her nasty ass head
John Smith
John Smith 17 hours ago
John Smith
John Smith 17 hours ago
cicy mathew
cicy mathew 17 hours ago
Actually wat is the problem
jason walle
jason walle 17 hours ago
i cant tell if she’s mad or just playin around
chelsea williams
chelsea williams 18 hours ago
0:02 when I see a roach...
Eternal Loser
Eternal Loser 18 hours ago
Eternal Loser
Eternal Loser 18 hours ago
Eek with a *SHREEK* wit a Yarn *YEET*
Laci Strong
Laci Strong 19 hours ago
So unclassy 🤦🏾‍♀️
Atlantis 19 hours ago
1:57 Lmao she's like, 'tf is happening to my show damn'
Atlantis 19 hours ago
Cardi is damn immature, god
Brooklyn Giles
Brooklyn Giles 19 hours ago
W H A T W A S T H E R E A S O N ?
Jordyn Delaware
Jordyn Delaware 20 hours ago
Pinnacle Memes
Pinnacle Memes 20 hours ago
that shoe throw should Be Cardi B's Mortal Kombat X-ray
Jordan Perrotti
Jordan Perrotti 21 hour ago
I can’t believe people actually take the time out of their days to sit down and watch stuff like this ...what a sad generation I’m apart of
BeautyGirl3 Makeup
BeautyGirl3 Makeup 21 hour ago
CARDI: WHAT WAS THE REASON B**** ASIA: that I judge you because you a f***** stripper
মইনুল আহমেদ
Someone should skin cardi alive
Serene And surrae
Serene And surrae 21 hour ago
Bully’s: There was a reason me: WHAT WAS THE REASON
MicahMazing 21 hour ago
Me: *checks box of cookies* WHO EAT MY COOKIES Bro: Me? Me: Why?? Bro: I have a reason Me: *WHAT WAS THE REASON* Bro: chil- Me: *WHAT WAS THE REASON* *WHAT WAS THE REASON* Bro: I WAS HUNGRY Me: *WHAT WAS THE REASON*
Lauren Da Cat
Lauren Da Cat 23 hours ago
Mom: “why aren’t the dishes done?” Me: umm... because I- Mom: 1:32
Gracee Nicholson
Gracee Nicholson 23 hours ago
Is here in 2019
yacielaprincess ofGod
deja who
deja who Day ago
Anybody still here in 2019?
AZbeauty seven
🤯🤣🤣💯💯..Only 4 real 4 real!!
Icex cold
Icex cold Day ago
Cardi was ready to fight Asia was like im just act to fight but i know that i was going to lose
sayoshi d'msp
lmfao its so funny i cant stop laughing XDDDD
Breanna Cioffi
I love Cardi.😂😂😂❤❤❤❤
Dria Griffin
Dria Griffin Day ago
Nobody Nobody at all Cardi:WHAT WAS THE REASON x4
First Asia. Then Nicki. Next, Offset’s side chick.
20% of the comments be like: Cardi’s so childish blah blah 80% of the comments be like: WHAT WAS THE REASON
Max Brown
Max Brown Day ago
the reason was she was jealous that her man liked card so she cheap shooted her by stripper shaming her
Queen Ari
Queen Ari Day ago
Cardi:what was the reason😠😠😠😠 Me:😂😂😂😂😂No more breathing
Natas lab
Natas lab Day ago
Bish😂 Cardi is ma queen❤😂😱
Khadijatou Ndimbalan
Chill cardi
Goofy Lama
Goofy Lama Day ago
Can someone explain to me the story behind this?
Goofy Lama
Goofy Lama Day ago
What "burning the London bridge" meant tho? 😋
Stream Lover
Stream Lover Day ago
Can someone tell me what happened between them?
Roel Dolayva
Roel Dolayva Day ago
Nicky Queen
Nicky Queen Day ago
Like, stop hating on Cardi B Tbh I would do the same thing
Vitaly Greddy
that was a very hard shot. i loved it
Ain’t Nobody got time for that
*Asia looks like my pfp*
Summer A.
Summer A. Day ago
I officially hate cardi B.
Amy Sophia
Amy Sophia Day ago
Summer A. Why
Amy Sophia
Amy Sophia Day ago
Chris Cruz
Chris Cruz Day ago
Giants need to sign Cardi B. Her accuracy can lead em to another Super Bowl 😂
Miss MiMi
Miss MiMi Day ago
When cardi see you and she don’t speak that means she don’t mess with you but if she do talk to you she’ll throw a shoe at you 😭😂
1 day ago
1 day ago Day ago
2:11 I’m dead
Jaelyn Motley
What’s season it?
Yamile Quintero
Cardi had m3 dying bro🤣
Devilish Ty
Devilish Ty Day ago
I love cardi🌚😩😂😂
Alan Harris
Alan Harris Day ago
2:10 Cardi B " I was crackin' you, and you was like 'help me, help me'." *wave arms*
Jailyns life!!
It took cardi less then five seconds for it to get violent
TrendTaco Day ago
Legend has it that lady is still hitting her wax pen
Myles Whale
Myles Whale Day ago
Lil cardio runs at the girl at 2:01 and 5 huge men jump in her way lol
Anaissa Molina
I must ask...... WHAT WAS TO E REASON!!!!!!
Sophia Blake
Sophia Blake Day ago
I love cardi😭😭
Courtney Ioannucci
Cardi B sounds like she has an IQ in the single digits. Can't believe this kind of crap is entertainment. I'm gonna go watch SpongeBob instead.
Aun Mohammad
Aun Mohammad 2 days ago
Asia is to classy cardi is to trashy. That's y they say replying a trashy person is a disrespect 2 classy peroan
Shadow Stalker
Shadow Stalker 2 days ago
You got the wronge cardi be the beast
George Woods
George Woods 2 days ago
The aim was on point
LOL PEPS 2 days ago
Y they’re all black
Scarlet Vasquez-Gil
2:10 CARDI B be like : “HELP ME HELP ME” I AM DYING 😅😂🤣 ☠️💀☠️💀 Send help (not really)👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️ Lol 😝
Straight Circle
Straight Circle 2 days ago
Bro I'm over her dyin cause Cardi
RaGe Shark
RaGe Shark 2 days ago
When Im watching something and then I close it when my mom walked in Mom: WHAT WAS THE REASON
Lily Cortes
Lily Cortes 2 days ago
*wHaT wAs ThE rEaSoN*
Me : * me gets bullied * Teacher : meh Me : * forgot homework * Teacher : 1:25 Me : 1:29 Teacher : 1:25
Jogos ONLINE 2 days ago
a cardi b e afrontosa viu .
Blackpink Blink
Blackpink Blink 2 days ago
1:25 her face while saying *WHAT WAS THE REASON* ! Lol😂
C Buffalo
C Buffalo 2 days ago
I would've done the same thing
C Buffalo
C Buffalo 2 days ago
Go cardi
Estefany de leon
Estefany de leon 2 days ago
Cardi b is Dominican broth is asasin🇩🇴🇩🇴
Kiki_ Stape_
Kiki_ Stape_ 2 days ago
Where the cardi squad at
Yeet My Life Across hEcK
When she threw that shoe i was like DAYUMMMMM
Шерил Блоссом
I dunno who is right or wrong but cardi b is immature AF
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