Captain Marvel: An Unbridled Meh

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Well, it looks as if the MCU has out done itself, like this ended up being double the length of the normal rant breakdowns but there is so much to lay out, hope you enjoy it folks ;) /

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MauLer Month ago
The rudimentary research into space travel at light speed, amounts of solar systems and planets and all that is totally something I recommend people look into to get more accurate numbers, I just did a few google searches with Fringy and checked a couple of websites. It seems I might have underestimated the distances and made a few mistakes that makes it all seem smaller than it is but that would only make the overall point more relevant; Light speed just aint gonna cut it, not by a long shot when it comes to travelling between galaxies.
Sinjin Reed
Sinjin Reed 2 days ago
Aren’t prequels fun?
Cristián Paris
Cristián Paris 2 days ago
+Alejandro Villalba of course. It's a comic book movie, bonos y expects accurate science in it.
Cristián Paris
Cristián Paris 2 days ago
+herrikudo hmm no, not really. Relativity shows that FTL travel is essentially equivalent to a time machine, which presents lots of problems. So the possibility of wormholes, warp drives and related concepts is highly speculative at best.
Cristián Paris
Cristián Paris 2 days ago
Galaxies are millions of light years apart. That is, light takes millions of years to get from one to another. And each galaxy spans thousands of light years. Soooo... traveling at light speed (which by the way is impossible for anything with mass, but let's ignore that, it's a comic book movie) is painfully slow for the purposes of the movie.
Nexus Eight
Nexus Eight 2 days ago
Droid 16 Beta
Droid 16 Beta Hour ago
Loving the cameo’s from most of the OG avengers
Spooks Chérie
Spooks Chérie 3 hours ago
As a girl in the target demographic of this movie (im 15) i can't help but find this movie annoying. It turns real, serious issues like sexism in the workplace and sexual harassment into easy problems with easy solutions. It also says that only serious, professional women who never smile are "STRONG" and that any girl with a personality outside of the "strong female character" mold are weak and don't deserve respect. This movie is blaaaaand
pkphantom 3 hours ago
SHOTS FIRED ALL OVER THE PLACE! Dear god, I haven't even made it halfway through the video, I'm begging you, just STOP before you end this poor lady's career! 🤣 ...but I do need to point out that even in the comics, nearly every leader figure in the Avengers has had nothing but problems with CM and the way she does things. Stark has rode her for things he WARNED her not to do because bad things would happen REPEATEDLY and she did them anyway, justifying the mistakes with whatever x, y and z reasons, and even Rogers had to step up and show her what being a hero looked like when she was trying to imprison an innocent kid for a future crime he would allegedly commit. That alleged crime? WAS KILLING STEVE ROGERS! Lol
tadsgirl 3 hours ago
Could you please do Endgame next?
virus3x2 3 hours ago
I never wanted to go to see that movie. I only heard about how shitty of a person Brie Larson is but god damn. It's terrible. How did the manage to make this origin story movie so bad that even Man of Steel did it better.
Solcat Gangster
Solcat Gangster 9 hours ago
Soooo.. we should i all just forget this stupid trash movie
Luke Freeman
Luke Freeman 12 hours ago
@8:08 are you sure that's Earth?
Ultimate 9 year old
Ultimate 9 year old 12 hours ago
14:56 Everything in TLJ
Timothy Chang
Timothy Chang 14 hours ago
This is mostly how I feel about most marvel movies.
Kaze Kami
Kaze Kami 14 hours ago
One thing I didn't realize right away, and only one video I've seen bring up is that that name Mar-vel was used for the scientist lady. In the original comics THAT was the real name of the first, Cree and HEROIC Captain Marvel. Slap in the face to any of his fans.
JoacoMrf 14 hours ago
Black Widow and Scarlet Witch: *exists* Marvel: Hey lets make a movie about a heroine that does whatever she wants cuz Yolo lol. Black Widow and Scarlet Witch: *Are we a joke to you?*
Jesse Burke
Jesse Burke 15 hours ago
An Unbridled *'KAY*
Patrick Pring
Patrick Pring 16 hours ago
'X forgot event Y" those words would be echoed horribly in Game of Thrones Season 8... a little while later
modzer 75
modzer 75 18 hours ago
Haven't watch the movie because I know it sucks but I'm gonna watch it just so I can enjoy this video. I feel lile these reviews are the best motivation for this kind of shit
james pond
james pond 18 hours ago
Wow, longer than the movie you're bashing. And a ton less views, and I'm betting revenue as well. Time well spent talking about something you don't seem to even basically understand. 1 slow clap for you.
james pond
james pond 8 hours ago
+Back View There was no "burn". Yes he likely did get more views. Much in the same way someone got more views when a popular game comes out. It's not like he did a better job, it's a hot topic, because guys were running around acting like the world was going to end, because they made a female lead superhero movie. And as for the viewers and revenue part. I don't think this guy's internationally accessible video will be seen, nor pull in the money the movie he spent two hours bashing. Looking at his channel, he seems to be pretty critical of action movies having female leads, as he spends more time "reviewing" them than any other movie. Says quite a bit. His video showed in my feed. I'm commenting on the fact that USvid somehow thinks I have 2 hours to watch a "review" of a 2 hour movie. Which, if it takes you as long to "review" something as it is to watch it, it's likely just someone nitpicking because they're salty over something stupid. Which is the case here.
Back View
Back View 14 hours ago
Good attempt at a...burn i guess. But what do you even mean by ton less views ? This video performed better than his average views of about 800k a vid.
Marian Paździoch
Marian Paździoch 18 hours ago
God I pitty all those hardcore Marvel fans who went watch this without any research because it's part of MCU.
xfire7 20 hours ago
God its just awful.
FecalExcrement 21 hour ago
what do you possibly get by ranting about a movie frame by frame and making a video as long as the runtime of the movie itself lol... every movie will have problems if you pick apart every single aspect of it.
Back View
Back View 14 hours ago
He get's money, lot's of money from youtube. Also he enjoys talking about writing.
TheKgr1967 20 hours ago
And your point is..........?
Drake Fire
Drake Fire 21 hour ago
Yet you make video nearly as long as the "Unbridled Meh".
Micaiah Clark
Micaiah Clark 23 hours ago
“Everything special about you can out of a bottle” *fights with Mjolnir* “You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play” “I...am......IRON MAN” *snap* “Everything special about you came from an accidental engine exploding” *shoots whoever said that*
hung solo
hung solo Day ago
Can i speak to the manager
Xeruke Day ago
Great, now I don't have to see this garbage fire.
Supermans Chin
I just don't consider this movie canon
Back View
Back View 14 hours ago
I mean with the plot holes he highlighted it really shouldn't be.
stephan2796 Day ago
To be fair, the Tesseract is reacting to its own power within Carol and that is what they are trying to show.
apxv467 je
apxv467 je Day ago
For sjws and feminists this shit is oscar worthy.
Calvin Greenway
Dont get me wrong, this video successfully changed my mind about the movie but you surely didnt think about a few of your own points. Such as the blue beam in the AI chat simulation. The blue ray is a metaphor for the pain and suppressing the AI is doing through the cables and the chip in her neck. I can totally understand this from my own experiences. I suffer from incredibly painful occipital neuralgia (aka extremely painful migraines) so the brain plays images that reflect the pain into image you can comprehend. If you've ever had a migraine while you're asleep it's a lot the same way. The pain influences how your dream plays out almost converting it into a hellscape of a nightmare.
Glumpy Day ago
Captain Shit For Brains.
Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop Day ago
People in Charge of This Movie: "So - are we going after the Chinese market or the women demographic? Okay, women? We have to make it about empowerment, but you know we REALLY have to hit them over the head with it otherwise they just wont get it." It reminds me of when the Hunger Games was bigshit and Toys R Us (remember them) saw a spike in little girls making their parents buy them bow and arrows sets, so the Powers that Were decided "Quick, make a bow and arrow set just for little girls!" and so they came up with the same bow and arrow but in pink.
Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop Day ago
What's the original video.source for the 'Keep that in mind, I'm not done with it yet" bit, with the video game in the duct?
Professor Thox
Professor Thox 12 hours ago
Fuzzy Dunlop It’s The Word of Wolf’s Aquaman video.
Stubborn Taurus
Hoo hoo you god damn giggly go girl 😂ive watched this video literally once a week
deceiver Day ago
This is the most in depth and accurate depiction of Plank I've watched so far.
Tiia Mannix
Tiia Mannix Day ago
*yOu gO GiRl*
Davey Wilson
Davey Wilson Day ago
It's funny to me how I know what character you're talking about when you use the made up name you gave them yet in the movie the moment a name was said I didnt know who tf they were talking about lmao
Tia Aaron
Tia Aaron Day ago
Newly released Captain Marvel deleted scene solves quite a few problems.
Michael De Luca
Not even joking, I enjoyed this way more than the actual movie. Leaps and bounds more. To rephrase this, I would have gladly paid to see this USvid video in theatres, at full price.
David Scholl
David Scholl Day ago
butt double
Valerie Verdier
Why is this 2 hours ?!
TheKgr1967 Day ago
Huh???? why shouldn't it be, how long do you want it to be, did you watch this all to the end? It's an analytical view, meaning it's detailed, therefore long (1:51:21)...
Broockle Day ago
eh. Haters gonna hate. I loved seeing Fury and Coulson in this..... and the Ginger cat xD As a stand alone it's terrible but as a part of the MCU it was quite enjoyable to me.
Zelos Wilder
Zelos Wilder Day ago
The continuity specialist was *asleep at the fuckin' wheel* for this movie.
Deathsphoenix Parham
Had to like just because you remembered Willow! Thank you so much for that!
Alexander Samson
55:09mins in pause it and look at what they did with her knuckles. (just before it lights up) :D
On your question about Kree society not questioning the war, I will name one country on our planet that justifies war daily. The United States of America
Jedi Radek Crif
So glad I didn't pay to see Captain Mary Sue...this was much better!
Shrapnel Day ago
a 2 hour review for a 2 hour movie - Do you know what a review actually means? after about 20 mins I got the jist: its a shit movie. What your ramble on for the rest of the 90 mins I cant even imagine
Shrapnel Day ago
+TheKgr1967 I didnt watch the rest, already stated I stopped at 20 minutes an the reason why. If you need 2 hours to get the point that a shit movie was shit, hey go for it, and like I've stated twice before 2 hours bitching about a 2 hour movie is a waste of time unless you're somehow slow in the head (or unemployed)
TheKgr1967 Day ago
+Shrapnel He's not complaining, it's a in-depth view of this abortion of a film, if you got the jist after 20 mins, good on you, but don't watch the rest, then criticise him for it...
Shrapnel Day ago
+Tasty Loaf I already knew this Tasty Loaf, thanks. Some people don't need to hear 2 hours of complaining for a 2 hour movie. 15-30 minutes would do. That was the point of my initial post, I wasn't confused as to why it was so long or who would enjoy it at such length. Hope this helped.
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
Some people love long, in-depth stuff. To each their own; if it's not to your tastes, that's perfectly okay.
Crau Day ago
Young'o door? Young Dumbledore?
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
*Writer:* So, what do you want? *Producer:* Just make it that people with penises told her she couldn't do anything. Then she does everything! *Writer:* ...
DashCamAndy Day ago
Writers: "Let's throw a bunch of ideas out, and like spaghetti on the wall, we'll keep what sticks and then try to piece all these random events together with some flashy CGI and enough intermediate filler scenes for everyone to check Twitter and Facebook while in the theater. Oh, and Captain Marvel must be played by someone who has no idea what the word 'emote' means." Casting: "How about Ben Stein?" Writers: "Nah, Captain Marvel is a Mary Sue, so we need an actress." Casting: "Oh, I know just who to get..."
The Bad Guy
The Bad Guy Day ago
it's like they accidentally put the wrong main character in this story
Yannic Shooting
There is a chance, that her loss to Thanos and getting defeated for once (Power Stone Punch). So maybe in Captain Marvel 2 we can see her dealing with that, and being permanently affected.
Bernd Narr
Bernd Narr Day ago
this is the movie that made twilight the better love story
Every time I see her, I keep expecting her to break the 4th wall. Not in a cool Deadpool way, more in an aborted blooper way. It's weird, anyone else get that? It's really bothering me.
heather haze
heather haze 2 days ago
And Bree Larson is totally intolerable!
Nexus Eight
Nexus Eight 2 days ago
Lacriette 2 days ago
IDK i feel like i liked this way better than Black Panther. Both movies are good but BP bored me to tears, and both movies ran around the subject - going in circles for no reason.
mwk360 2 days ago
lmfao PLANK
Mo Hoosen
Mo Hoosen 2 days ago
Every time you called her "Plank" it got funnier
Timof Glazz
Timof Glazz 2 days ago
Imagine if the Russians got ahold of "Karol". (Edit)> whatever her name is, she doesn't deserve the title of "Captain Marvel"
Castro Carroll
Castro Carroll 2 days ago
unbridled endgame rage coming when ?
Castro Carroll
Castro Carroll 9 hours ago
They killed their main villain in the opening scene for shock value and then came up with one of the most convoluted time travel plots in history, that is stacked on so many plot conveniences and contradictions to character arcs that its amazing Mauler hasn't don't the video already. Plot conveniences - Exactly Nebula happens to go back in time to exactly where Thanos is, and fails to mention to anyone until after arriving that Thanos is in this exact system. at the same exact time they will be there. - For some reason new and old nebula can read each others minds but only old nebula notices this. - They skim through decades of New nebula's memories perfectly so that the New Thanos is now the exact same as the old one in terms of knowledge and power, how convenient - Despite pressing the button to return to the future it doesn't work and at that exact second she is stopped while war machine can leave, leaving her alone and no one else with the knowledge of new Thanos. - Conveniently the only time stone heist that goes wrong, is also the only stone they know the exact location of further in their past., which also conveniently happens to be exactly where Tony's dad and Cap's love are, at the exact same time, its almost like they wrote these scenes and then made the plot warp around them to make them happen. - I could go on about how ant man was brought back by a literal rat, and that pretty much hinges the entire plot as well, but idk maybe in 5 years the worlds best rate figured it out. - She then uses New Nebula's Pym Particles to travel to the future, and somehow pulls en entire ship with hundreds of thousands of soldiers through even though the platform itself is 12 feet across and the team left with only the few people they had. If it was so easy to bring stuff through, you'd have thought they would've brought a jet or a space ship or something to get the stones easier. I get that maybe she can link with the device to make it work but how does she manage to make it work better than the literal inventor of it and bring through a space ship the size of a country. Character Contradictions - Thor - Up to the end point of Ragnarock Lost his Mother, Father, Sister(if you wana count that) Half his People or more to Hella, All of Asgard, his literal home, The love of his life. Despite all this he was stoic and ready to be the leader his people needed, and was proud to shoulder that burden, he proved he didn't need some hammer or his pride in order to lead his people well, and despite their losses he would be ready to prop them up. - Thanos Wipes out another half, (so around 25% of the original) and kills Loki (who for almost thors entire life has been an enemy, surely him losing any of people listed above would be far worse, and this crumples him into a fat asshole who doesn't want to help anyone and is now just the butt of every joke in the movie because haha fortnight! This goes entirely against his character up to this point, every lesson he has learned after the last 3 movies is completely lost on the character purely to fit within the confines of the humorous character that has to be the butt of all jokes, even at Thor's lowest he has never been a coward, but he runs away from his people, his love and everything else and the only once he GETS HIS HAMMER BACK, THAT HE ALREADY LEARNED HE DOESN'T NEED TO BE THOR, then he is sated and helps fight Thanos. Literal nonsense - Ironman being a dick Ironman's entire mode up until this point has been act like an egotistical asshole, but ultimately do the right thing even if that's self detrimental to himself or his marriage etc (this eventually comes through at the end but for the first 1/3rd of the movie his actions are completely against his character) - After he is brought back he just rages and blames Cap, despite only moments before saying "I lost the kid" he acknowledges his fault in the overall issue and his inability to stop Thanos which resulted in Peter's death. But then wakes up, instantly forgets this then blames Captain america, DESPITE HIM ALSO REFUSING TO CALL THE CAP IN THE FIRST PLACE. He might be angry, but Tony is supposed to be the smartest man alive, am I really supposed to think that he just forgot his own words about this entire situation. - Even though he acknowledges he is more or less the only person who can help the avengers, he refuses to hear them out, he doesn't even have to go on this mission or do anything dangerous, he refuses to even try, like what ? - Eventually he does choose to help once he discovers he can create the time Machine. They unnecessarily created conflict between The avengers and Tony, for seemingly no reason but to fill downtime till we go start the time heist. Which happened to completely ignore the characters traits until it becomes relevant. The movie wasn't terrible, there was a lot of good stuff, like cap fighting himself and whispering Hail hydra etc. But the bad really made this movie below par compared to part 1.
Back View
Back View 14 hours ago
Why did you dislike the movie ?
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 2 days ago
I actually watched Room, and I went into this movie thinking that the main character would at least be played with talent. Then I watched the movie.
Reginald Strong
Reginald Strong 2 days ago
Y'all are #SavageAF
flimsyshow 2 days ago
That speed of light sound should come up in the Avengers Endgame, at the "very powerful, pro feminist "girl power" scene, where they all fail miserably against a guy who throws a sword"
afriking256 2 days ago
Shame you didn't mention how bastardized Mar-Vell. From a cool superhero to an old woman who's lame and not a superhero. Or maybe you did. I don't remember. 2 hour video.
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
The whole reason SJWs can't write interesting characters is because their mindset is like this: _"My character is.... a woman. She beats all the boys." / "My character is black."_ They don't realise that "woman" & "Black" are not *character traits.*
Jason 2 days ago
Wow you broke down the Feminist Journey movies are doing.
Dion Dorsey
Dion Dorsey 2 days ago
Sam Jackson losing an eye because of the cat... Soo Stupid. Even worse then the movie. To me The Scroll impersonating Phil should had took Nick’s eye in the car so Winter Soldier makes sense. WTF Lol
Stephen Shoihet
Stephen Shoihet 2 days ago
Still haven't seen the movie but I've watched this video at least 10 times :-)
Nigel McPhearson
Nigel McPhearson 2 days ago
This video made me subscribe... well done sir!
ekahnoman 2 days ago
After seeing this, I'm curious what you have to say about Endgame. I thought it was entertaining, but a disappointment after Infinity War.
David Lilien - Movie Reviews and More!
When the review is as long as the movie is when you know something’s wrong.
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
Oh, man .... I just thought about the length of _The Last Jedi_ review....
David Bussell
David Bussell 2 days ago
If you need almost the entire length of the movie to describe why it's just 'okay...' I don't know if that's a weakness in your argument, but I'm not going to not say that either. Just my thoughts.
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
Have you seen MauLer's reviews? lol 5 hr-long _Last Jedi_ review .... It's definitely his style... (I like it, but I'm a bed-bound cripple, lol)
MichalHalczuk 2 days ago
Most of criticism in this video is true for *all* Marvel movies. You're obviously heavily biased trying to point out as many inconsistencies as humanely possible, even the ones that don't exist or matter at the end of the day. I went to watch this movie with lower than normal expectations from MCU, and I was so pleasantly surprised, I had to watch it again, just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. *It actually is a good movie.* And I don't mean Marvel-fanboy good ( *shit* ) but actual good. Lots of people criticize Cap Marv for _feminism_ and _poor character development_ , while publicly praising much shittier movies, like _Endgame_ . All of the conversations between main characters actually feel natural, without forced shitty _jokes_ , pseudo-science mumble and overemotional acting. Action scenes, although being Marvel, seem pretty good and pleasant to watch, and there aren't ultra childish scenes where I'd cringe, which is a plus to me. If you and other fanboys are so hurt by the fact that this movie has some tiny dose of feminism you don't like, to the point of hating whole movie for it and having grand mal seizures - you should seek some help, because that kind of triggering is pathological. I don't like feminists and virtue signalling, but this movie isn't it. A lot of people seem to forgot, that Mar-Vell actually is a part of MCU. The only real thing I could say didn't fit, was the fact that Brie Larson is much less curvy than original Carol Danvers, but this forces people to look into personality of the person she was playing, rather than tits and ass. *In short, you deserve a dislike, stop jacking of the Endgame.*
MichalHalczuk 9 hours ago
+Back View Well I did. They are mostly cringe worthy low value material, and this one for good reasons doesn't feel this way. However if you are so clever to already think for me, you should know what the problem with MCU fans is.
Back View
Back View 14 hours ago
I don't think you've watched any other Marvel movies then.
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
+David Bussell Mauler doesn't describe his "Unbridled Rages" as 'reviews' .... more like a rambling rant (his description, not mine) The critiques he does are when he goes super-in-depth to really pick things apart. It's long-form. Not everybody's taste. I get it -- you don't have to like it. But this is just MauLer's style. It's what he does.
David Bussell
David Bussell 2 days ago
Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself. If he needs need almost the entire length of the movie to describe why it's just 'okay...' and you can address basically all that his criticism boils down to in a few paragraphs, it shows how flaccid the argument is.
Wafflelf Woof
Wafflelf Woof 2 days ago
Carol's mom was a tree. And her father was half wood saw, half human.
BLA BLA BLA 2 days ago
Holy fucking shit. I want to bang Nebula so goddamn bad. I can't stand it anymore. Every time I go watch Avengers Endgame I get a massive erection at the movie theatre. I've seen literally every rule 34 post and porn parody there is of her online. My dreams are nothing but constant fucking sex with Nebula. I'm sick of waking up every morning with six nuts in my boxers and knowing that those are nuts that should've been busted inside of Nebula's tight smurfette pussy. I want her to have my mutant human/cyborg babies. Fuck, my mom caught me with the toaser. I'd painted it blue so it would look like her. She hasn't said a word to me in 10 hours and I'm worried she's gonna take away my GOTG and GOTG Vol. 2 4k Blurays. I might never get to see Nebula again.
Ralius 2 days ago
that deus ex machina bitch almost made me quite endgame..... the bitch at the very end, that was fighting thanos over gauntlet and winning????????????????????????? -.-??????????????????????????? STFU with those tiny hands and mary sue process? when she was fighting thanos for gauntlet i was like: "dont you dare bitch, dont you fucking dare you whore to take the mantle, dont you dare to destroy 10 years of work with your feminst bullshit -.-....." it hurt me that thanso had to use power stone to get her the fuck away from his scene in which he had embranced his role.... the move would have been sooo much better if there was no captain feminst in the end (deus ex machina) and if there was a bigger fight "persional fight between tony, steve, thor, hulk and thanos..... i hate when writers make a weapon ws powerful to kill a bad guy and then they dont use it.... it was a missed chance IMO....
SamND1967 2 days ago
The fucking zoom in on Tony's face with the "apparently". Lmao.
Survivor Prepper
Survivor Prepper 2 days ago
This film almost literally says "fuck you" to the Marvel comics. Ha ha, seriously though, these retarded producers/directors made Captain Marvel way the fuck over powered, when in reality Thor is more powerful than her. Lmao! 👎🤣
Survivor Prepper
Survivor Prepper 2 days ago
'Captain Marvel' is such fucking trash! Thank God I did not waste my time and money seeing this shitty movie in theaters.
Survivor Prepper
Survivor Prepper 2 days ago
This is a great video breaking down and explaining everything wrong and inconsistent in the movie 'Captain Marvel'. Keep up the good work bro. 👍😎
spartythespart 2 days ago
im pretty sure they didn't use the light speed engine, captain marvel was actually pushing the ship at super speed thats why we see her trail behind the ship
alden mcpherren
alden mcpherren 2 days ago
I wish pro feminist movies were more professionally done, as I would rather enjoy a movie because it is good rather than because woman
chaz zɐɥɔ
chaz zɐɥɔ 2 days ago
Metro Exodus is a good game
Jen Haley
Jen Haley 2 days ago
A lot of women, especially GAY women, like her. She's catering to US, not men.
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
Oof, not me. I'm a chick, and I gotta tell ya ...... I hate having my entire gender reduced to a cheap marketing gimmick. I'm sorry... but to me, this movie makes women look _pathetic._ "Aww, poor babbie, some mean penis-human told you girls can't play baseball! Don't cry.... we'll make you a movie! And you'll be a goddess! NO, DON'T CRY!!!" Lol, maybe it's being thirty. I grew up in the "girl-power" 90s.... when we didn't have to PUT MEN DOWN to feel "superior". Let me say this once and for all: I AM A WOMEN -- NOT A *_VICTIM!_*
Crihs95 2 days ago
I honestly liked her way more in the 10 minutes of screentime she had in Endgame, even tho she came off as an arrongant twat, i actually liked that, but yeah this movie was just so vapid and empty, she literally has no struggle, there's no villain either, the kree dude is just some random kree with a glowing glove that i wouldn't call a villain and hardly puts up even barely a fight, it also makes no sense that she wouldn't go after Ronan, i'm assuming she wants to get to the bottom of this "kree" thingy and learn more about her past, or at least stop the krees from hurting more people, yet she never goes after Ronan, or Thanos for what matters, he's pretty well known in the universe, and while she's flying in the galaxy doing barrel rolls Thanos is out there conquering and slaughtering countless people planet after planet, the fuck was she doing for 20+ years that was so important to not come back and help in the battle of new york or vs Ultron? why the fuck did Nick never use that stupid ass beeper? or did he use it but she just ignored it? oh jesus, i just hope they introduce the Fantastic 4 fast enough so that they can take the lead of the next phases
HORISON 2 days ago
mex - Kree- can border
Niom 2 days ago
Captain Marvel is not canon. Let’s just all forget about this movie.
Jell-O 3 days ago
Origin stories Batman: parents killed by criminal Superman: entire home planet destroyed becoming one of the last of his kind Captain America: kind hearted super soldier Black Widow: spent most of her life training (idk) Captain Marvel: "girls arent meant for baseball"
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
I'm a chick, and to me, this movie makes women look _pathetic._ "Aww, poor babbie, some mean penis-human told you girls can't play baseball! Don't cry.... we'll make you a movie! And you'll be a goddess! NO, DON'T CRY!!!"
Takeo S
Takeo S 3 days ago
i just realised 1 thing... Endgame is bullshit because all they had to do is sending 1 single guy back to tell fury to press the god damn button to call captain Plank and they would have won the fight. DONE!
Patrick Gin
Patrick Gin 3 days ago
you really gonna act like captain marvel was more garbage then iron2&3 and thor 1&2 ahahah relax
Back View
Back View 14 hours ago
You are a very incoherent troll.
GMan5090 3 days ago
Better than CinemaSins
JohnTube2K 3 days ago
this review is as long as the movie... lmao
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
Try his Last Jedi review ;-)
heydiddlediddle 3 days ago
Everytime I hear "You go, girl," I'll see Thor smiling. Thanks.
Atomic Primate Productions
This is so disrecpectful to a great character. Plank was one of the most charismatic and well writed characters on ed, edd n eddy How dare you to compare good ol Plank with the dumpster called captain marvel!?
Rev Funk
Rev Funk 3 days ago
Such #metoo garbage. It's sickening. Just accept your an inferior human and use those emotions to make me a sandwich. You go, girl! Right now....go.....sandwich
Rev Funk
Rev Funk Day ago
+Tasty Loaf amen
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
Lol, it's so tru -- I'm a girl, and the feminists are stupid. Men have 3x the upper body strength of women. If the feminists would just deal with it, instead of trying to destroy traditional femininity like childcare, loving our families, wearing make-up and nice clothes.... If only they would try to embrace their femininity .... rather than destroying EVERYTHING humanity holds dear.
Ataxarion 3 days ago
I was 27 min in when I realize I didn't need more convincing to dislike this movie
Aaron Lucey
Aaron Lucey 3 days ago
why is there so much hate on Captain Marvel, like, why do you call her "plank", probably one of the reasons why this guy, is a virgin, and a CinemaSins wannabe. 14:04,14:25,14:34,14:39,14:44,14:49,14:57,15:06 - hahaha so funny, i'm dying (sarcasm) Look, if you can't understand like the child you are, don't bother making a video on your wining, on hoe rubbith this film is, you're literally making this movie rubbish, by narrating the film, as if you know better, your hate towards this movie for 1:51:21 is literally a waste of my time and everyone's time, on your hateful feelings about this movie. It's wasting my time, everyones time, and your time aswell. If you hate don't watch it, or don't tell everyone, this movie is horrible, and here's my opinion to why it is. this is why your a sh**ty CinemaSins wannabe. It's ironic, that you say Captain Marvels comedy is bad, yet your comedy in this video is even worse.
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
Oh, wow, you call a guy a virgin to put him down? You must be a very confident and happy person! lol
Anonymous 44
Anonymous 44 3 days ago
“This movie is absolute dog shit” Ahem SEXISM much you fucking biggot
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp 3 days ago
is that like a personal attack or something??
MoonPlayz 3 days ago
Jesus Christ, you're dumb. These points are all bad.
Back View
Back View 14 hours ago
+MoonPlayz You're the person who acted like a dick the entire conversation xD
Tasty Loaf
Tasty Loaf Day ago
+MoonPlayz I can't help but think that you were the one being a dick. But to each their own, I guess. I don't expect happy people to call other people "dumb" without reason.
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 2 days ago
You literally don't have to type paragraphs on why he's wrong. Don't expect anyone to listen to you if you can't even get your point across with a single sentence. Plus you're telling Wisp not to be a dick yet you call the guy who made the vid dumb??
MoonPlayz 3 days ago
+Wisp Wisp No need to be a dick, dude. Don't wanna type out paragraphs of suit debunking this 1 hour+ video. Jesus christ, kid.
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp 3 days ago
+MoonPlayz about what i expected.
NonUR Buisness
NonUR Buisness 3 days ago
She is genuinly a bad Naruto oc
Back View
Back View 14 hours ago
Well technically just Naruto, barely anyone else was as godlike in powers as him.
I liked this movie 1000x more than Black Panther. Black Panther was so formulaic, but if anyone pointed out how original it was, they'd just get called racist. Capt. Marvel was a better plot, I only have 2 complaints. Everything else I can forgive, or supply my own imagination. 1) The Supreme Intelligence of Kree should have known who Mar-vel was, as she was one of the planet's most prominent citizens 2) The moment where Captain Marvel finds her inner strength and drive was quite trite, especially when a host of heroes came before her. She basically found her strength to be the most powerful being in the MCU, capable of fighting Thanos while he wore the Infinity Gauntlet, from being picked on as a child. That's all it took? Every other hero had to walk through fire and tragedy. It was original, but it was evident the writers in the MCU ran out of creativity after Thor: Ragnarok. Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Endgame were all junk films. No character building, recycled storylines, and emphasis on the wrong characters.
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