Canelo Àlvarez Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Boxing champion Canelo Àlvarez goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about growing up in Mexico, why he's been looking for the Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie, and his love for high-fashion sneakers.
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Apr 29, 2019




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Comments 10 700
Complex 6 months ago
What is the most expensive piece of clothing in your closet?
A-D-R 5 days ago
A 20$ shirt
Colima Cardenas
Colima Cardenas Month ago
Jordan Public School😢
Jay Green
Jay Green Month ago
The door
{account_name} 2 months ago
Caolan McDonald
Caolan McDonald 3 months ago
All my clothes are hand me downs
Martin de la Fuente
Most humble complex sneaker shopping episode I've seen 👏🏼 true G
Cristian Balbuena
Cristian Balbuena 6 hours ago
Mmmm ta bien presumido
Michael Glavimans
Michael Glavimans 6 hours ago
isn't that behzinga or ethan from the sidemen
Foul Productions
Foul Productions 7 hours ago
That's a $20 dollar sweater. You add a supreme and LV logo and the price is 1000 times more.
Mencho Wey
Mencho Wey 9 hours ago
C Loc Gonzalez
C Loc Gonzalez 10 hours ago
All these shoes way over priced but not a problem when your rich.
Elpenesito Escroto
Elpenesito Escroto 12 hours ago
Le gustaría redondear sus centavos?
Fabian Carrasco
Fabian Carrasco 13 hours ago
Gucci belt kid
ThcRicc #916
ThcRicc #916 14 hours ago
He should shop for a soul!!
aaron malpica
aaron malpica 17 hours ago
If i were him I would go help kids in need in my country, rather then spending ridiculously over priced pieces of shit.
Diego Ornelas
Diego Ornelas 17 hours ago
The guy nods his head as if he understands what Canelo is saying
el ponciaw
el ponciaw 18 hours ago
Air huaraches
Cultural 1234
Cultural 1234 19 hours ago
15,000$ for a hoodie.........
Phantom Woodie
Phantom Woodie 20 hours ago
He spazzed 💪🏾
Mist impact
Mist impact Day ago
Canelo is 9.5 in shoes who else 9.5 and tryna rob him with me ???
skua stone
skua stone Day ago
The man that smashed the un Smash able GGG, ladies and losers I present to you Caaaneelooo aaaavvveerrreeezzzz!
Ramon Alzate
Ramon Alzate Day ago
Who da fuck spends 20000 on a day of shopping
King Slayer
King Slayer Day ago
19000 dam
Theylove Lupitaa
I was shocked to see canelo on here lol
MrBearloc1 Day ago
15,000 for a hoodie
Harold Duazo
Harold Duazo Day ago
Never expected Blake would be this short for a basketball player.
Anthony Miranda
The balenciaga is like the sock Ges like a sokxs
AK - 92
AK - 92 Day ago
The hoodie was most of the $19000 spent!??????? No
Bike life Clips
5:41 you got a messed up haircut
Victor Medina
why no one talking about his fit ??? 🔥🔥
Jose 22
Jose 22 Day ago
Why those sneakers are so expensive? Are they limited editions? Thanks !
James Fasa
James Fasa Day ago
He seems like a super chill dude! Canelo is the champ. Super Humble!
cooking with deb
rich and handsome
xart23x 2 days ago
Upon hearing the total price, Canelo really responded: Fah cue es-Too-Ped, sahn-Naw-Bish..................................es-Too-Ped.
Guillermo Rolon
Guillermo Rolon 2 days ago
No soy fan del box ni nada por el estilo pero es bueno ver a un paisano teniendo éxito.
Mruntouchable007 2 days ago
This dude got my size shoes ima legend
Stuart Mcleod
Stuart Mcleod 2 days ago
15K for a Hoodie ....Fuck that
MonkeyCrak 2 days ago
He looks like my dad at the register
Deje Garcia
Deje Garcia 2 days ago
*tries to zoom into debit card*
jayhawks leo
jayhawks leo 2 days ago
He’s got that Mexican algorithm
Blaze1 JC
Blaze1 JC 2 days ago
He said did u and ur brothers fight for shoes....what a fuckn moron
LIMIT HITMAN 2 days ago
I one these one and these one
Dan Attles
Dan Attles 2 days ago
My guy was contemplating everything at 5:57
YouTubeDanielZ 2 days ago
Orgullo Mexicano 🇲🇽
Jaime Pantoja
Jaime Pantoja 2 days ago
Golpea viejitos
Emmanuel Moncada
Emmanuel Moncada 2 days ago
What are this boots called the ones he has 😍
Jaime Torres
Jaime Torres 2 days ago
K swish LoL 😂 he is funny
KTB Only
KTB Only 2 days ago
19k holy fuckk
mt nguyen
mt nguyen 2 days ago
Fucking resale prices
Ruben Urbieta
Ruben Urbieta 2 days ago
Joe- hopefully he’s gonna but some sneakers Canelo- ayjosotu 0:34
Moments !
Moments ! 2 days ago
Looks like bezingha
luis h
luis h 2 days ago
. yeah canelo is mexican theres white mexicans / asian mexicans / black mexicans /european Mexicans Dark blue eyed green eyed Mex. all kinds of diff Mexs mostly brown indigenous traits are people used to seeing when.they see or reffer to a mexican look like but theres all diff kinda theres even Raza that look like that MF rite there the host LaPuma for those who keep asking all the BS.
Mauricio Matos
Mauricio Matos 2 days ago
Canelo, como yo gastando 1$
Danilsito7w7 9x9
Danilsito7w7 9x9 2 days ago
Pense que lo subio el berth oh
kingyak7 2 days ago
I've heard of inflation but man o man. @4:26 the hoody was $935 and a few minutes later it was $15k? I'm surprised he didn't hit the cashier wit a left hook and walk out with it. That's dirty
Mikho Mercado
Mikho Mercado 2 days ago
you should feature manny pacquiao too, hoping :)
IT'S JZEUS 3 days ago
5:18 he said easy not difficult you had one job
Gearswitch819 3 days ago
15k for a hoodie wowza!😳
Jonathan 3 days ago
Fun facts here: canelo signed a five year 365mill minimum guarantee deal with DAZN. He was worth 200mill before making that deal. Also reported earnings of 20mill in sponsorship deals in 2018. Safe to say he can afford a sweater and some shoes lol
Pedro Car
Pedro Car 3 days ago
At the beginning the Supreme Hoodie was priced at $900. Why did they sell it for $15,000 to him? Also those Nike air max are like $100 not 700.
Julian Veaneves
Julian Veaneves 3 days ago
Floyd may weather goes sneaker shopping???
ReilyMx Official
ReilyMx Official 3 days ago
like for canelito🔥🇲🇽
Angel Tega
Angel Tega 3 days ago
And I'm over here happy with my sketchers!
Angel Tega
Angel Tega 3 days ago
I love how calm Canelo is!!
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