Canelo Àlvarez Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Boxing champion Canelo Àlvarez goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about growing up in Mexico, why he's been looking for the Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie, and his love for high-fashion sneakers.
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Apr 29, 2019

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Comments 9 591
Complex 2 months ago
What is the most expensive piece of clothing in your closet?
6ixBlunts 2 days ago
Complex my closet
Zaiko AMV
Zaiko AMV 5 days ago
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez 5 days ago
$10 Walmart shirt
Zaiko AMV
Zaiko AMV 13 days ago
Bernardo Tellez
Bernardo Tellez 2 months ago
Unos tennis panam que me mandarin de Mexico
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift 19 hours ago
A $10 hoodie that was made in China sold for 15k lmao!
Matt Parsons
Matt Parsons Day ago
Why did the hoodie say $935 when it’s so much more?
Julio César Jiménez Trujillo
waste of money in that hoodie, better a food truck to feed homeless and street dogs.
Raul Mt
Raul Mt Day ago
No ps si se gastó un vergo jajajaja
ZYL 2 days ago
Canelo is the #10 in highest paid person in the whole world
6ixBlunts 2 days ago
some people be like he can’t speak English but he’s speak it and people understand him
Hunter Ances
Hunter Ances 3 days ago
How does he understand the English but not speak it
Ofelia Quinonez
Ofelia Quinonez 3 days ago
That's like a dollar to him
mcmc 23
mcmc 23 3 days ago
Put the Charlo brothers on here. Or Errol Spence or gervonta Davis or something
Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse 3 days ago
He looks more American than the other guy
Kane Masters
Kane Masters 3 days ago
$15,000!!!!??? For a hood. Man get out of here I got some grunt style in my closet, best clothing you'll ever have
brian problems
brian problems 3 days ago
canelo (white pacquiao) :D
Purpule XanaX
Purpule XanaX 3 days ago
Lleven al bertungas 5000
Mckinley Patrick
Mckinley Patrick 4 days ago
Man! Here I was feeling like a baller last Saturday for droppin $180 on me a pair of Jordan 6 rings. Until my wife saw them and bursted my bubble by saying I was retarded for spending almost 200 bones on shoes. After watching this, spending 200 bones on shoes I don't feel bad at all😄
Alex Crastri
Alex Crastri 4 days ago
Shut the fuck up man
Luis Zaragoza
Luis Zaragoza 4 days ago
Complex *lets put subtitles so everyone has to read them* Mexicans*TAKE THE SUBTITLES OFF* Me* no subtitles plz*
Optimo Boxing
Optimo Boxing 4 days ago
Sneakers Clenbuteral edition?
maxi mg
maxi mg 4 days ago
Ole mi canelo😎😎😘
Leonel Lomas
Leonel Lomas 4 days ago
Just pennies to Canelo on this shopping trip. Damn that supreme hoodie I knew was gonna be expensive but damn 15 grand?? Holy fuck.
tavo1738 5 days ago
Lil pump se gasto 8 mil y esete wey 20 mil no mms
eltoro gillz
eltoro gillz 5 days ago
now you know canelo gonna see some dudes outside and order them to carry them bags for him
Giova 29
Giova 29 5 days ago
Deberían poner subtitulos a todos
Max L0pez
Max L0pez 5 days ago
No mameeeeea nunca pensé que pondrían a un mexicano y mucho menos a canelo pero wow a 🥚
Dan Josef
Dan Josef 6 days ago
oh shit they got Caneloids on the show? word
Super Based
Super Based 6 days ago
Bruh his shoes too fire. Anybody know where he got em?
Jacqueline Sanchez
This is how many people are Hispanic 👇🏻
Chris Mind
Chris Mind 8 days ago
What shoes is he wearing ?? Anyone ?.
Kevin CEO Heart 23
Kevin CEO Heart 23 11 days ago
Canelo no sabe nada de moda :v
Cristian Cox-Gonzalez
My guy ✊🏽✊🏽 viva la Raza!!!
David _
David _ 12 days ago
Not gonna lie he probably couldve gotten all that for free if he asked the brands to hook him up
Canelo is a pussy 💯🔥 💪🏿
Juan Garci
Juan Garci 14 days ago
ID on those pants ?
Ignacio Munoz
Ignacio Munoz 14 days ago
Arriba jalisco!!
McCloud_N9NE 15 days ago
The little pop up price tag during the video said the hoodie was $950-$1000(can’t remember exactly) and at the end it said $15k
Martin Valentino Cruz
15000 for that hoodie!!? They can suck a huge D but big ups to my favorite athlete Canelo
Raymond abdon
Raymond abdon 16 days ago
Next Manny Pacquiao in complex
Kankoro Bakoro
Kankoro Bakoro 16 days ago
No one: Canelo: "Kee Swees" 😂😂😂 so cute
Geagu Marius
Geagu Marius 16 days ago
Ok that's just pure stupidity.. How the fuck can a hoodie cost 15000 fucking dollars.. U can wear it the same way i wear my nike hoodies.. The difference between me and u is that i got brain and even if i was rich like u i still won't pay that much money for a piece of cotton
Marc Virgen
Marc Virgen 16 days ago
Ya'll sold my boy the hoodie for 15 racks cuss he really wanted it lmaooo that's fucked up
cut me some slack
cut me some slack 17 days ago
best believe if mayweather gets on here, its gonna be 100k
Soccer Is Life
Soccer Is Life 17 days ago
All the off white shoes he bought were pure heat
TheMainsource01 17 days ago
My botas tribaleras 😂
TheMainsource01 17 days ago
For us Mexicans sneakers was never our thing. Is about making out the hood making sure you don’t get jump or die. We had 1-2 pairs for the whole year. So this shit makes me happy someone from our culture he doing good and not bragging but damn $19,000.
Ash01 18 days ago
That hoody was horrible way to spend 15k
Catalan500 _
Catalan500 _ 16 days ago
It was 15 dollars to him
XdarksTo 18 days ago
Homeboy look fresh af nice turtle neck and just one small dope chain
Rayndom Nayme
Rayndom Nayme 19 days ago
He probably just asked what's the most expensive thing in here, and bought it.
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 19 days ago
15 racks on a hoodie that's on stockx right now for no more than 6k 😱😱😱🤯🤯 stadium goods be robbing niggas!!!
Steve White
Steve White 19 days ago
This guy Literally has a Buggati Chiron 😳😳😳💰💰💰💰Baller
champagnemakz _
champagnemakz _ 20 days ago
$19,000 is like $19 to canelo man
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