Can the Chargers afford to lose Melvin Gordon with aging QB Philip Rivers? | First Take

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Keyshawn Johnson explains that Melvin Gordon's chances of signing a major deal will depend on how the Los Angeles Chargers value him and not whether Gordon is a top-tier running back.
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Published on


Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 286
josh Month ago
They'll suck either way
Will Rich
Will Rich 4 months ago
Omg come to Bmore Melvin Gordon
PremiumWater 4 months ago
David Hartman
David Hartman 4 months ago
Keyshawn says he should get paid like the top tier guys and then turns around and says he can't catch like these other guys and basically Makes the point that he Shouldn't get paid like those top tier talents... Typical Keyshawn Johnson... talking out his A**
Marcus Reed
Marcus Reed 4 months ago
Philip rivers is overrated af....
Arturo G
Arturo G 4 months ago
Man Melvin Gordon is a athletic and physical back. We need him for clutch plays in the stretch. He earned his money man.
listo castillo
listo castillo 4 months ago
@Arturo G we wouldn't have the revenue to afford both, I wish we could keep him. Regardless he still gotta play 6 games this yeas
Arturo G
Arturo G 4 months ago
@listo castillo Gordon nd Allen
listo castillo
listo castillo 4 months ago
Think about it this way would u pay Allan next year or Gordon?
jasona9 4 months ago
Do an ESPN First Take titled, "Can the Chargers afford to NOT upgrade the offensive line with an aging QB Philip Rivers?" Who watched the Chargers vs. Patriots playoff game last season? The 37 year old Philip Rivers with his bad knees looked like a piñata! RIVERS is the heart of the offense, NOT Gordon. Don't get me wrong, I like Melvin Gordon, but would I trade him for a stud Tackle? To steal a line from Mac Davis in the film North Dallas Forty, "Does a Shark Shit in the Sea?".
luis siordia
luis siordia 4 months ago
Melvin is easily top 15 arguably top 10 and definitely not top 5 he has earned a pay raise he has not earned Zeke Gurley money just my opinion good maybe very good definitely not great rb
Dominic Nukho
Dominic Nukho 4 months ago
Melvin is a top 5 back no doubt, but hes acting like we cant just go draft someone at 85-90% of his production at 50% of the pay.
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 4 months ago
Tyshawn and Jose's Productions
Worst comes to worst we trade him for some linemen and we have a good elusive back in Justin Jackson whos still developing
Sounds Nice
Sounds Nice 4 months ago
Hollins not only took Stephan A seat he got on one of his suits too
PSU Wrestling
PSU Wrestling 4 months ago
Yes, you can replace him with a third round guy. He isn’t elite by any means. He has averaged 4.0 YPC and has 1 season with over 1000 yards rushing.
GWAREB RAIDER 4 months ago
Melvin Gordon has not showed me that he's a solid RB...hurt a lot.
El guapo del feugo
El guapo del feugo 4 months ago
They dont know how good Melvin Gordon is
Ike Benjamin
Ike Benjamin 4 months ago
Bro why are the chargers still with Phillip River's no Championship at all let him go and rebuild.
Brian Howard
Brian Howard 4 months ago
How do the Patriots always get so many free agents without going over the cap? Maybe *Brady gets paid under the table in Brazil* to save cap space and they can then sign away free agents...??
# 1
# 1 4 months ago
What major free agents do they sign? Tell me. They sign guys who people dont know then people know them afterwards thinking they knew them before.
Matthew Rider
Matthew Rider 4 months ago
Gordon is NOT the reason they win. Gordon is NOT half the running back that he is hyped up to be.
MeerMortal93 4 months ago
First Collins, then Keyshawn smh 🤦‍♂️
JustARandom Guy
JustARandom Guy 4 months ago
Gordon doesn't deserve the money. Most of his touchdowns come when theres less than 10 yards to run and he cant stay healthy. let em walk
Zennofobic 4 months ago
If Rivers feels they need Gordon he should pitch in if it will get him a ring.
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 4 months ago
Even if Rivers thinks they need Gordon, the bottom line is that he's asking for more than the team is willing to pay and it's very hard for both parties to come to an agreement in these situations.
Jonathon Thomits
Jonathon Thomits 4 months ago
Keyshawn really said Shittsburgh is more of a threat than the Chargers 💀
Shawn Christianson
Shawn Christianson 4 months ago
He isn’t wrong
hau vu
hau vu 4 months ago
Keep sleeping on Melvin Gordon
kevin feola
kevin feola 4 months ago
Justin Jackson is pretty good running back
Nick Diaz
Nick Diaz 4 months ago
Ryan Hollins is the "where's my hug" guy in highschool
Always 1906
Always 1906 4 months ago
This gem of a comment was lost in the shuffle. Sad.
Adam Zielinski
Adam Zielinski 4 months ago
Yo mah dizzle nizzle. Fer shizzle, dizzle...Like Dr. Giggles...Hollins drops his dimes and nickels... It's fun to watch the clueless expressions of Hollins.
barcasocal10 4 months ago
The question is: can ESPN afford to keep Ryan Hollins on their programming? Dislike is for Ryan Hollins.
Daniel Ochoa
Daniel Ochoa 4 months ago
Chiefs have been talking with the Chargers about a possible trade for him. Multiple picks and a player probably.
Fwizix 4 months ago
Daniel Ochoa lmao no they haven’t are you dumb enough to believe the Chargers would trade him to KC? He’s gonna be a Charger.
Chris Lambert
Chris Lambert 4 months ago
His numbers went up a little bit lMAO😂 5.1 yards a carry bro
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 4 months ago
Hopefully if the CHARGERS play tough hard line businessmen they FALL on their face miss the playoffs just like the STEELERS & WASTE a year for the aging Phillips rivers
Archxn Archxn
Archxn Archxn 4 months ago
Gordon’s great but I think Austin is just as good
Tee M
Tee M 4 months ago
Ryan hollins ain't a bad dude ..he knows what he's doing he knows how to stay on tv
Vick Singh
Vick Singh 4 months ago
You got to understand, if you put a RB in for just running and one for just cathing, it becomes a lot easier to defend because it is predictable. The guys that can do both save you a player on the field and opens the offense up.
David Fahim
David Fahim 4 months ago
Everyone hating on Hollins but never said anything when Kellerman came over from boxing??
Con 4 months ago
fuck these people need to do some research
Deleno Ahk
Deleno Ahk 4 months ago
Gordon trippen this is A Super Bowl roster
Scott Livingston
Scott Livingston 4 months ago
Who is ryan Hollins
El3PH4NTE M4N 4 months ago
Cut gordan and cut allen! Other players will step up who got something to prove
DA_ReaL_EZ Gaming
DA_ReaL_EZ Gaming 4 months ago
Are you a chargers fan?
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 4 months ago
We don’t need Gordon ... trade him for a 6th round pick.. “Who else wants Le’veon Bell money”
SteelCityBL!ZT 4 months ago
KJ is spot on
Ronald Shiffman
Ronald Shiffman 4 months ago
I think the Chargers should pay him. QBs are overpaid. Running backs are NOT a dime a dozen. Giants had mediocre backs for many years. Poor running games hurt.
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