Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby

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"Romance" available at: CamilaCabello.lnk.to/Romance
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Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 26 957
Perry Franz
Perry Franz 6 hours ago
No, thanks. Too much Camila Cabello. Please take a break.
Giri Kumar
Giri Kumar 6 hours ago
To me, it still sounds like "HAVANA".
SRK 6 hours ago
This was fire and you got the baby in it we need more of that home then the baby is a legend to meet this is fiber we need to see more Markel and the baby🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Santi 6 hours ago
El video quedó horrible en blanco y negro y no se entiende nada. Su videografia debe mejorar mucho
david 6 hours ago
david 6 hours ago
david 6 hours ago
david 6 hours ago
david 6 hours ago
david 6 hours ago
I like it
david 6 hours ago
So good
Ary Millan
Ary Millan 6 hours ago
Is it me or should Camila Cabello make a move La Bonita Blade
Juan Delacruz
Juan Delacruz 6 hours ago
Racist Celebrity: Boy we busted now what do we do??? Damage Control: Get me some black rapper right now and make him look like a hero or something on your next music video. The Sheeple: Hey you got a black co-star! I knew you weren't a racist afterall. Me: Ai Dios mio Niña Bonita. Hope you really learned your lesson.
Patel Min
Patel Min 6 hours ago
10K Subs In 2020 Challenge
My version of the song: “I have a test tomorrow” (why oh why?) “I didn’t study at all” (jesus christ) “I’m not gonna pass it” (why oh why?) “I’m failing my classes, but...” (so am I)
Neymar jr. Werder Bremen
Okay are you Camilla now or Damon?
Karly Bermúdezxdxdx
Camila doesn't make videos, camila makes movies. I love her
دقيقة امل
دقيقة امل 6 hours ago
Am gonna wait for the remix 😂😂
victor sanchez vergara
Soy el unico que piensa que con ese corte parece Natalia Line si es cierto
Gacha_Faby :3
Gacha_Faby :3 6 hours ago
david 6 hours ago
david 6 hours ago
david 6 hours ago
I like it
david 6 hours ago
I love it
david 6 hours ago
So good
realrappromo 6 hours ago
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Ice Bloom Gaming
Ice Bloom Gaming 6 hours ago
1.25 speed
Indira Hugentobler
Indira Hugentobler 6 hours ago
Camila you can come over and visit me I live in Namibia
Shrek’s Sister
Shrek’s Sister 6 hours ago
Use me as an I’m here before 40m views card 💳
Hima Mouli
Hima Mouli 7 hours ago
I mean... It's a great song and definitely a great video and a great message to share and all... But am I the only one who noticed the blatant irony in the fact that the video is all about her breaking a stereotype and being her own badass boss woman but she has to depend on some guy to bail her out and make it happen for her? Just saying... Still love Camila and her new song though!😘
TurboGloGaming 7 hours ago
dababy is fire asf
Surely Aguiar
Surely Aguiar 7 hours ago
im a fan
Halima Abdou
Halima Abdou 7 hours ago
Anonymous Persona
Anonymous Persona 7 hours ago
euko 6
euko 6 7 hours ago
Nunca me canso de verlo. Hermosa demostración de cómo de machistas éramos y ahora da igual tu genero y color para hacer lo que más te guste. Un aplauso 👏👏👏♥️♥️✨
алина маскевич
Русские вы тут???
Love u Camila😘
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima 7 hours ago
Sem palavras
Harry Moon
Harry Moon 7 hours ago
Ma man dababy looken fresh as Michael Jackson
Subscribe to this poor doggy For lick
Wow, this is nothing that I imagined it would be like! **Woaf**
John Haggar
John Haggar 7 hours ago
I am obsessed with this song it's soooooooo good
Shenley Polley
Shenley Polley 7 hours ago
CJO 7 hours ago
ღღ.•Anood 7 hours ago
Mano Mano
Mano Mano 7 hours ago
Video is not nice
Naomy Japhary
Naomy Japhary 7 hours ago
Gucci Boys
Gucci Boys 7 hours ago
Dababy needs to make a song called dababy scope now
Maxim Kharchenko
Maxim Kharchenko 7 hours ago
🚁🚁🚁, spit on it!
hyper attitude
hyper attitude 7 hours ago
tune is same as havana
Rakesh Shirase
Rakesh Shirase 8 hours ago
Camille Cabello fans like here 👍 ,who love her acting in every song ,who all r Indian seeing this video
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima 7 hours ago
Friend is *Camila
this love ariana
this love ariana 8 hours ago
i fucking love u
J. C
J. C 8 hours ago
Matt Cad
Matt Cad 8 hours ago
I've heard this song before before the music video releasedd
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson 8 hours ago
Is the video quality supposed to be this shit? Bc youtube won't let me change it
sireni Van Heurck
sireni Van Heurck 8 hours ago
This sounds exactly like "Llaman a la puerta" by Tierra Sur..........
Anvesha Acharya
Anvesha Acharya 8 hours ago
Am I the only one who's here for Paul Karmiryan?😍
caleb 8 hours ago
woah i just realized that this music video connects to camila's whole situation with 5h.... she explained somewhere that one of the reasons she decided to leave the group was bc they were oversexualizing themselves too much. A similar situation is happening here, where camila is being represented by the producers as a weak character. In the end she rips up her contrast, which is another similarity to her leaving 5h
dante mayorca narvaez
Tierra sur - Llaman a la puerta!!!
Shreya Vaghani
Shreya Vaghani 8 hours ago
Okay so how does the song relate to the video???!!!
SoaR Dust
SoaR Dust 8 hours ago
Be honest who just ski to dababys line then left
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