Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - Special Ops Trailer

Call of Duty
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The next evolution of Special Ops.
Experience Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®'s massive 4-player co-op world on all platforms October 25th.
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 6 428
Aaron Stephens
Aaron Stephens 3 minutes ago
Was that Zakhaev at the end? 🤔😲
Uncle Ray-Ray
Uncle Ray-Ray 30 minutes ago
I like how this doesn't tell people that it's PS4 exclusive until 2020
INDIV 48 minutes ago
Me: *sees its 4 player coop* The boys: Bravo Six going dark
Justin boi
Justin boi 57 minutes ago
It's coming out on all platforms
Jaxx Hour ago
Remaster Bo2
Gavin Rainey
Gavin Rainey Hour ago
Anyone get nostalgia from that falling out of the airplane part
gunslinger_lucky tanki junky
Another badguy with a desert eagle UwU
Anielka Lopez
Anielka Lopez 2 hours ago
Estará disponible para PS3?
Jimmy Guo
Jimmy Guo 3 hours ago
Are we going to forget about PS4 exclusivity content?
Creeper Construction
1:08 Sounds Exactly Like a Fortnite Rocket Launcher
Joseph Eaton
Joseph Eaton 3 hours ago
Make the Xbox and PC one cheaper if we don't get the full game.
ProMikeStang GT04
ProMikeStang GT04 3 hours ago
They should make a "soft reboot " for a game that really deserves it. Dead Space.
Rouge Angel
Rouge Angel 4 hours ago
Please tell me you got a plan for a battle royal cz BLACKOUT was a fantastic experience
Scrubstronaut 6 hours ago
Well we know zakhaev is back because there were crates with his name on it in the beta
Agarrando Viaje
Agarrando Viaje 7 hours ago
1:30 since MW is a soft reboot, I have a feeling that’s the bald guy from COD 4, but with an arm this time.
Lost 7 hours ago
Are they back in Pripyat or is that swimming pool just everywhere? At 0:23
J Newsome
J Newsome 7 hours ago
We still stuck on this 4 player platform 🤦‍♂️
da da
da da 7 hours ago
0:48 cant believe Demi Lovato is in the video lol
Marcus Quiles
Marcus Quiles 8 hours ago
Shepard’s pistol 0.0?!
Rafael Sanchez
Rafael Sanchez 8 hours ago
Cant have a modern warfare game without a gunfight in an airplane
Andrew Crouthers
Andrew Crouthers 8 hours ago
I was seriously considering pre ordering this, i enjoyed the original modern warfare, but with activision and blizzards actions recently i think ill save my money or buy a box of ammo in case hong kong needs it
the chicken gamer
the chicken gamer 8 hours ago
Make ghosts 2
vHxpnotic_aarxn 8 hours ago
I don’t get it
Yörk 9 hours ago
That ending tho reminds me of that cod mission🥺🥺
umut_oeBerlin 9 hours ago
eZ For ENCE 9 hours ago
And don’t forget the 1 year ps4 Exclusivity YAY
Allreli 4 hours ago
Or you can read the description and find out this isn't exclusive.
lil sel
lil sel 9 hours ago
Thanks for ruining this activision
Moboots Gaming
Moboots Gaming 9 hours ago
So i guess were getting that map with the merry-go-round in chernobyl🤷‍♂️
Vicente Castañeda
Vicente Castañeda 9 hours ago
Nobody: Spec OPS: "we have to do exploit the airplane"
Vicente Castañeda
Vicente Castañeda 9 hours ago
Kids: "Buses with fortnite music" Men: "airplanes with bombs exploding"
MrGE2014SE 10 hours ago
This is way above my paygrade.
Hella Bastos N8 Gaming
I think cod mobile seems more fun
John Arevalo
John Arevalo 10 hours ago
I'm guessing here they are not gonna use IGNs idea in playing this game with non lethal weapons
Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray 10 hours ago
I bet they are gonna add micro transactions a couple weeks after launch.
Reakyr 10 hours ago
0:27 that looks AWFULLY familiar Wonder if those dogs are still in there ?
TheBlackopskiller67 11 hours ago
Forgot about this game after beta
GamingMate 11 hours ago
don't call me boom boom
Richard Kim
Richard Kim 11 hours ago
so that 1% of game and we have to wait 1 year right?
Allreli 4 hours ago
This isn't locked behind exclusively, learn to read.
Moder IRAQ
Moder IRAQ 11 hours ago
This version of COD is my favorite I played the beta and I love it but I will buy it from G2A because I don't want to spend full price for a 1% less content 🤦‍♂️
Allreli 4 hours ago
G2A? So you dont mind paying criminals? Sorry but that's even worse. Also this isn't exclusive.
6 year old NiBBa
6 year old NiBBa 12 hours ago
Me beats meat “I lost 30,000 kids in a blink of a eye
Trulius Julius
Trulius Julius 12 hours ago
Guys, zakhaev is back...
The Dark Soup
The Dark Soup 12 hours ago
Honestly tho the real absolute units were the mw3 characters we played as in both spec ops and survival the 2 of them survived everything they should be like the last unlock. Lol
Kelvin javier Rivera cruz
I'm i fan of evry call of duty modern warfare i want to buy it but i dont have enough money
Faarichino 13 hours ago
In the Christmas sales I'm copping this because I'm too stingy to get it now 😊
Luis Louboutin
Luis Louboutin 13 hours ago
mile high club???
MrPotatoSoup 13 hours ago
Excellent trailer and all that but they could do me the big favor and not just for me. Take out the Call Of Duty Ghosts 2 please, it had an incredible story and some original and epic modes. I don't know if I'm the only one who wants to be taken out xd.
GAMER_ BOY 13 hours ago
I wish the plane will come out in thw updates
Attacker 13 hours ago
If u like this game, join me guys I'm Attacker COD
Shogun Fuze
Shogun Fuze 14 hours ago
Anyone getting a pay day 2 vibe?
MUSIC And Football
MUSIC And Football 14 hours ago
Is it just me or the last moments of this trailer had the ending similar to the oneof the mission epilogue in call of duty modern warfare 1
Flaming Knight
Flaming Knight 14 hours ago
survival mode pls?
Bernd Kono
Bernd Kono 14 hours ago
Only on Ps4 🤣
Allreli 4 hours ago
Learn to read. This is available on all platforms, it even says that in description.
JOETHE Gamer78
JOETHE Gamer78 14 hours ago
Im a bf player but i admit this looks amazing
Rhogie Nepomuceno
Rhogie Nepomuceno 14 hours ago
Shroud joined the group.
dark_blue 14 hours ago
Really 170gb?
Official Boomtish214
If the player is 100% customizable, with custom uniform; I'm all in. Take my money!
Chirping From the bleachers
Shepherd at end there ! I’m fired up
Chirping From the bleachers
RedWing Alisha Actual
Chirping From the bleachers
Killed Ghost
Chirping From the bleachers
Probably his son or brother
Halo Reams
Halo Reams 15 hours ago
Ps4 exclusive!!💩💩💩💩💩
Allreli 4 hours ago
It's not, learn to read the description.
YTG_Cougar 16 hours ago
Is this on xbox as well does anyone know?
Allreli 4 hours ago
Its available on xbox one yes, it says that in description. Survival mode is exclusive and they havent showed that at all yet.
New2Brother YT
New2Brother YT 17 hours ago
Does anybody else know the game's releasing at the 10th anniversary of "Never Gonna Give You Up" ?
New2Brother YT
New2Brother YT 17 hours ago
Oh wait, nobody cares about this fact anyway.
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