By the way, Can You Survive AREA 51?

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Today Daniel, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay and Ann storm Area 51 with Naruto run. Will their raid be successful? Will they survive area 51? Will they manage to rescue the aliens? Find out in this video!
The meme area 51 is probably gone at this point... #Area51storm
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 11 106
The Fallen Cherubim
The Fallen Cherubim 36 minutes ago
"Do you know how easy it is to kill 2million??" Me: and thank you! Jay! for that not so wonderful question I wish i would never want to know the answer too!😅😅😅
wolfy chan
wolfy chan 3 hours ago
My mom and dad are in the military
Napalm_ Skies
Napalm_ Skies 7 hours ago
This whole video was very chaotic 😂😂
Heather Hern
Heather Hern 8 hours ago
Do it again after the 6 months.
candy the hybrid glitter fangirl
Naruto run to area 51
Morgan Hicks
Morgan Hicks 10 hours ago
Aww creep
HexLithium 11 hours ago
jay and stephen are one being
Super Sonic Duo
Super Sonic Duo 11 hours ago
Now I'm just wondering why someone hasn't wrote some fanfiction archive of all the people on this channel actually going through these scenarios.
TDF_ W0rldKeY
TDF_ W0rldKeY 11 hours ago
Rip Dan's plans
Meatball Lover
Meatball Lover 12 hours ago
Housa and ann would naruto run
Kaensai 12 hours ago
Man, I've drifted away from this channel after more people joined the group
Savvy Vee
Savvy Vee 12 hours ago
Flaming Explotion
Flaming Explotion 13 hours ago
Oh my god it started out just fine and so well then all of it just collapsed into a short ending please try again. I'm a big fan i appreciate your guy's work but please do it over like a remake. And please have a happy ending.
Fairly 16 hours ago
Why does it sound weird to hear this girl here? She’s trying too hard to sound ‘cute’ her voice even cracks sometimes lol
New Glamour
New Glamour 18 hours ago
These videos are like DnD with no rules and all chaos
Maya Cabell
Maya Cabell 18 hours ago
Let's raid area 51 AGAIN 23 OF DECEMBER WHO'S WITH ME!
TheJennaGames 18 hours ago
people, *just make shadow clones, i dont know why you people dont know that*
Princessallstar 365
Princessallstar 365 19 hours ago
I see Stephen as Sasuke
Sharky and Gracie Demons gacha
HpMates 20 hours ago
lowercase l or uppercase I?
Their assimilating hossah
lowercase l or uppercase I?
3:18 when you role a 1 on speech
SnakeKart Day ago
Wait Ann’s still alive!
Justin Edusada
People should stop raiding area 51 Aliens will kill you XD
Patrick Dixon
housh face what had happen he was such a good boy he been hanging out with jay too much we all saw that face housh plz don't be like me
le jumping master sword
I feel gay right now
Felisa Norman
wrong. It was a month
Panquake Animations
By the way, can you survive Stephen talking about murder with Jay and Hosuh Or Can you survive weird fans talking about murder (or ya know them participating in a video)
Russian Coffee
Russian Coffee 2 days ago
As far as I'm concern there is a comic on tumblr about the alien from area51
Tommy Reed
Tommy Reed 2 days ago
Only like 170 people showed up.
Boydy x
Boydy x 2 days ago
Me when i have a test tommorow 5:15
Blue Tiger
Blue Tiger 2 days ago
By the way, can you survive creeped out
The Blank
The Blank 3 days ago
Bob is back!
SONIC dude9
SONIC dude9 3 days ago
When Jay already looks like Naruto
- ozy -
- ozy - 3 days ago
I got grounded a day before you made this...I’ve been so sad
Kingston Cannon
Kingston Cannon 3 days ago
MY GOD! September 20 is my b-day
EmilBarak 3 days ago
Narusasu Forever15
Can you survive a... *Naruto running Stephen?*
draco malfoy
draco malfoy 4 days ago
Steven : only like 5 people will come to the raid Me after the raid : ARE YOU SURE ABOYUT THAT !!
Sofia's Glitter Time TV
As long as my sexy jutsu can hesitate the soldiers
Norn Mana
Norn Mana 4 days ago
Do the Naruto run and raid the Area51 That what I do I master some jutsu too
Emi Nightcore
Emi Nightcore 4 days ago
Can you survive Kimetsu No Yaiba?
Jabelle Wang
Jabelle Wang 5 days ago
Why do I feel like every girl that’s on this channel has a super high or squeaky voice _
Fairly 16 hours ago
xXMoon lightXx
xXMoon lightXx 5 days ago
Actually some people died during the area 51 raid
HorrorVerse 5 days ago
Turns out it wasn't elevent in a week
SOME name
SOME name 5 days ago
2:33 has she always been that dark
y though lol
y though lol 5 days ago
zooey scott
zooey scott 5 days ago
When i raid aria 51 i get infinite wifi and battery power
BreezyBella Animates
Bob the alien..? *_ISTATION INTENSIFIES_*
Ms AArt
Ms AArt 5 days ago
Where's the *real* Hosuh???
Maria C
Maria C 5 days ago
Everyone : what's a script?never heard of it😂😂
mint_tea 5 days ago
Can you survive Doki Doki Literature Club :))))))
Nick Cariglio
Nick Cariglio 5 days ago
That's why we threaten them. *HA HA*
Mai Ferdous
Mai Ferdous 5 days ago
Dan's voice sounds exactly like David dobrik.
Thomas Carpenter
Thomas Carpenter 5 days ago
peace day
Kevin Lockhart
Kevin Lockhart 5 days ago
By the way, can you survive Brightburn?
UwU 5 days ago
Chumi Chupa
Chumi Chupa 5 days ago
1:25 Hosuh, showing a face of evil intent: Do it the next day when they're cleaning up the bodies Me, scared: oh no
5.5_ below
5.5_ below 6 days ago
Hosuh... wth... he’s been corrupted 🤣🤣🤣
Nathan Montez
Nathan Montez 6 days ago
The first thing I thought when Ann said she would fly the was “A 3 year old is going to fly the plane?”
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