Buying My Rescued Dog EVERYTHING She Touches!

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Jan 14, 2019

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Comments 2 657
blanca flores
Ok 👍 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Mariah Kim
Mariah Kim 2 days ago
Happy family!!! I love this ❤❤❤
Lady Bug
Lady Bug 2 days ago
But what if they're still animals in the street but people don't know they are there ?
Cloudywolf Dark
Cloudywolf Dark 3 days ago
מעין לייטר
what with beds
מעין לייטר
plese go to target
Michael Johnstone
Jessica James
Jessica James 4 days ago
your dog is so cute
Giavanna and Isabella hopper
Can you do one with your cat?
Mansonite forever
Fuck you Jarvis Lynch!!
Asher Haverstock
Asher Haverstock 4 days ago
Are you rich or something ?
Diana Golub
Diana Golub 4 days ago
I watched one vid about the same thing there was king and he got hecka stuff it was $450!!!!!
Toothless the dragon Coolol
You guys are good people
My Pets
My Pets 4 days ago
i did a video like this with my rescue dog on my channel! make sure to check it out! ❤️🐕🐶
Jeanmarie Sendlinger
Thats horrible what happened to that dog....im very happy that she is with a good family❤❤
Danica 5 days ago
Love the point of view from the puppers!
Leah Rose
Leah Rose 5 days ago
Why tf are you supporting brands/stores that abuse animals all day. Not just dogs.
The Bennett Pack
The Bennett Pack 5 days ago
Jason Diaz
Jason Diaz 5 days ago
I think the doggo was looking for bepis
Crimson Campbell
Crimson Campbell 6 days ago
Crimson l
Meg Smith
Meg Smith 6 days ago
Look how precious and happy 😭💕
Lilly_ Gacha star
I don’t have petco were I live(I think)
Lori Goldinger
Lori Goldinger 6 days ago
I fill bad for ellie
bayleighpgee 6 days ago
Franklin is the cutest fucking dog
LPS THINGS 6 days ago
11:00 and 11:05 I couldn't stop laughing mostly for 11:05 cuz Franklin stuck his tongue out it was adorable and funny at the same time
Random Videos
Random Videos 6 days ago
Why is there a target cart in Petco ???
Toothless Nightfury
But she’s just smelling them because she’s scared
GAGE A DAVIS 6 days ago
I was looking in the trunk and i saw bug spray lol did she buy that 2?
SnowLunaWolf *
SnowLunaWolf * 6 days ago
I remember this news report it was terrible what happened to those dogs
Good Moms
Good Moms 6 days ago
3:38 i didnt see u get this thing
Good Moms
Good Moms 6 days ago
miles bowman
miles bowman 6 days ago
Why does Willy wear diapers
Monse Gaona
Monse Gaona 7 days ago
Omg this video make my day! ✨👌🏻
Amiah Marshall
Amiah Marshall 7 days ago
October😁!my birthdays in October!
Shayna Drangneel
Shayna Drangneel 7 days ago
Yu should do the cats next time
Plieallday 4ever
Plieallday 4ever 7 days ago
Pro rescue here! Thank you for adopting from a rescue and love the video!!
ItsJustCelinex3 7 days ago
Someone needs to do this with a cat😂
Kirill Lukjanov
Kirill Lukjanov 7 days ago
your dog is so good
Evie Smallacombe
Evie Smallacombe 7 days ago
According to my calculations she spent 49 more dollars more than franklin
macye manley
macye manley 7 days ago
thats sad. is her foot in pain?
Karlee 7 days ago
10:57 “look at his tail, he’s like a warthog.” 😂😂🧡
Faylyn Addams
Faylyn Addams 7 days ago
I love the guy in the news clip “they’re made for lovin’”.
lucy mewo
lucy mewo 7 days ago
when the dog goes on a walk put the cam and make it do a butt cam that tail tho so cuteeee XD
Gabrielle Carpenter
She was so scared.... But once she was once closer to her mommy or daddy she was calm/ comforted!!! It's so cute how she trust you guys so much. She has been through so much! She deserves everything
Gabriella Dorsey
Gabriella Dorsey 8 days ago
Everytime I take my dog to petco he pees in the cat section
Annabel Rittler
Annabel Rittler 8 days ago
Cali’s ears while he ran🤣
service dogs gone wild
I cried when the man said that's not what they're made for they're made for loving and companionship I wish more people would understand this it sickens me and hurts me so badly to the core when people hurt animals they are helpless 😭😭😢💔💔💔
Corgi Draws owo
Corgi Draws owo 9 days ago
that dog knows were it's at.
Megan Tewalt
Megan Tewalt 9 days ago
Why is there a Target cart in Petco?
Karen Kleber
Karen Kleber 9 days ago
Is ellie a mother?
morgan frick
morgan frick 9 days ago
It's absolutely heartbreaking that someone would even think to use dogs for fighting just to gain a buck. I've rescued 2 dogs that come from abusers myself. I don't know about this one, but it is very clear what happened to their past with my dogs because they get very scared of tall men (ESPECIALLY if they are wearing a hat), and brooms. They are pit bull mixes and they were left by a dumpster as if they were trash. ;-;
Lightining Fox
Lightining Fox 9 days ago
What about the pitbull??? Did you take him??
Stephan S
Stephan S 9 days ago
Lynch must be hanged !
Stephan S
Stephan S 9 days ago
She is acute dog.
Dazzle Up
Dazzle Up 9 days ago
Eli is a woman so she loves shopping. 😁❤
Kamarie Flowers
Kamarie Flowers 9 days ago
she spent $150
PaxxTan 9 days ago
You realize you're supporting animal abuse when you shop at Petco thought, right? You can still do these fun shopping trips with your dogs... JUST PICK A DIFFERENT STORE that doesn't abuse animals and parade them around in cages that are too small and cramped so they can be sold with the improper equipment to people that don't know how to and can't care for the animal.
Brenda Jenkins
Brenda Jenkins 9 days ago
I love this! I'm so sorry that this happened to all of them. 😭❤️❤️❤️
Charlotte Martin
Charlotte Martin 10 days ago
If she have puppy can i get one
Amy 7244
Amy 7244 10 days ago
How can someone have that many dogs and keep them outside and NO ONE knows they are there?
Me Myself, and I
Me Myself, and I 10 days ago
That man that did that deserves to rot in prison smh
GachaGirls 59
GachaGirls 59 10 days ago
My dogs name is fig..... don’t eat him.....please..
shelbi Williams
shelbi Williams 10 days ago
I absolutely do not like people who neglect animals
trouble0907 10 days ago
I started crying
Mcypress5 M
Mcypress5 M 10 days ago
Absolutely love this. Please continue!
Kaitlyn Wright
Kaitlyn Wright 11 days ago
Okay, but Jolly Balls are AWESOME toys for bigger dogs. They last forever. And those wellness core treats she picked out are great quality. And that Kong toy that goes with those kong treats is great too! Watching these videos are so hard without commenting when you work at a pet store.and watching things be bought that are good vs bad😭
Vivian Eppley
Vivian Eppley 11 days ago
I felt so happy for the dog being ubused and then have a famous USvidr being there owner then.:)
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez 11 days ago
Twitter are your pets even your horses
Silvia Stoica
Silvia Stoica 11 days ago
KIANA ONE 11 days ago
You can tell she is terrified when the other dog came near her, and she jumped a lot at sudden movements or on things she didn't know. Shows just how bad her life was before you guys adopted her. Glad her life is a lot better now. Poor Elle
Lali 11 days ago
Poor baby she was so scared
Eskettit Aye
Eskettit Aye 11 days ago
She would get scared of cardboard poor thing 6:06
Emily Mitchell
Emily Mitchell 11 days ago
Fuck Jarvis Lynch
iiSaturnLxminx 12 days ago
My mom wouldn’t let me do that with my dog
Rhys Kealoha
Rhys Kealoha 12 days ago
dooooooooooooooooo more
Ali 12 days ago
your blonde pitty looks just like mine! 💜
Fellow Boi
Fellow Boi 12 days ago
At first when the black dog came out I yelled that dog got a diaper and I woke my sister up 😅
Boy The Cat
Boy The Cat 12 days ago
Jarvis Lynch...karma is coming for you !!!!!
Chococat Chocolate
Chococat Chocolate 12 days ago
ELLEPhant lol luv u elle
David Medrano
David Medrano 12 days ago
You are such a good pet owner
Ram Rai
Ram Rai 12 days ago
All your all of your dog's are cute
Georgia Brandoe
Georgia Brandoe 12 days ago
Ellie is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😉😛😍😍😉😛!!!!!!!!!!😍!!!!!!!
Jaden knight
Jaden knight 12 days ago
Love it 😍 I want to see more and I want a shout out
Alenat Alenat
Alenat Alenat 12 days ago
150 woow
Evett C
Evett C 13 days ago
I like the part where they play with everything.
CindyMac McReynolds
Omg I died when they all came running out. And the wiener dog came with a diaper. I’m not judging just sayin
Annabell Elam
Annabell Elam 13 days ago
Yvonne Covello
Yvonne Covello 13 days ago
Franklin is so cute he is so short and stubby
Yvonne Covello
Yvonne Covello 13 days ago
Your bird cost of toys i think was 140 dollars so 10 diffrence
Denise Shephard
Denise Shephard 13 days ago
Thank you for rescuing Ellie has she been spayed yet
Doodle Bug
Doodle Bug 13 days ago
...... is this dogo gonna die....?
Kaydee Abad
Kaydee Abad 13 days ago
I like that they research everything before they buy it so their pets you don't get sick or hurt
James Canada
James Canada 13 days ago
linley kijima-halsne
so so so so so sad
The Paternal Twins
The Paternal Twins 14 days ago
I seen her on the new
Cass m
Cass m 14 days ago
you really inspired me to get a rescue for our next dog! we had purebreds our whole life but I think it's amazing to rescue!
Alexandra Rogel Nava
Porr Ellie
Pague Tullier
Pague Tullier 14 days ago
Yall are amazing she is a beautiful puppy and it's so sad how she was treated. And pits get such a bad rep they are amazing and sweet.
Sandra Frueh
Sandra Frueh 14 days ago
Take cally to the pet market
A Martinez
A Martinez 14 days ago
I think Elle spent 150
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