Building a Very Different Custom Keyboard

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This KBDfans "Pebble" prototype with Mito's Laseron switches made for a pretty unique keyboard unlike anything I've built before!
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Nov 1, 2019




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Comments 509
randomfrankp 3 months ago
Just a heads up! MiTo said final production of the switches will be 2.0mm actuation instead of 2.2mm listed in the video
Motavator 2 months ago
@Brody Clark its out now, I want to cop one so bad
Gerald Ken
Gerald Ken 3 months ago
@Brody Clark it's already available for pre-order kbdfans' taobao page. expect the page to be available within a day or 2 in kbdfans international website.
Brody Clark
Brody Clark 3 months ago
when does the pebble come out!?
joel rikardsson
joel rikardsson 3 days ago
Aaaaah! It looks like you didn’t properly sandwich mounts it! Mention it, it’s like the best selling point of the keeb!
S gill
S gill 6 days ago
Only thing I hate about space cables is they don’t do the 90 degree into keyboard, everyone else does mechables does still and is taking orders as well as Santiago
Nightceasar 8 days ago
I watched a video of a keyboard made for some tfui guy or whatshisname, the keyboard was supposdely 3500 dollars. Anyway, the sound on that keyboard ruined all over keyboard sounds for me. Every time I hear a keyboard I just keep thinking it sounds terrible compared to that 3500 dollar keyboard.
Hyvera 10 days ago
looks honestly boring.
Gavin York
Gavin York 11 days ago
I’m the 6.8 k like
KeineLustMehr 13 days ago
Was it released already ?
xIKirito_ 16 days ago
What I don't understand is that building your own Keyboard even with cheap parts still is more expensive by like 30% than buying a good brand Keyboard.
randomfrankp 16 days ago
The thing is, there is no such thing as “buying a good brand keyboard”
Md. Imamul Islam
Md. Imamul Islam 17 days ago
That's not the HHKB layout.
Jaime Castañeda
Jaime Castañeda 17 days ago
Can I get a link for those mousepads? (the honeycomb patern and the topo patern)
sidesw1pe 21 day ago
2:25 Me: Hmm that's a nice screwdriver, I wonder where he got that 2:31 P: I'll put the screwdriver link down below
haran guglubun
haran guglubun 22 days ago
GunTeqkz 25 days ago
Pisses me off that USvidrs are treated like there famous people above every other human and given stuff that we can’t even buy
randomfrankp 24 days ago
This cable isnt from JuJu, this is from SpaceCables as I said and they sell in drops. Anyone can buy it when the drop is ready.
GunTeqkz 24 days ago
So yeh you CANT buy them lol I messaged them on ig
GunTeqkz 24 days ago
I’m talking about the juju cable you reviewed
randomfrankp 25 days ago
Maybe instead of filling your diaper, do some research and you’ll see you CAN buy it.
dombrox 27 days ago
Heyyyy where can I get this pcb and plate without case, because I love the hhkb with ctrl keys layout ?
황금정자 Month ago
mousepad name?
yani Month ago
Flipped spacebar huh
René Eschke
René Eschke Month ago
If only this board would have wireless connection optional :(
René Eschke
René Eschke Month ago
Why on earth is the spacebar slanted/tiltded? (Newbie here)
Mundi Month ago
0:29 What is that deskpad called? It looks great. someone, please let me know what it's called!
Lucas Barnstead
Lucas Barnstead Month ago
Why are the keyswitches flipped? Weird pcb?
ProTec Gamer
ProTec Gamer Month ago
Did you lube the switches?
Erik Vasauez
Erik Vasauez Month ago
What’s so special about these switches?? Not hating just curious, they higher quality than regular gaterons, on par with zealios switches, better housing, etc?
Gonnagetrekt 221
Oo nice stabs
reviewfor thetube
Now you need the laser keycaps to go with it lol
H Lily26
H Lily26 Month ago
How much was This
reviewfor thetube
Great keyboard even with the weight its probabaly 800grams even with that it still means this is kbd heaviest keybaord also which is also very nice
reviewfor thetube
This is def the best keyboard they have made period
BBG Clan
BBG Clan Month ago
The real meaning Christmas is That Jesus is born
BOB JOE Month ago
why tf your spacebar upside down
rzongler Month ago
James Charles
James Charles Month ago
5:06 Sound test
christian kane
christian kane Month ago
Don’t really get the backspace and home button being like that, the home button is useless tbh, wish it would’ve just been a normal size backspace button
Xhyper Month ago
Btw thats not Hhkb layout XD
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube 2 months ago
I think kbd did good with this one and it aounds great even without being lubed and this one doesnt have the reverb issues that are known sometimes
Motavator 2 months ago
Quick question Frank, is your spacebar 6.5 U? because my keycap set comes with a 6.25 U which isn't long enough smh.
Joshua Gaus
Joshua Gaus 2 months ago
Is this the HHKB version?
Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison 2 months ago
Bought those switches to match GMK SKeletor! Can't wait to put it together.
Altered Carnate
Altered Carnate 2 months ago
Ahh, a keyboard worth as much as my PC. Gotta love it 😜
MrRoboscan 2 months ago
just got my pebble in the mail, im trying to set up and having some issues with the software.Any tips?
RealTDW 2 months ago
Great looking and sounding keyboard but where is the backspace
Ryan 2 months ago
whats up with cases not having legs its like they tryna go back to the old days when legs were not discovered yet
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube 2 months ago
There is something of it still sounds like something is to losse
Salem Alaulaqi
Salem Alaulaqi 2 months ago
I tried flipped spacebar and omg is it comfy for my thumb
Wham Cam
Wham Cam 2 months ago
can you sell this
Seon-Ho 2 months ago
You know you can just buy it new...?
Motavator 2 months ago
It's back up on KBD right now, contemplatinghard and fast on whether i want to cop. SO HARD
HG Na 2 months ago
Dave RGB
Dave RGB 2 months ago
KBDFans the chinese communist party company that steals IP from others and sells it as their own.
Matthew 2 months ago
Hello sir, wondering if you had any info on the asceny one 60%? It's an optical hotswappable mech keyboard but I can't find many reliable reviews on it. The price is almost too good to be true, so was wondering about your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
Marcus Ng
Marcus Ng 3 months ago
Hi, does anyone know where he got the mouse pad 5:19. Plz I really want it
Phaze Tfuu
Phaze Tfuu 2 months ago
Its his own custom one on his store
Mr.Shadow 3 months ago
lucks grose
Mr.Shadow 3 months ago
@randomfrankp sorry man but i don't like it
randomfrankp 3 months ago
nice spelling
Josh Nanat
Josh Nanat 3 months ago
when his keycaps cost more than my own custom keyboard.
TbG Ravin
TbG Ravin 3 months ago
where is the fucking backspace
Fury_Spirits 3 months ago
if i had money for it i would definetely have the biggest collection of enthusias type stuff... regardless, i thought the flipped space bar was just a gimmick, but when i tried it myself it worked really well and if i try turning my spacebar back around it feels super sharp xd
Aulden Borthwick
Aulden Borthwick 3 months ago
4:45 mousepad?
randomfrankp 2 months ago
Just launched today! novelkeys.xyz/products/randomfrankp-x-nk_-deskpad
Poptrop 3 months ago
Petition to make the Apple keyboard on iPhones sound like mechanical switches and different options for orange green yellow etc ⬇️
Beanos 3 months ago
i love how no one is liking your comment
Alan Xu
Alan Xu 3 months ago
cable was great, everything else was a meh.
Cookie 3 months ago
the space bar is triggering me!
Just Phil
Just Phil 3 months ago
What is that mouse mat?
Brody Clark
Brody Clark 3 months ago
also the laserons, these are the switches i’ve been looking for, when
Kyle Hirsch
Kyle Hirsch 3 months ago
imo, the key caps are way too boring for how cool the switches, backplate, and cable
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