BTS vs Big Hit II Fiesty Tom and Jerry Relationship [방탄소년단/防弾少年团]

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#BTS #TryNottoLaugh #YouLaughYouLose #Staff
BTS vs BigHit Staff - They have a tom and jerry relationship that definitely adorable and cute but fiesty at the same time :D
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Kim Namjoon
Kim Seokjin
Min Yoongi
Jung Hoseok
Park Jimin
Kim Taehyung
Jeon Jungkook
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Jan 6, 2019

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Comments 260
BTS ARMY Cult 4 months ago
I Know Lee Hyun isn't a staff, he's the only senior they have so I couldn't have made a separate video with him. Please stop pointing it out, thank you.
jeon jungkook
jeon jungkook 15 days ago
if someone is using laptop how the .....i can't put thumbs up emoji
Naughty Noona
Naughty Noona 2 months ago
@Lovy Less ahh. Thanks for informing
Lovy Less
Lovy Less 2 months ago
Naughty Noona yes
Naughty Noona
Naughty Noona 2 months ago
@Lovy Less singer under big hit?
Lovy Less
Lovy Less 2 months ago
Naughty Noona singer
Saranghae Myself
Saranghae Myself 14 days ago
This is my first time to your channel and I subscribed right away..dang u r so awesome , I mean you upload content that I have never seen before🙌🙌
BTS ARMY Cult 14 days ago
Thank you 💜💜
Y Bhardwaj
Y Bhardwaj 14 days ago
Suga is the most savage k-pop idol Fite me
kpop BTSfever
kpop BTSfever 17 days ago
6:35 wow that’s a really good way to express what made you angry/ frustrated/ what you didn’t or don’t like/...
Soojin Cho
Soojin Cho 18 days ago
Do YoU MeAn Jin vs BigHit
Laboni Akter
Laboni Akter 23 days ago
Suga: We shouldn't kill them Jimin: Well it's not my life LOL getting revenge on all those penalties he got in other RUNBTS
Laboni Akter
Laboni Akter 23 days ago
That's why the staff don't have BTS vs Staff
Eman Omer
Eman Omer 27 days ago
Jin threatened them to have a meeting lol this guy Suga relaxing is cool 🤣🤣🤣🤣
watch it up
watch it up 28 days ago
6:23 Jin : who ur tell me stop eating ?😂😂😂😂😂 Manager : shook 🤨🤨
afreen Month ago
4:30 jhope was not having it lmaoo
Abhinav Lal
Abhinav Lal Month ago
Anie Jn
Anie Jn Month ago
JungShook Month ago
New title: bts vs jinhit staff
Emma Emma
Emma Emma Month ago
Jin is the root of all evil AHAHAHAHAH
Irene Kim
Irene Kim Month ago
I’m just saying this, Jungkook’s stylist in la is pretty ☺️
7th Purple
7th Purple Month ago
Yoongi conceded to Bang PD-nim is so cute XD Jin for President! lol
Victoria Estrada
Verixs_ Kovacevic._.
Can someone please tell what episode is 0:13 on v live? T_T
Sunni Owens
Sunni Owens Month ago
hell girl
hell girl Month ago
Your intro is the Best intro ive seen it in my whole life 😭😭😍😍😍😍😍
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
Thank you :D
eman T
eman T Month ago
박레지아 2 months ago
Natalie Brasic
Natalie Brasic 2 months ago
Does anyone have to link to the video at 8:09 ?
Tlingtlings 2 months ago
Dance teacher told taehyung to be like human...lol my unique taetae
Ninoska 2 months ago
You should totally do that weekly ARMY chat :') 👍
Bea Lademora
Bea Lademora 2 months ago
The fact that Big Hit staff conducted a meeting for an hour in order to decide if they would let Jin dye his hair made me laugh so hard.😂
Kira 2 months ago
3:41 that’s no other than my husband hitman bang
Shannelle Dimatulac
Shannelle Dimatulac 2 months ago
Anyone who knows the show at 5:34?
Shannelle Dimatulac
Shannelle Dimatulac 2 months ago
Thank you! 😊
93 09
93 09 2 months ago
Its Rookie king..
Laboni Akter
Laboni Akter 2 months ago
Honestly that's why in RUN BTS THE daffodil don't do bts Vs staff cause BTS is gonna give them a harsh penalty
YanyanMae Sugahyungs
0:02 what run bts episode is that???
93 09
93 09 2 months ago
Ep 5
Oppo A37
Oppo A37 2 months ago
Yes good idea.. 👍👍👍 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
purple princess
purple princess 2 months ago
Suga : we shouldn't kill them jimin: well , it's not my life XDDDD
hakasims 2 months ago
ARMYs in 2015: Aww, Jin is such a mom ARMYs in 2019: Jin is the maknae and the rebel viva la resistance
Park Jungkook
Park Jungkook 2 months ago
👍 👩 😂😂😂
thxxyng jnxnn
thxxyng jnxnn 2 months ago
3:46 was that hitman bang?
Deborrah Escobar
Deborrah Escobar 2 months ago
what is the title of the song in the intro? im a new army x'D i need you my sunbaenims
Deborrah Escobar
Deborrah Escobar 2 months ago
@93 09 thank you!
93 09
93 09 2 months ago
Baseline.. from hobi's mixtape
- yxxngi
- yxxngi 2 months ago
It really takes real skills to be Bighit's staffs and deal with these crackheads lmao 😂
Samantha Clayton
Samantha Clayton 2 months ago
yuna lee
yuna lee 2 months ago
i know im late but just in case 👍 i like the idea
Swan isabella
Swan isabella 3 months ago
taetae Kim
taetae Kim 3 months ago
kim Akiara
kim Akiara 3 months ago
Shriya Chaturvedi
Shriya Chaturvedi 3 months ago
blue 3 months ago
Mardena Woodard
Mardena Woodard 3 months ago
Well I can surely point this out. We are A.R.M.Y family not army cult. Trust me I am not in a cult for damn sure.
tennyson tokbi
tennyson tokbi 3 months ago
Sapphire_30 QueenD
Sapphire_30 QueenD 3 months ago
bucca2 3 months ago
It was so cute when they fooled the boys into thinking the ARMY bombs had voice recognition 😂
Clara J.
Clara J. 3 months ago
the part where bang pd lied to suga will always be legend.thanks to that we have bts suga now
XxThe Girls That Stole Jimins JamsxX
I LOST WHEN THE VIDEO STARTED!😂😂😂 It’s not my fault BTS are the most extra people ever😂
Elsa Canhasi
Elsa Canhasi 3 months ago
l Can't do a thumbs upp on computer haha
Timothy Cruz
Timothy Cruz 3 months ago
The intro for this video with "Base Line" playing is now my favorite intro ever! Thank you!
Timothy Cruz
Timothy Cruz 3 months ago
@BTS ARMY Cult You're Welcome! I'm just treating my Post BTS depression after seeing them in concert two days in a row haha
BTS ARMY Cult 3 months ago
Thank you so much!
ARMY Monica lalaguna
So funny but awesome Boys&witty some times with staff but cute 😍😀😀😀😀
Kelly Sloan
Kelly Sloan 3 months ago
I hate when people tell me to relax when I am so relaxed. Suga is my spirit human.
glen baltimore
glen baltimore 3 months ago
0:47 i haven't seen this. Wuttt?!?? I'm shook. Jin is telepathic. 😍🤯
Natalia Kowalczyk
Natalia Kowalczyk 3 months ago
i dont know why but "sri ton, wooooow" was the best lol
meeen khan
meeen khan 3 months ago
i liked ur idea!! **thumbs up**👍🏻
fjord ARMYboy
fjord ARMYboy 3 months ago
These crackheads 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aysha Dar
Aysha Dar 3 months ago
8:17 Which video is this? Kindly, tell me the link
Just Fries
Just Fries 3 months ago
1:40 can someone tell me the video for this
93 09
93 09 2 months ago
BTS kkul fm.. its on bangtan subs
Regine Lee Gavero
Regine Lee Gavero 3 months ago
TXT should learn from them.
bangtan army
bangtan army 3 months ago
👍👍👍👍👍👍i love that idea
Maria Zia
Maria Zia 3 months ago
Pooja Rani
Pooja Rani 3 months ago
chimmy Kim95
chimmy Kim95 3 months ago
Staff: V be like a human 😂 Staff: jungkook please wake up when I wake you in the morning, because you don't move like a stone statue, it's scared me and please be sleep on your own bed 😂😂😂 I really salute their staff 😂😂😂
Nurul Hanan
Nurul Hanan 3 months ago
mith mith
mith mith 3 months ago
meeen khan
meeen khan 3 months ago
2:52 khhhhhhh did someone saw RM on behind???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 OMG my babyyyyy😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜
Your intro is everything hhaahqh 😍
BTS ARMY Cult 3 months ago
Thank you :D 💜💜💜💜
BTS and ARMY 3 months ago
Jin said their dance teacher wrote shu(sigh) for him . Then that dance teacher wrote Be human for Tae ,😂.And Jimin and Nam joon is about toilet.😂😂😂
Floresnaomi172 Sanchez
BTS and ARMY o wonder what for suga
J MinGi
J MinGi 3 months ago
I feel bad for the stylist lady when Jungkook tried getting into the pool. Bless her for her hard work lmao
Purple Passion Puss
Purple Passion Puss 3 months ago
It’s very entertaining 💜
BTS ARMY Cult 3 months ago
Diana Aguinaga
Diana Aguinaga 3 months ago
새벽 3 months ago
when yoongi was talking about going bald i got a syoss ad sdjsdkkj
Hi I'm ok
Hi I'm ok 3 months ago
3:40 he actually is a baby so cute I would start crying if I thought my eyebrows were gone 💜💜💜
Jam Ram
Jam Ram 3 months ago
The intro was just great honestly
BTS ARMY Cult 3 months ago
Thank you! :D
Caroline Lutz
Caroline Lutz 3 months ago
i freaking love the bighit family XDD TT
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato 3 months ago
Jin would 100% Be the leader of BTS when they are fighting against BigHit.
Mykhale Anders
Mykhale Anders 3 months ago
When the “makeup staff” shaving off Tae’s eyebrow is actually Bang PD🤣
Victoria King
Victoria King 3 months ago
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