BTS vs Big Hit II Fiesty Tom and Jerry Relationship [방탄소년단/防弾少年团]

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#BTS #TryNottoLaugh #YouLaughYouLose #Staff
BTS vs BigHit Staff - They have a tom and jerry relationship that definitely adorable and cute but fiesty at the same time :D
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Kim Namjoon
Kim Seokjin
Min Yoongi
Jung Hoseok
Park Jimin
Kim Taehyung
Jeon Jungkook
This video is a compilation for entertainment purposes.

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Comments 100
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
I Know Lee Hyun isn't a staff, he's the only senior they have so I couldn't have made a separate video with him. Please stop pointing it out, thank you.
taetae Kim
taetae Kim 3 days ago
kim Akiara
kim Akiara 5 days ago
Shriya Chaturvedi
blue 5 days ago
Mardena Woodard
Mardena Woodard 8 days ago
Well I can surely point this out. We are A.R.M.Y family not army cult. Trust me I am not in a cult for damn sure.
tennyson tokbi
tennyson tokbi 8 days ago
Sapphire_30 QueenD
bucca2 9 days ago
It was so cute when they fooled the boys into thinking the ARMY bombs had voice recognition 😂
Clara J.
Clara J. 10 days ago
the part where bang pd lied to suga will always be legend.thanks to that we have bts suga now
M͎i͎n͎ Y͎o͎o͎n͎g͎i͎'s͎ w͎i͎f͎u͎ TM
I LOST WHEN THE VIDEO STARTED!😂😂😂 It’s not my fault BTS are the most extra people ever😂
Elsa Canhasi
Elsa Canhasi 12 days ago
l Can't do a thumbs upp on computer haha
Timothy Cruz
Timothy Cruz 13 days ago
The intro for this video with "Base Line" playing is now my favorite intro ever! Thank you!
Timothy Cruz
Timothy Cruz 13 days ago
+BTS ARMY Cult You're Welcome! I'm just treating my Post BTS depression after seeing them in concert two days in a row haha
BTS ARMY Cult 13 days ago
Thank you so much!
ARMY Monica lalaguna
So funny but awesome Boys&witty some times with staff but cute 😍😀😀😀😀
Kelly Sloan
Kelly Sloan 14 days ago
I hate when people tell me to relax when I am so relaxed. Suga is my spirit human.
glen baltimore
glen baltimore 14 days ago
0:47 i haven't seen this. Wuttt?!?? I'm shook. Jin is telepathic. 😍🤯
Natalia Kowalczyk
Natalia Kowalczyk 15 days ago
i dont know why but "sri ton, wooooow" was the best lol
meeen khan
meeen khan 16 days ago
i liked ur idea!! **thumbs up**👍🏻
fjord ARMYboy
fjord ARMYboy 17 days ago
These crackheads 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aysha Dar
Aysha Dar 17 days ago
8:17 Which video is this? Kindly, tell me the link
Just Fries
Just Fries 17 days ago
1:40 can someone tell me the video for this
Regine Lee
Regine Lee 18 days ago
TXT should learn from them.
min suga
min suga 18 days ago
👍👍👍👍👍👍i love that idea
Maria Zia
Maria Zia 19 days ago
Pooja Rani
Pooja Rani 19 days ago
chimmy Kim95
chimmy Kim95 20 days ago
Staff: V be like a human 😂 Staff: jungkook please wake up when I wake you in the morning, because you don't move like a stone statue, it's scared me and please be sleep on your own bed 😂😂😂 I really salute their staff 😂😂😂
Nurul Hanan
Nurul Hanan 20 days ago
mith mith
mith mith 21 day ago
meeen khan
meeen khan 21 day ago
2:52 khhhhhhh did someone saw RM on behind???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 OMG my babyyyyy😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜
Your intro is everything hhaahqh 😍
BTS ARMY Cult 21 day ago
Thank you :D 💜💜💜💜
BTS and ARMY 21 day ago
Jin said their dance teacher wrote shu(sigh) for him . Then that dance teacher wrote Be human for Tae ,😂.And Jimin and Nam joon is about toilet.😂😂😂
J MinGi
J MinGi 22 days ago
I feel bad for the stylist lady when Jungkook tried getting into the pool. Bless her for her hard work lmao
Purple Passion Puss
It’s very entertaining 💜
BTS ARMY Cult 23 days ago
Diana Aguinaga
Diana Aguinaga 23 days ago
새벽 23 days ago
when yoongi was talking about going bald i got a syoss ad sdjsdkkj
Hi I'm ok
Hi I'm ok 24 days ago
3:40 he actually is a baby so cute I would start crying if I thought my eyebrows were gone 💜💜💜
Jam Ram
Jam Ram 24 days ago
The intro was just great honestly
BTS ARMY Cult 24 days ago
Thank you! :D
Caroline Lutz
Caroline Lutz 24 days ago
i freaking love the bighit family XDD TT
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato 24 days ago
Jin would 100% Be the leader of BTS when they are fighting against BigHit.
Mykhale Anders
Mykhale Anders 24 days ago
When the “makeup staff” shaving off Tae’s eyebrow is actually Bang PD🤣
Victoria King
Victoria King 25 days ago
Amira Enany
Amira Enany 26 days ago
English isn’t my first language so I don’t know how much of chatting I’ll be doing but GOOD IDEA👍💜
BTS ARMY Cult 26 days ago
Thank you, I'll update on the next video the timing and everything :)
Adriana Rivera
Adriana Rivera 27 days ago
What video is 1:32?? I have been trying to find it for so long
BTS ARMY Cult 25 days ago
Kkul FM
Sunny 27 days ago
Okay but Hobi and RM scaring the water to boil faster is a mood
reena nair
reena nair 27 days ago
Fooling with army's bomb😂😂
Bangtan Are JINiuses
I might have read that as cold gay and I was like *"WAIT WHAT?!"* and had to replay that part to read it again lmao😂💀
BTS ARMY Cult 27 days ago
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂
Zahra MpR
Zahra MpR 28 days ago
Professor Namjoon aka Iffah or Bae
1:27 ohmg that just means that suga has pure swag, and natural swaeg-
KolourfulNeco 28 days ago
Yoongi was so cute lolol
Sofi Montes
Sofi Montes 28 days ago
BTS make that the instinct of parents of the staff woke up :v
Isa._. 29 days ago
Honestly, I praise the staff for dealing with these brats for so long.
Lausy Bass
Lausy Bass 29 days ago
3:45 ,few of us noticed that it's Bang pd nim whahahhaah
BTS ARMY Cult 29 days ago
Hahaha it's not 😂
Malaya Hunter
Malaya Hunter 29 days ago
1:52 they really a kids... easy to belive in a lie
Heaven Green
Heaven Green 29 days ago
Jin really is a badass😂😂
Anna H.
Anna H. 29 days ago
where is the video from 0:10 from?
BTS ARMY Cult 29 days ago
Run episode
lo l
lo l 29 days ago
5:34 whats the name of that show ?
Yolanda Edo
Yolanda Edo 28 days ago
lo l it's an episode of rookie king, but I don't remember which one. But all the episodes should be on USvid :)
Laxmi Gurung
Laxmi Gurung 29 days ago
Sweta Magar
Sweta Magar 29 days ago
If you ever think you were cheated so badly just think about suga!!
seokjined 29 days ago
Jimin @ 1:00 : Well it's not my life. PARK JIMIN Y SO SAVAGE DFAHAEDFAWSRAASFDFHJK
Gheng Cabale
Gheng Cabale 29 days ago
Darynda Ramirez
Darynda Ramirez 29 days ago
I love love love my boys but my nephew don't even get that rowdy lol.
Cardi B
Cardi B 29 days ago
I love your intro😂
BTS ARMY Cult 29 days ago
Thank you 😁
Carol Mello
Carol Mello 29 days ago
8:14 what program?
Amani Lili
Amani Lili 29 days ago
Back when bts debuted, bh barely had staff just a few, they're the same still working with bts now, they got new staff obviously but it's for trainees, txt or Lee hyun, bts work with the same since debut (added a few with time of course like adora) they usually work with 100 staff but some are always the same and you can see them in credit, they said in their persona album thanks that even tho now the company is bigger they can't name or know everyone but some are always around them, some of the boys take time to name them one by one especially those they stay with the most : managers, the stylist/make up and hair style noonas, the video directors and music producers. And its honestly cute bcz now theyre all really close. Just today pdogg, a producer for those who don't know that worked with bts since their debut in most their songs even solo/mixtapes (he's really close to them), posted abt their archivements for their new album and added captions "if I die today, I wouldn't regret anything" :( pls. It reminds me of how IU is so close to her staff they worked with her for 10 years and when she resigned she asked her company to add in their pay check even if it means hers will lessen. Or how the boys kept thanking them during awards shows last year, in gda I think jungkook said that even tho they don't say it bcz its cheesy, they really love them and an army saw a staff member and caught him crying during the boys speech :**( they're all so cute but while working with bts, can you really not get attached to these puppies ? Even run bts staff got attached to them when run season ended last year they made the whole naver building light to write " we love bts" and bts even recognised the director of run bts when they filmed for music show for boy with luv out of all staff. I love them, eveyrone that comes near them gets attached but when youre kind and work hard, isn't it normal?
BIGBANG dug a hole and BTS threw me into it.
Didn't they write "we love BTS" on the Naver building because BTS achieved 10M followers on vlive?
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 24 days ago
what????run finished??????????????????????????
Riya V
Riya V 29 days ago
Hish 29 days ago
Where is 1:50 from
Taehyung and tea
Taehyung and tea 29 days ago
wow the bighit staff had an hour long meeting to decide whether jin could dye his roots or not lol
Darynda Ramirez
Darynda Ramirez 29 days ago
It does not matter! They all look good with whatever color they have!🦄
Beth Blackston
Beth Blackston Month ago
Hanane Hanouna
Hanane Hanouna Month ago
Hi ...👌
BTS ARMY Cult 29 days ago
Hi 💜
sinisterjay /jay jay
Squishy Min Yoongi
I know I'm late but still 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Phoenix 666
Phoenix 666 Month ago
Great idea 👍👍👍
Sarang Seokjin
Sarang Seokjin Month ago
Suga who almost fall asleep
Jae- min
Jae- min Month ago
It's so fun breaking the rules did u guys try ???
nóvan_ Month ago
1:50 actually they are holding the army bomb ver.2 because the ver.3 is all black and ver.2 has silver amd black.
samuraijoo7 Month ago
I think it's a great idea. 👍👍👍🤞
Purple Heart
Purple Heart Month ago
Big Hit must be a kindergarten room whenever BTS is around.
Wilfa Lewis
Wilfa Lewis Month ago
That last part idea is good.. We can interact with other armies 👍
Vianca Green
Vianca Green Month ago
Lol the intro
Tae Amore
Tae Amore Month ago
excuse me but what video is the 3:42 thank you!!
Kim Pham
Kim Pham Month ago
3:20 when J-Hope told V to shave his hair, V literally said "Mom (omma/umma?)" =)))) LOL
tomo ann
tomo ann 9 days ago
What is the name of that video?
Lausy Bass
Lausy Bass 29 days ago
It was Bang PD nim if you hadn't noticed.
Christina Gallagher
Where can I find the full clip for 8:10? Thank you.
Christina Gallagher
The staff saying v is the naughtiest is from kkul FM?
Christina Gallagher
+BTS ARMY Cult thank you! I have never seen a clip from that, I don't think at least. Thanks again!
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
It's from their Kkul fm,you can search it on USvid 💕
Rowena Joson
Rowena Joson Month ago
More plsss..i want bts and bhs video
Leliarose Month ago
0:32 isnt a Big Hit Staff .. he is a singer...
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
Please read my pinned message. i know about this and the title is Bighit too
TB Ninja
TB Ninja Month ago
Pradip Mondal
Pradip Mondal Month ago
Narimah Anver
Narimah Anver Month ago
I like the idea of chatting w ARMYs 👍👍👍
Regine Jones
Regine Jones Month ago
This was a MASTERPIECE *chefs kiss*
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
Thank you 💜💜
Callista Month ago
Lee Hyun it's not a staff tho, he's an Artist too just like them (he's in a band) and that's why the staff doesn't blurr his face please don't confuse armys into thinking he's a staff it's downgrading tbh. But aside from that i love this compilation, no hate just telling you okay?
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
I Know him before I knew bts, it fit so I put it in. & Thank you
starlight steph
starlight steph Month ago
where can i find The vidoe with jungkook being baised The sticky note pne
starlight steph
starlight steph Month ago
is it a bangtan BOMB or something
Kookiss BTS
Kookiss BTS Month ago
worldwide handsome seokjin
3:41 is that Hitman bang??
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
No :D he's a makeup artist
Taekook I live for
Inlove BTS
Inlove BTS Month ago
Yess ✌🏾🥰🥰
wenapaj yoongi
wenapaj yoongi Month ago
0:31 Lee Hyung is not their staff. He's their senior.
R PC Month ago
So whose bed does JK sleep in?
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
Hyungs.. Basically anyone's but his own :D
Munira Huzefa
Munira Huzefa Month ago
Denice villanueva
I love all your video, keep it up!!
BTS ARMY Cult Month ago
Thank you! :) I'll upload more after 2 days :)
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