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Apr 25, 2019

btsbts try not to laughbts extra방탄소년단bts you laugh you lose防弾少年団バンタンbangtanbts try not to laugh challengebts funnybts cute日本語字幕bts extra momentsjungkookrmbts funny extra슈가지민제이홉정국알엠김태형kim taehyungtaehyungjeon jungkookjinjiminsugabts vbts funny mometsbts don't laugh challenge




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Comments 131
Kpop Min
Kpop Min 2 months ago
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мαѕυмα мιαн
I basically "streamed" the vote button 😂😂💜💜💜
Ionuț Alexandru
Ionuț Alexandru 2 months ago
Imelda cabrera
Imelda cabrera 2 months ago
Iqsa Cell
Iqsa Cell 2 months ago
Kpop min
DaisyDaStache 2 months ago
I've been voting every day👌👌👌
Chris Deas
Chris Deas 2 days ago
so cute and funny
TATA BTS Forever
TATA BTS Forever 22 days ago
2:58 kisseu 😂
Miss. Nobody
Miss. Nobody 29 days ago
"This is my toy" had me dead😂😂😂😂😂
Nadia Lewis
Nadia Lewis Month ago
Does anyone else think that at 11:11 Jimin sounds like Elmo?
Sani Kosmetik
Sani Kosmetik Month ago
Crying him v
Sani Kosmetik
Sani Kosmetik Month ago
Her sadnes v
KHANDIS DY Month ago
I'm weird for coming here just to laugh????
king tikong
king tikong 2 months ago
4:23 V went no milk XD He so frickin. Cute
bang le
bang le 2 months ago
I speak kroean
Kayla Howland Tv
Kayla Howland Tv 2 months ago
I can't stop the tears 😂 it to funny I can't breathe
Teila Bareh
Teila Bareh 2 months ago
By the way i lost 😂😂😂😂
Teila Bareh
Teila Bareh 2 months ago
Why is taehyung so embaressing
Tameyah Vlogs Jackson
RM: As a person who released “Promise”, can you make promise? Jimin: If your give me a chance, I’m confident to sing it anytime. No, I mean, I’m ready to sing it. RM: Shouldn’t you just do it without being asked, Jimin? Jimin: Now promise me uh oh~ I’ll just do it right away. RM: Oh, that one? Jimin: Well- RM: I don’t think they’re going to ask it. Jimin: Okay. I just said I’m going to do it if I’m asked. You’re making me embarrassed, RM. 5:35-5:44 They’re so adorable💜🥵
taehyung vhi
taehyung vhi 2 months ago
1.35 i'm almost crying when remember this😂😂😂
BTS_ Jins_Wifeu
BTS_ Jins_Wifeu 2 months ago
This is the first try not to laugh video I haven't laughed at not just BTS or kpop but just try not to laugh, I'll always fail that try not to smile part tho😂😂😂😂
Grecia Antunez
Grecia Antunez 2 months ago
Jimin yo me subo con Tigo te acompaño en tu soledad y de paso te robo y beso hago como que me cai
Ally! 2 months ago
Can somebody please tell me what is 1:26 called
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 2 months ago
0:04 sadness 😂😐
DAD wins
DAD wins 2 months ago
Esa soy yo 5:50 cuando no llevo comida a la escuela
Майя Корсакова
Как называется песня которую пел Чимин на 5:15 и на 11:00
Samuella K
Samuella K 2 months ago
9:03 what is the song please???
nare bts
nare bts 2 months ago
Jimin te amo un monton ponganme corazon
bultaorutae_ _
bultaorutae_ _ 2 months ago
what is the video name of the last part?
Afeefa Yaseen
Afeefa Yaseen 2 months ago
I see bts too much so I can understand and talk Korean but I am is from pakistan
Lexxie j.s.m
Lexxie j.s.m 2 months ago
*Baby tae tae will never disappoint me* *these babies. I-* *Oh My GaWsH*
Yuri_isLifue 2 months ago
Wait this was a try not to laug-
cyan castillo
cyan castillo 2 months ago
2:58 casi se besan / They almost kiss :U
Umi army BTS
Umi army BTS 2 months ago
Gue heran knapa orang yg lewat di jlan pada gk nyadar klau ada member bts
Maria Cequeira
Maria Cequeira 2 months ago
Ahhh que lindo jungkook bailando y cantando "sorry" de Justin bieber de veo a tan tierno
pornessian parrapio
pornessian parrapio 2 months ago
9:31 I want namjoons hoodie😭😭😭😭😭😭
Giorgia Russotto
Giorgia Russotto 2 months ago
E belissimo JungKook loveeeeee
Человек с фамилией
Такое ощущение, что Чимин на площадке, которая находится рядом с моим домом😹😹
Yasmeen U
Yasmeen U 2 months ago
I said do not dance jimin or else I will kill you
her Mawan
her Mawan 2 months ago
Jungkook taehyung jimin suga 😘😘😘😘 so cute
Purple You
Purple You 2 months ago
5:55 sooo cuteeeee
{WhiteFøx }
{WhiteFøx } 2 months ago
Jimin : i'll treat you with an ice cream- Me : did you just say... ICE CREAM!!! >:3
齋田和人 2 months ago
齋田和人 2 months ago
ててかわいかった ジミンの写真もー
{:SourStar Studios:}
9:22 my fav father son moments 😂😂💜
naomi Roblox playz
naomi Roblox playz 2 months ago
Pas jimin bilang turu ru *"Kelahikah?"* aku dengar begitu
Thauani Oliveira
Thauani Oliveira 2 months ago
Quase q rola um beijo jikook 😆
Luz Azalde
Luz Azalde 2 months ago
Love jimi
Barcy Checalla
Barcy Checalla 2 months ago
Like por el excuse me de Jimin
m.j passaros bigodes cantadores
Vocês são muito engraçados
Rose_ChimChim 22
Rose_ChimChim 22 2 months ago
6:39 Jungkook jamming out to Sorry by Justin Bieber is the cutes thing
Zholu Huire
Zholu Huire 2 months ago
Jimin calls Armys , (Armys sees it's and old video ) Armys : time to travel back in time
Christina Yang
Christina Yang 2 months ago
Lol I think jungkook the is funniest
Wanda Rivera
Wanda Rivera 2 months ago
Hi bts you are so funny.My fun boys are so 🔥say and goon like to 😍kiss 💋💜💖wow and you happy ☺to kiss 💋wanna 💖💜💖
ãłïłøü game
ãłïłøü game 2 months ago
Je ne peux pas arrrrrrréter de rrire
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