bts moments that make me reach nirvana

seokjin myfeels
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the people asked for it so here we go! some more bts moments that just hit differently ya know?
like we going full send to nirvana and I don’t want to be too dramatic but im pretty sure these clips saved my life in some way…. dont over think it just watch
comment some more fav bts moments too cause I could make these things all DAY since bts is my only form of entertainment now
ANYway enjoy this and subscribe if you want or if you dont want too
stream map of the soul:persona and boy with luv !!!!!
video links:
-tae eating watermelon: www.vlive.tv/video/105504
-"second question" : usvid.net/video/video-eKO73Mm_QxA.html
-sleepy run ep: www.vlive.tv/video/51638
-snl performance: usvid.net/video/video-O4NB73HTlxI.html
-boy with luv 1st win: usvid.net/video/video-pzE11uo5v2o.html
-taegi piggyback ride: bon voyage season 2, episode 6
-taegi piggyback ride pt. 2: usvid.net/video/video-R6prFt8CLGA.html
-jimin and hobi dance: usvid.net/video/video-G26vK7G0JcE.html
-sleepy jhope: usvid.net/video/video-M8NpILYFhGk.html
-yoongi running: www.vlive.tv/video/4097
-what's poppin guys: www.vlive.tv/video/36344?channelCode=FE619
-yoongi fancam: usvid.net/video/video-QeVDNPspKJE.html
-jin and the stingray: summer package in saipan
-jimin triggered by english: usvid.net/video/video-JeODXwSenKs.html
-hobi breathing: www.vlive.tv/video/122415?channelCode=FE619
-lost in norway: bon voyage season 1 episode 1
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Apr 24, 2019

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Comments 2 273
seokjin myfeels
seokjin myfeels 3 months ago
i hope you enjoyed the video!!
Daniel Ko
Daniel Ko 12 days ago
But ikea
tear is my bop
tear is my bop Month ago
@Blocktopia8 MAMA 2018 IN JAPAN
tear is my bop
tear is my bop Month ago
Bimalsha Aravinda
Quick question, what religion are you???? Are you Buddhist????
raoxen 2 months ago
great channel
Epic Rainbow
Epic Rainbow Hour ago
2:52 that's how I sing oh my my my sometimes
john Lauranz /alexander hamilton fan girl
the song of the sleepy moment???? namee?
Ishymnida Joon
What ep run 7:58 is? can somebody tell me
KookieNut Day ago
Why does BTS still look beautiful even when they’re half awake and I look like I just woke up from the dustbin
Shr Eppa
Shr Eppa Day ago
5:56 fast as fucc boiiii
we stan an adorable dork
this intro gets me evertime 😂
Saskia Hal
Saskia Hal 2 days ago
Yoongi running in the forest *plays* *baby* *shark* *in* *the* *background* 😆😆
BaNaNa MiLk BoY
BaNaNa MiLk BoY 3 days ago
2:31 The inhalement tho😂😂😂
Everyone,pls welcome bts's new couples SOPE💜🔰
idk 3 days ago
My favorite part is when they were *saying* boy with luv 😂
Juno Ink
Juno Ink 3 days ago
0:52 lmaoo
Mary Sue
Mary Sue 3 days ago
This had me so close to nirvana, I could smell the teen spirit. Sorry, I had to
Lya Ramirez
Lya Ramirez 4 days ago
Just Some Person
Just Some Person 4 days ago
*mmmMMmM* techxt me ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡° _°h yA °H ya_
AlexIsModded 4 days ago
I can't with Taehyung stealing the watermelon! They all look so confused, and you'd think they'd be used to this by now.
Audrey Leung
Audrey Leung 4 days ago
8:13 face of a angel👼👼
ItsTae tae
ItsTae tae 4 days ago
5:36 That little swerve he did made me UWU
sweet creature
sweet creature 4 days ago
do you notice at 6:41 that namjoon is helping his boyfriend 💜. namjin forever !
Andre Calloway
Andre Calloway 4 days ago
Imagine in star wars the last Jedi when Rey is getting ready to somebody... YOONGI COMES RUNNING TO BATTLE *chokes*
park asmr
park asmr 5 days ago
How does jk look so good when he wakes up?
lil meow meow
lil meow meow 5 days ago
this hits different at night cause i’m high.. don’t ask, buh like it hits differently when i watch these clips of bts at night.
Millie Taylor
Millie Taylor 5 days ago
1:31 Jimin and Jungkook just want to go back to bed lol. I 💜💜💜💜💜💜 Jimin he is the best but they are all good and talented I just purple BTS all together!
kookie love
kookie love 5 days ago
*Theyre probably so glad they don't have boobs*
Carol da mata macedo
i love bts my loves Jim v jungkook
Sai Reyes
Sai Reyes 6 days ago
Fricking commercial making me cry by telling me bts is separating in 2020
Bts’s Dog
Bts’s Dog 6 days ago
4:57 Jin: adhkjibbf
Dude Due
Dude Due 6 days ago
The subs for the watermelon one got me dam 😂
than a iii B o iiiii
Alexis Kwan
Alexis Kwan 6 days ago
my fab ship is sope
Ayla Luke
Ayla Luke 6 days ago
At 6:25 I spit water all over my phone. Best part
Ayni muse
Ayni muse 6 days ago
Oh my my my
Aarones 6 days ago
Those watermelons look so good
helene eng
helene eng 7 days ago
my norwegian ass is crying
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 7 days ago
In the First Clip Tae looks like Goat😂😂💜
Pibbe _
Pibbe _ 7 days ago
Where can i find the episode where they sleep and then get woken up? Was it some kind of game show?
taetae bunbun
taetae bunbun 7 days ago
Me : imagine taehuyng looking at me like 6:08 Stop imagining and realize that I'm a potato
Dixie Normus
Dixie Normus 7 days ago
I have no idea what happened at the what’s popping clip but I love it 😂
たかし Tashiroエリナ Erina
These had me dying with tears 😂😂
NeruKO Chan
NeruKO Chan 8 days ago
Still can't believe they were in Norway. KGJDFKGKFDJDDLK
Army Armiti
Army Armiti 8 days ago
7:53 Prepare it to die Me: done.
Army Armiti
Army Armiti 8 days ago
J-Hope's breathing makes me feel another thing
stranger things ST
*why are they all my mood somebody else or just me?*
• Yoongi’s Mother •
Jungkookie Love
Jungkookie Love 9 days ago
Yoongi:laughing like the cutie he is Me:*fangirling* CUUUUUUUTTEEEEEEEE, AAAAHHHHH
sOpETraSh 9 days ago
What is that ep of run called
Crimson Ice Lady
Crimson Ice Lady 9 days ago
0:19 I think he just want an indirect kiss from them hahahaha 😂✌
Tas H
Tas H 10 days ago
The only real ship jin x stingray
iyah.kaeitlyn YT
iyah.kaeitlyn YT 10 days ago
*perfect intro tho..* 👌🏽
_AHLAM AHMED_ 10 days ago
😂I’m dead💜
Sanina Bow669
Sanina Bow669 11 days ago
Those clips are really good ... they are so funny
CelestialThot 12 days ago
3:30 this bitch is wearing fucking crocs
Pau Marques
Pau Marques 12 days ago
Seokjin requirements for kissing: No Teeth No Thunder No Angry
Pau Marques
Pau Marques 12 days ago
Seokjin requirements for kissing: No Teeth No Thunder No Angry
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf 12 days ago
If Yoongi is a baby shark, he's my baby shark
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf 12 days ago
Yoongi's on Tae's back on stage was because Yoongi's leg was hurt, he could'nt walk well and Taehyung was as friendly to carry his hyung
Keilah Villasana
Keilah Villasana 12 days ago
6:03 I too stop in my tracks and contemplate life when i hear Tae sing
Shahnaz Totakhel
Shahnaz Totakhel 13 days ago
Im dyinnggg😂❤🔥
Amalia milk
Amalia milk 13 days ago
Kim namjoon kim seokjin min naha nana nanan nanan nanaana nanan BTSSSS :B
Sope is life 朴智旻
Kate McClusky
Kate McClusky 14 days ago
i shouldn't be watch this video at night i just cackled and woke up my whole family. will that stop me from watching it again tomorrow night? no.
Jojo Gamesss
Jojo Gamesss 14 days ago
Jimin being cranky while waking up is my daily mood even though im not tired
Rayhana Solomon
Rayhana Solomon 14 days ago
Where do you get these clips from? Like what reality show of them? What is it called?
Sandra Fuller
Sandra Fuller 15 days ago
Yoongi being chased by his boyfriends is my life
Sayma Khan
Sayma Khan 15 days ago
Jin and sting ray😂
Kevlar Deboss
Kevlar Deboss 12 days ago
It's a ship now
Tess 16 days ago
5:00 - 5:09 I've never seen grandpa Yoongi run that fast 😂
Kookie Maknae
Kookie Maknae 16 days ago
When their singing *ackem* (speaking) boy with luv I like how Jungkook was the only humble one lol
awesome lemon child
8:15 Jungkook should not be aloud to breath that hard- I think my heart gave out
almanzari:3 17 days ago
5:12 i died "What's poppin' guys...... Ooh"
almanzari:3 16 days ago
@Lilia Roy Hahaha yeaah and the face he puts 😂
Lilia Roy
Lilia Roy 16 days ago
almanzari:3 it’s even more funny because I think he reacted like that because of what the fans were saying during his live!😂
almanzari:3 16 days ago
@Lilia Roy yes it's like all cool and then randomly notices something but very funny 😂😂
Lilia Roy
Lilia Roy 16 days ago
almanzari:3 that’s my favourite part of the video! It’s hilarious 😂
Rose Bubbly
Rose Bubbly 18 days ago
When Yoongi us skinnier then you lol but he is older
Lalitha ganesh
Lalitha ganesh 18 days ago
Hobi is sooooo happy while dancing♡♡
Minky Dhingra
Minky Dhingra 18 days ago
I bet 7:30 to 7:45 is my whole life summed in 15 secs by CHIM CHIM. Only if RM was reading shakespeare,it would potray me better😂😂😂😂
Gardenrose 1997
Gardenrose 1997 19 days ago
Namjoon's lips though😍😍😍 😂😂1:18 those sleepy faces especially Jungkook
Gardenrose 1997
Gardenrose 1997 19 days ago
Your intro is the best😂😂😂😂
Sreya Paul
Sreya Paul 19 days ago
1:18 Jimin *someone wants to die today* 1:22 J Hope *who am I? what is this place*
Zainab Rizwan
Zainab Rizwan 19 days ago
Who else got a bts ad on a bts video and then forgot about the video you originally clicked on cause you couldn't skip the ad 😂
Galena Silveroak
Galena Silveroak 19 days ago
Yoongi being extra bias wrecking in this video...💜
M 20 days ago
Yoongi 😂
Kika Mitášová
Kika Mitášová 21 day ago
I love the tittle. 😂
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