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Ariel Rodriguez
Ariel Rodriguez 7 minutes ago
This was the first vid I watched of bts and this is why I’m an army today
heyitsmaddie 16
heyitsmaddie 16 39 minutes ago
And that is why we love them
Xanaha :3
Xanaha :3 46 minutes ago
Nobody: Literally no soul: BTS: WowoWooOwOwowowowO Cool!
Camila Garcia
Camila Garcia 55 minutes ago
We CaN dO iT:333 Kssksksksks im dead
April Amavizca
Hahaha J hope: I love your...elbow Jimin :my elbow NUNI EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Michael Barrow
Dont fight dont fight yeah
emo yurio
emo yurio Hour ago
I watch this religiously. I’m here every day to watch this video.
AsyasTrash Hour ago
*oHH* *W O R L D W I D E* *H A N D S O M E*
Maha Mulhim
Maha Mulhim 2 hours ago
Or he was focused
Maha Mulhim
Maha Mulhim 2 hours ago
Jimin stopped working
Maha Mulhim
Maha Mulhim 2 hours ago
Jungkok :I want eat .............did it all lol hahah
J.N.A Z.L.S 2 hours ago
Taeyhung playing with puppies was so cute 💜
JessicaIsWeird 2 hours ago
9:33 :)
Melanny Saldana
Melanny Saldana 2 hours ago
*ooooo* *w o r l d w i d e h a n d s o m e*
Jastell Puente
Jastell Puente 2 hours ago
What did I learn from this video JUngKoOk iS KinDa gAy foR cHarLie pUtH😂
Phat Huynhnguyen
Phat Huynhnguyen 2 hours ago
Rm: Let’s finish this relationship!!! Oooooooooh💥💥💥
Mel Lengruber
Mel Lengruber 3 hours ago
I'm not even a k-pop fan but that guy it's hot... This one that say "finish?" 4:01
Mel Lengruber
Mel Lengruber 2 hours ago
+JJK oohh, okay
JJK 2 hours ago
Mel Lengruber btw that‘s Jimin
Marnelly Nava
Marnelly Nava 3 hours ago
When the guy when he says " we gotta do this" it's hilarous because his belly jiggles!!🤣🤣🤣
manow yoomonthian
manow yoomonthian 3 hours ago
Marnelly Nava
Marnelly Nava 3 hours ago
Jin: I love my handsome face BTS:.. Jin's mind : I shouldn't have said that..."
{hi_bich} {I_aint_innocent}
No one: Literally no one: Jungkook: CHARLIE PUTH
ggukbebito 3 hours ago
jimin es re trolo akshajah lo amo
Kawaii Productions
Kawaii Productions 3 hours ago
Kawaii Productions
Kawaii Productions 3 hours ago
Erin Drawings
Erin Drawings 4 hours ago
In every interview j hope is so hype it’s so funny 😂
Harley Jinx
Harley Jinx 4 hours ago
omg loooool they way Jimin's gay was just radiating @1:21 that all the members looked at him I CAN'T XDXD
Shubhrata Shrestha
Shubhrata Shrestha 6 hours ago
This video right here is the reason for me being an army.
JJK 2 hours ago
Shubhrata Shrestha same fam
Hanne Kirkebø
Hanne Kirkebø 7 hours ago
JARED JONASSON 7 hours ago
Nobody: Seokjin: I love your sexy brain
hh cevher.
hh cevher. 8 hours ago
Jin probbly stealed Suga's laugh
BerryWolf 8 hours ago
if you puy on captions its really funny to read it
Mohito chan
Mohito chan 8 hours ago
Просто угараю🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Khánh Huyền
Khánh Huyền 9 hours ago
Jiminie is here and secretly has a crush on cutie guy xD
Quiinzee 9 hours ago
Nobody: Jimin brain: mY hAnDs CaRrY eM
Otaku lover
Otaku lover 9 hours ago
This is LEGIT the video that brought me into K-Pop 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m so proud 😅😅💜💟
Lalit Jain
Lalit Jain 10 hours ago
I love Jin's laugh
Famous Couples And Cute
Actually suga,RM,V they speak really good english right now even if they are Koreans they're still really great I love you BTS❤❤❤😍😍😌💜
Bianca Danielle Eniego
robert wiedie
Fitri Adryana
Fitri Adryana 12 hours ago
Jungkook:i want eat host:blah blah... *sniff sniff* jungkook:can i eat? *everyone ignores him* jungkook mind:fuck it 😂😂😂😂
AINA ADILA 12 hours ago
Thanks for telling me why puppies are called PUPPIES,namjoonie
Mahalthi Saniya
Mahalthi Saniya 12 hours ago
I love how they never take any interview seriously and start joking around. It's in every interview 😂😂
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez 13 hours ago
Not fan of BTS but this is funny 😂😂
ERROR Chan 13 hours ago
Omy jhope HAHAHA
Fish-fly Wang
Fish-fly Wang 13 hours ago
I just got a bts ad before this
Shakera Labiba
Shakera Labiba 15 hours ago
Hey thanks for the editing i have watched these vdos on the other channels also but when it’s edited like this it seems more fun and i wjoyed the vdo thanks a lot luv u....
Sara .K
Sara .K 15 hours ago
BTS 4 LIFE 16 hours ago
They r so cute🖤 they r my world❤ BTS💖
PInKstArS 16 hours ago
Im a new Army i still get confused of the members help
JJK 2 hours ago
PInKstArS i could watch the „Who is Bts, The seven members of bangtan video“. It‘s long but really helpful and you can also hmu or smth if u need help.
Emily’s World
Emily’s World 17 hours ago
Worldwide funny guy jimin
Bea Dolor
Bea Dolor 17 hours ago
Mr brent x btsss
aurora borealis
aurora borealis 18 hours ago
i swear,this was the very video that made me stan bts. their personalities are really great so i watched more crack videos of them,after a while i realized that i am officially a bts stan.
bxbygirl koko
bxbygirl koko 19 hours ago
I'm showing this my grand kids while me tae sit in our rocking chairs side by side❤️❤️😍😍💕☺️
Oblivious Otter
Oblivious Otter 19 hours ago
Their English is so good (especially RM’s) it scares me
lilah pacheco
lilah pacheco 19 hours ago
V playing with puppies gives my life meaning 😍❤
Evelyn💗 20 hours ago
5:55 ❤️
Puppy WRLD
Puppy WRLD 21 hour ago
I watch this at least once a day
Celine Wengie Vlogs
Jin: I love your sexy brain Rm: *spits* * Members laughing * Rm: you saw my brain? Ok.
wisdom witch
wisdom witch 21 hour ago
Since this day watching , and watching again for memories, just looking at this makes me so sad。。 but in a good way 。。hey bangtan you’ll nice keep going ^ - ^
Regylle Mosones
Regylle Mosones 22 hours ago
So adorable😍. That's why I love them.❤
Now That’s the Tea
“I want eat” BTS- 2018
Sara .K
Sara .K 15 hours ago
-jungkook 2018
alex the illuminati
alex the illuminati 23 hours ago
John Cena are you Army 😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
flop 23 hours ago
this was the first vid i watched getting into bts so thank u
Astrid Gosh
Astrid Gosh 23 hours ago
Seeing how innocent RM seems in the video while remembering expensive girl
kelsy cookies
kelsy cookies 23 hours ago
I'm shook y is Brent Rivera meeting bts and we can't Brent EXPLAIN
Ghoulx き
Ghoulx き 23 hours ago
4:22 my mans has some thicc thighs
kelsy cookies
kelsy cookies 23 hours ago
This is hot he's singing Shawn mendes daddy
Aurora Olson
Aurora Olson Day ago
thighs" ... and he just stands there smiling like, "Idk why I just said that... but ok." and I be like, " hekk naw!"
Evita Marcella
9:33 "John cena are you army?" Rhvfjnctoplgdscbjgg I CAN'T STOP SMILING
Mae Audrey
Mae Audrey Day ago
This is so cringey bro
JJK 2 hours ago
Mae Audrey they‘re the kings of being cringy
Lovely. Tiarra
Also the One Direction scene. I died😂😂😂
Lovely. Tiarra
when Tae saw the puppies, my heart melted! His smile is so cute💜😂
Slader WOLF
Slader WOLF Day ago
Namjoon: “You saw my brain? Ok...” Yes Jin did a brain scan while you were sleeping and saw your brain and all the English subtitles...
gah hh
gah hh Day ago
I love them I love them I really really do they bring me happiness whenever I see them smiling I just get the feeling that everything is going to be alright and that the world is fine I just.... don't know what kind of words to describe how much they mean to meor how much influence they have on me
Ashton and samanta play
5:29 Chimchim what are you pointing at xD
Jiselle Cuautli
8:43 why do I low key laugh like Jin XD.
TheDiamond CastleCrasher// TDCC
I got an ad for Big Hit on this
Aesthetic Nany
I see brent :0
Aesthetic Nany
The one direction part killed me..
Michelle Enderink
Pahahaha 11:31 that will probably me
Zuleyka Adame
Puppy pees WOW!!!! COOL!!!!! WOWawW!
Michelle Enderink
'Don't fight don't fight.' - J-Hope
miku sama
miku sama Day ago
‘Jimin stopped working’
I hate snakeu
It’s unhealthy how much me and my friend quote this video to each other
Tamia Mason
Tamia Mason Day ago
Macky Gaming
Macky Gaming Day ago
This video just made my life 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ShadowReaper Day ago
*puppy pees on the floor* everyone screams- namjoon : they markk there territory by peeing that why we call em pup-pees
HaSnain Ali
HaSnain Ali Day ago
I hope they dont split up like other bands in future. They are like brothers!
Det9 Ny76
Det9 Ny76 23 hours ago
I don't see that happening anytime soon. Those bands split up because their labels forces them to make music of a certain style and a member wants to leave. BTS' company already lets them have creative freedom to make music they want and the members are encouraged to have solo projects. There's no reason to leave. Especially when you have your label and bandmates supporting your solo work by helping to produce the songs.
Aahana Peter
Aahana Peter Day ago
This is the 4th time I’m watching this
Anne H
Anne H Day ago
Aahana Peter this my 50th
Sekar Putri
Sekar Putri Day ago
sophia D
sophia D Day ago
Shook bich
Shook bich Day ago
Jimin=gay asf😂😂😂❤️
Brii Muniz
Brii Muniz Day ago
7:16 My new favorite cover.
Minnie_Mint Day ago
Theres so many people saying this video converted them to army AND IM SO HAPPY FOR THAT ASKDKSKS
Zanyra 's world It's just a Beautiful world
Nooo he to big to be dancing
Diany Garcia
Diany Garcia Day ago
My favorite song of bts is DNA. I know it is a old song but i still like it.
jungkook is bae
Suga is dead inside
LPSCookie box
Once you can recognize each one of them it becomes funnier
XxDailyPandaxX Edits
A video where I can understand them XD
vkook shipper
Jungkooks "I want eat" just made me die😂🤣😂
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