Brute Showdown Episode 5: The Grand Finale

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The end is here! On the final episode of the Brute Showdown we see the ladies take on the last three events, which include softball, soccer and an eating contest. We have seen a shake up in the standings as we progressed through the last few events, can the ladies close the gap and take the lead from our current leader, Brooke Ence?
Event 6: Softball “Hit-off”
Each of the ladies will be pitched to by an LSU softball player. They are allowed 6 total strikes and will be awarded a point for every ball that is kept in fair play. Highest number of hits wins!
Event 7: Soccer Shoot Out
The ladies will go through 2 iterations of 3 shots from various spots along pitch, with 15 seconds on the clock they will be awarded a point for every ball that makes it into the net.
Event 8: Watermelon eating contest
The ladies will have 2 minutes to consume as much of a watermelon as they can. The athlete that consumes the most watermelon wins.
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Mattie Rogers:
Weightlifter, 2016 Olympic Team Alternate, Bronze Medalist at the 2017 World Championship, Silver Medalist at the 2018 World Championship
Brooke Ence:
CrossFit Games Athlete, 2015 14th Fittest Woman on Earth
Dana Linn Bailey:
Bodybuilder, 2013 Ms. Olympia
Maddy Forberg:
Elite Powerlifter

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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 1 571
Strongaholic Month ago
These ladies inspires me to push harder to train hard! Strength and beauty 💪🏼😁
neosapiens 5 days ago
+footba11fan41ife I swear that kind of hips-thighs-glutes combo has GOT to be UNFORGETTABLE. And you just have to sneak tons of soy into her diet once you move in together as a trapezius-deflation strategem. LMFAO
French Bulldog 1
French Bulldog 1 18 days ago
French Bulldog 1
French Bulldog 1 18 days ago
LrTiger01 0 caliber you mean
X RandomXCity X
X RandomXCity X Month ago
+Brute Strength Grown men*
neosapiens she is thick asf I’d definitely date her lmao
Arctic Tune
Arctic Tune Day ago
"Soccer"🤢🤮 It's "football"
Dangerous Don
remake this episode please and use real evens.
Maureen Burke
This little boy needs to grow up and see that these woman were enjoying the competitive nature of the sports and not beginning to get a little "catty". What reference would he use if speaking about the men?
Slugh Day ago
He was just referencing what Brooke said. Playing around. Don’t take it to heart
Edge Transit
Edge Transit 3 days ago
Who doesnt know how to somewhat swing a bat like foreal lol. Side note maddie was my favorite :P
AoiGP 4 days ago
these women are wow. Amazing. strong. This was great to see who was at the top of their game in each event. Now should have both men and women compete against each other or teammates in these events or something different where it will be very difficult for them to do their best at.
Chyna Nelson
Chyna Nelson 5 days ago
He just had to say "catty" didn't he😑
Jacq C
Jacq C 6 days ago
Really? Watermelon eating contest? After all the tough and badass shit they did?!
Sharon Perez
Sharon Perez 6 days ago
Make them swim!! Or play polo! 🏊‍♀️🤽🏽‍♀️ I absolutely loved this series!!
cigarette and pills
I was high key only rooting for Mattie since episode 1.
Tennek Trey
Tennek Trey 7 days ago
I have a crush on Maddy Forberg too 😍✌🏼
FullMetal Lifter
FullMetal Lifter 7 days ago
This was kind of a joke of an ending.
Sebastian Cano
Sebastian Cano 8 days ago
8:47 "Mmhmmm yeaa, wow, fascinating" *distracted by the center of the screen*
Rohlan Darkspawn
Rohlan Darkspawn 8 days ago
I binged watched these 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
mahogany_beautee 8 days ago
I love that even though their naturally competitive and skilled..they still had fun with every event!
badasfunk 9 days ago
ffs they could scale the watermelons before and after
Sasha Jesus
Sasha Jesus 9 days ago
Very interesting
Scarlett Michelle
Why that girls face orange and the rest all white👀🤣
VFit Coach
VFit Coach 9 days ago
Great showdown! However just wondering why Vertical, Broad, Sprints were not all separate categories like they were in the Men's challenge? I just doesn't seem logical to bundle up power jumps, agility and speed all into one category for only 4 points.
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 9 days ago
To be honest if they were ever to do another episode of this, they should have the competitors participate in sports that none of them have an upper hand in... Maybe tennis, swimming, golf, even fkn dodgeball. And please no more watermelon eating.
adam2e 10 days ago
"honestly, when I found out about the boys were getting to do an event like this, I was pretty ticked - I was pretty mad" what, why??
The Gum Under The Table
Great series, all four athletes were charming in their own way Looking back, I think a factor that no one has really talked about but that influenced a lot in the results is age aka experience. DLB and Brooke have had more time to try new things and familiarize themselves with more diverse stuff while Matty and Maddy have stuck more to their sport and haven't had as much time to expand their horizons. Still tho, loved them all!
60 below
60 below 10 days ago
was it a surprise that the crossfitter won?
Chris Yim
Chris Yim 10 days ago
Not to be mean but I think they needed a better pitcher if they are going the route of not using a machine because more than half of the balls she is throwing are not even in the strike zone.
Cici Cadaverous
Cici Cadaverous 10 days ago
I’m craving a watermelon so heavy now lol
Leggir 10 days ago
Used to work with a few body builders pulling cable as industrial electricians. I was always shocked how much they complained we were outpacing them and how their muscle was "show muscle". Of course we put them in areas that'd be challenging for the best to test there mettle.
Leggir 10 days ago
Fit guys and girls are best.
Jessica Hickey
Jessica Hickey 10 days ago
I’m hooked. Please make another one of these. Literally obsessed with them
Raul Bob
Raul Bob 11 days ago
I feel like the finale was a Let Down.. This should have been more professional.
Burlap Sacks
Burlap Sacks 11 days ago
Don't chop at it, it's not a sword!
Faezeh Dirmina
Faezeh Dirmina 11 days ago
We need better music for these.
Keera Mitrokli
Keera Mitrokli 12 days ago
Loved this series. Love Brooke Ence. So inspiring as were the other girls.
CC 12 days ago
Goes to show you that you shouldnt aim to be a fat powerlifter😂
Tyler 12 days ago
These girls are amazing athletes. The amount of training they have all put in is awe inspiring. The watermelon at the end watching them try not to laugh and eat because they are all hyper competitive. These women smiled the whole way through, this should get a lot of share.
carolina capindo
carolina capindo 13 days ago
loved this, defz do another!!
SharkWizard 14 days ago
Awesome concept!! Brooke is a beast!
J W 15 days ago
hey @Brute Strength was an awesome series loved last year and this year, perhaps we can have a girls V boys same categories next time? with some sort of averaging to make it all fair would be fun to see, Also i think they should get coaching time with a proper coach for each of the categories so the people who aren't skilled in an area get a chance to learn some basics prior to competing even up the playing field a tad, either way looking forward to the next one!
Moe Chan
Moe Chan 15 days ago
Yeah, I'd be a beast of a female if I starting pinning too lol
stephen james
stephen james 15 days ago
I don't feel like this was a very balanced competition. The overall competition focused primarily on cardio and legs. There where a lot of muscle groups they didn't measure and the watermelon thing was kind of a joke. The athletes themselves are all impressive though.
HellSpartan Z
HellSpartan Z 16 days ago
brooke what a cocky bitch LOL
Lucy Geldard
Lucy Geldard 16 days ago
Love these ladies especially DLB she's so humble and fun. Brooke's a good athlete but she's also up her own ass.
Jessie Bazyk
Jessie Bazyk 16 days ago
The swings had me rolling 😂 we love sisters with humility
Mr. Work Hard Play Hard
One of the coolest events/series I have seen in a LONG time! So much fun to watch each of the athletes compete.....Congrats Brooke on the win.
QueenFreija 17 days ago
This whole competition was amazing and inspiring. Thanks ladies
Jimmie Goins
Jimmie Goins 17 days ago
They made those watermelons look delicious lol
Alex Lindbjerg
Alex Lindbjerg 17 days ago
Host: Water melons will be cut en quarters Next clip: Water melons cut in thirds. LOL
Tren979797 18 days ago
Maddy was my favorite...
joshua stebbing
joshua stebbing 18 days ago
Totally just fell in love with Mattie over the last 5 episodes...... Great series!
J'Mar Michael Joyce
Maddy Forberg always my #1 girl! 💪🏼😍
Sean Carrington
Sean Carrington 18 days ago
Were there rules against squaring up and bunting? 🤔
TheLateTes 18 days ago
XD "DD" cracks me up
Andre Stabille
Andre Stabille 18 days ago
Brooke could have win but the personality of Maddy is capitvating! Sh
Moo Moo
Moo Moo 19 days ago
DLB & Brooke are my favorites!
dp672 19 days ago
Honestly Loved watching this series, totally started watching to see the beauties but kept watching because it was amazing to see them all push through, Brooke went beast mode on everything she did, she is well rounded, i was rooting for Mattie and Maddy tho. Maddy impressed me with her determination during the crossfit. all around it was great. it was awesome to see them rooting for each other,they were pushing themselves and each other.
Inspired me this girls, is like a family, fun, honest and full humor I proud for them. is change the life stile... Thank you..
P.S. W
P.S. W 20 days ago
Loved this whole thing!
justin Mitchell
justin Mitchell 20 days ago
I mean Brooke lol
justin Mitchell
justin Mitchell 20 days ago
I think Maddie was a guy
J D 20 days ago
Working out while watching these women perform is a great motivator and an awesome testosterone boost lmao
Bala boobathi
Bala boobathi 21 day ago
In my paints of view 1st weightlifter 2nd crossfit 3rd physique 4th powerlifter Because it's fitness test not a skill test
turtloid 21 day ago
They should have weighed the watermelon pieces of all competitors before and after eating. Great to see Brook win! I started rooting for her after the second event. Good series. Watched everything in one sitting.
Alexander Song
Alexander Song 22 days ago
Great competition and amazing competitors. I am surprised that there was no athlete for the the combat sports like MMA. Just saying, they'd probably be great at this kind of thing.
mathet max
mathet max 22 days ago
the watermelon is just for fun finisher 😅🤣😂
Kayla K
Kayla K 23 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn't care for Brooke's personality? I feel like she has a stuck up attitude that's not sitting well with me. She's an incredible athlete.. but maybe too much pride.
Cole Lawton
Cole Lawton 23 days ago
This was the most unscientific approach they could have taken to testing. They chose sports which girls already had experience in... which completely unravels the concept they started with. They are supposed to be testing Power Lifters against Crossfitters etc, not Brook the former softball player against Maddy who's never played the sport. That's honestly retarded. They should have chosen events none of them have ever done before. Like an obstacle course, snowboarding, golf, or wrestling.
Megan d
Megan d 23 days ago
who is the soccer player in this video?
Gary Bone
Gary Bone 24 days ago
Can y'all do more series of these for the men and women. But next time please get powerlifters that aren't at the extreme ends of body weight/size. I absolutely love Maddie but she's on the small end of women powerlifters and yall picked a super heavy weight for the guys.
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez 24 days ago
maddy is so beautiful 😍
FireTally 24 days ago
I loved all of these except the watermelon one, like, what?
Kids Food & Curse Words
someone needs to tell brooke that tren is not a good substitute for collagen.
ThatXoneXguy 25 days ago
Yeah i love anavar too
Estelle 26 days ago
Really don't understand why an eating challenge was used to determine how athletic they are??
Redlead 1943
Redlead 1943 26 days ago
LincolnHawk 27 days ago
There is no way Brooke is on PEDs!
Edward Sanders
Edward Sanders 27 days ago
This episode was a letdown.
chaelor patterson
chaelor patterson 27 days ago
I just really dont like Brooke. Her attitude just throws me off. I love the humbleness of Mattie. And the humor and determination of Maddie and DLB. I felt like these three woman really supported each other and cheered eachother on. I just didnt get that vibe from Brooke.
Victoria Zhao
Victoria Zhao 27 days ago
The watermelon contest is the only one I might stand a chance
Dori Shaw
Dori Shaw 27 days ago
So the finale episode was a let down. Sports and an eating competition..? What does hitting a ball with a bat or eating a watermelon have to do with fitness training. Good show overall but this was the worst episode of this series.
charles dailey
charles dailey 27 days ago
I wanna power clean like Mattie...
ginpye2002 27 days ago
Loved these ladies! Such a great series.
Nurse Joy
Nurse Joy 28 days ago
Nothing says sexy like a giant clit
This was such a great series! Better than the stuff you see on ESPN!
Jram Skeez
Jram Skeez 28 days ago
2 things first all i was looking at was their asses im not gonna lie. Second, I can imagine their clits are the size of a babies penises. But damn their strong af some of them could prob outlift most of the guys in my gym
Orad sin cesar
Orad sin cesar 28 days ago
I do not know a thing about this sort of sports. But Boy do this gals made me want to work my big a.. off.
my mom
my mom 28 days ago
Could u guys get even more stupid with these fucking challenges lmfao idiots
YellowYeti 187
YellowYeti 187 29 days ago
This is what the world has come to.........men wearing dresses and women tryn to be bulky and masculine like men😔😈
The GFN People
The GFN People 29 days ago
Maddie farted on 0:49 lol why did no one notice that
ShadowKazie 29 days ago
This was awesome! Now the waiting game for the next chapter of this series!
MNasty 29 days ago
these bitches have a build like ma n'
smoove mental
smoove mental 29 days ago
who wants to sign up to be a watermelon!?
chansey 29 days ago
Amazing women. I legit followed Mattie on ig after this, she's so freaking COOL - it's a shame her points weren't divided separately on the athletics section though.
Kronos92 29 days ago
Working out a lot doesn’t make you an athlete
Ann Liv
Ann Liv 28 days ago
CF does though.
joeymoonman 29 days ago
Loved it. Would love to see more like this.
bsr8129 29 days ago
this just went stupid
KaiRoland8 29 days ago
I really liked Brooke's ending statements.
naturallyme243 29 days ago
I love Brooke's message at the end. Try, fail, laugh and try again!
Penny Three
Penny Three Month ago
I’m in love with Mattie Rogers
H.D Frances
H.D Frances Month ago
Child of the question
The power lifter has a really awkward body. Seems like the body type literally only used for one thing. Which is lame. Waste of effort.
Serina Penrod
Serina Penrod Month ago
I love this because I play softball!
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