bring it on 6 is a garbage movie

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Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 1 535
Mayayaya 15 hours ago
this is tragic especially cause of how much i loved the main girl in this on degrassi.....as a canadian im embarrassed we keep churning out these shitty movies
Am B
Am B 17 hours ago
Hey! I live in Utah too!
kiraxoxolove Day ago
I couldn't get past 5 minutes of it lol I was that done😂
Isabella Dasilva
this movie was trash BUT *cHrIsTiAn fRoM dAnCe aCaDeMy*
Ramona Oklahoma
That Asian guy would be the only reason I’d watch this movie 🤤
oliviaa 2 days ago
oliviaa 2 days ago
it’s definitely one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen 😂
Stephanie Roylance
Stephanie Roylance
Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty 3 days ago
lets not forget 16:33 when she saids "ghetto street dancers" like wow, way to insult an entire culture, while being a hypocrite and imitating that culture. never seen this movie or heard of it. i didnt even know there were so many bring it ons. i only thought there was one, but after watching this review im glad i havent.
16:59 naw that was just straight up product placement
Nia Sattaur
Nia Sattaur 3 days ago
I just found your channel, and now I'm binging on your videos
Heey it me
Heey it me 4 days ago
"it could be google plus" 💀
Riley B.
Riley B. 4 days ago
I didn’t really mind that movie but go off sis
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe 4 days ago
"Might not be Twitter. Could be Google Plus." Damn eleven year old me felt that
Beca Potatoe
Beca Potatoe 5 days ago
At 11:18 the tablet doesn't have a camera
Nkiruka J
Nkiruka J 5 days ago
22:37 “Simply to scare Destiny into BEing MORE CHILL” HA! 😛😝😄😃😀😁😆
Matt Tierney
Matt Tierney 5 days ago
this shit looks so bad I can't wait to watch
Miley Phan
Miley Phan 6 days ago
Mean Girls is not a garbage movie
Miley Phan
Miley Phan 5 days ago
+Emerson Caniglia I know but I never said Mean Girls 2 I said Mean Girls...
Emerson Caniglia
Emerson Caniglia 5 days ago
She did mean girls 2
Antonia Cowan
Antonia Cowan 6 days ago
I am in stitches at the scene where they ask random men to be in their squad hahahaha how would they even know anything about some random cheer squad like that is such a niche thing to know what the fuck hahahahaha
Tanabearr 7 days ago
girl, i heckin love dance academy, i got chu
Brooke Thatcher
Brooke Thatcher 7 days ago
I live in Utah and I feel ur struggle
Beverly Lee
Beverly Lee 7 days ago
Bring it On 1 was so good because it tackled so many big issues like girl power, male cheerleaders, the black/white tension between the rich and poor high school but IT WASN'T POLITICALLY CORRECT- they made all kinds of inappropriate jokes which would have offended so many people today. We all miss Bring It On because it was reminiscent of a time where people didn't get offended all the time and PC stuff wasn't shoved in your face. Over time, the Bring It On franchise ping pong'd between movies that are less offensive and bland because they don't want to offend anyone OR they just shove the whole PC stuff in your face.
Bigjuice Man2010
Bigjuice Man2010 9 days ago
This movie is not garbage
Tarte Aux Miettes Madame
8:03 I'm actually subscribed now
HellBat Studios
HellBat Studios 10 days ago
Mr. Worldwide
Abriel Rotzler
Abriel Rotzler 10 days ago
Utah...? Saaaaaammmmeeeeee
LomBee NerdBax
LomBee NerdBax 10 days ago
the sky is falling
the sky is falling 10 days ago
Cheersmack= Lesser Thanos Snap
Center Gaming
Center Gaming 10 days ago
25:24 my reaction to your mockery of me and me accent. REEEEEEEE
twmcd8 10 days ago
LMAO WAIT can we talk about how blondie unintentionally spoiled herself as the leader of the truth the second she opened her mouth??? “You call yourselves chAHmpions?”
strawberry picnic
strawberry picnic 11 days ago
I know exactly what blizzard you are talking about I was trapped in my elementary school for hours and hours because the busses had stopped and the power was out. I had forgotten about that.
Bloorp Bloorp
Bloorp Bloorp 11 days ago
I too had a similar experience with the movies! One my almost week long snow day, my mom and I watched all the Bring it on movies. Personally, I thought the second one was the worst but do enjoy your commentary on the sixth one. ❤(ӦvӦ。)
Oblivious Fantasy633
*has only seen first and third and thought there were only two* Well then. Hm. HMMMMM.
WaterQueenKonoka 11 days ago
Lmao I’m dying you keep making fun of the blondes accent
Lexa The Snake
Lexa The Snake 11 days ago
Ugh. After 8:03 I suddenly hate this channel.
Ohhoneydarlingclemetine Yikes
I think Veronica lodge belongs in this movie
Aileyhay 12 days ago
meeeeem mEEEEm
bertasu 12 days ago
"scare destiny into being more chill" - wait, how do u scare someone into being more chill? how df could that work
Thanos wants to make cupcakes
When I saw the title I thought it would be amazing. I guess not, the best movie review channel never lies.
Infinite Regrets
Infinite Regrets 12 days ago
I have a cheerleader friend and she says cheerleading is infinite pain
CallaEclipse_Kitty 12 days ago
Yeah well it will be good practise for when I get 'MURRIED
Net B
Net B 12 days ago
CHRISTIAN FROM DANCE ACADEMY! I actually loved that show!! Forgot how I came across it but it was definitely worth the watch! 😎👍🏽👍🏽
Fangirliest 12 days ago
dshsdjk on imdb, destiny isn't even the highest billed actress, there are like 12 extras ahead of her
laur en
laur en 12 days ago
the only other series i know that goes this long is harry potter but those were books-my god
Jessikaka 13 days ago
Liza Saakadze
Liza Saakadze 13 days ago
Wait what there is bring it on 6?!
cheese kimbap fondue
"you give the best facials on the squad" BRUH
Anything. Lucy
Anything. Lucy 13 days ago
They spoiled the movie in the poster. In every Bring it on poster they have the villain and hero beside each other. Hannah(you literally said it in the video and I called her Heather) and Destiny where in the poster
Hailey Schwartz
Hailey Schwartz 13 days ago
8:13 WORLDWIDE apparently= Norway, Texas, Utah, Miami, Costa Rica, and South Africa 3 countries, 2 States, and a city
KaseyPotatoBear 13 days ago
Does anyone think that Blake looks like a ripoff version of Connor Murphy?
nono3z 13 days ago
what music do you use in your videos in the background?
Troodles Connor
Troodles Connor 13 days ago
my coaches were in it. I think it was pretty good.
SimplyHopethings 13 days ago
Please review the movie Minor Details!!
_DaisyFlower:D_ 14 days ago
Odessa Crutchfield
Odessa Crutchfield 14 days ago
22:45 troom troom: BlOndIE
Awesomecherry 34
Awesomecherry 34 14 days ago
Mean girls and the nut job💀💀
Candyzz 14 days ago
7:10 I DIED
truediva18 14 days ago
The original movie was the best. They couldn't top it. It was an icon for the time. I still quote. It. It highlighted my teen years and showed teen life of that time. It put a face on racism, sexism, homophobia, and socioeconomic status. It is culturally significant.
TrashBag Animation
TrashBag Animation 14 days ago
You should do the Heathers reboot! It’s so trash!
Dead Worm
Dead Worm 15 days ago
I think I’ve used “it’s not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy” like a million times and no one gets it
amelia white
amelia white 15 days ago
That girl is Imogene from Degrassi the one with Blake in the anti phone talk
Carl aM agic
Carl aM agic 15 days ago
I also love how its states and then countries
Carl aM agic
Carl aM agic 15 days ago
👏 Do 👏 the 👏 Nut 👏 Job 👏
oye gbola
oye gbola 15 days ago
This movie is literally trying to ruin the movie series of bring it on!!!!
oye gbola
oye gbola 15 days ago
This movie is complete garbage!!!!!
tayla blackwell
tayla blackwell 16 days ago
you should also do a video on to all the boy ive loved before
tayla blackwell
tayla blackwell 16 days ago
make a video about #realityhigh
Charles-André Comeau
Hi can you do 47 meters deep
xLɪsᴀKɪʀɪ2 17 days ago
Okay Hanna went from Karen to Regina real fast
Anni KG
Anni KG 17 days ago
On USvid the movie is called wordwide showdown
xLɪsᴀKɪʀɪ2 17 days ago
I didn't even know most of the sequels existed
Chelsea Christensen
if you want a suggestion for a movie i liked I would say Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester. Is a weird choice, I know the problems and its not a perfect film but one of the characters nails her performance with portraying someone who is grieving the loss of her mother a couple of years after her death. (or at least i could relate to her performance) and its cheesy and cute and fun
Chuckie Sue
Chuckie Sue 17 days ago
Angela Rose
Angela Rose 17 days ago
9:35 Mat from The Fosters... you can do so much better than this trash
Sarah Cherry
Sarah Cherry 18 days ago
I'm glad others see the first Bring it on and the third are the only good ones.
Saint Monodam
Saint Monodam 18 days ago
Missy has not aged. Like, at all.
Space Queen
Space Queen 19 days ago
*YOu SeE In THe ReAl woRlD We HaNDle BaTTles On SoCiAl MedIa*
honey 19 days ago
you should do a video on starstruck!! it’s one of my favorite disney channel original movies
Isabella Bass
Isabella Bass 19 days ago
17:21 Did they say "You want to see us piss?" No thanks...
WD Vinco
WD Vinco 20 days ago
Could you do "Minor Details"? That movie was so stupid.
凪タン 20 days ago
I've only ever seen anyone do the #insertphrase thing as a full on fucking joke, I can't imagine anyone actually saying that without laughing lol
Ellyannaq 20 days ago
Congratulations on 100k!
Kaelyn Twist
Kaelyn Twist 20 days ago
I love the 1st and 3rd bring it on but I also like the 4th one
Giana Starace
Giana Starace 20 days ago
Review the Disney movie prom from 2011
Amelia Smith
Amelia Smith 20 days ago
GET IN LOOSER WERE GOING SHOPPING I literally say that every day
Emerl The Ultimate Gizoid
I think I lost some brain cells from how stupid this movie is. Also, the hashtage thing was extremely annoying
Please review another Cinderella story
Nahalia Spencer
Nahalia Spencer 21 day ago
Sorry what is that shirt that guy was wearing. Why are there so many rips/wholes in it?
abirdkilledmeh 21 day ago
My most quoted line is from the office, when someone at work says "any questions?" I say, "yeah i have a lot of questions. Number one, how dare you?"
kat 21 day ago
milkttoast 21 day ago
nfinity is low key advertising the whole time
Your voice is so monotonous
Sarcastically Sardonic
Did you not HEAR "this is..EMBARRASSING" the monotonous voice literally died?
Faith Glover
Faith Glover 21 day ago
Sallyfacelover 245
usvid.net/video/video-QZ4EwBtyfaA.html review this please
Jemma Hall
Jemma Hall 21 day ago
Stephanie Gore
Stephanie Gore 21 day ago
Watch D.E.B.S It’s fuckin’ terrible.
lily redhead
lily redhead 16 days ago
Ma'am, that's my emotional garbage lesbian flick
RosePetal Productions
This movie is a disgrace to cheer. That’s the thing that made me hate this movie.
RosePetal Productions
It’s insulting...
The Lituation
The Lituation 22 days ago
The South African cheerleader team look so inauthentic. I saw the colours of their uniform and thought Colombia :/ this movie despairs me and I've never watched it nor heard of it. How do people get away with this dreck?
Theturtleowl 22 days ago
This movie stole the plot from the Totally Spies episode about the evil cheerleaders.
Weird Cool Nerd
Weird Cool Nerd 22 days ago
Hey Julia, there is a movie that I would like you to cover. The movie is on Netflix and its called Radio Rebel, I personally like it and I would like to see what you think of it.
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