Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Brie Larson chats about the success of Captain Marvel, how she ended up with Samuel L. Jackson's Star Wars light saber and why she kept ribbon dancers and hula hoops on the set of her directorial debut film, Unicorn Store.
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Brie Larson Filmed Avengers: Endgame Without Knowing She Was Captain Marvel

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Comments 100
Ian Villegas
Ian Villegas Hour ago
Why does this interview look like it’s from the 90s
The best part was when Drogon flew through the portal and effed shit up🔥
molochfeeds 4 hours ago
why god why
Varun Malaviya
Varun Malaviya 15 hours ago
The 0 sized butt girl!
Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia 15 hours ago
Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia 15 hours ago
Spoiler alert despite "rotten tomatoes" once again inaccurately pre-rated movie scores captain marvel is now the 3rd highest grossing movie lol
Blackbeard MK
Blackbeard MK 18 hours ago
Spoiler alert: Noobmaster69 called aquaman a butthead
Marisa Tamayo
Marisa Tamayo 19 hours ago
awwwww i love her! captain marvel was such a fantastic film!
John Galloway
John Galloway 21 hour ago
She’s a shitty actress
Albie Oval
Albie Oval 23 hours ago
Two MCU characters eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I can't say who because that'll give away the plot.
Angela Brown
Angela Brown 23 hours ago
I feel like she would have been a cool elementary school teacher... hahaha.
Gary Raymo
Gary Raymo Day ago
Her political views are fucked up ,she sucks as an actor
John34 cm
John34 cm Day ago
!!!!!! I Like This one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bianca Bulan
Bianca Bulan Day ago
She’s awkwardly funny and i like it
usasstar Day ago
When I 1st saw her on skull island I thought she looked like the female version on heath Ledger
MySpaceTom Day ago
Tusita Dewi
Tusita Dewi Day ago
I only noticed this, but, Brie Larson really had her head help up high, ALL the time. That must've been uncomfortable lol
Wendy's World
I wish I hadn’t known about this when I saw the movie. I mean she did a good job but stand ins and eye lines.
Geddo Day ago
Oh wow, I completely forgot about Jackson in Star Wars.
Eugene Justin
Spoiler alert: Captain America and Captain Marvel are not siblings
Akasuna no Sasori
Spoiler: It broke my heart to see Aquaman drowned in the last part of the battle...
B Day ago
the lesbians are quaking
sam4lemar Day ago
I don’t get why she gets so much hate I like her & im glad her movie did well at the box office because people were trying to sabotage.
MrDrewseph Day ago
I like her a lot :3
harjeet rai
harjeet rai Day ago
I don't know I'm CAPTAIN MARVEL ThankKk uuu veryyy muchhh Those who have seen her interview with Chris h and don will understand
Syds vids
Syds vids 2 days ago
Spoiler: I love u 3000
Teshigi Smith
Teshigi Smith 2 days ago
When she started taking about Samuel's lightsaber I died lmao.
Guardian Gibbs
Guardian Gibbs 2 days ago
"We were with Nancy Pelosi...we basically had dinner with her" That just might have been the cringiest thing I've ever seen.
dude Xoxoxo
dude Xoxoxo 2 days ago
Yet she was cast years before.
Lavisha Sharma
Lavisha Sharma 2 days ago
She has a great sense of humor.
Ismael Lozano
Ismael Lozano 2 days ago
Why everyone hates Brie Larson?
Rachel Knodel
Rachel Knodel 2 days ago
Carol was okay in her own movie. I absolutely hated her in Endgame, though. She was really stuck up and annoying I felt
Jose Luis
Jose Luis 2 days ago
All of a sudden she changes her whole feminist, sexist persona in interviews and starts acting like a whole different person from what she really is 😂😂
John Rey Bandiling
Spoiler Alert: Thor is pregnant .
Matthew Vanek
Matthew Vanek 2 days ago
I wonder why he said she did a good job with the interviews and press lol. Because the other actors think she’s kind of a bitch which I can see for sure.
Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders 2 days ago
Spoiler alert: Thanos uses the gauntlet to go back in time and makes Brie sterile so we never have to worry about seeing her genetic retardation in the gene pool in a few hundred years.
Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders 3 hours ago
+The last Stand You have got to be proof humanity should be wiped off the face of the earth. You have no idea what a shitlord is do you? No, I wouldn't expect you to. Considering your rebuttal is so dimwitted a mentally handicapped 8 year old could do better, I feel I must explain something. You are on the internet, nothing matters here child. The only thing that does is watching someone be pretentious and stupid while failing horribly to bring across a message. I would like to dedicate a song in your honor. Filthy Frank, KYS. By law I suggest you not to take the song seriously, as the artist never took himself seriously. However I am also not your parents (I would have made sure you were aborted if that were the case.) and you are free to do as you please. However there is a deeper meaning to the song, the chance of you getting it is unlikely. You have already demonstrated you do not match me in intellect, considering your lackluster insults. Tell me, are you proud of that 110 IQ?
The last Stand
The last Stand 9 hours ago
+Daniel Sanders So when a teacher at a school teaching a child about the world is he childish? Because this is a very similar case. :D
Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders 12 hours ago
+The last Stand Yet you are still arguing with one. Who displays more childishness? The adult arguing with a child, over the internet, thousands of miles away, over a statement that in the grand scheme of things doesn't matter... or the child being a child? While one is on purpose due to lack of experience; one is forced and contrived acting out of character for someone who should have enough experience to know better. I will hope I do not have to point out the obvious, however considering you are acting childish rather than simply being childish....
The last Stand
The last Stand 13 hours ago
+Daniel Sanders So still dumb little kiddo.
Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders 20 hours ago
Actually I am 14 and a half smart ass.
M class
M class 2 days ago
Looks like a man
kim taehyung
kim taehyung 2 days ago
Spoiler alert: Aqua man is dead
Thom Stark
Thom Stark 2 days ago
Can someone point me to the timestamp where she actually says she didn't know she was playing Captain Marvel while filming Endgame? Because that's what the headline says but that's not what she said.
Nelson Ng
Nelson Ng 2 days ago
" *I Can Do This All Day* "
Paw In Snow
Paw In Snow 2 days ago
Brie looks like she just came from a funeral
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 2 days ago
4:15 - "Bad Motherfucker" - straight from Pulp Fiction. It was stitched on his character's (Jule's) wallet.
Matt Newsam
Matt Newsam 2 days ago
HOW are there people on internet that don't like her omg
Vicente Rebolledo
Vicente Rebolledo
I actually liked Brie Larson in this interview.
Alejandros Ramirez
I didn’t know I was captain marvel bull shit
MooMoo Nation
MooMoo Nation 2 days ago
She’s literally the purest 🥺💕
Nicolas Annear
Nicolas Annear 2 days ago
I cannot believe there are people who hate this cute woman, i can't
anbu999 2 days ago
No wonder she looks so bored in the movie. She's been talking to herself in the green screen
Lil Fry
Lil Fry 2 days ago
Spoiler alert 🚨 I cried when Batman dies
Kim Lilly
Kim Lilly 2 days ago
I’m not going to hate on her. She’s sweet and kind. But I KINDA don’t like her character. It maybe because now she will be the captain instead of Captain America. I just can’t move on from endgame, so many things happened and I think she needs way more training to become a good captain cause it looks like she can’t work with other people easily but anyway in the end she will learn😊CAPTAIN AMERICA FOREVER☝️😢❤️
Team the guy who almost hit Bela with a car
Because she is fucking an idiot
My Bias Is South Korea’s Best Booty
SPOILER: Thor & Loki elopes -Frigga comes to life & actually approves.
EternalDensity 2 days ago
Carol needs a lightsaber in Captain Marvel 2. Make it happen Disney! (actually don't cos that would be dumb.)
Mirati 2 days ago
I love how he didn't try to get spoilers out of her, he knows she can't say anything and instead of other interviewers he just aknowledges it and decides to do something else entirely, while others are out there putting all the actors under pressure, asking about the smallest detail, hoping they let their guard down, fuck up and let something slip out.
James G.
James G. 2 days ago
Why does Fallon always have to be part of the joke the guest is telling. Doesn’t he realize we actually want to hear what the guest has to say?
rachel stone
rachel stone 2 days ago
They’ve done 4 movies together King Kong, avengers, captain marvel and unicorn store
zuko 2 days ago
she’s awesome
Dj Siatro
Dj Siatro 3 days ago
"Dropped a bag on my lap opened it and it was his "Lightsaber" and I immediately burst into tears."
Zendaya is my wife
She's so cute and cool at the same time!
Mateus Lobo
Mateus Lobo 3 days ago
The post credits scene with Professor Xavier is DOPE
Mr. Norris
Mr. Norris 3 days ago
2:20 "Or is it another universe?"
OOF 3 days ago
Filming is so weird, like she filmed Endgame before Captain Marvel and and they filmed Endgame before Black Panther was released so funky
Joe Carnes
Joe Carnes 3 days ago
I guess that explains some of her shitty acting.
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 3 days ago
I like her!
XXX Lexsauise
XXX Lexsauise 3 days ago
How does Jimmy not piss off brie this is the nicest I've seen her be
mysteriousfox88 3 days ago
get rid of carol
metiliciouS 3 days ago
Iron man dies
LilJanik 3 days ago
Spoiler Alert: Thor screamed at noobmaster69
Arstaille 3 days ago
Fck Brie LoL SJW lookin ass
mystic 3 days ago
wasnt she cast in 2015? how did she not know? did she forget?
Joanna Lien
Joanna Lien 3 days ago
I did notice that her character seemed different in Endgame and Captain Marvel, but I think it’s an appropriate kind of different. She seemed a lot more confident and she knew her capabilities in Endgame, and I think that is necessary since Endgame was many years after Captain Marvel. Of course she would’ve grown by then. Side note, she actually so naturally funny here, I like her!
Changez Haider
Changez Haider 3 days ago
I fucking hate brie larson shes a fucking narcissitc bitch
Changez Haider
Changez Haider 3 days ago
Brie larson is a fucking bitch
David R.
David R. 3 days ago
usvid.net/video/video-B-hpTdwcmSk.html CAPTAIN MARVEL Comic Con Panel Brie Larson Announcement 2016. So how the fuck did she not know who she was playing.
Pratham Angre
Pratham Angre 3 days ago
I hate you brie
Petair28 3 days ago
Boo brie larson
Satz 3 days ago
SPOILER ALERT -- DOCTOR FATE sees a second vision out of 14,000,605 where captain marvel kills thanos by talking with him for 1 Hour.
E 3 days ago
I love her she’s so sweet
Channah Racham
Channah Racham 3 days ago
Spoiler Alert : Captain Marvel was trash
Maxink076's RuinNation
I got a roll in a movie but I didn't know what the movie was until I got there to start filming...ok.
Alejandro Caballero
That explains why she acted so bad and her character lack charisma
metalrotten 3 days ago
StevenK 3 days ago
Zero chemistry with the rest of the avengers. Literally just came in at the end to fight thanos lmao
Siduy 4208
Siduy 4208 3 days ago
6:09 her expression when jimmy pulls out the hoops, im in love 😍
velski 69
velski 69 4 days ago
Aslamov FathuLLOJON
Brie you are simply gorgeous and you are full of talent you are full of energy
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 4 days ago
She’s just confident and happy about her big role. Just let her have it. She did awesome. She’s definitely not shy&thats perfect
Emaan Hassan
Emaan Hassan 4 days ago
How can someone not like Brie, she’s so sweet. 😍
Erick Chacon
Erick Chacon 4 days ago
Dislike 4 the fucking largest comercial
ForeverExcel 4 days ago
damn shes gorgeous!
Champ Gandalf
Champ Gandalf 4 days ago
no touch me....no touch me....no touch me..
sherman g
sherman g 4 days ago
Why does Brie Larson look like female Jimmy Fallon in the thumbnail
Stil Day
Stil Day 4 days ago
it's sad that larva boy and water girl broke up in endgame
Kaviraj Ki Zubaani
Why do I feel like she has a neck pain, looking at her posture 🤔
rishi dharan
rishi dharan 4 days ago
Yeah , Right !
Isaac Ramos
Isaac Ramos 4 days ago
I just love her. Can I get an amen?
the cartoonist
the cartoonist 20 hours ago
Kylie Maldonado
Kylie Maldonado 4 days ago
Why isn’t anyone talking about that Pulp Fiction plug
L ew
L ew 4 days ago
I hate her.
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