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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️
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Jan 12, 2020




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Comments 4 269
Viviana Estrada
Viviana Estrada 4 hours ago
Alex: "what did you order?" Les (me): I don't remember 😂
jessica mendoza
jessica mendoza 4 hours ago
I’m watching this video so comfortably and my husband is here wondering how I understand everything she is saying 😂😂 him: dammm she talks so fast.
Bere S. Herrera
Bere S. Herrera 4 hours ago
Les making her face is me when my dad is yelling at me 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
JOANNA TORRES 8 hours ago
Les i feel you with ordering I try to hide it from my husband lol
Karen Garces
Karen Garces 15 hours ago
😂😂😅 Alex’s fart 💨 Girl your boobs were humongous!!! You did what was best for you and I love how you keep it so real 👌
Mila Camela
Mila Camela 16 hours ago
You can recycle your boxes!!!
Bianca Celaya
Bianca Celaya 17 hours ago
Im so glad i watched your video. I only can pump and give my breastmilk to my babygirl through a bottle. I am so exhausted honestly and I want to stop pumping but I feel so guilty and disappointed. your video really did help me make a decision. My newborn and my 1 year old need me to be 100%. "All that matters is that they are fed" thanks for making this video makes me feel so much better
Aurora A. Munoz
Aurora A. Munoz 19 hours ago
😂 Les reminds me off my sis and me...boxes 😂 😂 😂 🛍 📦 It’s a girl thing Alex get use to it! So the UPS/FED EX/ mail man, etc. must know you guys very well...like ours 😂 in regards on if 🤱 and formula it’s up to you! Just pump milk out and save on bottles sometimes a bit easier. Nurse said if you do fórmula since it comes out faster than breast milk that’s why they get frustrated. So yeah easier to do what your doing. Yup they hurt
Lauren McGehee
Lauren McGehee 19 hours ago
Love you Les!! ❤️ My boobs became a 34DDD when I was pregnant too and I’m still the same size now and my daughter is almost 3!! I loved breastfeeding and I’m sorry you had a hard time but I’m glad you chose your happiness/sanity and not wanting to stress about it too much! You’re doing amazing, I can’t wait to watch Baby G grow 🤗❤️
julissa nunez
julissa nunez 19 hours ago
Angelica Sanchez
Angelica Sanchez 19 hours ago
Omg Alex is my husband and Leslie is me!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Aixa Navarrete
Aixa Navarrete 21 hour ago
Lauren M
Lauren M 21 hour ago
Goes to show the size of the breast doesn’t matter. I only went up to a B size and I was milking like a cow.
Elizabeth Landriault
Exact same thing happened to me. Too big of boobs would suffocate her and super frustrating. I would cryyy. . She got jaundice cus she wasn't getting what she needed so I ended up back in the hospital and the nurses couldnt help me get her to latch.
Elizabeth Landriault
And so painful yessssss. Mine were so engorged.
Desiree R
Desiree R 22 hours ago
Les is MEEEEE with the organization 👏🏻😬💞
Jessica Almaguer
Jessica Almaguer 23 hours ago
I feel you..same thing happened to me I felt like I was going to suffocate my baby .. I breastfeed for only 1 month and I couldn’t no more 🤷‍♀️
Dora Hernandez
Please recycle all the amazon cardboard. Online orders have a huge impact on the environment because everything is sent in individual packages. This vreates so much waste.
Cortnee Mae
Cortnee Mae Day ago
Lucky about your size, my boobs are GONE now 😭😭 I couldn’t breastfeed all 3 times either so I totally understand!
Marisol Salazar
You listened to your body hun💗 only advice is to wrap your boobs with an ace wrap or tighten up your bra also sleep with a tight sports bra to make sure you dry out completely. If not you can develop an infection in your milk ducts. My sister has already had two surgery’s to remove infected milk ducts. I hope you see this 💗 lots of love and prayers
Marisol Salazar
You listened to your body hun💗 only advice is to wrap your boobs with an ace wrap or tighten up your bra also sleep with a tight sports bra to make sure you dry out completely. If not you can develop an infection in your milk ducts. My sister has already had two surgery’s to remove infected milk ducts. I hope you see this 💗 lots of love and prayers
Alexandria Gonzalez
Olivia Boardman
"What comes from packages?" "Happiness" 😂😂😂😂 yes girl!
savannah marmolejo
Good job for at least trying. 👍👍👍 I breastfeed for 2 years!!! It was no easy task. I had my boob almost exactly the size you had yours for the entire time. Back pain was horrible. As soon as he turned 2 I stopped. And yes it's very sad to see my boob no longer how they used to be but I'm very happy knowing I was able to do that for my son. So congratulations Les you did great. You are the only one that truly know what is best for you and baby.
Norma Gutierrez
What faja did you use? I saw that you had posted it on insta but I totally forgot the name of it lol
Teresa Madrid
I feel you on this one and although my bobs aren’t as big as yours I felt your pain cuz I went through it with my second pregnancy... my first pregnancy I blessed to have fed my daughter up to age 3 and before anyone talks shit idk yes she was 3 years old and she was sucking on my chichi... reason I stopped was cuz I got pregnant and I mean even thought my dr told me it was ok to breast feed while pregnant I didn’t cuz it was super painful.. anyway so when my second daughter was born it was so hard for her to latch on cuz of my chichis being so big (I’ve never had big chichis I’ve always been in the B cup and I went up to D cup ) well I was only able to breastfeed her for 4 months cuz omg my back would kill me and anyway since I was also giving her formula she started preferring the formula over my milk and it totally okay, breastfeeding for almost 4 years straight was a blessing but so painful as well... once I stopped omg it was the worse pain in my life! It took me a whole ass month for my milk to dry out 😭 and the funny thing is that even after all this years I still prouduce milk 🤯 like when I get my period I leak 😳 I mean I don’t leak a lot but I do have to wear pads... I’ve asked my dr if this is normal and he said yes since I breast fed for 4 years non stopped... I don’t plan on getting pregnant anytime soon but I do want to get my chichis done cuz boy they went from a b cup before Pregnancy to a D cup while breastfeeding to an A cup after done breastfeeding 😭😖 (not really but that’s how I feel my chichis look like lol) well I want to get a breast augmentation and want to get 300cc implants.... but that’s only if I’m not planning on having anymore kids
jessica zuniga
The background music when les is explaining about her orders 😂
Kurly 1 Kubes
Love to see what you buy lol I want everything you buy jaja
Money Talkz
Money Talkz Day ago
I was wondering what kind of formula are you giving your baby ?
Levi Morales
Levi Morales Day ago
3 kids, 1 non breast fed, 1 pumped, 1 breast fed 3 months, do whatever is best for you, congrats on your baby
Isamal Mejias
I had the same problem with my son I could not get him to latch. I had a c-section and was a single mom so I didn’t get much sleep and breastfeeding and breast pain was a hassle. I tried for about a week and then went completely with formula which in the end I did regret it because formula is soooo expensive ! And my baby was always hungry lol whenever I have my second baby I’m definitely hoping for a better experience with breastfeeding 😊
Krystal Estorga
Omg I work with Karina lily girl than try out the detox now
April Nunez
April Nunez 2 days ago
I’m a first time mom too my baby is 1 month old today ❤️ I was so set on strictly breastfeeding. For the first two days I would try literally every hour. He was struggling to latch on so much and it was stressing me out. I felt like I was starving my baby so I caved in and decided to give him formula. I still try to breastfeed him but I don’t produce enough milk to fill him up so I still have to give him formula. I wish I didn’t cave in so fast and I wish I would’ve tried harder to breastfeed cause formula is so expensive and he eats so much lol 😩😂
fatima escalante
fatima escalante 2 days ago
Your baby is so cute
Cecy Vasquez
Cecy Vasquez 2 days ago
You should put the bigger taller bottles on bottom and the smaller short bottles on top so it’s not as high
kimberly bueno
kimberly bueno 2 days ago
Omg les gave me anxiety every time she would sit the baby 😩
Jasmin Lynett Garcia
You are doing great!!!!!! And like you said as long as the baby is being fed that is what matters!!! Hard boobs suck big time!!!!
Marge Caramanna
Marge Caramanna 2 days ago
Les you are an amazing mom! ❤️
angie Rodriguez
angie Rodriguez 2 days ago
I never breast fed my son and he is now 11 and has never been sick tyj . So yes breast feeding is a major bonus but doesn't make me less of a mom. Your good Les thank you for letting us in to your life. Yet people want to be judging you . Some are gonna make her just go private then be mad at her
La reina de Sinaloa Y Jalisco
I have a question do u have to breastfeed 🤱🏻 your baby after haveing it or no ?
Giggz05 2 days ago
Omg yes it was painful when they were engorged and when I got a plugged milk duct it was the worst pain ever.
Kimberly Zepeda
Kimberly Zepeda 2 days ago
Alex farts* Les: No you didn't Alex: What happened ? Lmao 😂😂😂
Jennifer  Moreno
Jennifer Moreno 2 days ago
I breastfeed my first born for 1 year and with my 2nd daughter it's about to be 2 whole years of breastfeeding only. But omg I produce so much milk more than what my babies ate so they would hurt soooooo much because they were so full. So I understand the pain and I would also get bolas on my breast that was also painful. Breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing but also painful lol.
Evelyn Salazaaar
Evelyn Salazaaar 2 days ago
Your boobs experience was literally the same as my mom pero my mom was like “hell nahh I ain’t washing bottles” so some how she made it work and she would give us her breast milk. De echo my little sister se le ahogó and my mom got scared but she good now lmao 😂... eventually she had to wash bottles cause my second youngest sister didn’t like her breast milk so she didn’t drink it más que formula milk😂♥️
mireya mora
mireya mora 2 days ago
Hahaha what happened lol
Christy Salazar
Christy Salazar 2 days ago
pos manda cajas a mi casa
OhDamnYanet 2 days ago
guys please recycle the boxes! it makes a difference
Tania Reyes
Tania Reyes 3 days ago
I feel like a lot of young moms now in days will not even try to do what’s best for their babies because its so much more convenient not to, even if they have the means to do so. Makes me sad💔 when Moms give up without trying their best; From experience knowing the incredible and irreplaceable bond we forge with our babies by breastfeeding on TOP of all the amazing benefits breast milk provides. It definitely takes a special kind of woman to do so. I urge mommies to do their research. Yes formula saves babies who for any reason can’t have breastmilk. But BREASTMILK will always be better it’s just science. also not shaming. It’s just sad when people don’t have the right support or Information to help them in this special and tough time. We’ve all gone through what she has we just pushed through.
Monica Feliciano
Monica Feliciano 8 hours ago
Tania Reyes you sound like breastfeeding is all you have going for yourself and it’s actually kind of sad that you feel everyone should be like you. She already made her decision regardless of what “science” or you have to say. I’m sure she knows the benefits of breast feeding and doesn’t need your know at all advice. Let people live their lives and choose to do what they want and if makes them “IGNORANT” then so be it. It’s not your job to judge people based on their decisions because I’m sure you’re not perfect. So take your know at all attitude and science somewhere else cause in reality neither Les or anyone else cares.
Tania Reyes
Tania Reyes 15 hours ago
Monica Feliciano it’s not what “I think it’s best” I didn’t just pull it out of my ass. It’s called reading, researching and well SCIENCE; also Taking an interest in your baby and his/her well being. Being willfully ignorant in this day and age is a CHOICE with all sorts of info available to you instantly. You don’t get to tell me what should or shouldn’t make me sad. Based on my experience I would never choose to formula feed unless absolutely necessary. Also I wholeheartedly enjoy Watching Les but it does not mean I have to religiously agree with everything she believes. I simply offered my point of view on the matter and what I see a lot of young moms do sooo (if the shoe fits🤷🏻‍♀️) If my comment can offer insight into what breastfeeding can provide baby; to some uninformed momma then that’s great. Obviously you haven’t got a clue of any actúal breastfeeding/breastmilk FACTS or you wouldn’t be so quick to wanna shut my comment down. Come back to me when you’ve done your due research otherwise stop commenting because you sound triggered. I’ll be over here still enjoying Les’ vlogs/fb lives and not losing sleep nor energy over her Parenting choices and will continue breastfeeding baby 🥰💙.
Noemi Candela
Monica Feliciano nah, not offended and actually unbothered lol but keep on with your paragraphs it’s entertaining. Lol
Monica Feliciano
Noemi Candela if there’s anyone who doesn’t agree with something here it’s you, because I don’t recall directing my first reply to you and yet here you are replying to my comments. So to me it seems like you’re the one that got offended, with the name calling and all. But anyway at the end of the day Les is living her happy ass life on her channel with her adorable FED baby, on her platform, and with her beautiful family and she’s gonna do whatever she feels like doing regardless of what you miserable weirdos have to say. Just remember all the negative energy you put out, comes right back to you eventually 😉 Bye!
Noemi Candela
Monica Feliciano I was agreeing with the woman above you imbecile . Like I said I don’t lose sleep over anyone’s parenting . If anyone feels shamed by comments on breastfeeding that’s their shit . It’s a public platform and anyone can comment. If you want to go down the comments and reply to anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion, then have at it . Lol
Mrs Stronger
Mrs Stronger 3 days ago
How do you have so much disposable income to buy all kinds of stuff constantly? Are you rich?
Gaby Sánchez
Gaby Sánchez 3 days ago
Alex blocking Leslie account .. her making a new one 😂😂
Mari Sepulveda
Mari Sepulveda 3 days ago
Lol Alex I got you I’ll look her up haha jk les is a our number one customer I can’t brother 😂
Itzel Ramirez
Itzel Ramirez 3 days ago
Les, share you amazon list with us haha
Cathleen Castillo
The rant of the day 😹
I DontCare
I DontCare 3 days ago
Ouch! Mines are tiny little bs that didn’t even change size lmao.. can’t imagine having giant boobs filled with milk ouch!
Lizvet Corral
Lizvet Corral 3 days ago
New here. You speak so fast 😭 you’re so cute, I love it. Subscribed.
Decida & Leo
Decida & Leo 3 days ago
Just stop that
Diana B
Diana B 3 days ago
Litzy Guadalupe
Litzy Guadalupe 3 days ago
Gael is so fucking cute 😍😍😍😍😍
Sajorisey :D
Sajorisey :D 3 days ago
I have small boobs like a B cup 🙄 but I could not produce milk! And the little bit that I did my son would just get so mad since he wouldn’t get full so I just gave up the breastfeeding...
celina cantu
celina cantu 3 days ago
Lmaoo I’m the same ordering online and me telling my husband I don’t know 😂
Jennifer Valdez
Jennifer Valdez 3 days ago
What are your favorite noodles called?!!🤣 I really want to try them anyone know?
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