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Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone is back for episode 47 of “It’s Alive,” and this time he’s making focaccia bread with Samin Nosrat, author and host of “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.” Join Brad and Samin as they bake bread, explore alternate show titles, and agree that you can never have too much olive oil.

Edited by Matt Hunziker

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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Brad Makes Focaccia Bread with Samin Nosrat | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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Apr 11, 2019




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Comments 4 645
Rinn Hour ago
I feel really silly but what are the waiting times? I've watched it 5 times but can't seem to catch all the resting times. 😣
genesis prado
genesis prado 3 hours ago
The sheer power of these personalities ♥️♥️♥️ I loooove themmmm
Josh Zawadzki
Josh Zawadzki 4 hours ago
Samin without her voice sounds like Mariah Carey :P
Carl Johansson
Carl Johansson 9 hours ago
Do another episode with Matty "Matters" Matheson!
Bailey Porath
Bailey Porath 11 hours ago
Brad this isn’t anything new but I have a crush on u
ShmooieLowenstein 13 hours ago
I lost it at 20:53!!!
Ben Picado
Ben Picado 13 hours ago
This was so great, I was smiling the WHOLEEE time
Nabila N
Nabila N 14 hours ago
Brad reminds me of Ted from Bob’s Burgers
Lewd Donut
Lewd Donut 14 hours ago
Samin laighing is me through out this episode, i love this episode so much
Hannah Chalk
Hannah Chalk 14 hours ago
Hahaha this Samin chick.
BigBass 14 hours ago
Mix 600 grams water luke warm, 1 tsp yheast, 15g of honey allow to bloom. Seperately mix 18g of salt with 800g of ap flour in a large bowl. Add water and mix till nearly incorporated, add 50g or to taste of olive oil; finish mixing. Allow to rise at room temp over night 12 hrs. Tease dough genetly into an olive oiled half sheet pan. All to rest half hour and tease into corners (repeat as needed). When teased into corners allow to rise again for 20-30min. Make brine of 80g water and 5g of salt, reserve. Oil hands then dimple dough. Pour brine on top. Add extra oil on top to taste. Allow to rise again, preheat oven to 450. Bake aprox 25min.
This_Is_Me 15 hours ago
"IS there anything such as too much oil?? HAve you met me??"
littlemizzaintfield 16 hours ago
One of the most joyful episodes, what a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul!
zewdae 16 hours ago
honestly i just love brad's personality
PMP 12
PMP 12 16 hours ago
Why does brad remind me of goku?
Atari00100 17 hours ago
You are all so dang adorable lol
adamkur 17 hours ago
just brad back in the test kitchen, hanging with Vin or with someone that has his same energy. thats all we need. Dont fix what isnt broken cause this workeddd
Evie Rae
Evie Rae 18 hours ago
I love Samin 🥺
QQTrick1QQ 19 hours ago
Chance Focaccia Bread.
Kimberly Cabanas
Kimberly Cabanas 19 hours ago
It took me 10 full minutes to stop laughing from the shriek / eagle edit.
Theresa M
Theresa M 20 hours ago
She’s so exuberant!
Liberty Stone
Liberty Stone 20 hours ago
Salt fat acid heat: 1 Brad: 0
Christina Mock
Christina Mock 22 hours ago
SAW- VEE island 😉
Misashi Tao
Misashi Tao 23 hours ago
Yeayyy!! The silly editing is back.♥️♥️♥️♥️
T R Day ago
This lady knows her worth :P
Tor Day ago
Samin sounds like she eats deep fried cigarettes for breakfast
Johannes Becker
ChiCyn p
ChiCyn p Day ago
One of the best episodes yet! Love this show!
Neil Day ago
11:43 brad said wourder and the editor missed it and didn't put wourder in the middle of the screen. You need to get another editor
Ebtisam Day ago
Pure entertainment!!
x97sfinest Day ago
I'm just tryna figure out if she actually got 20 racks for this
Sarah Mink
Sarah Mink Day ago
Good grief, have some respect for my time. I adore Samin, but this was unwatchable, consider editing. So much dicking around.
Kirshy Bee
Kirshy Bee Day ago
Please do more videos together, I love the energy! haha
Jon r
Jon r Day ago
i love samin
Stefanie Day ago
The hot mess energy of this video is exactly what I subscribed for
jenna UwU
jenna UwU Day ago
am i the only one who felt some chemistry between brad and samin? and im not just talking cooking chemistry, im talking *love* chemistry.
Cody Mitchell
Cody Mitchell 2 days ago
I’m here for Bramin ❤️
Ruby Stumbles
Ruby Stumbles 2 days ago
Love!!! You are both the BEST!! So much fun, who wouldn’t want to bake/cook together. Thank you thank you 💗
TooManyDoc 2 days ago
"I think you need to forgive yourself."
AJFes12 2 days ago
This is up there with one of the best episodes
AJFes12 2 days ago
"I think you need to forgive yourself" Proceeds to contemplate life choices
Dylan Neufeld
Dylan Neufeld 2 days ago
Samin: Move it out with the least amount of movement Brad: *continues to touch it as much as possible*
sorou 2 days ago
"Listen, either those go or I'd-- too soon?" VINCENT HOW COULD YOU
Chris Graham
Chris Graham 2 days ago
I'll show you for twenty thousand dollars.
K 2 days ago
oh it was so so nice to see the normal editing back. love you matt, and brad and samin and vinny!
livs1407 2 days ago
Do we ever see Vincenzo’s beautiful face
skump13 2 days ago
Brad is the Chris Pratt of the cooking world.
Dachande Wuffsteiger
I always wondered if brad wore his Meg hat because he didn't have hair, but he does have hair. Mystery solved.
Samantha Will
Samantha Will 2 days ago
Say it So-vi island. Couch street probably threw you as well or Glisan street
sjdhdbd jshsnsbsb
Did you actually pay 20,000$?
JJG 2 days ago
Federico Dassi
Federico Dassi 2 days ago
I've never laughted so much looking at a food video
pNamali 2 days ago
Editing this must have been so much fun! xD
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez 2 days ago
I love Samin! Can she be on more episodes? They have great chemistry
Lee Faith
Lee Faith 3 days ago
yesss it's alive!
poobookachoo 3 days ago
I was do disappointed in salt, fat, acid, heat. THERE’S ONLY 4 EPISODES. I love Samin so much, I need a new episode every day!
qualcosa88 3 days ago
thank you for all the love and the laughter!
em martin
em martin 3 days ago
Yay! I love the silly editing :) this episode is so wholesome and funny.
Balty torres
Balty torres 3 days ago
Thanks for bringing back the goofy editing !!!
Dabasin 3 days ago
I watch these videos and now i want them to film its alive and gourmet snacks at the same time from different perspectives. Because brad and Claire uses different tables i just think it would be fun once.
Gill B
Gill B 3 days ago
It made me HURT for Chris that she never ended up tasting any of that mustard he's so obsessed with. lol SHE HAS TO TASTE THE MUSTARD. Also Samin is so freaking adorable and down to earth!!
Seinor Sloth
Seinor Sloth 3 days ago
I needed her to cough lmao
Champion Animations
awww when she saw Carla !!!!
Christian Boivin
Christian Boivin 3 days ago
I could watch a full season of these two.
spider choo
spider choo 3 days ago
Love the editing! Thanks for the entertainment!!!! I don't even cook, but simply watch the video for the editing inspirations. Thank you :)
The Sweetmambyjamby
This episode was better than any cooking show on television. Sign me up for 3 seasons of these 2 making fun and food and random things please.
I am new to this channel (already a travesty) and I just discovered that Brad has kids. Married? Somebody knows... ugh, I'll just make&eat this focaccia to fix my heart
I laughed alot such a good episode.
Jeff Chiu
Jeff Chiu 3 days ago
omg Brad is such a special doofy unicorn, I love this guy! Someone give him and Samin a variety show!
Keil Drescher
Keil Drescher 3 days ago
Brad, can you do an episode on Preserved Lemons? would love to learn how to do this essential ingredient for Moroccan dishes!
C K 3 days ago
this stressed me out tbh
ConcreteAngelx3 3 days ago
Not sure if she already is but Samin would be an incredible mom.. She is so encouraging and positive even when Brad screws something up
Gus Pagan
Gus Pagan 3 days ago
BEST - EPISODE - EVER. I want more of Samin PLEASE
kolmutsnorp 3 days ago
"Water" pft...
MOLONKEY King 3 days ago
this was a blessed combo, as well as video
MetraMan09 4 days ago
That amount of salt makes me gag.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 4 days ago
isn't vinny working for babish now or is he doing both?
Clara Behrends
Clara Behrends 4 days ago
That’s exactly how I would react if I saw Carla !
Mandie Palmer
Mandie Palmer 4 days ago
I cried when she hugged Carla
Deasha Ramsey
Deasha Ramsey 20 hours ago
Mandie Palmer me too it was a very unexpected reaction from me
NuminaO 4 days ago
Leave Sue alone! 😆
this video is so funny, you're both just really chaotic but also knowledgable, it makes for great entertainment
Calvin Cotton
Calvin Cotton 4 days ago
Oh my god, the Vinny leaving Easter egg. My heart!
recua123 4 days ago
Thank you for keeping the outtakes and all the fun!! Great episode!!
Jack Tse
Jack Tse 4 days ago
When 2 personalities are alike that are out there... very interesting
Thomass Christmass
Derek 4 days ago
Tyler Pickel
Tyler Pickel 4 days ago
Pop rocks!
Hannah Swabey
Hannah Swabey 4 days ago
They need a series together.
Jessica Cole
Jessica Cole 5 days ago
Omg yes I love salt and oil I love her
Makeupjunkie 5 days ago
Brad has kids??
Jaznellow 5 days ago
Brad so wanted to impress her... that was so adorable.
Em Dibz
Em Dibz 5 days ago
i love samin oh my god
MiCKi914 5 days ago
The Matthew McConaughey image popping up when Brad said "wow" made me laugh out loud! A little heavy at the beginning with the editing gimmicks, but it balanced out nicely throughout the video. Kudos! Samin seems awesome
Hello Robot
Hello Robot 5 days ago
Brad revealing that he sometimes drinks salty water is the funniest thing ever
ChaoticAngel94 5 days ago
Love that the good ol' editing is back
Muu Teshima
Muu Teshima 5 days ago
Love Brad
Casey John Graziano
SAH-VHEY Island (Sauvie)
sean harries
sean harries 5 days ago
i would react the same to see Clair and Carla!
Troilo 5 days ago
"I don't really speak language.*" Brad We get you man, we get you.
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 5 days ago
That woman is a ray of sunshine
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