Boy calls 911 and says dad ran a red light

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Kid calls 911 and says "Daddy went past a red light." CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the boy who ratted out his dad.

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Jun 3, 2016




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Comments 2 242
Paris Williams
Paris Williams 4 hours ago
Should’ve had a better pull out game
Diego Montoya
Diego Montoya 5 hours ago
Thought this was one of the guys in Malcolm and the middle
Godly King
Godly King Day ago
Id take every thing he had away. He gets to eat veggies and bland food until hes old enough to buy his own shit.
Lil Lean
Lil Lean Day ago
An Op in the making
Melaku Gebre
Melaku Gebre Day ago
He is going to be 69 when he grows up lol
Lurong C
Lurong C Day ago
Guy: Asks friend if he found any words on a word puzzle This kid: *uH, miSS, jOHn aNd dAN aRe cOPYiNG eACh oTHeR*
Tom Tly
Tom Tly 3 days ago
Such an asshole these kids are fucking idiots
LargeMakesStuff 3 days ago
Fucking snitch
Heat 4 days ago
cellogirl11RW 4 days ago
I bet that made the dispatchers day. 😂
Lordx 6 days ago
Holy shit i never know snitching could be a job 6ix9ine: ight imma heat out
BROTHER TN 7 days ago
Vicious little kid! Snitches get stitches!
Unkeep ALT
Unkeep ALT 7 days ago
That was my son I swear I will knock his shit into next month
AdminBaconHair 8 days ago
i cant believe how disgusting these comments are. HES 6 YEARS OLD!
Spider Pug
Spider Pug 8 days ago
*Stop Snitchin intensifies*
I Steal Content
I Steal Content 8 days ago
Mikediehard 8 days ago
I would love it if the police just took the dad away then we could all get a good look at that disappointment of a child’s face
Joshua ツ
Joshua ツ 9 days ago
My dad would whoop me so hard 😂
Bludgeroo 10 days ago
6ix9ine is the real dad for sure
Saeed Ghods
Saeed Ghods 10 days ago
Yung ETG
Yung ETG 10 days ago
Damn he a opp 💀
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 11 days ago
The GameStop kid punched an old man? That’s tough...
uWhut 11 days ago
A young 6ix9ine
Mario 4.6
Mario 4.6 11 days ago
Aye this kid needa stop cus he gonna be a snitch 😂 that’s not gonna be good
Internet explorer user
Big snitch. The type of nigga that would remind the teacher they have homework.
Alec Jay
Alec Jay 11 days ago
My kids gonna have to run that fade lol
Emanuel Ismerio
Emanuel Ismerio 11 days ago
Tekashi 6ix9ine when he was younger
Jürgen Jørgensen Krag Jarvis
I would have beat the fuck out of him if he was my son
ShadowHayden 12 days ago
What a snitch
Lambert Edelbijev
Lambert Edelbijev 13 days ago
tekashi69 young in colors
sharko punch
sharko punch 13 days ago
Future Snitchy-nine 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Lee Dickson
Lee Dickson 13 days ago
Snitch ass nigga
James Wynn
James Wynn 13 days ago
Listens to 69 once👮
Ayii Thomas
Ayii Thomas 14 days ago
69 is really influences theses yutes
Zero Xur
Zero Xur 15 days ago
He working for tkashi69?
Panabo Dreamer
Panabo Dreamer 15 days ago
Vinre 15 days ago
Snitches get stitches and wind up in the ditches
LITHUANIAN Avgeek 15 days ago
Lil 69
Sn7wy 17
Sn7wy 17 15 days ago
He later grew up to be 6ix9ine
stay litty
stay litty 16 days ago
SNITCH....I would of gotten the belt while talking to the police.... My dad don't play
Terrence Hamilton
Terrence Hamilton 16 days ago
That snitch trait is strong
crazyflyingdonut 16 days ago
1:24 Hey look, there's my favorite game, Doom!
Space Man
Space Man 16 days ago
69 before the fame.
Baden 16 days ago
Fuck this snitch ass kid 🐀
Pxsion X
Pxsion X 16 days ago
That’s how 6ix9ine be snitching
FBI 16 days ago
That just proves he’s a snitch
Alfonso Godina
Alfonso Godina 16 days ago
6ix9ine's son.
Bleet Headass
Bleet Headass 16 days ago
The kid tried hugging my leg like that, I'm kicking his rat ass off in front of the camera
urjs 16 days ago
Imagine having a kid to snitch on you like that. I would throw him off a cliff
Mr Chow
Mr Chow 16 days ago
Learned from 69.
OmI3t 16 days ago
I would have smashed his skull
Goliath Playz
Goliath Playz 16 days ago
Footage of sixnine as a child
Yusuf Deniz
Yusuf Deniz 17 days ago
69 would be proud!
Right Republicans
Right Republicans 17 days ago
The new 6ix9ine
Jaiden Black
Jaiden Black 17 days ago
Legend says the boy is still a snitch
Youtube User
Youtube User 17 days ago
Awww,, come here son. kicks son in balls!!! I'm on the top run or your dominance hierarchy. The next time you call 911 will be your last. ~ Debbie Downer
wewillwjajjakqma t
wewillwjajjakqma t 17 days ago
I would beat him if he were my son.
It's Gadfly
It's Gadfly 13 days ago
What else is new. Damn Israelite trying to tell me what to do. I don't think that guy is his dad. Look at his turkey leg. He probably lifts his leg up like a dog and pees on a fire hydrant. Poor kid, that Turkey has probably tried to tea-bag him.
Brian Lu
Brian Lu 17 days ago
Lil snitch
I am Spongebob The Destroyer of Evil
Hes that type of kid that if u take his soccer ball he will do a scene about it
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons 17 days ago
Dumb kid lmao
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