Boeing's China Problem

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (www.Haerther.net)
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Music by epidemicsound.com
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation
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Sep 10, 2019




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Comments 3 616
MP498 5 hours ago
For the C919, will they take the asbestos out for the export markets?
MP498 5 hours ago
I hope they fly better than they drive
charles joi
charles joi 3 days ago
This video is biased, with China now FAA and Boeing are more regulated, avoiding death of more people
Copy FX
Copy FX 4 days ago
And now China is developing C929 which the same size of Boeing A787, this is what Boeing really worry about. Boeing can use FAA to reject C929 in the coming days. But China can sell these cheaper aircrafts to Chinese cities and maybe Africa or middle east contries. Sooner or later, C929 will be accepted by the whole world. (BTW, the engine of C929 is being develped by China and Russia)
Honda Fag
Honda Fag 8 days ago
Earths china problem
Axel 8 days ago
i just love how to the title is "boeing'a china problem" but the picture is of an Airbus plane. Not a Boeing
jobakun hang
jobakun hang 8 days ago
Very informative and interesting video, as usual 👍🏻
Anarchist Zero
Anarchist Zero 11 days ago
American Taxpayers Boeing Problem . . . #CorporateWelfare & ctj.org & taxsanity.org 🙄
Longming Yan
Longming Yan 12 days ago
Be remembered that Taiwan is part of China when you show the map.
Beth Helmey
Beth Helmey 12 days ago
Wendover productions are a subsidiary of the CIA/ Pentagon,all fabricated fake nonsense.
Paul Chin
Paul Chin 13 days ago
China like Bok Choy price, meaning it is affordable for the masses. Now Bok Choy price will be coming to airplane in the future. AR-21 is just the warn up act, CR-929 is also in the works,. So we got AR-21, C-919, CR-929 just for appetizer. Capisco 🤣
MeGawOOt99 14 days ago
This isn't symbolic, this is to see if they can shake Boeing down.
Justy Zhao
Justy Zhao 15 days ago
the ending advertisement is a surprise!
Maxwell Torres
Maxwell Torres 15 days ago
Does anyone else get the impression that when the Chinese made the ARJ21, they just took the fuselage of an MD-80, removed a few sections, then slapped the wings and engines of a CRJ aircraft on and gave it a new name?
Tau 16 days ago
Dino Romeo
Dino Romeo 16 days ago
How many people were killed by the Boeing 737 MaX (Made in USA).
rajveer munde
rajveer munde 16 days ago
anything: exists wendover: problem
Nhu Tran
Nhu Tran 17 days ago
So Boeing's planes crashed and killed Chinese people and Wendover wants to say China is the problem? And Boeing won't provide compensation because then they'll have to compensate other countries where the planes were grounded but had not yet crashed? Sounds like the communists have taken over the world. Capitalism dictates that it would be fair for Boeing to compensate China and only China. Then again it would be a very typical capitalist, American, and Western culture as a whole move to avoid taking responsibility for their failures.
Drake Valiance
Drake Valiance 18 days ago
China needs to disappear.
Audiogeeks Vintage Sales
The republican government of the USA gave away any strength that the FAA had. Another right wing fuck up. They just signed the death warrent for Boeing. It is time for Boeing to rebrand itself and get out if the hotly small aircraft market (50-125 capacity) it is a no win sector as there are 7 or more company's trying to make this type. It is time to get the next 747 style (wide body, since the market has all but abandoned the wide body. ( And also go into the I outer space market and livable satilite market
Jefuri Hartono
Jefuri Hartono 18 days ago
FAA is as deep trash bodies that no one can believe. They care more about the $$$ than actually the life on the victim of the plane crash. As much as China is evil. This move by them is anything but good.
barrie Williams
barrie Williams 18 days ago
Going on Boeing's recent performance China would be better off sticking with Airbus or making their own. China is not especially known for quality products but I'm sure they can surpass that of Boeings :)
Ken Richard
Ken Richard 19 days ago
Boeing to Beijing?
Korath Mathew
Korath Mathew 19 days ago
The writing on the wall is clear. It's just a matter of time before they start manufacturing aircrafts and start exporting. USA is only speeding up the process.
Dr Peter jones
Dr Peter jones 19 days ago
This is misleading...... Boeing has fleets of aircraft in the moharve desert which could be leased to china..but they have not ? The scrappage scheme for the max is scheduled to take place in the near future. Boeing has had a problem in many of its aircraft due to poor management and quality over a number of years. It should have scrapped the max immediatly, sold the dreamliner and 737 early models to the chineese, plugged the hole where the max was with an integration of embraer regional jet designs and moved on like airbus did with the A220. So why is there soo much incompetance in boeing? The flying coffin is dead like the repeat story of the DC10...can america ever compete with such repeat failures ?
AcidBot66 20 days ago
Boeing is virtually a defunct company and will survive exclusively from American defense contracts. Boeing has lost credibility and there are tons os people that will not dare to board an aircraft if it is made by Boeing anymore. The only way for Boeing to try to recover confidence is to provide free parachutes for all passengers!
Stan Blade
Stan Blade 21 day ago
China hasn’t had a proper car brand yet. It’s a long way for a decent commercial plane. What a empty content this video had me wasted time on. Besides, the narrator’s voice was annoying.
Gluluman 22 days ago
In ten years the Chinese are not going to buy a single jet from Boeing.
Lin Chen
Lin Chen 3 hours ago
@Gareth Ifan just lol
Gareth Ifan
Gareth Ifan 11 days ago
@Durian Durian No..they did not. And even if they had..it doesn't justify china doing the same thing does it?
Durian Durian
Durian Durian 11 days ago
The American stole all theirs from Germany after war
frank k
frank k 13 days ago
Nope, they will have have stolen enough of Boeing's technology by then.
Gareth Ifan
Gareth Ifan 13 days ago
Probably..they will have introduced the 'Comac' plane which will be a like for like copy of the 737.. That is...what they do..
ASLAM BHATTI 22 days ago
Durian Durian
Durian Durian 11 days ago
Free California
Shilbhadra Mukherjee
This video usvid.net/video/video-U51ghTRlgfs.html has copied most of the narration from your video. Please look into this.
Harry Hooligan
Harry Hooligan 22 days ago
The reality is Airbus and it’s suppliers can’t possibly fill the gap left by the Max grounding. The Max will be back in service and fulfilling its orders soon and it will be perhaps the most scrutinized airliner in history. Making it very safe. And this chapter in its history will soon be forgotten by the general public.
Jye The Pie
Jye The Pie 22 days ago
Wendover productions china problem
autoyota 23 days ago
Like the rest of the US govn't, the FAA is totally corrupted by big corporate money!!!
autoyota 23 days ago
China will soon just copy a good model ,probably improve it and start building their own.
poo bum
poo bum 23 days ago
bet more of those comac fall out of the sky over the max!!
Peter H
Peter H 23 days ago
More like China’s Boeing problem
Captain Win
Captain Win 23 days ago
USA needs to stop making junk aircraft.
Ozz Villa
Ozz Villa 23 days ago
As if Boeing or Airbus have a chance in China! Lol! They handed all their trade secrets to big red, what so you think big red will do with those? Lock them up in a vault for no one to see?
A guy with an Anime profile
Go comac, mitsubishi!!!!!
Indranil Chakrabarty
Well said
Robert Pratt
Robert Pratt 25 days ago
Irrelevant. China will tear a couple of those planes apart and in 4 years Boeing will have a new competitor. China is not inventive. But it is good at creating clones.
Embargoman 25 days ago
Airbus making their planes in China, is the reason why Boeing went to be number 2.
Ground Zero
Ground Zero 26 days ago
World doesn't trust in Boeing no more after the crash!
Søcial_Pressure 26 days ago
i hate Chinese people and government. yes hate is a strong word and i meant what i said. i don't like them...i don't trust them. U.S.A. #1 we need to crush the Chinese in every game possible.
Durian Durian
Durian Durian 11 days ago
Snakes and ladders and monopoly too ?
can tho
can tho 27 days ago
Damn, China is showing it Alpha Status in the world....pushing down the US into the role of a meek biotch!!
ctixbwi 28 days ago
USA is hurting; The fake president is doing his best to loose the American world leadership. So is Boeing and FAA. Trump is selling out East Europe to Putin, enabling Putin to continue his dream to restore the Sovjet empire as a Russian empire. The western alliance is breaking up thanks to Trump. Who knows what will come out of this Trumpian mess?!
theylied1776 28 days ago
Boeing had to learn the hard lesson from companies like Caterpiller not to set up a manufacturing center in China because the Communists will just take it over and steal all of your trade secrets.
theylied1776 11 days ago
@Durian Durian The Nazi scientist Stole the research to make their V2 Rocket from an American Scientist, Dr, Robert Goddard. All they did was turn it into a Bomb. You made this way too easy for me.
Durian Durian
Durian Durian 11 days ago
US space programme was ex Nazi Germany scientists
Nidhogg Hao
Nidhogg Hao 28 days ago
the 2 largest problems Boeing is facing in china are the escalating ongoing trade war and china's success in building its own planes.
Torvic 29 days ago
in other words china is the next superpower...case close
Ray Miles
Ray Miles 29 days ago
Ray Miles
Ray Miles 29 days ago
Yeah , they bought with our-Liberty Given away-$,Iplaychessmove!
Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker 29 days ago
If Chinese airplanes have the reliability of anything else made in China, then this ought to be fun to watch! Chinese pilots flying Chinese airplanes in China... yeah, I think I'll pass getting on one of those airplanes.
Noah Deng
Noah Deng Month ago
Boieng/Airbus: You can`t defeat me. ARJ21: I can`t... But he can. (pointing to Comac 919)
Erich Weiler
Erich Weiler Month ago
You left one thing out. USA accounts for more than half of China's exports. I'd say Boeing will be just fine in China
Erich Weiler
Erich Weiler Month ago
Just to be clear, China isn't even buying their own airliners. How many ARJ-21 Chinese airliners have they sold? TWENTY SIX. That's it.
Why Soitanly
Why Soitanly Month ago
To the Boeing Company: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people. Congress can impute to a corporation the commission of certain criminal offenses and subject it to criminal prosecution therefor. In actions for tort, a corporation may be held responsible for damages for the acts of its agent within the scope of his employment, even if done wantonly, recklessly or against the express orders of the principal. While corporations cannot commit some crimes, they can commit crimes which consist in purposely doing things prohibited by statute, and in such case they can be charged with knowledge of acts of their agents who act within the authority conferred upon them.
Nodnarb Month ago
47.2 + 45.3 = 92.5 if you were wondering
Rafael olivera Melo
china really sucks...
Turboproficient Month ago
Majority of the avionics, and other subsystems of C-919 rely on American suppliers so its success could be a good news to American companies in a way.
Ronzig the Wizard
Good show and so very well thought out statements.
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