Bloopers That Make Us Love Thor: Ragnarok Even More

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Along with behind-the-scenes features and the occasional Marvel One-Shot, the gag reels are a favorite staple of Marvel Blu-ray releases. Fans not only get to laugh, but we also see the bonds formed behind the scenes. And it's hard not to fall in love with them just a little bit. Here are some of the most hilarious bloopers and gags waiting on the Thor: Ragnarok Blu-ray…
Butterfingers | 0:18
Low blows | 1:05
Pew pew! | 1:43
Warm up | 2:18
All fall down | 2:42
Avenging bros | 3:25
Unique skill | 4:10
Dancing fools | 4:44
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Mar 10, 2018




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Comments 452
Looper Year ago
What other bloopers should we showcase next?
Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter 10 days ago
Don't do anything. Just stop
Curtis Wheeler
Curtis Wheeler 28 days ago
Don't cuss
KHILADI 28 days ago
Mauki Origin
Mauki Origin Month ago
Looper Maybe Any without blabla
Pathmeshwaran Srinivasan
Infinity war
Pam A
Pam A 3 days ago
Make a video of Spiderman because I am in love with Tom(his real name)
Mr Hawkhawk
Mr Hawkhawk 4 days ago
Stan Lee. Everyone miss u
Jason Dyer
Jason Dyer 6 days ago
Why talk through the video
cactus24flower 7 days ago
Lol. What is happening at 5:12
Chicken McNugget
Chicken McNugget 9 days ago
Shut up
Jenna White
Jenna White 10 days ago
I had such a lady boner for Blanchett’s Hela. She was awesome.
The Lead Villian
The Lead Villian 10 days ago
Looper got the booper
Single suckers
Single suckers 11 days ago
The talking is annoying
sandhya mitra
sandhya mitra 14 days ago
this would be so much funnier without the commentary
Malik 14 days ago
Learn to shut up 🤐🤬
FalconFXICCY 15 days ago
Taika Waititi is one of, if not the best thing, to happen to the Thor MCU saga.
Ramón Machado
Ramón Machado 18 days ago
50ShadesOfGranny 19 days ago
U ruined the bloopers with ur commentary....
Zamzam Mahamed
Zamzam Mahamed 21 day ago
Loki is cool when forming to a suit
Super Jeff
Super Jeff 24 days ago
"even more" lol No one liked Thor Ragnarok except little thots.
Phant Philipp
Phant Philipp 26 days ago
Wtf just show the bloopers and shut up
shieldmaiden000 26 days ago
OMW!!! I just realized who that movie director is!!! He is that cool vampire I loved sooooo much in "We Live in The Shadows"...or something like that. I love that movie and he played the best part ever. LOL...loved the scene when he and his wife were talking about the age difference. ;)
Swoosh 28 days ago
Im a the only one who got mark ruffallo ad
KHILADI 28 days ago
If you actually shut your mouth and put the bloopers together, the video might be 30 seconds. O. N. L. Y.
Abhimanyu Singh
Abhimanyu Singh 28 days ago
Did I just hear iron man instead of thor?!
Abhimanyu Singh
Abhimanyu Singh 28 days ago
DAVID GUNNING 29 days ago
new sub
OMG😱 I don't understand that why the bloopers should be narrated??
A YouTube User
A YouTube User 29 days ago
Ok, I mean I get it that he’s talking a lot, but you could ask nicely for him to not talk so much
Fuck You
Fuck You Month ago
I really do love it even more now 😂
Chris MCMLXXXII Month ago
Definitely the best Thor movie to date and one of the most fun movies in the MCU. I was utterly unimpressed by Thor 1 and I have nothing but contempt for Thor The Dark World.
Louis Hitman
Louis Hitman Month ago
Just shut up and let us watch
Tony Toons
Tony Toons Month ago
Bloopers (Without the narrator) 0:55 - 1:00 1:34 - 1:42 2:07 - 2:18 2:27 - 2:36 3:03 - 3:14 3:20 - 3:24 4:04 - 4:09 4:41 - 4:43 5:09 - 5:11 I had to watch and hear the narrator through 5 minutes. Thank you for watching!
Saw Van Mawi
Saw Van Mawi 28 days ago
Thx so much 😚
Mozon Hassan Hiabo
When you realize korg directed the whole movie
thanh tran
thanh tran Month ago
Please more
thanh tran
thanh tran Month ago
mikialjan Month ago
Your fukcing narration completely fukced it up
Guy Staats
Guy Staats Month ago
Funny bloopers ruined by some jerkoff who thinks he's a narrator.
silvio bentivoglio
real funny clip, i haven't seen Thor Ragnarok but i makes want to see it more ....but was wondering what is that music their playing around 4:42 ?????? please anybody let me know
Catalin Petre
Catalin Petre Month ago
Well f u rich mouth
Nathan O'Neill
Nathan O'Neill Month ago
Thor can use that hammer on me anytime he wants;)
Benjamin Miller
Benjamin Miller Month ago
Bloopers That Make
Zayna Ansari
Zayna Ansari Month ago
Michael Dally
Michael Dally Month ago
well....... Looper just ruined the bloopers for me
FacelessNiceGuy Month ago
by far my fav part 3:05
Phillip Bishop
Phillip Bishop Month ago
Man they turned the Hulk into a wimp Edward Norton's Hulk and Bruce Banner was way better!
sathya ramesh
sathya ramesh Month ago
junky9 Month ago
Not Here
Not Here Month ago
Tessa a valkeri agg.
Iron Marvel Strange
Oh Jeff Goldblum can move his ears Cause I can do that to I even have some diffrent part that are unusual to move Example: I can move my eyebrows like it is wiggling
Edi2003 Month ago
Yakety yak yak yak. Narcissist. Just show the damn bloopers and shut up.
Corbin Boss
Corbin Boss Month ago
2587 anyone?
Laveena D'souza
Laveena D'souza Month ago
My most favorite Marvels movie
Hmongyaj1980 Month ago
mullangi vinay
mullangi vinay Month ago
So why are you talking?
sammy b
sammy b Month ago
To be honest Humour was not something I was looking for in the Thor series. With references from Planet Hulk comic issue you could do so much more Mr. James Gunn. Yeah I know this wasn't a Hulk movie but still it could be dead serious and Korg was always there for momentary comedy.
loli don
loli don Month ago
Thor is the best
The Shadow Slayers
The Shadow Slayers 2 months ago
We already loved Thor more than even more
Heightz1734 2 months ago
What we do in the shadows!
jacqui g
jacqui g 2 months ago
Callate tu pinche hocico y dejanos ver Los bloopers idiota
Dog Lover291
Dog Lover291 2 months ago
There is a love/hate relationship with Mark and Chris?
odds bodkins
odds bodkins 2 months ago
They need to add all the specials on DVD as well as blue ray...some of us can't afford a blue ray player or the movies...if you put them on one you can put them on the other...please explain this injustice to me
Alice K
Alice K 2 months ago
The dancing director. That's why the movie is so good and funny 😅
Justin Collins
Justin Collins 2 months ago
Looper staff has really gotten lazy. Was showing us bloopers we can find ourselves necessary? I guess when you have almost 4 million subs you don’t really need to make quality videos anymore.
Harley Q
Harley Q 2 months ago
Well you managed to make a blooper reel about as funny as common core math.
k pax
k pax 3 months ago
Paul Rudd is too cute
Buttphis Bob
Buttphis Bob 3 months ago
Learn how to pronounce MJÖLNER god dammit
Jacky Chen
Jacky Chen 3 months ago
Dafuq is a mielnier?
I'm Batman
I'm Batman 3 months ago
Cursia Wolfia
Cursia Wolfia 3 months ago
Revengers confirmed haha
Hamilton Forever
Hamilton Forever 3 months ago
You could've made this a compilation, without narration...
Ratbacon 3 months ago
Holy shit stop talking and stop cutting the actual gag reels short so you can talk some more.
queen marvel borhap
queen marvel borhap 3 months ago
I live for Chris and Mark's soft friendship
masira abid
masira abid 3 months ago
Not even a single movie bloopers I find without narration
sheepwolf2004 4 months ago
i think the lady in green said the f word at 3:23
Agustìn Romero Villalba
Piss off, ghost!
Gabby Carter
Gabby Carter 4 months ago
It's not bear it's mead
Joel Bessett
Joel Bessett 5 months ago
SO FUNNY!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
Jessie Arturo Thunder
My Favorite MCU movie BESIDES infinity war
Kissa Dunham
Kissa Dunham 5 months ago
lol my favorite line from that movie is probably " your offically pardoned... from life
piola rodrigues
piola rodrigues 5 months ago
I've been falling for 30 minutes
Llama Queen
Llama Queen 5 months ago
Stop talking
Millie Paget
Millie Paget 5 months ago
Why the commentary?!?!?! It’s sooo annoying.
planet mars
planet mars 5 months ago
never knew i could hate someone's voice so much
Emma 5 months ago
terrance217 6 months ago
Sorry you said what I was too busy looking at Kate Blanchett in a much more revealing version of her suit ...
fazyt86 6 months ago
Oh Cate!
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 6 months ago
Hulks voice sounded very techno in Ragnarok
taprackbang88 7 months ago
The best blooper is Taika saying " ahh scrappa one forty-two.. the one hundred and forty-tooth, scrappa"
Arshad Abrahams
Arshad Abrahams 7 months ago
the way he says Waititi makes me uncomfortable.
Sage Martin
Sage Martin 7 months ago
Why the narrations?
Captain Deadpool
Captain Deadpool 7 months ago
Thanks for narrating bloopers, you did a good job at making your video suck.
Hacks 4 Electronica
Hacks 4 Electronica 7 months ago
1:43 pew pew
A Human On the Internet
Bloopers: THEY DON’T NEED NARRATING Loopers Version Of Bloopers: They NEED narrating
Pia Sorensen
Pia Sorensen 7 months ago
💜💜 Loki 💜💜
Danielle Guerra
Danielle Guerra 7 months ago
Lmao.. Thor is so mesmerized at hoe the beer fills back up in the movie.
Ziying Lim
Ziying Lim 7 months ago
5:11 What is he doingggg >o>
XxGacha JasminexX
XxGacha JasminexX 7 months ago
Blooper vs Looper LOL. 😂 😂
daveheel 7 months ago
you can basically shoot all of the marvel movies in front of a sheet.
Black Cat
Black Cat 7 months ago
Who the hell narrates bloopers??????
alien safari
alien safari 7 months ago
The movie is a blopeers
muralidhar. P.V
muralidhar. P.V 7 months ago
Thor is God of thunder but how can he get shock
The Furby Artist
The Furby Artist 7 months ago
I had to put the sound down, because you were TALKING THE WHOLE DAMN TIME!!!! SERIOUSLY
Martis Shura
Martis Shura 7 months ago
Thor Ragnarok is all in one Adventure,Action,Science Fiction,and c Comedy hahaha I mean the entire cinema was a laughing hard especially when the scene when Hulk smashed Thor the same way he Smashed Loki on Avengers 1 hahaha
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