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Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST! My novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes - giant versions of foods, gross stuff like brains, movie characters and some of my favorite things! Basically, I love to build stuff out of cake, buttercream, fondant, candy, cookies and anything sweet!
Black forest cake is the first cake that I ever ate as a child, so it's definitely close to my heart! This cake forest started off as 7.5lbs of my Ultimate Chocolate cake, soaked in cherry simple syrup and stacked together with ganache, chocolate, and plain buttercream, layered with cherry jam and fresh cherries. Covered in chocolate bark this cake stands tall with pretzel trees and a cocoa nib trail! Find the full recipe here: bit.ly/YosBlackForestRecipe
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VIDEO TUTORIALS of my Basic Recipes for this MERMAID CAKE:
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Aug 7, 2018

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Comments 3 032
How To Cake It
Welcome back #NotificationSquad! 😎😎 Today’s cake is very close to my heart - black forest is the VERY FIRST cake I ate as a child! 😋💖 Do you remember what the first cake you ever ate was? 🤔 Let me know below!! 👇👇
Dominique Johnson
Dominique Johnson 13 days ago
Omgggg omggg my favorite favorite favorite cake on this planet 😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ yyyyyy you want to do this to me
SeanJay Month ago
I ate a vanilla cake on my first birthday. That’s the day I learned I was allergic to eggs 😂. All was ok just hives and a very itchy throat
Semiah Nellie
Semiah Nellie Month ago
How To Cake It ice cream cake yum😋
Juliana Ayaz
Juliana Ayaz 22 minutes ago
Snow Cone
Lucy Cobabe
Lucy Cobabe 13 hours ago
The Yo and Ro collaboration! (it has to happen)
Elene Barnhill
Elene Barnhill 4 days ago
Lovely E. I love all your designs and cakes. I would like to ask you a question. Why do you use simple syrup? What's the purpose if you don't mind?
Isabella M-G
Isabella M-G 4 days ago
The next cake is yo con e,snow cone
Cookie Noobie
Cookie Noobie 4 days ago
please tell me where you got that sprinkle chair i love it
Rogue 12 days ago
Saraiya P
Saraiya P 15 days ago
I hate the smell of books
Kids Diaz
Kids Diaz 17 days ago
Do a harry potter cake like the housese or the hogwarts school
Julian Harvey
Julian Harvey 19 days ago
# book seml
Apple cake Gacha
Apple cake Gacha 20 days ago
Omggg! I love smelling books!!!😂😅
Klaire Paulino
Klaire Paulino Month ago
What exactly do you do with the cakes when they’re made?
Teresa Tuckley
Teresa Tuckley Month ago
book smell
ibims_ lol
ibims_ lol Month ago
Omg I'm German and I was like she's only gonna do a Forrest cake wich isn't is for a special Forrest... But as she sad the black forrest means the "Schwarzwald" in Germany I was like: Oh my gosh that makes this cake so much cooler😂🇩🇪 German: Ich finde das so cool das Yolanda halb deutsch ist haha😂😱 Und ich liebe auch Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte😁❤️🇩🇪
Catherine Wright
Snowcone cake
Creatura Terrible
In german it's called "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte"
Evie Allander
Evie Allander Month ago
3D smell extras
Uni Sagittarius Gacha
I like book smell because you can tell if it is a old or new boo
Pixie Sims
Pixie Sims Month ago
Anyone else notice that Yo has BRACES
J D Month ago
# book small
Hey it’s me AGAIN
AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS SEEN SEASON 6 OF GRIMM ON NETFLIX *related to the Black Forest in Germany
CosmicKiwi 2 months ago
Yes book smell! 👏
Nee Nee
Nee Nee 2 months ago
You should do the Leaning tower of Pisa
Meena Wankhede
Meena Wankhede 2 months ago
How to make cake
JustSomeRandomTrash _
The smell of new books is kinda good? But like you then feel like you are on something for a couple of seconds...
Celestia Forbes
Celestia Forbes 2 months ago
+How To Cake It, Can you make a Keto friendly cake? Possibly in the shape of a splooting corgi?
Sherbet YT
Sherbet YT 2 months ago
Cute she's got her hair down!
Tai Honana
Tai Honana 2 months ago
it's a snowcone
mikerachmaia 2 months ago
Its a snow cone
mikerachmaia 2 months ago
# book smell
two BFF's lives #bff sqaud
She is going to make a Yo cone
queen???_ 4life
queen???_ 4life 2 months ago
Yo cone cake
Kyla Wright
Kyla Wright 2 months ago
Look good
Kyla Wright
Kyla Wright 2 months ago
You did good
Adriana Salinas
Adriana Salinas 2 months ago
I love # book smell
T Hewagama
T Hewagama 2 months ago
U should do a vid with rosanna pansino
Olivia Holyfield
Olivia Holyfield 2 months ago
My guess is snowcone cake?.
Olivia Holyfield
Olivia Holyfield 2 months ago
I don’t like cherry’s 🍒
ANGELA KING 2 months ago
it would be so cool if i could bake with you yolana
ANGELA KING 2 months ago
i dont besides i like the new car smell
ANGELA KING 2 months ago
please make me a eggless cookie dough cake
Lauren Baez
Lauren Baez 2 months ago
I've seen the video before... it's the yoyo cone cake!!
LilliCherry 3 months ago
I love book smell
Malie Uptergrove
Malie Uptergrove 3 months ago
I’m really weird and when I walk into some rooms they smell like wood and I could literally just smell it forever. Also, when I get books from the library at school, I always sit down to read but smell them before I do. I used to like the taste of wood, like popsicle sticks. I’m freaking weird, I know
Dian P
Dian P 3 months ago
Finally a cake with no disgusting fondant.
simply nailogical on a budget
I'm here for the future, next week is yo cone
Karen Lawson
Karen Lawson 4 months ago
Bella Kendrick
Bella Kendrick 4 months ago
The smell of bookshops like authentic and maybe ones with coffee smell like heaven to me
Dennette Chambers
Dennette Chambers 4 months ago
Snow cone
max albrecht
max albrecht 4 months ago
I live in the Black Forest.
Flamingle Jingle
Flamingle Jingle 4 months ago
A yo cone
T Vlogs
T Vlogs 4 months ago
# booksmell
Andrea Haslam
Andrea Haslam 4 months ago
I love the smell of books
Hafsah Yasir
Hafsah Yasir 4 months ago
this video made me hungry like crazy.
Hayley Black
Hayley Black 4 months ago
Is it a snow cone
benjoyelly 4 months ago
I bet it’s a yo cone
benjoyelly 4 months ago
# book smell
Summer Thompson
Summer Thompson 4 months ago
It looks like snow cone of slushie
Alejandro Duran
Alejandro Duran 4 months ago
neck cone
Christi Pugh
Christi Pugh 4 months ago
Snow cone
Radha shahane Shahane
Yo cone ???
Chellzy Mae Palad
Chellzy Mae Palad 4 months ago
I hate cherries😣😣
Branae Moore
Branae Moore 4 months ago
An icey
Jay Rajcoomar
Jay Rajcoomar 4 months ago
Next week=snow cone
youtube user
youtube user 4 months ago
A beach
MssBilitroque 4 months ago
The smell of a new book is the best smell in the world🤗🤗 And freshly mown grass of course
Kathy Perez
Kathy Perez 5 months ago
Hey Yolanda I love watchin your videos!!! Leave a 👍 if you agree with me!!
Musiclover3 5 months ago
That’s actually preserves not jam this is not important I just care about unimportant details
Musiclover3 4 months ago
@LCKittyQueen Hmmmm. Well the thing is technically jelly is made from juice, jam is made from pulp, and preserves has actual chunks and skin in it.
LCKittyQueen 4 months ago
Musiclover3 well in the UK we call the clear smooth stuff jam (Americans call it jelly)
Jacqueline Mena-Rodriguez
Book smell 👃
Unknown ????????
Unknown ???????? 5 months ago
I don’t like milkshakes
Ellis Chen
Ellis Chen 5 months ago
Baby Yolanda is so cute who agrees
Aditya Venkat
Aditya Venkat 5 months ago
Vivian Yimoyines
Vivian Yimoyines 5 months ago
Roses are red Violets are blue I wasn't first comment And neither were you 😂
Shadow Crystal
Shadow Crystal 5 months ago
HashtagBOOKSMELL Yeah i couldn't find the hashtag
Avery Aldridge
Avery Aldridge 5 months ago
Snow cone lol I already watched it
Sad Potato
Sad Potato 5 months ago
Does anyone think this looks like a bob ross painting but a cake(in a good Way) By the way this cake looks amazing 👏🏻
Madalyn Ross
Madalyn Ross 5 months ago
Snow cone
Chloe Vesterby
Chloe Vesterby 5 months ago
Snow cone but in a cup
World Record Egg
World Record Egg 5 months ago
People should write "No eggs were harmed during the production of this video."
Lauren Holloman
Lauren Holloman 5 months ago
The smell of rain is called petrichor, so my family and I use "librechor" for the smell of books. Are there any flavors of cake you make that you personally don't care to eat? I'm not a fan of cherries, but I'd make this one by request.
Breanna Buescher
Breanna Buescher 5 months ago
Yeah I like the smell of books
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