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Binging with Babish and Alvin Cailan receive a master class in classic regional burger styles from Burger Scholar, George Motz. The last time Binging With Babish appeared on The Burger Show, he and Alvin combined the best of Shake Shack and In-N-Out into a never-before-seen hybrid burger. Today, Motz teaches them how to make the Jucy Lucy, the Cuban Frita, and the Lacey-Edge.
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Mar 12, 2019




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Comments 2 367
First We Feast
First We Feast Month ago
Binging with Babish AND George Motz! Which burger from today's episode was your favorite???
Jon Gardner
Jon Gardner 5 days ago
Miami burger. Something about spicy seems alluring.
Frybread GamerNRJ
yyou need the navajo taco....youre lacking man but u mention that...but nava burgers are good af
max python
max python 11 days ago
Yo I got a commercial that had you in it before this video lol
A 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco
But does it run Crysis?
Pumpkin Waffles
Pumpkin Waffles Month ago
Smash Burger
B A B A- G A N O U S H
This nibba be sounding like solid snake
Jose Izquierdo
Jose Izquierdo 21 hour ago
phrogpilot73 Day ago
Because of this video, I sought out a Frita in Miami yesterday. Life. Changing.
Devon Bremner
Ahh that's hot that's hot
Fancy Pantsu
Fancy Pantsu Day ago
Carl's is seriously the best. Also their homemade rootbeer is to die for.
Nutorious Fuzekan
I got an ad on the Asian chef and I'm thinking its the video then I realize its an ad and the same Asian chef is in the actual video, wtf?
Theodore Quinn
Theodore Quinn 3 days ago
Carl’s drive in slaps so hard.
Awwww I only clicked cause i thought it was Vsause. :(
Sigrafix 3 days ago
I've lived in Miami all my life.. I grew up in little havana.. I have never had a Frita Burger.. where the fuck do I get that?! Lol.. I grew up eating cuban sandwhiches with pulled pork and pan con bistec with potato sticks.. I've never seen a Frita Burger.. so sad.
SEAHAWKSFAN 148 3 days ago
Does anyone else think the other guy looks like Johnny Knoxville
Big Fella
Big Fella 3 days ago
When I clicked on this video, an ad of Alvin the chunky was there
Big Fella
Big Fella 3 days ago
Not fat, chunky
Nintendroid Blog
Nintendroid Blog 3 days ago
0/10 no upstate new york steamed ham featured
Bootleg Sonic
Bootleg Sonic 3 days ago
forbin1185 4 days ago
Fatty says he’s hungry... who would have thought???
Kali Southpaw
Kali Southpaw 4 days ago
There was a porno in the 70's called "Taxi Girls", and there is a scene where a guy gets in the cab, and doesn't have enough money to fuck the driver. She hands him a blow up doll and tells him that is all he gets for $10. After she hands him the doll, he says "that's a _thing_- I can't fuck a _thing_!" To which she replies "That's Juicy Lucy, she's tight and juicy and will fuck you right!" (Or something like that) Anyway, I'll never forget that scene. Saw it in the early 80's.
Mr. OP
Mr. OP 5 days ago
Sean Schemmels dad
life eternal
life eternal 5 days ago
That Lacey edge just looks like a Culver’s burger but with a home made touch
Hunter Reiff
Hunter Reiff 6 days ago
The first burger is from Freddy’s and it is the best
CruiseGuy 6 days ago
Yeah.. Skip the guy in the middle
haileytink 6 days ago
How dare you spread these Matt’s lies? The Juicy Lucy was invented at the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis. Period.
Rami Masoud
Rami Masoud 6 days ago
You should try Emily's burger in New York .... or at least watch its video 🤤
CF Weezy
CF Weezy 7 days ago
I love the Burger Show !!!
DPTV 7 days ago
They’re deffo high in this
Jake Harrington
Jake Harrington 7 days ago
Brayden Schwarzman
take a shot every time they say burger
KudosK 7 days ago
For the last time. His name is not Babish
ScarsOfHonor 8 days ago
That is the most fucked up map of the Midwest I’ve ever seen. Lake Michigan isn’t even touching Indiana. Chicago and Indianapolis are way out of whack places wise. And what the fuck is going on with Lake Erie and Ohio. Those don’t look even remotely like the original.
preston easley
preston easley 8 days ago
North Carolina burger all the way: chili, mustard, onion, slaw
Trevor Mcgeorge
Trevor Mcgeorge 8 days ago
I only eat burgers now
FreddyFitX 8 days ago
Wtf fat ninja and burgers I’m in... Follow me @freddyfitx
Jarrett Howland
Jarrett Howland 8 days ago
I’m from Miami and I’ve never heard of this
Frauggu 8 days ago
Man the BURGER LORE is impressive, didn't expect miyazaki to expand the canon so much
Acura TL GTLM 8 days ago
The animation for the Jucy Lucy was horrifying and some nightmare fuel type shit
Vances 9 days ago
there was a fucking hair on the Cuban frita, did no one see that. Thats fucking nasty
Memewhale 9 days ago
0:12 sounds like pornhub...
Laurence Watkins
Laurence Watkins 9 days ago
This dudes the Quentin Tarantino of Burgers
Frybread GamerNRJ
yyou forgot the Navajo burger! yall are trash
12nestor7 9 days ago
Am i the only one that thinks babish's face looks like ryan reynolds, and george motz's looks like johnny knoxville
Jaaa Beee
Jaaa Beee 9 days ago
Is that the guy from jackass
Pzy pher
Pzy pher 9 days ago
Aww, thats hot
Aviel The Alien From Planet Mexico
Nice appearance by Chef Babish. Love me some Chef Babish.
Aviel The Alien From Planet Mexico
That Juicy Lucy is begging for it.
Chris! W
Chris! W 10 days ago
Minneapolis gang
Chris! W
Chris! W 10 days ago
check out the blue door it slaps
Mello Dimensions
Mello Dimensions 10 days ago
"I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm hungover." A true inspiration
Vasbygrabben08 10 days ago
why does he look like a scuffed version of johnny knoxville
Alessandro Ott
Alessandro Ott 10 days ago
since when is johnny knoxville a chef lol?
NettleNexy 11 days ago
Serbian lost their shit when they saw the bad stuffed burger. Like no no...omfg guys come to Serbian south and have your mind blown.
dank degl
dank degl 11 days ago
This is what I aspire to become
Isaiah Glove
Isaiah Glove 11 days ago
I think 18 years and thousands of burgers has left a layer of grease on his vocal cords 😂 He sounds like a character from Sesame Street
Home Depot Official
In Texas we have a burger chain called Freddie’s that serves smashburgers with those caramelized edges. They’re really great and unique.
DaGreatWatahMelone 11 days ago
Babish should die
Robert Tiongson
Robert Tiongson 11 days ago
mr motz ftw!
Christina VanTassell
The first burger made me think of steak umms.
idlefiber 11 days ago
this guy looks like Johnny Knoxville in disguise
Stacy Yoon
Stacy Yoon 11 days ago
Thanks for the shoutout lol
JGames Geno
JGames Geno 11 days ago
6:34 Will Smith tries a Jucy Lucy
george 11 days ago
Fat Americans drink beef shit
Zesty Lion
Zesty Lion 11 days ago
This guy looks so much like wolverine
Eric Adrien
Eric Adrien 11 days ago
6:33 will smith meme
Manny! 11 days ago
I don't give a fuck!! 🤣🤣 the best part!
Adam_Roman 12 days ago
Is there a name for the sauce that the Frita Cubana was basted in? Or is it just referred to as some mystery sauce that everyone who makes them in Miami uses?
az zahar
az zahar 12 days ago
It's like a burger cult
Jakob Vedin
Jakob Vedin 12 days ago
Whoa what is Goku doing here? George looks much like Gokus voice actor Sean Schemmel
Yves Younes
Yves Younes 12 days ago
How about you stop eating burger and lose some fucking weight
rabbitgears. 12 days ago
I'm worried about Alvin's health :/
Karl Brimmer
Karl Brimmer 13 days ago
I’m from Minnesota and it depends where you’re from either Minneapolis or St. Paul. On where you think the Lucy started. Some people say Matt’s some people say 5.8 Club. And who has the better Lucy. In my opinion it was 5.8 that invented the burger not Matt’s.
reiko na6ase
reiko na6ase 13 days ago
finally the lucy
Daniel Nsikan Joshua
krusty Krab burgers
Sam H.
Sam H. 13 days ago
Juicy Lucy! My man
RC Enrique
RC Enrique 13 days ago
burger wolverine
Irfan Nasyriq
Irfan Nasyriq 13 days ago
1. u can tell that this “burger guru” is making stuff up on the origin story about this burgers 2. u can tell babish doesnt like some of it and didnt honest 3. cailan is over reacting things up which cringe me 4. do cailan have real friends that cares about his health????? 5.this “burger guru” is thinking that his the buger king of kings
Irfan Nasyriq
Irfan Nasyriq 13 days ago
1. u can tell that this “burger guru” is making stuff up on the origin story about this burgers 2. u can tell babish doesnt like some of it and didnt honest 3. cailan is over reacting things up which cringe me 4. do cailan have real friends that cares about his health????? 5.this “burger guru” is thinking that his the buger king of kings
deep fryer
deep fryer 13 days ago
those burgers look fantastic, but every time he says the meat is caramelizing i die a little inside lol
shrix 07
shrix 07 13 days ago
Idk how they understand the guy because hes talking so fast
Theaudiblehorse 14 days ago
Is that fucking Sean schemmels dad?
Fuzunga 14 days ago
Meh, if you want the best burger in Miami (and the best one I've ever had in my life) you need to seek out the Latin Burger & Taco truck and order yourself a latin macho.
Santiago Perez
Santiago Perez 14 days ago
Woah Babish had a moment
Scott Forster
Scott Forster 14 days ago
I know not who this Stacy is that you speak of, but legend has it her mother has it going on!
Haoyang Dong
Haoyang Dong 14 days ago
I dont whats more magnificent, the burger or that dude's sideburn.
Moonlights Here
Moonlights Here 14 days ago
I literally got his own straight talk commercial before the video started lol
DarkRedDust 14 days ago
Ahh thats hot
Playin Minna
Playin Minna 15 days ago
The juicy lucy is not from matts. It is from the 5-8 club
Max 15 days ago
I wonder if he’s realised he spelt bingeing wrong
HazMatt 15 days ago
this George guy looks like he could be Johnny Knoxville's dad or older brother or something
Berhanu Legese
Berhanu Legese 15 days ago
why am I watching this at 1:53 AM on Saturday morning?
Kim H
Kim H 15 days ago
Motz should be the host period....he will be when Alvin explodes.
Chris 15 days ago
This looks like a lineup for stages of beard loss
Paelorian 15 days ago
I want to try all three of those burgers! I will probably try making the Lacey-Edge myself next time I'm making smash burgers. Smashburgers are all about crust, so might as well maximize it. The one I most want to try is the Cuban Frita. That looks different and completely delicious. It's the one that has a special flavor. It sounds a little complex to make one myself without ever having had one. Special regional bun, julienning and frying a bunch of potatoes, etc. If I go to Miami, eating one is going to be a priority. The Juicy Lucy is surely delicious but it also can't taste much different from a double cheeseburger with the cheese between the meat. The difference is all the interior liquid dribbling down your chin and possibly burning your tongue when you bite into it. It's the burger version of a soup dumpling.
schad hudelson
schad hudelson 15 days ago
The add had you in it
MISCHIEF M 15 days ago
As a saint louis native I can say for sure Carl's is amazing
Phillip Horne
Phillip Horne 15 days ago
Speaking lacy burgers, Freddy's Frozen Custard is way closer to what you made than Shake Shack or 5 Guys.
BonebabeXD 15 days ago
Listen i'm from Miami I have never had a frita burger without cheese😂
Lev Myshkin
Lev Myshkin 15 days ago
Hey, that guy looks like some guy!
Virtual Cheese
Virtual Cheese 15 days ago
Sean schemmel looking kinda old
h8dallas420 15 days ago
best Frita burger in Miami hit up El Rey De Las Fritas, multiple locations but if you want the tourist location go to 8th street, if you want where the locals go hit up the one on Bird Road or West Flagler 305 rep
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 15 days ago
Bird road Rey is better tbh. And then you can go to Bird Bowl right after it’s like two blocks away
Paddy Pratt
Paddy Pratt 16 days ago
Not a fan of chips in bread. UNCULTURED SWINE!!
Sebastian Mátyás Thornton
Note to the editor: @ 4:26 the S has been cut off from "soul in this" ;) not trying to be nit-picky, just like to notice these things as I'm an editor as well!
Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup 16 days ago
Idk why I’ve watched this 6 times
Maverion 16 days ago
George looks like the english voice of goku but has the voice of david hayters snake
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