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BwB turns 3 this weekend, so it seemed only fitting to take a crack at one of longest and most hotly-requested dishes in the show's history: spaghetti tacos. I was always hesitant to try, as double-carbing gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I think we've got a satisfying conclusion to man's lifelong journey of incorporating pasta in tacos.
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Feb 5, 2019

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Comments 6 236
Brilly Ashby Slebold
These Aint Got Nuthn On Them Cold Spaghetti Sandwhiches 😂
Thunder 221
Thunder 221 13 hours ago
Can you be my new mom?
VσltRαх 23 hours ago
id smash
TeamBringIt8 Day ago
Using the utensil from Chef that Jon Favreau gave you
carli dolphin
Carli and when I was younger when I said that my name is Carli people would be like oh like iCarly and I was like yes
Joshua Neal
Joshua Neal Day ago
Spencer would be proud
Cyborg Gemerx
To truly make something from scratch you need to create the universe
Kapacidad Day ago
I'll never be able to understand why Babish uses canned tomatoes for his sauce instead of making it 100% from scratch. Doesn't take that much more time and the results are way better.
OmnissiahZelos 2 days ago
"small meatballs" Man, thopse are REGULAR sized meatballs, what is it with americans wanting the balls to bigger? Compensating for something are we?
Giulia Spada
Giulia Spada 2 days ago
Chester Mercado
Chester Mercado 2 days ago
I am Chris
I am Chris 2 days ago
But can you put several of them through a stick though?
Noah's random Chanel
Captain holts crouque monsure thing from Brooklyn nine nine
Mallory Hannah
Mallory Hannah 3 days ago
I could smell the onions through my screen.
Jon Nash
Jon Nash 3 days ago
No babish don’t put oil on the pasta come on bro it’s gonna be sour if cooked to long
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 3 days ago
Instead of using breadcrumbs to make the meatballs use white bread with no ends.
Ryker Booth
Ryker Booth 4 days ago
Y’all know what’s good? spaghetti on garlic bread👌🏻
Debra Parsons
Debra Parsons 4 days ago
Mario what did you do with my spaghetti tacos ahhhhhhhhh
MR. Grammar PoPo
MR. Grammar PoPo 4 days ago
2:11 Me:😏 2:15 Also me:😏
Mollie McMullan
Mollie McMullan 4 days ago
I have never seen anyone use tomato paste before watching this channel
supermariohoyt SMH
Can you make the Ramon taco from we bear bears like if you agrer
Tad Tranclere
Tad Tranclere 6 days ago
4:42 I absolutely do not agree. Cheese tastes horrible.
Will Owens
Will Owens 6 days ago
Icarly vagina
Johnny Money
Johnny Money 7 days ago
Whyso Crispy
Whyso Crispy 7 days ago
That cheese crisp made to hold into a taco like shade was a 200iq play making strat. Actually made my night 👀🙏🏻😭
HFTYS 7 days ago
At 3:06, I thought you forgot to pour out the water 😂
ewartlambert 7 days ago
I was taught that adding oil to pasta isn’t recommended since it makes it harder for the sauce to bond to the pasta. It’s an old wives tale
Guwop Ć Ã P Ă Ł Õ Ţ
I'm a simple man. I see binging with babish and I click.
Dwaalgeest 7 days ago
That big piece of butter is a bit to much for my European taste, I guess.
A D E N 8 days ago
I tried the recipe for the spaghetti because i’ve never seen that before and it was good. 10/10 recipe
Sinanju Stein
Sinanju Stein 8 days ago
People need to stop breading there meatballs, they taste so much better without bread crumbs
Adrian Loera
Adrian Loera 9 days ago
I wish I could un see what I just saw
ivan _
ivan _ 9 days ago
Looks good
pastortroy4life 9 days ago
This is a fucking great video. You convinced me to buy a food processor! Oh shit nevermind ill just use a blender. Either way im gonna go buy a bunch of tomatoes and more beer. Subscribed. Awesome video.
Warren Peace
Warren Peace 9 days ago
Mind blown at the cheese crust shell. 🤯🤯🤯
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 9 days ago
Make coconut creme pie from teen titans go
Bea Sucks
Bea Sucks 9 days ago
why did he walk into frame like he was about to do it to em
Iliana Tan
Iliana Tan 10 days ago
As a culinarily dumb person "-gonna give it a slow-cooked taste, even if we're only gonna cook it for about an hour." Really threw me for a Loop
RayRay3686 10 days ago
Dan Schneider is a pedophile
Korvon Francis
Korvon Francis 10 days ago
Freddy the only dude I know who dated both Carly, Sam and Sam's twin sister! SAVAGE ASF
{owo} Animation's
{owo} Animation's 10 days ago
*I don't need it, I don't need it....I definitely don't need it, I NEED IT*
Lil 11 days ago
Lies they had *SECRET SAUCE* you used regular sauce hmmm
GageGotSkillz 11 days ago
Oh my God or you would have to do to get some regular spaghetti sauce and meatballs a hard taco shell and noodles that are causing around $10-$15 don’t make this whole big thing out of it
Jacob Hawes
Jacob Hawes 11 days ago
Should do taco on a stick
notnasho 11 days ago
Hey hey you should mail that food to me tbh 😍 I’m hungry really hungry for That
iM retroz
iM retroz 12 days ago
So white spaghetti tacos lol
MR GRANTZz 12 days ago
Nunya Buisness
Nunya Buisness 12 days ago
Came for icarly Stayed for taco shells made from cheese (Seriously that shits wild)
Axel Mauricio Lugo
Axel Mauricio Lugo 12 days ago
What do you mean from iCarly? This is a mexican recipe
Killcard101 12 days ago
0:39 *"tooth"paste*
Potatoly 12 days ago
Spaghetti Tacos are actually pretty good.
Zachary Bedair
Zachary Bedair 12 days ago
Deep fried meatballs would actually be a really good side of like a fast food place
ZIGGY 12 days ago
It’s 2:00am and Now im feeling very hungry
FakeMoon 12 days ago
I don't know why but I used to think Icarly was weird
Zo The Thingy
Zo The Thingy 13 days ago
doge fm
doge fm 13 days ago
make ape cranium from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom !!! make all the meny thanks
C Preacher
C Preacher 13 days ago
or you could use a soft taco to put the spaghetti in and it would have tasted awesome. maybe glaze the inside of the soft taco with garlic butter.
SunnyD 13 days ago
i forgot how unfunny icarly is oh no
J J 13 days ago
I use hot dog buns, butter each inside and then fill with spaghetti and meatballs and eat it like that sometimes.
Prootzy Zoots
Prootzy Zoots 14 days ago
Did people actually enjoy that show? That was cringe
killer12886 14 days ago
The kung fu panda white puffy things
Jamesamo33 14 days ago
Marcos A
Marcos A 14 days ago
Love the videos bro. Just subscribed
danilo marin
danilo marin 15 days ago
Drop like if you grown with i carly
J Ritchie
J Ritchie 15 days ago
Can you make the Krusty krab pizza please
Okay Cleetus
Okay Cleetus 15 days ago
Tia Joy
Tia Joy 15 days ago
This is a hood snack where I grew up in the 90's... Made this all the time or hot dog Taco's yummy 😋😊❤️💯
MrAlexdoesmovies 15 days ago
The nostalgia...
Takata Cheroki
Takata Cheroki 15 days ago
Shortly after seeing that episode of iCarly, my mom made spaghetti for dinner. I remembered that we had hard taco shells in the cabinet; I opted to use those instead of my plate. Very tasty.
BeatMeat64 15 days ago
Aw frik im going tomgo make spagehtti right now
Random Comment
Random Comment 15 days ago
Who else noticed he changed he's shirt at the start of the video?
Phoenikz Avtaniz
Phoenikz Avtaniz 16 days ago
Icarly was cringe af
Brian G.
Brian G. 16 days ago
Wow that parmesan crisp is big brain
Dina gaia Formisano
as an italian i died inside when he put the butter in the pasta
Charles Jacobs
Charles Jacobs 17 days ago
Dude that is genius
AlgaePalJoe 18 days ago
mARIO what’d you do with my spaghetti taco...- what? AHHHHH
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 18 days ago
0:15 0:16
Josue Fraga
Josue Fraga 18 days ago
But can you make one on a stick
XILITY 19 days ago
4:23 am in Australia cant sleep but it's almost breakfast!!! so hungry rn
Vernika Branch
Vernika Branch 19 days ago
These are very cool I am going to try these for the kids
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