Binging with Babish: Nachos from The Good Place (plus Naco Redemption)

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Spoiler alerts generally aren't an issue with single-camera sitcoms, but in the case of The Good Place, my video description will be understandably sparse. If you haven't already, just go watch it - if you have, join me this week as we come up with an excuse to celebrate national nacho day (which is in Februrary for some reason)!
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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Nov 5, 2019




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Comments 6 211
Binging with Babish
These nachos clocked in at 6.7 pounds, as I'm sure you were wondering.
anhero23 19 hours ago
When this Babish hits over 88 kilos, we're gonna see some serious shit.
Francesco Arreola
Make Jesse's perfect salad from El Camino
Alex Brookes
Alex Brookes Day ago
hey babish how about you try and make an exact replica of the cake from the ending of mario and luigi bowsers inside story
eli goldman
eli goldman Day ago
Binging with Babish I see you have good taste in television.
Mjf Alma
Mjf Alma Day ago
Nachos aka Panchos here in south Tx. We substitute the ground beef with fajita. Still very delicious.
moon book
moon book 8 hours ago
House of nachos
Emir EC
Emir EC 8 hours ago
I think Babish himself was stoned in this video too haha
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen 9 hours ago
Ok boomer haha love the references in this episode
Matt Koethe
Matt Koethe 10 hours ago
Do psych
dave mcmanus
dave mcmanus 10 hours ago
Oh no. I recognized the owl right off. Made me grin.
Krnchy PB
Krnchy PB 10 hours ago
After a great book and Netflix series Green eggs and ham would be awesome but very challenging.
Vinny I
Vinny I 10 hours ago
First time the tootsie roll counting happened I could pick it out. My God we're old.
Sal Boss
Sal Boss 11 hours ago
No one Absolute no one Andrew dancing in the back Got me real hard 🤣😂
Christopher Reed
Christopher Reed 11 hours ago
To be honest I’m still unsatisfied with this Naco redemption. He should have done a comparison making them as the do on the show. Which the naco appears in almost every episode of Kim Possible. And then made a fancy version. I knew he was full of crap with the naco video when he mentioned making a roux. Like okay mister fancy why don’t you sit the fuck down. It’s fast food garbage food. I wanted to see him literally take Taco Bell at the beginning and make a naco then make fancy one. It was just a let down and made him come off as uppity. The Naco still deserved a full reception video and not to be thrown in last second at the end of a good place video. Christy Carlson Romano’s Christy Kitchen Throwback cooking channel did it better.
His Holiness the Pope
I undestood that cayenne pepper reference.
I'm. not. Famous.
I'm. not. Famous. 11 hours ago
( ✧Д✧) YES!!
Potato Jam
Potato Jam 11 hours ago
Hey mr chef man! Can you do Benson's wing recipe for microwave wings from the regular show
Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Mitchell 12 hours ago
Make the Sumire Karaage Roll from Food Wars or anything from food wars honestly
Rocco Marks
Rocco Marks 12 hours ago
Loving the ceramic bezel sub :)
Will Gallagher Sanderson
Mr Owl was a d**k
xXgamer suspectXx
xXgamer suspectXx 12 hours ago
Damn, I'm old as shit, that tootsie pop commercial was funny
Kai Smith
Kai Smith 13 hours ago
I know you might not want this, so sorry. But your videos are so calming to me. I've been really anxious and su/cidal lately, but your videos help me calm down and not hurt myself. Thank you for being you and making your videos. I love your content!!!!!
Jonathan Radford
Jonathan Radford 13 hours ago
Hay make green eggs and ham
Super Senpai Gaming
Super Senpai Gaming 13 hours ago
Not to be picky, but the Naco seems to be more of a Nacho Burrito than a taco.
It’s Jude Horta
It’s Jude Horta 14 hours ago
Make the dish that in nacho lebre
Teufel Penguin
Teufel Penguin 14 hours ago
Those look amazing
domestic racoon
domestic racoon 14 hours ago
Binging with Babbish, could you make a budget bulk food version of this or something? Love your recipes and have made this one, absolutely loved your take. It'd be nice to see how much you could stretch the budget to get a result this delicious with cheaper ingredients, it'd make things interesting your end I think
Nyome Coverdale
Nyome Coverdale 14 hours ago
I need to stop torturing myself by watching these videos late at night🤤😢
tedlevine1 14 hours ago
For your next subscribers' special, why not tackle the ULTIMATE food ever conceived in history, one created by one Theodor Geisel himself: the ubiquitous fabled dish, Green Eggs & Ham~? If so, I say "Drop the flavor hammer, Babish~!"
cristal Vega
cristal Vega 14 hours ago
I remember that tootsie roll commercial he took 3 bites to get to the center. 😅🤣
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 14 hours ago
“After all, you are the Chef John....of whatever’s going on!” - loved this comment! 😂😂😂👍🏻
Jameson Tarrant
Jameson Tarrant 14 hours ago
Bibble from victorious
Sherry Sink
Sherry Sink 14 hours ago
This weekend I tried a recipe for Apple Pecan Bread, which baffled me a little as I made it because there were absolutely no spices in this recipe (other than salt). No cinnamon, no nutmeg, nothing. So I wondered, is this going to be bland? It kind of was. But you know I've been watching a lot of Binging with Babish, because as I ate a slice, I thought to myself -- in Andrew's voice -- "You know, this is okay... but I think we can do better." ;)
Aarush Studios
Aarush Studios 14 hours ago
do the soda sucide by edi from fresh off the boat
Saucy 15 hours ago
*How many licks does it take to get to the bottom of a tootsie pop thingy*
Saucy 15 hours ago
you know if you leave the almond pit in it wil keep the guacamole green longer
Skate Boy
Skate Boy 15 hours ago
do you mean avocado
Camay Wolfe
Camay Wolfe 15 hours ago
babby you have the cilantro soap gene? how sad for you
dbernstein85 15 hours ago
Anyone wanna see him make a delicious bar of SOYLENT GREEN from the movie Soylent Green?
AvenueD417 15 hours ago
I can tackle that tray of nachos
Jay Essley
Jay Essley 15 hours ago
binging babish does edibles?
Miles the Epic
Miles the Epic 15 hours ago
hi guys I'm the smart guy Babish was talking about. So basically Naturally occurring sulfur in the garlic interacts with those enzymes, occasionally turning it slightly green or blue. Sometimes the color change happens, sometimes it doesn't. Shifts in temperature, pH, and the age of the garlic can also come into play, so heating it or mixing it with acid might have some affect
Teo Harlan
Teo Harlan 15 hours ago
"you are after all the chef John of...whatever is going on"
Valentine Lissar
Valentine Lissar 15 hours ago
Maya Celestyna
Maya Celestyna 15 hours ago
It's okay Babby I remember the Tootsie roll commercial too lmaoo😂😭
Alex Pro
Alex Pro 16 hours ago
I'm am not to young and loved the reference
Caitlin Jordsvar
Caitlin Jordsvar 16 hours ago
lol me
lol me 16 hours ago
I came from tasty and he sounds different i mean wierd
Shawna King
Shawna King 16 hours ago
Next do Gumball's meal from The Amazing World of Gumball (The Traitor episode)
Heckin' Liam
Heckin' Liam 16 hours ago
Mine were good, but not as good as yours, probably. I also took a try at the Naco, my mom and dad loved it, thanks!
Gokiza 16 hours ago
I cried watching this. Good show
Justin Fields
Justin Fields 16 hours ago
Can you please make the "Knickerbocker Glory" from Harry Potter?
Arachnid 16 hours ago
Nobody: Babish: Babi
Moses Embrey
Moses Embrey 16 hours ago
Who doesn’t remember the tootsie pop commercial? I’m 14 and I remember it
Malocchio 16 hours ago
sauce "pin"
Lily Russell
Lily Russell 17 hours ago
Andrew: If I were some girl in Arizona who died in a tragic shopping cart margarita mix accident, these are the nachos I would want to see in paradise. Me: Dang right Also me: "paradise"
Eric Widder
Eric Widder 17 hours ago
I feel like the queso could use a little more work, I wonder what would be a good thing to add to it.
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza 17 hours ago
Can you make Ed's Sauce from "Good Burger"
R B 17 hours ago
Pretty sure national nacho day doesn't exist.
Beaty0307 17 hours ago
I have never, in my life, have been so hungry before after watching a nacho making video. Thank you.
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 18 hours ago
How about Chespin's macarons from Pokémon the Series XY?
NovaX 18 hours ago
He forgot the firjoles
White Fox5168
White Fox5168 18 hours ago
Food wishes?
Erik Frye
Erik Frye 18 hours ago
I normally give your videos a thumbs up on general principle, but this thumbs up was for what I instantly recognized as an amazing rendition of the Tootsie Pop Wise Old Owl's signature manner of counting.
Xian Chen
Xian Chen 19 hours ago
Ironically I was also searching for the Nacho recipe from Kim Possible, and I just happened to come across this one xD Good that I watched till the end xD
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