Binging with Babish: It's Always Sunny Special Part II

Binging with Babish
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns as one of the leaders of food-as-plot-device-comedies, with its narcissist protagonists often tangling delicious (or disgusting) cuisine up in their antics. Grilled Frank, in particular, is ripe for innovation.
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 3 759
Binging with Babish
For the record, no, it's not better than busting a nut.
Mydas Knight
Mydas Knight 5 hours ago
TruthAboutTheLie 9 hours ago
Can you make an episode on the Good Burger and Ed's good sauce?
Colin Godsey
Colin Godsey Day ago
such raunch
imtoohappy Day ago
Abeida Nazir
Abeida Nazir 2 hours ago
Ivan Sama
Ivan Sama 2 hours ago
I failed at making the Mac and cheese :/
decentradical 2 hours ago
Yo forgot the glue and catfood.
Get DaDoe
Get DaDoe 2 hours ago
YOU PUT MEAT HUNKS IN IT!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😂
Marissa Jasmine Carter
As another series of Archer is coming out, could you do bear claws and perhaps some drinks (like bloody Mary’s) ? 💕💕💕💕
Tom Rilley
Tom Rilley 5 hours ago
I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm expecting there to be milk steak.
Sirui Tong
Sirui Tong 6 hours ago
Is it possible for you to try a recipe from the book star vs the forces of evil comets chapter has recipes
Danny MG
Danny MG 6 hours ago
Do the carrot biscuits from Horid Henry
quinn neary
quinn neary 11 hours ago
Ugohaasisover9000 13 hours ago
You're going to need to start eating like The Rock if you wanna do Daddy Kratos justice
Nikki G
Nikki G 16 hours ago
I make a better mac and cheese
Cubikx 17 hours ago
Repeat after me: It is not Kraft Mac and Cheese, it is Kraft Dinner
Iridious 17 hours ago
Why am I watching this at 2am 😭
Cory Simmons
Cory Simmons 18 hours ago
"Deeply unhealthy and culturally confused" 🇺🇸
PhantomPhoton 18 hours ago
Babish, we've watched you bake bread from scratch just to make a sandwich, but you're using ice-machine ice cubes from your freezer for a cocktail? For shame. (and for the record, layered drinks are served layered for presentation, but are mixed by the patron before consuming...)
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 18 hours ago
I’m always fascinated by how he’s able to turn some really nasty things into legitimate recipes
Zach Haase
Zach Haase 19 hours ago
A it’s always Sunny fan?? I’ll subscribe any day buddy
ally cat
ally cat 19 hours ago
I love Americas test kitchen
Yazan Abu-Hijleh
Yazan Abu-Hijleh 19 hours ago
You should make Arty’s Rabitt dish from the Soprano’s. Season 6A, episode 7. The scene comes with about 3 minutes left in the episode. Due to injury, he makes it with one hand as well. It would be a great episode!
Louie Torres
Louie Torres 20 hours ago
I think you should do the leaning tower of pizza burger from the TV show King of Queens
Sage Lee
Sage Lee 21 hour ago
i... love spam.
MrTheJackThePerson 21 hour ago
meanasawolf 21 hour ago
In Poland we have a dish that's very similar. We call it "krokiety" and it's a crêpe stuffed with minced meat, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. Sometimes instead of meat we use sauerkraut with mushrooms. Sounds weird but it's actually delicious. If you want to make it traditional- you serve it with borsch.
Leah 22 hours ago
you worked at simply crepes... how rochester of you
Leah 22 hours ago
nobody: babish: saucepin
Avery Donner
Avery Donner 22 hours ago
you should make Nutmeg ginger apple snaps from Fantastic mr. fox
Allison Reina
Allison Reina 3 hours ago
Avery Donner Ohhhhh my god yes. You are a genius. I’ve always wanted to try them!
MCA5EY 23 hours ago
Rat Burger, Demolition Man
E Sh
E Sh Day ago
Cultural confusion? Don’t worry, I think you’re in lock step. It seems better versions of Applebee’s cuisine is all we can hope for in this country
Troy Davies
Troy Davies Day ago
Flanking with sausage haha
jack Turner
jack Turner Day ago
David Chavez
David Chavez Day ago
I just finished watching the Chef Show and my favorite part by far was watching you be in it
Daniel Elyar
Daniel Elyar Day ago
Praise goddess and babish for this video!!
Astronomer Lover
Heat doesn't come from the seeds
pred6 Day ago
Is that THE Vinnie?
Fake Name
Fake Name Day ago
Make the food from JoJo!
Crisperz Day ago
Week 7 of requesting potage magnifique from Skyrim
morgan Cooper
morgan Cooper 2 hours ago
He needs to make sweet rolls and other Skyrim foods
Trash Bag
Trash Bag Day ago
convinced that babish has a thesaurus in front of him when recording voiceovers. On a separate note SPAM is actually good with white sticky rice, sunny side up egg, and seaweed squares
Alexander johnson
Okay maybe the sausage and the bacon would be that bad but spam why spam
hotsaucejoe 1
Make VIP regular show please
GodLe Day ago
You layer drinks with a spoon.. way easier and you don’t have to water anything down
Hans Ramos
Hans Ramos Day ago
love your vids. always making me laugh and amazed at the same time. thanks for being here in this cruel world lmao
Hugo. Bakker
Hugo. Bakker Day ago
Could you Make a pizza burger?
NPC #8524109
NPC #8524109 Day ago
A good attempt at Mac's famous Mac & Cheese....but you forgot to add the hunks of meat 🐶
William Florie
I had to scroll wayyyyy too far for this. Thank you!
bro pass the juul
When babish pulled that Mac and cheese it looked like stop motion animation
E Boy
E Boy Day ago
This is my favourite sentence *“hey, what’s up guys, welcome back to Binging with Babish”*
Callie MacMillan
Please do a Sookie recipe from Gilmore Girls!
D S Day ago
yo this dude srsly just steal honeycombs from a bee hive 1:02
Olivia Burton
Recreate Jimmy Neutron’s perfect candy
Jack Baummer
Jack Baummer Day ago
You must have alot of strange left over ingredients
Stonemansteve II
Alton Brown!!! My boy!!
good job
Eva P
Eva P Day ago
Please make the “Cruffin Nookie” from Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. It sounds uh-mazing... croissant/muffin stuffed with cookie dough... omg
Florence Dussek
Was super happy to see you on the chef show
nick grignano
Milk steak
NeoAkira101 Day ago
This vid was fucking next level
Antaine Ó hÓgáin
Is there any particular reason one wouldn't just use buttermilk or kefir?
neil harrison
Make the cape cod coolie from WAYNE please.
matt hunter
matt hunter Day ago
Areopress funnel for the win!
Haley Cunningham
Make spongebob jelly patty
spoopy boi
spoopy boi 2 days ago
Rum ham
Daft Vader
Daft Vader 2 days ago
Nicholas Hibshman
Radiatorre is a sin
dingo almighty
dingo almighty 2 days ago
Hey babish you should try making the Winchester surprise from supernatural
Spencer Brar
Spencer Brar 2 days ago
It would be awesome to have gordon ramsay on your show
Freddy Bell
Freddy Bell 2 days ago
I thought I saw you in the trailer of the chef show!
Braulio Moreno
Braulio Moreno 2 days ago
Idea forms future video. In an episode of spongebob squarepants spongebob steps in a guys potato salad and said it took 3 days to make. I think u should make potato salad that takes 3 days.
Darkshadow5566 2 days ago
I could feel myself having a heart attack just watching this
abhishek t
abhishek t 2 days ago
that indian snack which was mispronounced is called parathas,panthras on the other hand sounds like the character from thunder cats.
Shan 17 hours ago
No he meant panthras. A paratha is something completely different
TwiggleZz 2 days ago
Is it deeply unhealthy and culturally confused? Yes Is it a member of the clean plate club? *also yes*
Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf 2 days ago
Why does he look like Hugh Mungus but less fat?
spartan 6
spartan 6 2 days ago
Babish: "so i made my own mac and cheese" Me: "yea ok"
Matias Morel
Matias Morel 2 days ago
You're supposed to lift your straw as you drink it so you get some flavors from each layer! Either way, it's still not that good and too much work on all fronts haha.
PepeTheFrog 124
PepeTheFrog 124 2 days ago
I wish Babish would make a Breakfast Wrap
ToastyCarp 2 days ago
*E* N *h* A *N* c E *I* M a *G* e
Kamran 2 days ago
What's a 'heaping half teaspoon', Babish? Like a teaspoon? 😊
M 2 days ago
1:17 is "radiatore" pasta referring to a radiator in a car? Wtf :)
Comedy Gold
Comedy Gold 2 days ago
God bless you all!!!
Vanilla Hermann
Vanilla Hermann 2 days ago
simpsons nacho hat pls
Gilana Sims
Gilana Sims 2 days ago
My grandparents make pepper jelly all the time. It's amazing
C Robinson
C Robinson 2 days ago
Holy. Fucking. Shit. I died laughing
Joseph Marquez
Joseph Marquez 2 days ago
You should try to make the wings from Sanjay and Craig
Bob Vague
Bob Vague 2 days ago
Make the snl taco town taco
Kacy Chapman
Kacy Chapman 2 days ago
This will probably never be seen but Mr. Babish sir, you should make Tubby toast and Tubby custard from teletubbies
Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan 2 days ago
I was watching chef with my mom yesterday and was talking about your show when your guest spot came up like two episodes later lol it was great she loved you
Kate Bogdan
Kate Bogdan 2 days ago
PLEASE do the food from Crazy Rich Asians
David Brunett
David Brunett 2 days ago
Back of a spoon for layering my dude
Dean J
Dean J 2 days ago
It's official! You're a celebrity!
ejaybugboy3 2 days ago
Can you do an episode on Good burgers, Ed's Sauce, and Mondo burgers?
Rue Gonzalez
Rue Gonzalez 2 days ago
Make some of the sandwiches off the episode of bobs burgers where Bob goes to Patricia’s 77 sandwiches shop
Gianna Valenzuela
I made that Mac and cheese, A W E S O M E !!!
Piano Roots Music
Blue box? We call it Kraft Dinner in canada
ralphloke 3 days ago
How do you shred american cheese? Isnt that shit just kraft cheese?
Destiny 3 days ago
Make the noddle caboodle from family guy!
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 3 days ago
I was hoping you would make milk steak
eret luc
eret luc 3 days ago
babish we need a mississippi queen plz
Irene Jansen
Irene Jansen 3 days ago
Babish is just making Dutch pancakes lol
Yachter 3 days ago
Hey Babish, I was wondering if you could make Spaghetti from the Heathers movie (1988) with lots of oregano.
Scared Robin
Scared Robin 3 days ago
Make Changs lunch from Orange is the new black. The one with peas and fritos
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