Binging with Babish: Good Morning Burger from The Simpsons

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This week, we return to an absolutely endless resource of fictional-food-madness: The Simpsons. Homer is tempted by yet another fast food innovation, the Good Morning Burger, a breakfast abomination whose sheer caloric heft can only safely be consumed by my trainer friend (instagram.com/thechrisparnell/)
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May 7, 2019




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Comments 6 004
Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 5 months ago
Who's coming to Italy with me? Do they have butter burgers in Italy? No? Alright I guess we can still go.
Emmanuel soria
Emmanuel soria 13 days ago
I will compete with you if you tell me how to make meatloaf or tell me how how to make it in a video.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 20 days ago
@Muhammed Asghar bro you were watching food prep videos at a time where you were not supposed to eat? the resilience and dedication there is incredible
MTF Month ago
The only question is, who actually went with him?
Derek Lafferty
Derek Lafferty Month ago
I'm sad you don't know the difference between whey and buttermilk
LJ Jr Month ago
Yes they have
غرباء 12 hours ago
What I love most about this channel is the homemade stuff
Ray Blendertube
Ray Blendertube 12 hours ago
Moh-dey-nah...NO. It's Moh-THE-naah. Also... regions like Parma and Amalfi... they're provinces, regions are Tuscany and Sardinia.
Commander Neyo
Woooo Wisconsin!!!!
MIIKE Day ago
Everyone watching: I want to try this Me: *laughs in new jersey*
MichaelMatthew Garstka
also Girl: Bae come over Babish: I can't I'm making bread Girl: But I'm about to affix dough hooks Babish: kneed for ten minutes also, Babish really sullies. Culvers is the only way to go
MichaelMatthew Garstka
what we say in Wisconsin is "You say Wisconsin, you say it all"
Matthew Breunig
Matthew Breunig 2 days ago
In wisconsin we say "eat your f*cking food"
Tayplaysgames 2 days ago
if it isn't liberally covered with kosher salt and hamogenous, babish will take a bat to your kneecaps
Ariana _
Ariana _ 2 days ago
No one: Babish: has spoon of his own head
Justin Damsker
Justin Damsker 5 hours ago
Ariana _ Didn’t see that until you said it, nice observation
Jay Morgan
Jay Morgan 3 days ago
This is actually an EB burger from Emerson biggens!
mine turtle
mine turtle 4 days ago
What we say in Wisconsin is ope
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson 4 days ago
Why can't he eat those burgers?
Cheeto 13
Cheeto 13 4 days ago
You should do a good burger with ed sauce.😮😂
Sand. Grape. Sand
If you make a Wisconsin Butterburger with fake cheese you will politely corrected and pointed to the good (and cheap) cheeses because half of us are just too polite for our own good
قاهر شحادين اللايكات
butter to put it on beef burger no one : ben :kosher salt
rasul 5 days ago
Wait so binging with babish is not Christian?
Ranger35 5 days ago
If we are allowed to make requests here goes: Can you please do something with either venison or wild mushrooms?
swissA641 5 days ago
why cant you eat it?
isaias estrada
isaias estrada 5 days ago
Am I too late to win the trip to Italy?
Dogepowey 6 days ago
The burger is cuming
This might be a name ecsdee
"A trip to Italy" but what if i am italian?
daveatron3000 6 days ago
As they say in wisconsin "I dont know what they say in wisconsin" Hmm nice saying
Steven Wagner
Steven Wagner 6 days ago
Your rhyming at the beginning was just like Alton Brown
UltimaKeyMaster 7 days ago
Okay, I thought seeing USvid's Season 30 advertisement for the show was a "who the hell is that" moment for an ad thumbnail, but *who the actual hell is that* for the Season 31 ad? Did they really run out of recognizable characters?
Saturn Rings
Saturn Rings 7 days ago
How long did it take you to say all that Pepper p stuff
Miraak Dova
Miraak Dova 8 days ago
Funny that you call that american yellow shit "cheese"
Marco Yolo
Marco Yolo 8 days ago
No one: Babish: I’m gonna go ahead and raise some chickens to get some fresh eggs
Sledrion -
Sledrion - 8 days ago
2:49 can we try an illegale way next time?
Ziemniaczany 8 days ago
A newbie question: If i have no access to Yellow American cheese what would you recommend as a replacement what is the closest in taste and texture?
Frank Ziola
Frank Ziola 9 days ago
Still want you to perfect The Homer Simpson Burger
A.M Bear
A.M Bear 9 days ago
Yeahhhhh shoutout to George Motz and his sideburns
Crystal Dawn
Crystal Dawn 10 days ago
Love the alliteration.
Beau Downs
Beau Downs 10 days ago
Wisconsin is better than you
L3yon 10 days ago
4:45 real steamed hams
Kirsten Fisher
Kirsten Fisher 10 days ago
*can u make an apple from the world?*
NJohn1605 10 days ago
Now try to make some steamed hams
FuriousReviews / Lancer
Can you make a White Castle burger from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
Normalhuman78 -
Normalhuman78 - 11 days ago
As they say in Wisconsin “the cheese curds only squeak if they’re good!”
Gene Rick
Gene Rick 12 days ago
I think it would be rather strange if he did the perfect burger from Howtobasic. Anyone else think that?
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 12 days ago
Shiny head awesome beard, you look awesome
André-Michel Goulet
Betwixt, well said lol
strungpuddle 755
strungpuddle 755 13 days ago
4:58 oh don't you know that's a good burger that's what I say in Wisconsin. where my Wisconsin boy and girl yo
Emmanuel soria
Emmanuel soria 13 days ago
Tell me how to make meatloaf in a video.
Emmanuel soria
Emmanuel soria 13 days ago
Tell me how to make meatloaf.
legendsocool 14 days ago
What you are calling Whey is just buttermilk whey is the excess liquid from cheese not butter
Swägner 14 days ago
Why is american butter always salted?
Jesse Grajeda
Jesse Grajeda 15 days ago
I heard somewhere you should put pepper after you cook because cooking with pepper makes it taste bitter is that correct ?
Dane Spencer
Dane Spencer 15 days ago
U made the burger than u made some random burger. Why didnt you improve the good morning burger?
nongthip 15 days ago
If you're going to have a heart attack, at least toast the bun in more butter.
Gobl 943
Gobl 943 15 days ago
Here's my variant: 2 freshly toasted burger buns. A fried beef patty brushed with melted butter and scallion stock. 3 strips of bacon. A slice of fried ham. A fried/scrambled egg. A slice of fresh provolone cheese.
thefishking143 16 days ago
Did you ever meet chef gordan Ramsey
MadCowProductions 16 days ago
Throw some hashbrowns on top and I call that the hangover burger.
Paw Da MF Hitman
Paw Da MF Hitman 18 days ago
Flame recognize flame
Kyler Kasper
Kyler Kasper 19 days ago
Butter, PARKAY
bahrican mayne
bahrican mayne 19 days ago
4:06 he said samich instead of sandwich
Jordyn 19 days ago
FINALLY butterburgers are getting the praise they deserve
TheNobleJerk 19 days ago
That is one hell of a whey to make a burger.
TheNobleJerk 15 days ago
@Samuel Moore Thanks.
Samuel Moore
Samuel Moore 16 days ago
Heh. I understood that reference
Iris Levitski
Iris Levitski 20 days ago
Good Morning Burgers Are Gonna Be Gluten-Free.
Asra 20 days ago
4:06 *s a m i c h*
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