Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

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Billie Eilish also rates being a teenager, Avril Lavigne, and more in this episode of Over/Under.
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Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under


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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 12 595
Lucy Bruechert
Lucy Bruechert 9 minutes ago
Billie is dope
OwO 11 minutes ago
She comes off as such an ignorant.... well bitch in this. smh.
Kat 18 minutes ago
Ugh. Can’t stand her wannabe ass
A H 23 minutes ago
How many times did she say shi*
taggle waggle
taggle waggle 26 minutes ago
Avril Lavigne made bad music. I mean really bad. Nickelback bad. That just had to be said.
sara haggett
sara haggett 28 minutes ago
I have invisilign and it’s ass
Random Potato
Random Potato 28 minutes ago
Am I the only one not offended by her say parents who don't home school their kids are lazy? .
kennedi alexander
kennedi alexander 33 minutes ago
I agree with the taste of metal
Nataly Saravia
Nataly Saravia 40 minutes ago
Billie: pooping is my favorite part of he day
Kira Lalh
Kira Lalh 52 minutes ago
I love Billie and everything but this interview has me feeling like: 😳😬🥴
is!! HAYl3yy!!
is!! HAYl3yy!! 54 minutes ago
Billie eilish looks like a clown and a methhead 🤢 all she does is whisper in her 💩 songs and tries so hard to be different what a clown 😒 I can sing better than her 😎 Billie eilish the clown lol
p.j 54 minutes ago
All you complaining.. shes 17 and this interview isn't even supposed to be serious. She's not your friend, her opinions shouldn't mean that deep to you. lighten up and get your head out your ass
William Scott
William Scott Hour ago
No one: Literally not a single soul: Billie Eillish: UNDERRATEDDDD
Robert Oldcorn
*Billie* : “I don’t get constipated I poop just fine” *Me* : (goes 6 days without shitting) “wow. Can’t relate” 💩💩
June summer
June summer Hour ago
All the people getting all booty tickled in the comments about "my parents didnt sent me to public school because they didnt want to teach me 😤" need to calm down. We can all agree the majority of parents do that and if you dont believe your parents do, then that's okay. I applaud your parents. But ik mine and literally everyone at my school is forced to go because their parents dont care
cece k-d
cece k-d Hour ago
omg all you people in the comments are so insensitive get the fuck over ittttt
ethereal edits
this is my opinion sorry if i triggered billie fans alright: billie i think you’re cool and all, but this interview kinda made you look bad. my parents work all the time in order to keep a roof over our heads. they just dont have the time at all to homeschool me. just because they don’t homeschool me doesn’t mean they’re lazy okay.
Cordelia Chase
You know what’s funny, I actually thought she looked anemic in the Bad Guy video. And now I hear she basically is anemic. I knew it! She’s pretty funny.
jenny Hour ago
i ha te her eyebrows
Sofia B.B.
Sofia B.B. Hour ago
I use Invisalign... 😞
Madeline Bancroft
I hate being homeschooled 😭
jennhadley97 Hour ago
The Invisalign commercial tho 😂
Lexi Kaiser
Lexi Kaiser Hour ago
Antonio solis
Antonio solis Hour ago
I love the taste penny
filip srdic
filip srdic 2 hours ago
She talked about pooping, like she loves pooping more than her mom 😂😂
K D 2 hours ago
lol i wasn't expecting her to have such a.. Chanel West Coast situational urban accent hahah. Weird interview. Like her music though!
Ms Unknown
Ms Unknown 2 hours ago
People are so quick to judge. No one truly knows how she must've been feeling during this. Granted her answers came across silly but she's still young and has a very long way to go. You're not her. I'm me and you are you. We don't know what her life is like so... don't ever judge people or label them either I say.
c 3 hours ago
there are MANY people younger than her that would NEVER say such things.. she doesnt know how privileged/blessed she is. people have reasons to be offended and thats totally valid. some of us didnt grew up w richass supportive parents in LA w a huge house. the fame got to her and its sad
InfiniteM8 3 hours ago
And here's more proof on why she's a fake and annoying human being.
Ss2011 3 hours ago
I understand how it is offensive how she said that parents are lazy because most of them are but what she said about school is completely true because it’s dumb as shit that we all have to sit down and have to have things shoved down our Throats for 8 hours a day. Like all kids have completely different brains so how are we supposed to teach them all the same way and have them all benefit from it. If there are 4 patients that all have different illness a doctor won’t give them all the same damn medicine, in fact if the doctor did that most of them would die.
Skinny Legend
Skinny Legend 4 hours ago
I’ve been made fun of for being homeschooled and if Billie was homeschooled that proves that there isn’t anything wrong with being homeschooled and you can be successful maybe even more successful that public school kids
Pine Abble
Pine Abble 4 hours ago
i got TWO invisalign ads while watching this jfdsfjlkjf;adkfa
Flawless Fail
Flawless Fail 4 hours ago
Wait, when did Hot Girls start going out with ugly dudes? Did I miss out on something huge?
isabelle labu
isabelle labu 4 hours ago
Why is everyone getting so annoyed with Billie ya sure she said something about parents and it was rude but hasn't everybody said something rude in their life ok I get it wasn't nice but still everyones said something rude at one point 🤷🤷🤷
lily dungon
lily dungon 4 hours ago
0:37 same XD
Wolfy Chan
Wolfy Chan 4 hours ago
Me: I HATE HEELS Billie: I love high heels Me: I mean I totally love heels
__dabiyangel__ 2123
I feel like she would look good with lilxan
Wolfy Chan
Wolfy Chan 4 hours ago
I was watching an ad thinking it was part of the video... I’m so dumb 😂.
Jeff Maxwell
Jeff Maxwell 4 hours ago
I Used to like Billie
blr rlb
blr rlb 4 hours ago
i like the taste of blood a good vegan right here
Wammysworld 5 hours ago
3:29 facts
Macie Jeansonne
Macie Jeansonne 5 hours ago
This girl is so weird
Billie Eilish "I love the taste of blood" .... all the lesbians who like period sex be like : 0
Dream Delirium
Dream Delirium 5 hours ago
She bores me. This passes as a "weird girl", these days? Boring.
Laura Hughes
Laura Hughes 5 hours ago
I like the taste of iron :)
lauryn ariola
lauryn ariola 5 hours ago
no one: billie: uNDERraTED
Zita Kovács
Zita Kovács 5 hours ago
"Parents are lazy like I don't wanna teach you" my mum is a teacher... And most of the parents are not lazy, they have jobs to make a living and also not everybody ment to be a teacher
Hudson Morgan
Hudson Morgan 5 hours ago
And I’m homeschooled
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 5 hours ago
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